The Pansy armies of the West are unble to deal with war from Putin.

All the Armies of the West are now composed of pixies, faires, pansies, and gays.

The Incompetence of the West, Book 1: Post I:
I AM WHO AM. Joe Biden, Commander in Chief of the United States military, is exactly like Smurfette in this movie clip below. And Putin is like Gargamel.

Take note of the arrow heads used by the female smurf armies in this video.

This is exactly what Biden and Obama have done to the combat effectiveness of the United States military. They have turned America into a female smurf armed force. And female smurfs specialize in not harming anyone they attack.

Behold, Joe Biden is the asshole leader who is now demonstrating his own combat ineffectiveness and how he was caught with his pants down and his hand masturbating his cock while the armies poured into his backyard.

And Joe Biden is saying: I am going to hold Russia responsible for their actions. And I will have a response to Russia drafted up by my homosexual writers. And they will be tough, in a softy sort of way, fit for homosexual consumption and ready for homosexuals to read about in the Homosexual Digest.

And we will be united. Our dicks will be in our neighbors’ anuses. And we will be humping each other in our own backyards. We will make a statement. And we will make it loud and clear that we will not stand idly by while Putin is moving aggressively in Ukraine.

Our speech writers are busy preparing speeches for me to address the nation and the United Nations. We will not take this lying down, unless it is a new position for sodomitic sex.

Putin, this is the last straw. I am going to reach deep into my anus. And I am going to raise the pink triangle. If you dare to cross one of my lines, do you know what I will do in retaliation? I will draw another line and dare you to cross that one as well. And there is no limit to the number of lines I will draw and dare you to cross. And the more lines you cross, the deeper the shame I scold you with before all nations on earth. For I am angry. And you do not want to see me when I am angry. For when I get angry, my dick gets larger and breaks out of my pants.

Putin, I, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. and note my middle name comes from Christopher Robin in Winnie the Pooh. Now, why do I, a man, have a girl’s name as my middle name?

It is because Joe Biden is a faggot. And his family is a family of faggots. And so it is their tradition to name all their little boys gay names to steer them queer. For one thing Biden has accomplished is this. America is totally unable to deal with war. It is a subject beyond their homosexual mindsets. According to the Pansy mode of thought, the homosexual merely makes a gay statement, and all other homosexuals are obliged to recognize the fag on the floor as having seniority in authoritatively demonstrating how people are to fuck one another the homosexual way.

Homosexual law is that gays let gays be gays. And they cannot deal with war.

Joe Biden is now talking with his senior staff.

Biden: So advisors, what should I do?

Steve: Take a break, sir, you have done all you can. It is time to rest. Let Ukraine deal with Ukrainian issues. And rest yourself in the knowledge that you did everything correct and in accordance to the book on gay sex.

Biden: But what about gas prices? This might hurt my reelection bid.

Steve: Do not worry about gas prices. Just tell everyone to tighten their belts and make a speech praising solidarity. We can overcome as long we are united and having sex with each other, but using condoms and making sure all females abort their babies if they cannot take care of them.

Biden: That’s wonderful! What would I do without you, Steve?

Steve: Well you know how we gays always say it: Before Adam had Eve, Adam had Steve.

Biden: Steve, get my speech ready. And then get my homosexual head givers ready, for my cock needs some release before I go before the American people with a new speech of encouragement.

Steve: So you are tired of Kamala Harris giving you head?

Biden: Steve, Kamala Harris is a woman. Female head givers are okay. But we homosexuals like to push the perversion belt farther every time we have sex. And that means abominations have to be ever increasing in perversity. There is a limit to perversity one can do with a woman, and that is anal sex. I crave for more. And that is that after I give my partner head, that I stick his dick up my ass so that…

Steve: Wait, this just came in! Lithuania is now under attack! What should we do about that, Mr. President? Do we go to war over a little state like that? Or do we come to our senses and let Putin take the small NATO states back that we should never have taken in the first place?

Biden: I love the way you think, Steve. A homosexual lover could not ask for a more perfect homosexual love mate. Just write the speech and I will read it to the American people tonight. And maybe tomorrow you can explain what was said in it so that I can answer questions about it later that afternoon.

Steve: You got it, love doll! And the most wonderful thing about playing as the President’s man is the endless orgies we are always having at the taxpayers’ expense. I will organize a gay bar meeting after you read the speech to the people. It will be great. And you will go down in history books as the President who had the bravery to get NATO to rid themselves of puny states that we never needed in the first place.

Steve: Now, let’s listen to some music. Let’s listen to the music that will turn us on completely. Amen.

And now you know that Russia is going to destroy America. Amen. And they will find themselves without any serious opposition. Amen. I am Eric, seven star general under virtual house arrest. And I do not give a damn about the USA anymore. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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