King Eric declares war against the United States of America

Women will be many. Men will be few. And women will rule everywhere.

Chronicles of Divinely Decreed War, Book 1: Post I:
I AM WHO AM. I AM Eric. The question is asked: If two people are inspired by God and they contradict, who is the one speaking from God?

Answer given by God: Only one is the Prophet. Seek the one among the two who is a virgin. That is the Prophet. The other is lying. I AM WHO AM.

Now, Eric, command Me and I will do Thy bidding.

Command that the Great Euphrates, the defenses of Babylon the Great, be lowered, so as to prepare the way for the Kings of the East to come and conquer the abominable West. I AM WHO AM. (Revelation 16:12).

It is as you say. Babylon the Great refers to the West. The lowering of their defenses is the collapse of their fiat currencies. All of them are to collapse. I AM WHO AM.

Command that Russia is to invade at their discretion. Feel free to eat thy fill of horses and their riders. For the men of the West have been fattened for the slaughter. And many men have built up muscles to impress their women. Both muscles and fat are great for eating. Let the birds of prey ready themselves for the Great Feast. I AM WHO AM.

The West is to be defeated by the kings from the East. I AM WHO AM.

Eastern nations, I ask thee this favor. Kill humankind as you please, but spare the infrastructure and the lands. Use EMPs to disable and destroy the electronics. Wipe out the power stations and the electrical grid, but leave the structures as they stand. Let Mother Nature destroy structures as she wills. Drop no bombs that leave nuclear wastelands. And do not create a nuclear winter. Just destroy the people and put your own people in their place. I AM WHO AM.

For I have declared war against the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one God forsaken nation that I have decided to destroy. Amen.

Lord, it has occurred to me that the men will be fighting this war while the women are doing all the other jobs that involve no fighting and that they will be rising to power while all eligible men are drafted to war.

Eric, I am the Virgin Mary. You are loved by me. All other women would have you be theirs. But I have claimed thee first. In the year 2017, that was the year women came to rule the world. And I claimed you before any other woman could. This is the revelation of the centuries. You alone among men are worthy to stand with women. No other man has been given this right. And from now on, men shall be destroyed while women watch them die and laugh.

Also, you are fit as a twenty year old, but will never be drafted, being of the age of 51, having been born on June 24, 1970. For I have given thee the fountain of youth, but I have never granted men a law to permit such men to be drafted to war, whose age says they cannot be so drafted.

You, Eric, I have made the designated impregnator of women. And no other man will be spared to serve in that capacity. For I am the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. And I am the ruler of all womenkind who are saved. Amen.

Mary, then why did you have be vow to have sex only with you and Saint Joan of Arc and with no one else?

It is because you and I are to be married on earth. And Joan of Arc is to be to me as Hagar was to Sarah, the wife of Abraham. For the wife may elect one of her servants to accompany her in bearing offspring for her husband. Amen.

But Mary, you and Joan of Arc can only be here after the Resurrection has begun. Am I correct?

The Resurrection is begun. And the time of Judgement has arrived. And the time that the Lion of Judah was to come is now here. I am the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

How then am I to be the impregnator of women if only you and Joan of Arc are to lay with me? Am I correct, O’ Mary, Mother of God?

You are correct. Monogamy is the only way acceptable to God. But when you are judged and awarded my harem, these 3009 women of this harem are your concubines. And concubines are legal wives in the Church. For remember, I know every law. And every law is known by me.

Concubine wives you may lay with legally without violation of the law against polygamy. I am the holy Virgin Mary. Amen.

Mary, is 3009 symbolic? Or is it a real hard number? As it is with the number 144,000, no number in scripture or prophecy is ever to be taken literally. For just as King David was punished for counting his people in the one census he took, no one may count the numbers of those given to God’s servants as their rewards. Amen.

But among men, no one gets a harem but you. For I am the only woman who can organize one. And I have made one only for you. For only in you have I found love.

There is no man left who is worthy of me. Therefore, strike you thumbs twice. And will begin the burning of every Church on earth. Amen.

I have done it, Mary.

Now every Church on earth will be set on fire. Only those buildings entirely run by women will I not destroy. I am the holy Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ. Amen.

The bells are ringing in the dale
And men look up with faces pale,
The Virgin’s fire, fierce and dire,
Flattened towns and house frail!

The mountains smoked beneath the moon
With crimson skies and gasping ruins
They dying fall, in burning halls,
Beneath crimson clouds and blood red moon.

The towers topple, the buildings fall,
The markets tumble, the nations crawl,
Collapsing countries and crumbling powers,
Mushroom clouds and poppy flowers.

This is the End. You die now, friend.
And Eric is seated to judge you then.
He has a scepter made of iron;
To break you down and send you dying.

I AM in charge, the Emerald King,
I’ll cut you down; My sword shall sing.
I’ll hack you in blood and you shall splatter,
Like a pig that’s slaughtered for the platter.

Your head is mounted on my pole.
You descendants are wiped out in total.
You have no legacy in My land.
And that I’ll make you understand.

I AM the King, and you’re my subject.
I’ll torture you and make you project
Yourself to conform to God’s Divine Judgement;
So that you repent while I make you forfeit.

For nations under me shall pay,
For their sins and dismal way,
For I demand great restitution,
For all your crimes and your pollution.

You have no way to appeal my Judgement,
For I have power to kill and punish,
For God has made me judge of you,
And I shall rip and render as I please to do.

You will suffer, while I repay you,
For all the times I didn’t slay you,
When your slaughter was justified,
For in mercy no longer may you hide.

Come closer to me so I can kill you,
For I have judged you and I will slit you,
And from you throat you blood shall leave you,
And all your gods you’ll see deceived you.

This is the End; you have no other;
In me you’ll find you have no brother;
For when I was seeking, you never helped me;
So now I deliver doom and show no pity.

Prepare to be destroyed forever,
You and your brethren all together,
And to your screams I’ll meet with laughter,
While demons whip you and have you battered.

I have spoken; My angels, kill them!
They have defied me, so I now seal them
To their fates in fiery hell forever.
Let worms eat their flesh and perish never.


Note this poem is directed only at men and boys old enough to impregnate a woman. For only men is Eric authorized to kill. Amen.

Women are to deal with women. And that means the Virgin Mary deals with all women who wish to address Eric the Emerald King.

Eric, I, the Virgin Mary, command you to publish this now. For you are targeted for termination by the United States government, but in your house, no man can come to attack you. For I am your protectress. And no one can defeat the Blessed Virgin Mary. Amen.

This is the final message by God before the total wipe out of Western Civilization.

Eric is the Master King. He can never be defeated. And he is the Master of talking to machines. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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