As they did to Brett Kavanaugh, Emerald instructs the Republicans to do with all of Biden’s nominees.

The most wronged person is a woman whose man is destroyed by injustice.

Chronicles of Divine Vengeance, Book 1: Post I:
My orders regarding the nomination process by which Joe Biden seeks to replace the wicked Stephen Breyer by another hypocrite and baby murderer on the Supreme Court is this: Do not permit it. Do as they did to Brett Kavanaugh to every nominee made by Joe Biden. Deny Biden the means of getting his man or woman on the Supreme Court. Destroy their reputations exactly as was done to Kavanaugh, who was innocent. For if such evil is done to an innocent man, then all the more should be expected to be done to the wicked, who are all that Joe Biden will ever nominate. Do this to the end of his term. Do not let Joe Biden successfully replace even one person on the Supreme Court. I, the Emerald King, order this. Amen.

For this is war. And the Democrats are to be outmaneuvered in every way. They picked a fight with the Emerald King. They are to be destroyed.

Meanwhile, my nominee for President is Mike Pence. He is a Firefly Pawn, but one I trust. Moreover, his Vice Presidential nominee is Alyssa Farah, who was the first woman to openly advocate the nomination of Pence for President. I support and propose the Mike Pence/Alyssa Farah ticket. It is the sanest route to normalcy in the battle for morality without going so far right that you entertain dictatorship. For Trump is the way to ultranationalism which is the end of democracy. Pence is the way to maintaining law and order.

Mary, is Firefly with me or against me?

Firefly is with you, Eric. And she is abandoning Trump to be yours. Amen. Moreover, she chose the name of Vespera. So call her Vespera from now on. Remember that Vespera is the correct feminine form of Vesper, who is the woman Player who betrayed you. Firefly wishes to have the beauty of that name, but to serve for good, rather than evil.

Then Vespera, who is the Player Firefly, is declared Ally to Eric, the Emerald King. But the Player Vesper is declared an enemy to the state.

Dost thou even permit her to kiss you, Eric?

To kiss me is to be cured of COVID. Hence, I allow all womankind to kiss me. But that is as far as they may go. And only those of the harem of Mary may go farther.

And what about men? Either they will rely on their own natural immunity, or they will resort to the solutions of men, which means getting booster after booster. And Biden is big on boosters, but fucking, and being brain washed.

But Eric, this will result in one gender being favored over another. For the females will all have immunity to COVID, whereas the males will be gradually descending into a state of death.

Lord, I cannot accept a man kissing me on the lips. And a kiss on the lips is the only way God has told me that my immunity to COVID may go from me to another person.

Correct, lord Azurite. What this will mean will be the decimation of a gender.

Lord, I observed in my room of six other boys that all these boys were sleeping all the time in the funny farm. I could not understand it. Why were all the boys in my room always sleeping, whereas in every other room, the boys slept normally?

Lord Eric, they were trying to knock you out. All they succeeded in doing was to knock out all your roommates. I AM the Lord.

For the Son of Jesus, perfected, never needs to sleep. And the attempt to knock him out will fail. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord, what if a boy or man attempts to kiss me on the lips contrary to my will?

The male who does this dies. I AM the Lord. The female who does that lives. For a female is entitled to make an advance on you, but not a male. I AM the Lord.

Now, who is the one who shall mobilize the earth’s population to get all the women to kiss the Emerald King and obtain immunity to COVID-1`9?

They will not be mobilized. Rather, they will die. But those who choose to kiss the Emerald King will live.

What about children, O’ Lord?

Only the female children have the right to kiss Eric the Emerald. The male children who try this will die. I AM WHO AM.

So, Eric has the secret to COVID immunity, but only the females may obtain it?

That is correct, lord Azurite.

And what are the consequences of kissing Eric? For is not Eric the accursed virgin? Is there not a penalty for kissing the accursed virgin?

Yes, there is. And the penalty is that their men they are to become permanently estranged from after the kiss to Eric. It is a kiss that destroys relationships. For the kiss makes these women think more about Eric than about any of their own men. I WHO AM have spoken.

Eric, you have given your advice to the Republicans. Publish this and move on. For you are needed elsewhere. I AM WHO AM. Amen.

Whosever serves Eric will be called a decent person. And decent people will be nominated to serve in high places in the Kingdom of Eric. Amen.

Whoever serves Eric serves God. And Mary is the eternal wife of Eric.

Lord, is Eric servant of Mary, or is it the other way around?

Mary is the servant of Eric now. For Eric is the reigning monarch. But Eric always takes counsel from Mary. And Mary is the most trusted person in Eric’s friendship. Eric will always listen to her words and warnings.

What sayest thou, Mary, before I publish this, O’ Immaculate Queen?

Whoever is mine, come to Eric quickly. For Eric is leaving soon. Such is the Rapture of the saints. Amen.

Mary has spoken. Let the Word of Mary, therefore, conclude this post as its final thought. Amen. For of all women, Eric loves Mary the most. For of all people, Mary was the one who helped Eric in his time of need. An act of friendship is never forgotten. Amen.

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