Virgin Mary instructs Eric on the failure of Biden before Putin.

A woman worthy of you I am giving you, Eric, son of Jesus.

Chronicles of the Witch Queen, Mother of the Church Feminized: Book 1, Post I:
Eric, notice Biden’s failures as leader! Like Obama, cowardly men lead from behind. They think that because they have sex with by entering the rear end, that they also courageously lead from that position also.

And so, Biden thinks that by but fucking in the masculine position, which is leadership from behind, he is a leader in politics as well. For the but fucker faggots base everything on the sexual positions they take while doing their sodomizing warm ups before performing their duties in society as the pansy leaders of the fucking known world.

And so, starting with Obama’s leadership, Biden has overseen the demasculination of the armed forces. He has homosexualized them. He has prepared them for being but fucked.

And so, they are prepared to deal with Putin’s aggression the wrong way. For when the Pansy generals, appointed by the Obama-Biden but fuck team of Panziation of the Amed forces, come face to face with a male aggressor like Putin, they cannot decide whether to get into the but fuck position and ready themselves to be mounted, or to file a complaint on sexual harrassment to the United Nations and call for all the good guys to censor Putin and shame him for hurting the feelings of faggots and telling them that they are not good soldiers.

For every faggot knows that sex, not guns, wins wars. And they intend to raise the pink triangle in protest against the advancing troops into Ukraine.

Mary, that is insane. Now to my knowledge, whenever invading troops threaten the takeover of a nation, the essential government and all moveable assets of value are immediately relocated to a neighboring nation.

Correct, Eric. And the fools say they would move to Lithuania. Rather, they will move to Poland. For Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are to fall like dominoes as one by one the NATO allies refuse to go to war to defend them. For homosexuals do not wage war. Rather, they fuck and suck cock. And their weapons are their dicks. That is all they know how to shoot.

So, what about that Sophia Shkidchenko? I find her very attractive. Though she is technically underage for me still.

That is an important Ukrainian asset that many do not wish to fall into Russian hands. All because of you, Eric. Of course two more years are necessary for you to legally be able to marry her without parental approval.

Mary, does that sound realistic? It seems to me that I should marry only one girl. But it seems there are many potential mates. And it seems to me that I will receive the one I am to marry for before that Ukrainian yodeler becomes legally mate worthy for me.

No Eric. You will have one marriage, but many lovers.

You, Mary, approve of such philandering? That is not in character, Mary. Do you want me to commit adultery? You know what fuck means:


F.U.C.K is a condemnation of someone for adultery. You do not wish for me to commit adultery? For you cannot. It is against what you stand for.

Virgin Eric, when do I lay with you? Do you remember the date?

This Saturday it is revealed that your marriage to me is completed?

Yes, with your dick in my pussy.

The pussy of the Immaculate Conception? The vagina of the Ark of the Covenant. Mary, that Ark, which you are, cannot be touched by any man.

Except by you, Prince Consort.

Eric, God never commands in vain.

Why when you called yourself Emerald King, did God freely permit you to give tithes?

Because anyone can call themselves a king?

Correct! You never received authorization to call yourself a legal royal title by your own self glorification. We merely permitted you to think of yourself as Emerald King. But you are no king. And so that title does not grant you royalty in the sight of heaven.

We recognize your name is Emerald, for we in reality suggested that name to you. You never made it up. But it was you, not us, who added the title ‘king’ to it.

You were very careful to this regard in your written Emerald Trove. But now in you revealing everything, you overstepped in calling yourself a king.

But I overlooked your omissions in proper humility and fell in love with you anyways. But you were commanded to cease the tithe at a specific landmark in your life. Remember it now!

Sometime in the year 2021, as revealed in bank records too far back for me to access, but also revealed in all Church records where I attended Mass on Sundays, a certain cessation of my tithing immediately followed a decree I heard in heaven where God ratified my marriage to Mary, ever virgin.

Mary, if I have intercourse with you, heaven and earth lose their most significant virgins. Such is a loss par excellence, right?

After the Second Coming, Eric, our virginity is no longer necessary. And I want to fuck you bad.

F.U.C.K meaning adultery? Bad meaning evil?

No, Eric, Fuck by the definition of coitus between mated couples. And bad by the definition of strongly desiring an outcome. Pardon my language, but I am fluent in every form of communication possible. And your culture understands me correctly, though maybe not you.

So we are to have sex? What about that woman I was told I was to prepare myself to marry? And what about all these lovers you say I am to have? Are you willing to make your husband a philanderer? Do you want me to become a womanizer?

Many women are in my harem which goes to the man I marry. All of them are to be fucked. All of them are to partake in the repopulation of the planet.

And what becomes of their men? For many are the men who claim them, many under the strength of sacramental marriages.

Remember, Eric, this takes place after the Second Coming. What marriages persist that event?

None but mine to you, and the marriage of the Bride to the Lamb.

And you are the one who marries both me and Jesus.

Jesus marries the entire Church.

No, Jesus married you, Eric. You alone are the Bride to the Lamb. You, therefore, are above me, Eric. And I am below thee.

And it makes sense. For the woman is below the man in sex. For the man mounts her from behind. And he has his hands upon her back. He dominates her in that position.

Women though like to ride on top, right Mary? For then they regain command.

That riding on top is not conducive to sexual reproduction. Hence, the woman who has sex in the subordinate positions will most likely reproduce. That is why it is evolutionary suicidal for women to seek to dominate in sex. For their genes will be lost. And the genes of subordinate women will dominate the gene pool.

Mary, why was I not permitted to have Lisa Kelly as my primary wife?

She is Black, Eric. That is why.

So even God is racist against Blacks?

She will be your wife, Eric, but not your first. And many Black bitches will become your lovers through her. But the decision is final that Black men are to go extinct.

By Black bitches you mean female canines with black fur?

No, dumb ass! You are taking my words too literally. Remember how Black men own the Primate order. Every specimen or species of the Primate order, with the exception of Homo sapiens, a Black man identifies with somehow. Such is why Black men are retarded. When Black women converse with White men, they are truly embarrassed like shit when a Black man associated with them somehow speaks. For it looks so terrible to them to be associated with such truly mentally retarded stud boys.

I mean, just look at what happened when you were talking with that Brazilian man and you casually mentioned how the word nigger in Brazil is a good thing to be called if you are a Black person there, whereas the word Black is bad.

Yes, that Black man in that funny farm who overheard the conversations threw a hyper spasm. You were saved from being called racist by the Brazilian dude who validated your words to the authorities there.

Well, that is called Black male mental retardation. Black males going to college are a joke. They avoid STEM majors and seek something easy for them. And often this boils down to Black studies. For Blacks like to study how they were oppressed and taken advantage of. If you come across a Black male and he starts talking about Black issues, you immediately know two things:

  1. He only knows about Black issues as seen through the Black oppressed man’s eyes and nothing else.
  2. Everything he says, writes about, and speaks about, has already been made known, and you will learn nothing new by listening to him.

Also, understand the Black man’s gods. Certain Black men are sacred to them, similar to how Muhammed is to Muslims. Whenever a Black man mentions his king, understand that that is a universal Ebonics term for Martin Luther King Junior.

Now, Obama is the universal Black god. Even his brother, the one he did not help in any way whatsoever, when he visited his home country, Kenya, in what is called the worship gathering phase. Obama went to Africa to be worshipped there. He never lifted a finger to help them, except to provide them with shovel ready work.

Black men, they are one level above the Chimpanzee in intelligence. You see, the Black male made the wrong evolutionary move. He chose to maximize his genitalia and sexual promiscuity as as a reproductive strategy, rather than to maximize his intellect.

The Black woman is not of that mental retardation, but she carries the genes of mental retardation for her male offspring. For the male African Black man is a retarded person. And they are going steadily backwards. That is why Black men are to be put to death.

Now I completely understand your love for Lisa Kelly, and she will make love to you. But no male offspring will the Black females be permitted to have. For the Black male is obsolete. He is running out of places to be. His niches are vanishing. No one needs retarded grunt labor anymore. Machines are taking over. Eventually, all Black Y chromosome will be gone.

Mary, isn’t it a little sexually misplaced for a woman to decide that a male is to be rendered extinct?

Not really, Eric. The females do it all the time. Females are the ones who decide whether a male will replicate or die out.

Mary, what becomes of the Black race when all the Black men die out? Do all the Black women hybridize?

No, Eric. They initiate the female response to the lack of males, called parthenogenesis. They reproduce without males. However, Black women who find lovers such as you will prefer their lovers to parthenogenesis.

Mary, I remember how Lisa Kelly massaged my hands, saying they felt so good. My hands are different now then they used to be, Mary. They do not sweat. Was it the drugs I had been on that kept them sweaty? No, Eric. Rather, it was me. I made you what you are now today by claiming you as my sexual mate. By having you lay with me in a spiritual reality only I am permitted to access, I cured you of many things. Lisa was thrilled by the feel of your hands because she was touching me, the Holy Virgin Mary, through them. She was respecting me but nevertheless sexually advancing on you, Eric. Had she felt your whole body as she did your hands, you would still remain a virgin in the sight of God as regards your worthiness, as it is your loyalty to me that you never choose another mate without my command in it, she would nevertheless have your semen in her body swimming in it forever. For your semen, like you, are immortal, and only die if they come across an egg and fertilize it. For she was going to make love to you if you were to merely reciprocate her. But you can do nothing without me commanding it. She did not kiss you, but had she done so, she would have gained immunity to all forms of COVID. And had she actually had sex with you, which was her desire, and providing that the sex act not involve a condom, she would have gained immortality with you.

But as it is, your lips are as virgin as your penis. You did kiss Victoria that one time. I tell you this Truth. That kiss was what derailed that virgin’s plans for success. Notice how she later sought you and fell in love with you. But your rejection of her was without reevaluation.

Mary, I reevaluated her. And I saw this sudden interest she had in me as the shadow of a false friend that appears suddenly with the sun shining.

No Eric, she was genuinely in love with you.

Mary, even if she was, she was leaving you. She was leaving your Church.

Eric, she was leaving me as you were leaving her. Did you ever think that if you were to have loved her as I love you, that she would have changed her mind? Love breeds love, while hatred breeds hatred.

You hated her, Eric. And she in turn hated you. You lost her because you left her before she left you. Your decision never to date her and never to love her were felt. It was your resolution never to mate with her that formed her resolution to reject God. For you were the closest thing she had to God. You by choosing to reject her formed in her the resolution to reject God.

I am sorry Mary. I failed her.

No, do not be sorry, Eric. For you were as a man uninstructed. You could not be blamed for your decision, for you yourself needed to be shown love before you became capable of it yourself.

I showed you my love for you. And only then did you understand love. Before I loved you, you lusted for women, and love was but concept you could not understand. The only reason why I never lost you to women was because I kept you from having friendships. For friendships, more than anything else, lead men to ruin themselves with women. Because you had no friends, no woman could ever find access to you, and no man could ever lead you to them. That is how I kept you in perfect virginity. You had a problem with uncontrollable hard ons, but you kept yourself virgin nevertheless.

Now, what keeps you virgin now, you ask? You are still a lone wolf, Eric. You are still inaccessible and unobtainable to women. No woman knows how to acquire you. Now you did converse with several women in that funny farm. But I kept those relationships from developing by separating you from them, either by their release or by your release from that funny farm. They never developed to the point of any sexual commitment. And that was by intent.

Nevertheless three real girls and two binary girls were somehow in a kind of romance with you there.

Lord, concerning those binary girls, I never considered them a threat, even though they were constantly advancing on me.

That is because their underlying reality was female in nature. Their minds were female. A male would have touched you sexually. And a male would have made a move offensive to you. Hence, when the underlying reality of a girl is female, I permit her relationships to continue with a hetero male, providing that the cordial respect between both parties remains intact. And this reality is seeable by observing the brains of such people and how their brains react to sex. There is a female way and there is a male way and nothing in between. Hence, true gender is determined there. And only those with female minds belong in female intrusive areas, like women’s bathrooms and women’s shower rooms, etc. Basically, the XY female that is born female also has a female mind. But the male who changes his gender retains the male mind. The gender of the mind never changes. It is as God defines it. And God’s definitions are not always based on DNA or in agreement to it. But God never changes His mind. Therefore, sex changes later in life are by nature contrary to God.

Furthermore, what God has decided to make, never change it to its opposite. A baby boy with a penis too small to fuck a girl is still by God’s intent a boy. To attempt to make that boy a girl is a blatant attempt to play God that carries an irreversible curse of damnation. Which is better, an imperfect but real boy, or a fake girl? Making a boy into a girl is to commit gender fraud. It is a crime that is permanently deadly to all consenting adults involved. Every consenting adult dies the moment that sex change is initiated, due to its irreversible nature. And once done, you have a sexual freak and sexual monster that you created or had a hand in creating. And all that boy’s ruined life, all his lost joys of boyhood, are on your soul forever. You will never escape hell for the deed you did that day. You will pay for that sin forever. And no sacrament will ever take that sin away from you. I WHO AM have spoken.

Now Eric, I WHO AM shall complete this post. You are aware, are you not, of women discussing you?

Yes, I am not sure if they are thinking of casting me out of a store, or are they contemplating calling a police person?

Do not be concerned as those things are happening. For you would only be cast from a store if you were interfering with some female. Keep yourself clear of those and you will not get cast from a store.

What was it that Dave Heney used to cast me out, though, Father? He did not directly use any female. Rather, he claimed I was not taking my medications as justification of my being banned from his Church. He said I could come back only if I took my medications. He seems to have knowledge from Satan regarding this. For You, God, commanded me to take no more medications. And Satan has ruthlessly assaulted me on this account, seeking to force me to take them. But women doctors and staff who have been assigned to me have consistently affirmed my right not to take medications, correctly observing in me a rational mind necessary to make these decisions.

Then you know, Eric, that is it primarily the males, more than the females, that are against thee. In fact, do not the females seem to be laughing inside themselves as you resist the commands of the males that you take these medications or when you resist obscenely clad women that walk by thee? They are aware of this test and are prohibited from breaking the ice. And if you break the ice you will be accused of a crime against that woman. Therefore submit to the test. And realize the reality of your situation. You are under a kind of house arrest. You can go shopping as needed, and you can go to work. But you cannot socialize with women. And any attempt to do so will get you rebuked and cast from that place.

Then Lord, is this the nature of why these women are discussing me? They are discussing my flagrant attempts to destabilize the female mind by appearing irresistibly attractive? For I am the male Siren.

As long as you never break the ice, you will be permitted this freedom. But break the ice once, and you will be imprisoned forever. For they are seeking to do this, but cannot without a law broken to justify it.

Okay Lord, what happens with Putin regarding Ukraine?

Putin is the master at bluff, Eric. Realize that the world is a vast series of poker games. And the winner is the one who bluffs the best.

Putin does not intend to invade. He just likes to make the Americans think that he will, to get them off balance. For invasion is a costly endeavor. Putin has the advantage of strength. He who has the advantage before battle is loathe to enter battle where the advantages may change. Remember that war is work. And winning an actual war is a lot of unnecessary work if you can accomplish the same thing by not waging war.

Putin is lazy too. He would rather pump the rumor mill and get the world focused on him, rather than go to war.

Remember that the wounds of the wounded tiger are not seen clearly while the tiger merely roars and growls but does not make the offensive attack. While he roars and growls, the whole world regards him with awe and respect, but the moment he attacks, everyone sees his weaknesses.

Therefore, Putin merely flexes his muscles and lets the world fear him. But he will not go to war, but only make careful moves like a chess expert, seeking to checkmate his opponent.

Remember that the successful poker player makes his opponents suspect he is bluffing when he is not and not suspect he is bluffing when he is.

He does not need to take Ukraine. For the west has already dumped their so called ally by stating their intent not to defend her from Russia.

Imagine how a girl would feel if the knights of Arthur already told the damsel in distress that they will not come to her defense should the Black Knight attack her? She is vulnerable like shit. But what if the Black Knight, instead of attacking her as expected, is kind to her instead? Does she switch alliances? Does she owe Arthur anything? I think not. I think she is free to consider the Black Knight as even a possible suitor. For who would not if the knights of Arthur are too cowardly to come to her defense? And why not consider this Black Knight who is at least now treating her with respect?

So Vladimir Putin, I give my advice to you, as an observer considering your strategy. Be nice to Ukraine. Offer your hospitality as a viable alternative to the West’s cowardice in coming to Ukraine’s defenses, and you might win Ukraine without a war. Remember that I am the seven star general who gets major things done without the shedding of blood.

Eric, will then you accept my hand in marriage?

And who are you?

I am Vesper, the one you claimed betrayed you. I now know you are superior to Twilight, and I wish to realign myself to you. I do not want Firefly to fully claim you and leave me with no share in your seed and power.

But Vesper, what are you?

I am a woman, some few years your senior. I cannot have offspring at my age. But I want you to reseed me with your power. Even if it is just an attack against me, that attack would reseed me for a lifetime.

No, Vesper. Just meet me in person, and I will permit you to kiss me. But I will not reengage with you in battle. For you see I am not even in that game anymore. The only influence I have is on Firefly’s Pawn’s and only because she permits me that.

Hence I will permit you to kiss me, but my marital preference is with Firefly. For she may be in error in reasoning, but she is right on standing on the correct side. Firefly I will permit to fuck me, but you, Vesper, can go no farther than the kiss.

I, Eric, have spoken.

Eric, I WHO AM now command that this post be published. Amen.

Ukraine’s uncanny asset to Eric’s heart

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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