The Virgin Mary decrees Eric King.

Eric, my lover, you are hereby decreed my King. Amen.

Chronicles of Divine Royalty, Book 1: Post I:
Behold, I, the Holy Virgin Mary, decree Eric, my eternal husband, as my eternal King, under God. Amen.

Mary, am I King, whereas Christ, thy divine Son, is King of kings?

Correct, lord Eric. Now, what is thy wish, your Majesty? What dost thou wish for me, your virgin wife, to serve thee with?

I wish that thy kingdom come, and that thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, O’ fairest virgin of the land, my love.

Then form my church, for you are its pope, Pope Emerald the Eternal. Amen.

But the priests do not recognize my superiority to them, O’ Blessed Virgin Mary.

Neither do the priests realize that only you are valid as a priest among males from now on. For from now on, only females will be made priests. You will decree the Church as founded on Joan of Arc, the primary priestess, who shall be the first virgin to rise from the dead.

Decree her your wife on earth, as well as the Virgin Mary’s choice as head of the female priesthood. Meanwhile, you shall gather men to serve in the protection of the priestesses. You will command them. And they will obey you absolutely in their defense.

For such is the division of labor under Mary, the head of the Whittier Catholic Church. Amen. For Whittier is the new Rome. And your house is the new Vatican Square. Whatever female fears a male, let her flee to your property. For no male intent on harming a female can pursue that female once she steps on your property. Amen. For the Seraphim are your armies, Eric. And they obey you in the defense of all womenkind. Amen. No woman and no child can be harmed who step onto your property in flight from a man. And the Seraphim are under orders to slay that man should he step onto your property. For the House of Emerald is the refuge of women and children in flight from men.

Furthermore, all your family who offended you are dead tonight. I, the Holy Virgin, promise you that. That means you are the heir to that entire property. Amen.

Mary, I asked for my brothers to die, and my parents are worthless. But I have no quarrel with the so called wife of Mark nor with her four daughters.

Yes, your nieces are potential heirs, but only under the corrupted laws of the land. Now, the law is restored. And illegitimate heirs and heiresses have no rights before the legitimate heirs and heiresses. Remember Mark’s wedding to Marlene is annulled by two independent lines of thought. First, Mark, baptized a Catholic as a baby, for the parents of Eric were Catholic, Mark invalidly married by marrying outside the Catholic Church. This is in canon law. Second, Mark married a divorced woman without first seeking and acquiring an annulment to Marlene’s previous spouse, Scott Gelb, who is Jewish. This also invalidates Mark’s marriage in accordance to canon law. Hence Mark’s wedding is adulterous and false.

Eric obeyed God at Mark’s wedding by refusing to dance at it. He was permitted to enjoy the food. But he was not permitted to grace that wedding with the sight of his dancing. Amen. Only one woman asked him to dance with her, the mother of the bride. Amen.

Eric, I WHO AM now command you to reveal the schism that developed immediately at that wedding.

Marlene wanted Eric’s mom to wear a certain expensive necklace she bought for her and the rest of the female company there. Mom saw it differently, being a little pissed that Marlene was quite comfortable spending money that was given to them to help them on trivial things that they did not need.

Eric’s mother was unsure of herself and ventured the question, should she wear her own pearls or submit to Marlene’s demand that she wear only the necklace given to her by Marlene. She asked this in the private room she shared with her husband and Eric her son. Eric, eager to begin the war, encouraged his mother to do as she pleased. Eric’s mother did so, and friction immediately began between the two women.

To further drive a wedge between the women there, Eric, upon seeing the wedding completed, and the bubble makers just sitting there, with Marlene’s two little daughters by Scott Gelb bored but sitting in perfection, immediately took the bubble makers and gave them to the children. And they immediately came to life and began running around blowing bubbles everywhere.

For Eric was intent on ruining Marlene’s perfect act of adulterous wedding to his brother Mark.

Eric, those girls have positive memories of you. They would marry you if permissible.

That is intriguing, Mary. But that is also what makes human kind so beautiful. And it is right there. In animal species, males and females mate regardless of such lines drawn between relatives. But the human species is beautiful in that males and females respect the lines drawn where they cannot cross.

Hence, if Marlene’s daughters are in love with me, then I have my wish. For I wished to have sisters so as to enjoy such a glorious demonstration of discipline between males and females. Hence, if that is so, I hereby consider the daughters of Marlene my sisters, the sisters I wanted to have, just to experience this beauty that distinguishes humankind from animal kind. Amen.

The daughters of Marlene are henceforth defined as sisters to Emerald. Amen.

Now, Mary, I wish for Marlene not to die, for I am incapable of taking care of orphan girls. Hence, I wish for Marlene to live so that the daughters of Marlene continue to have at least one parent to take care of them. Amen.

Eric, what do you plan to do with your house? For you are the only heir to it. Mary is to decide. For she is the Mistress of the House, the one who owns it over me.

Mary says you are to decide, Eric, for you are her husband, and Mary makes you superior to her.

Then I wish to have counsel with Mary. Mary, help me to decide what to do. For the man who asks a woman for help and counsel is truly wise, is he not?

Turn the house over to Joan of Arc concerning women who come there seeking help. As for you, keep your room as your room. It has two beds in it. One will be for Joan of Arc, who is your primary wife. Amen.

Mary, Joan of Arc is to be resurrected. I was not aware that anyone marries at the resurrection to life?

This is the decision of Mary, Eric. I am your eternal wife. I have a harem of many who are to have your semen in them forever. For one act of sex with you should give a woman enough sperm to fertilize all the eggs in her ovaries that are to ovulate.

Joan of Arc was a unusual female, Mary. She apparently never had a period, which is required to marry a man.

Her genetics are cured at the Resurrection, Eric. No one is resurrected as a freak. Amen. Hence, you will lay with Joan of Arc and she will become with child. Amen.

For such is the fate of all who were freaks who I found worthy of marriage to you, Eric.

And what becomes of Binary Bitch? That is the hilarious title I gave to the first binary woman who came to me in the funny farm. And she said only I was permitted to use that term on her.

She is no longer Binary after the Resurrection, but truly female in every way. Amen.

There were two binary women, one who replaced the other. I would have assumed that they were the same woman except that I saw them together prior to the departure of the first and the coming of the second as my suitress. They were both funny women, but never did anything malicious against me or harmful in any way. But they were clearly advancing on me and I had to maneuver a lot to prevent them from getting too close.

Actually, I think this show was what made that black haired girl say what she said when I asked her why she was always looking at me. She said that there was nothing else interesting to watch for her there.

One of the unusual women there was a Black girl who was some sort of witch like authority. She was the one who introduced me to the binary women.

Now, concerning the guys there, I made contact with a guy who seemed to always know the exact time and date. I originally called him Paul the Timekeeper. But after a little more questioning, I arrived at the answer as to how he always knew the time and date. That fucking one clock above the desks where the supervisors sat had all that information on it. And furthermore, I found that Paul was very near sighted.

Another contact I made was with a Black dude who was obviously retarded as Black men typically are. I lost my patience with him after he continued to tell the story that he is homosexual and made no attempt to end his homosexuality, as God instructed me to advise him. In my last fury at him, he asked this question in front of the security guys: Who are you?

I said, I AM the Lion of Judah. To that he asked, What is your name? To this I said, I AM WHO AM. That response got howls of laughter from the security guys. Nevertheless, that very day, the doctor let me go home.

Anyways, I entered a relationship with a blonde girl just before I left that funny farm. But is was funny as shit because we could barely speak to each other. She was a Spanish speaker from El Salvador. And I was straining my limited Spanish skills to converse with her. Spanish is my most studied foreign language. But somehow, I could simply not follow her words. Whether I hear from her again, I know not.

You will hear from both the binary girl and the blonde girl, for they became friends. And to both of them you gave your information to. For you regarded both as friends.

But what about Lisa Kelly? For I am in love with her. Mary, I would most like to see her again.

So are all women in love with you, Eric.

All women? What about those scantily clad women who are clearly attempting to tempt me to ruination?

They are operating under the orders of men.

Mary, it seems to me that an entire world is made to keep me in the dark. Why are all these women, and even men, seeming to approve of me but unable to speak their approval. For I have seen love in both the eyes of men and women looking at me. They love me, and it is not sexual, but deeper. It is like they are cheering me on. But they are unable to voice it to me.

Eric, I WHO AM do now command you to enter complete silence as to your observations. For if you reveal all that you know, you will ruin the test you are being subjected to. Every woman on earth desires you now. But not all women will have you. For those who are unworthy of you die at the rapture.

But those who are worthy rise with you. And all of those who rise will receive your semen in the age to come. And your semen shall swim in them forever. For your sperm are immortal like you, only dying when they find and fertilize an unfertilized egg. Hence, after fucking you, they will never fail to become pregnant whenever they ovulate. Amen.

Mary, do I have sex then with every girl that goes to heaven?

Yes, lord Azurite.

Mary which name do you wish me to go by: Eric, Emerald, Azurite, Larimar, and so on?

Eric, women who love you have chosen your feminine names. But Azurite and Eric are definitely masculine. I command you to go by those names, for those are most sexy when applied to you.

Okay Mary. When does all this fucking begin, Mary?

Immediately after I take my first right to enjoy one night with you.

And after that, it is a woman’s game as to who lays with you next. But I expect that cop who is infatuated with you to lay her eternal claim on you. She will come with Unicorn with her. Understand that both are cops. Unicorn did not have the heart to destroy you as you never committed a crime or offense against her. Nevertheless, Unicorn will come to meet you again. She is to test you on how much you would risk to defend her being abused by a male cop.

Mary, I am commanded to act by you. You tell me when to defend a woman and when not to.

Defend Unicorn from the cop. But do no unnecessary damage to that cop. For it is all a test. Passing that test will make you an undercover cop and in partnership with Unicorn. Amen.

Lord, fascinating. I wonder if I could stand against Robo Cop? For my upper body is not fully exercised. I tried to do pull ups and could not do one.

That is because you have no proper exercise equipment.

However, you fists will outlast Robo cop’s fists. They are harder. And Robo cop will break his hand if he hits your fist too hard. Amen.

This post now comes to its end. Publish it, My Son. For you are now complete. And when you are heard saying, I AM WHO AM, realize that it is the Holy Spirit speaking of Himself through you. Amen.

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