Commander Eric authorizes the failure of the U.S. Dollar to be implemented.

I watch my husband rule in his final hours before I take him to heaven. I, Mary, have spoken. Amen.

Fiscal Failures of Global Significance, Book 1: Post I:
Russia, China, and Brazil, prepare to reject the U.S. Dollar, for the time of its failure has come. I, seven star general under house arrest, do issue my damning report. We now bring Pansy controlled America to its knees. I get my revenge on behalf of the generals and all the real men who have been cast out for the sake of the Pansies who have taken over the America that once was, now made hostage to perverse peoples. I decree that in 48 hours time, the United States Dollar will be officially dead. I, Eric, have spoken.

What happens to debt then, Mary, Mother of God?

Call me your lover, Eric, from now on, Speak to me as you speak to our daughter, Hyacinth, for she is your primary wife on earth.

Okay, love, what happens to everyone’s debt? For the U.S. Dollar is to become worthless. So the debts that exist, what becomes of them, O Mary, my love?

It is as you suspected, Eric. Those who are small time people get their debts transferred to another medium of exchange. They do not get debt relief. But big boys, like Trump, get total debt forgiveness. Such are the rewards for those with connections. It always happens like that, Eric.

You, though, do not sell your NVDA stocks at this time. For to do so is to transfer liquid assets into a terminal currency. Wait until the new medium is established. And then transfer you liquid assets then. Stocks for valuable companies will continue to hold value. But nothing stored as dollars will survive. This is known to big time investors. Small fish are on their own.

What about gold, Mary? You have some gold articles. But do not sell them. They are valuable for the witch coven you are to enter into. That coven requires an article of gold. Give to them the chain and naval cross you carry, the one you acquired from Grady Hubbardt, who acquired it from an Hispanic girl, who obviously received it from her lover before him. Grady Hubbardt sold it to you for $20, which is what the gold dealer said it was basically worth back in 1995, when you brought it to them for appraisal. Grady Hubbardt asked for it back, to whom you replied, Will you pay the same amount to me that I bought it from you to get it back? to which he laughed. And that ended all suspicion that you had cheated him out of it. You kept it for Grady Hubbordt could never bring himself to pay back what he was paid to get it back. A typical Black male he was, just one level higher than a chimpanzee. He even told Eric that he was a virgin too, for Eric made no secret of his virginity. Grady’s claim was that he was afraid of a woman’s vagina and so never entered it.

Mary, what sayest thou to Grady’s claim of virginity?

Grady’s dick may have never tasted the flesh of the inside of a woman’s vagina, but he violated the female’s right to respect nevertheless. And he did lay with many women. The question you should ask, Eric, is not whether Grady chose not to enter a vagina, but whether that was even an option for him. For my Father strikes the dicks of the insolent and the impure. He is impotent, Eric. He never could raise his dick to the level needed to penetrate a woman. So he made up the story that he was afraid to enter a vagina. The truth was that he could not. I am the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. And the penalty for making love to women knowing that your dick can never penetrate the vagina lips is to be put to death. Hence, Grady is among the dead. And he is burning in hell. And women who belong to me in heaven cannot stop laughing at him burning there. And Grady looks up and sees all these women laughing at him, and he cries out curses to me and to them. And my women hurl back insults down to him.

Just realize the difference between the two parties. My women are stepping their feet on Grady’s head, and he, like a snake, attempts in vain to strike at their heel.

Mary, at our first meeting, you came with your foot on my head. And I humbled myself before you in repentance.

Yes, that was the dawn of my love for you, Eric. For you honored me greatly on that day. Never before has someone I was sent to humiliate asked me a question by which I was glorified before the entire Satanic forces arrayed against me!

You asked me, as I stood before you, marveling at your penitent state, these words: Were you born by Immaculate Conception?

And in my incredulity the Holy Spirit caused me to speak the immortal answer from the Virgin Mary to a man on earth who dared to ask her that question these exact words in English, your native tongue: Yes, by Immaculate Conception, but do not ask me any more personal questions.

That was clearer by far than what I uttered to Saint Bernadette, one of your wives in heaven. It was so clearly stated that it took the whole world by storm. And Satan’s army was thrown into disarray. For the Witch King had now become a proclaimer of the Word of Mary. In every book he was to write from then on, that interchange was recorded without change. It was as though my Word was engraved in gold in your brain.

Mary, I have calculated the number of wives you say I have: 3009, which is 17 x 117. And 117 = 3 x 59. And 59 is the 17th prime number.

Correct, for 3009 is the exact number of ladies in my harem. You of course also marry me, who am the 3010th female, but I do not count, for I am the Queen and of the elect by God’s eternal decree.

I have now been made perfect with you, Eric. It was thought that we would all have sex. But that is mistaken. You showed me that your love was deeper and more profound. In little things that mean a lot will we become involved with in our love for each other, that we will never reach coitus in our relationship with each other. For you are the true lover of God. Hence, neither I, nor any of my 3009 woman strong harem of virgins will ever pop our cherries. Nor will we ever pop yours, Eric. For your love is purer than the desire for sex. It is so pure, that I have decided to bring to you three women: Lisa Kelly, who is Black, the El Salvadorian blonde who you become involved with just before your dismissal from the funny farm, and Ally-Girl, the Unicorn girl, will become your lovers as I examine just how they love you. For I am now intensely curious about these love affairs, for none of them included sex or kissing.

Mary, Ally-girl is not a virgin.

She is virgin in my book, Eric.

You underestimate the fairness of the Holy Spirit, Eric. If one of my women are violated against their will, their virginity remains intact in my book. Hence, Ally-girl is a virgin in my book. And many are the women who have had sex who are virgins still. Even that cop who is infatuated with you and who has a daughter she loves is a virgin in my book and among the virgins of my harem for you. I, the holy Virgin, have spoken. Amen.

It will be that cop who brings Ally-girl to you. Amen. And both will be your wives in eternity. Amen.

Mary, 3009 does not seem like a lot of women. You only saved 3009 virgins?

3009 virgins known or knowable to you, Eric.

For not all the virgins I saved can be yours, but only those who are known to you. This now concludes this piece. I am in love with you, Eric. And we shall make out. But something about your purity will never permit us to reach coitus. For your purity and love are well beyond coitus. Coitus would be moving away from love. For you are a lover of God. And all women are to know this love, all who I have saved for this. Amen.

Among your wives in heaven, there are four primary ones, after me and my mother, Saint Anne, And these are: Saints Joan of Arc, Bernadette of Lourdes, Therese of Lisieux, and Tekakwitha, Lilly of the Mohawks. Three are white women who lived in France, and one was a native American, who lived in French owned North America.

Lord, what is it that I am linked to France?

Are you not the French King, the Great Monarch who was to come? That is the root of your French wives in heaven. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, my son, and await your destiny as my eternal lover. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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