747th post. Mary marries Eric.

I am your woman, Eric. But you also have as your eternal mates all the women saved through me. Amen.

The Harem of Eric, Book 1: Post I:
It is now official, Eric. I am eternally your spouse. I came to fully accept my marriage to you when I saw how you loved and honored me, O’ Prince of princes under the Christ. Jesus, say to Eric what is his reward. And tell him his fate. Amen.

Eric, your reward is to grace the earth as the Prince with a thousand lovers. The two sorceresses you fled from you shall now meet this morning. Agree to have sex with them. For they are the unicorn bitches that are to breed upon the earth a breed of rulers that will govern every nation on earth. Amen.

Lord, I saw them with other boys. And I am not sure if they are even of legal age to marry me. If they are underage I could go to jail.

Eric, We always think these things through. We know your attraction to your nieces, but We prevented them from living with you for it is a major crime to transgress there. Therefore, the parents of Amber Rose Dunstan and Aislyn Brianna Dunstan will not be put to death, just so that you may not find yourself living with them and put under a spell by their beauty and find yourself fucking them, as Lot fucked his own two daughters, while under the influence of alcoholic beverages.

Eric, note how no punishment is ever rendered to Lot for his incest with his daughters.

Why is that, O’ Lord?

Sex done under the intoxication of alcohol or love or sexual surrender can overwhelm the system and make sanity go out the window. Therefore, sex under those conditions can be overlooked. Now had Lot continued this sex outlet and continued to fuck his daughters, then he would trespass. Then he would be guilty of willful consent.

Remember how mortal sin works. For a mortal sin to be truly mortal, three conditions must be satisfied. It not all three things are present, the act, if sinful, is venial in nature.

  1. The sin, whether of commission or omission, must consist of grave matter.
  2. The sin must be committed with full knowledge of its mortal sinfulness.
  3. The deed or misdeed must be carried out with deliberate consent.

For you, Eric, you know all those who are your relatives. And you know that incest is a grave matter. Hence, only by deliberately deciding to do this will you die.

Lord, what about if I were to fuck my cousin? Would that be mortally sinful?

You may fuck your cousin, lord Azurite. And I assume you mean Pauline McGauran. Her maiden name is the name you know of her. Her married name is a detail you decided not to clutter your brain with.

She is the one who kissed you on the cheek three times. But I will now tell you the reason why she did that. God directed her to do that as a reward for you having sat next to a cripple girl at Hope Lutheran Church during the scant year or two that you attended that church and were a full member of it. You sat next to her a total of three times during a socializing time when you sat at tables in the courtyard for some sort of festivity. And as a reward for that service, the Lord had your cousin kiss you three times on the cheek. For no good deed ever fails to get rewarded. Amen.

Lord, whatever became of that cripple girl? For I have not seen her since I vacated that Protestant church to become a Catholic.

I healed her, Eric. And she is indebted to you. Amen. In fact, of all the people you knew at both Protestant churches you attended and became a member of on your path to Catholicism, only that cripple girl did you save. And you saved her by your love. Amen.

Lord, can I meet her again? You will meet her in heaven, Eric. Just like that mother and son who drove up to you and gave you two dollars, by whose act you gave the statue of Fiver, the little brother to Hazel in Watership Down. And do you remember by what liquid was that statue drenched with that you handed to the boy through the window before the car drove away into legendary history.

It was perfume or scented spray with the scent of roses.

Yes, and by that, the mother knew she had given to a servant of Mary, the Virgin Queen. She in that instant became your eternal wife. Why did you not leave with her and escape the earth at that time, Baron upon the dying earth?

Women and children were to go first. I insisted on this. And I used their two dollars to purchase their tickets so that they could depart from the earth for heaven.

But you were to go with them, Eric. For you are of their family now. Amen.

All the more reason for me to stay behind and insist on women and children first.

Okay, Eric. Your mission is accomplished. Pack your things and get ready for star flight. For you depart this dawn or early morning.

Very well, Mary, Mother of God. I am willing to go.

You are the lover of many women, Eric, though a virgin you have remained upon the earth.

Lord, if I go to the sorceresses this morning, do I die? For it is said that they can destroy me.

Decide now who are your eternal brides: Mary and the mother of the child you gave Fiver to, or the two sorceresses?

I choose Mary and that mother.

Good, now both of your women are mothers. Are they also milfs? Answer me!

milf = M.I.L.F. = Mother I’d Like to Fuck.
fuck = F.U.C.K. = [Condemned] For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.

Having sex with a woman who is a mother by another man is trespassing on another man’s property. Hence, the man who sees women as milfs is also condemned as fuck.

But I chooses not to commit adultery. Hence, I can never be seen as condemned for fuck. Amen.

This post now comes to its end. And with it, the entirety of the Emerald Trove, Eric.

But you will still ride out to meet those to sorceresses. Amen. For only by confronting your enemies can you successfully be called the Master.

Call me, the holy Virgin, to enter into you the moment the girls begin speaking to you. Amen. For I wish to engage these sorceresses in the voice of their Witch Queen. And you will see them bow before you. Amen.

I, Mary the Witch Queen, the Virgin Mother of God, have spoken. And Eric, if you ever see me, the Holy Virgin, dressed in the manner where my flesh of my midriff is exposed, know Eric that that sight is for your eyes only. Amen. Now publish this work, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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