Virgin Mary explains the origins of the Pegasi-Unicorn species, which is Eric, her lover.

My lover, Eric, is the most beautiful male creature ever created.

Origins of Mythological Mysteries, Book 1: Post I:
I, the Virgin of virgins, Queen of queens, now explain the origins of my lover’s species, the Pegasi-Unicorn. And why do I mate him with a unicorn girl? It may not be obvious when you hear how Eric’s species came about.

The original Pegasus was basically a freak of nature where a horse received the genes of flight by a species crossing virus that transferred the genes from an angelic Nephilim, whose eagle-like wings granted him flight, to a pregnant horse. The mare, upon giving birth to its foal, was so horrified by the wings unfolding on its offspring that it fled from it in terror, thinking that some alien had injected itself into her.

Therefore, the Pegasus foal, upon opening its eyes, never saw its mother. It would have starved to death but for the Gnomes that pitied it and fed it cow’s milk, which they gathered from nearby farms, while keeping the beast in perfect secrecy.

When the gelding pegasus began to explore its world, it found itself rejected by its own kind, and so it never socialized with other horses. The gorgons, Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa, beheld the creature, but did not permit it to see them, lest they turn it to stone. But Medusa, their queen, thought of a clever curse to put on it. She covered her head with see through material and approached the horse and let it nibble on her nipples. Then she fed it a sugary food that was a yogurt made from milk from her breasts transformed into yogurt using bacterial cultures taken from her vagina. And the curse was that the Pegasi would never be permitted to taste death as long as she, Medusa herself, never had a mate and never produced offspring by him.

And so, that Pegasus became a legendary stallion, who was never seen with a mare. And as it was encountering more and more interest among men who wished to capture it, it became nocturnal. And it learned to see in the dark.

A man called Bellerophon was permitted to capture him by the gods. And he broke the wild stallion and trained him to serve him as his steed. But the gods inspired him to seek the highest calling, Godhood. And he mounted his steed and commanded it to fly to Mount Olympus in order that he may receive godhood. But the goddess Artemis, who knew how to train animals and gain their trust, was highly offended by Bellerophon’s style of whipping the beast that she caused the beast to buck while midway to Mount Olympus whereby its master fell to his death. Then Artemus sent the beast songbirds to lure it onwards and to keep it to its path to Mount Olympus.

Once there, they restored it to health and decided to try breeding it to make more of its kind. The winged horse itself was pure white. So they bred it first to a female white Arabian mare. And then they bred it to a female white thoroughbred. Both mares produced a long successful line of winged horses. But they found it impossible to introduce new females to this stallion, for it seemed that it could not accept more than two mates. And as their breeding mares had immortality, this meant that there would be no way to break from this mold.

Furthermore, the descendants of this Pegasus would not mate out of their breed. For they become bonded to their mothers permanently. Hence, the Pegasus lines established on Mount Olympus turned out to exist perpetually in only two separate breeds: The White Arabian Pagasi and the White Thoroughbred Pagasi. And no way was ever found to deviate from that original decision. Furthermore, the male descendants of Pegasus also limited themselves to two mates for life.

Later, while virgins were riding to earth upon Pegasi, it was found that unicorns could charm a Pegasus to mate with them. When Zeus heard of this, he ruled that unicorn seed must never infect their female Pegasi, so only male Pegasi would ever be permitted to mate with a unicorn.

And it was observed that these matings, Stallion unicorns mounting unicorn ewes and producing offspring, that the offspring were quite pathetic, possessing neither horns nor wings. And breeding these things were pathetic too. So the crossing of Pegasi and unicorn kind became an embarrassing hobby.

Centuries later, the Queen of Heaven, the Virgin Mary, chose to roam about the earth upon her mare Pegasis, whom she called Primrose. She was sleeping by the water, when a male unicorn approached and mated with Primrose, who was in heat. When she returned to heaven, it was discovered that Primrose was pregnant. Unable to ascertain who was the father, it was decided to wait until the creature inside was born. And to their surprise, out came the first Pegasi-Unicorn.

To their consternation, Primrose did not accept another mate. For Pegasi females mate for life and attach to only one mate, wheres males of that species attach to two. So they brought Primrose back to where Mary had slept and waited for the unicorn ram to return. And when he did, they captured it, using only virgin female girls to capture it. When the ram unicorn was brought to heaven, Primrose mated with it frequently and produced the first true line of Pegasi-Unicorns.

Someone with knowledge of the breeding of horses with donkeys to produce mules, came up with a theory. Everyone knows in the mule breeding business that mules are sterile creatures that can only be produced by mating a jackass with a mare. Mating a stallion with a jenny produces a hinny, which is worthless.

So they reasoned that perhaps gender is at play here too. A stallion pegasus mated to a unicorn ewe produced the equivalent of a hinny, a worthless beast. But a ram unicorn mated to a pegasis mare could produce a pegasus-unicorn. Now the importance of this knowledge is that the pegasis breeding mare to use as this mate must also be a virgin, for pegasis females choose only one mate, whereas pegasus males choose two. And the only reason why this pegasis virgin female was on the earth to begin with was because the Virgin Mary refused to ride a female mount that was not as virgin as she was.

So both breeds were then established, using virgin pegasi females to lure ram unicorns into traps composed of virgin girls who captured these rams and brought them to heaven to serve as the perpetual mates of their breeding mares. And considering how rare unicorns were, only the most virginal female girls could be used to acquire them.

With the two breeds having been established, Arabian Pegasi-Unicorns and Thoroughbred Pegasi-Unicorns, it was decided to try to mate a female unicorn to a Pegasus-Unicorn stallion to see what would be produced. For the female unicorns were having trouble finding mates. And so a Pegasi-Unicorn male was sent to the earth where female unicorns were known to gather to see if they would mate naturally.

As the Pegasus-Unicorn stallion was grazing upon the grass, two female unicorns approached the stallion from different directions, cornering it. Mating with them both, the two unicorn females become its permanent mates, and a new wild species of unicorn developed. These two females were bluish white, so the new species that developed produced a phenomenon similar to that of the Kermode bear, sometimes called the spirit bear, found in British Columbia, were white colored black bears appear at random among these black bears. Among the unicorns of this bluish white species, the genes of winged flight also appear like at random. So some of these bluish white unicorns will have wings and can fly, while others appear as purely unicorns in appearance.

This was a one time occurrence. Once this mating occurred, these unicorn females in need of a mate never again turned to a pure Pegasi-Unicorn from Mount Olympus, but only to the descendants of that original water molecule mating of the two females bound to the one male. For a unicorn female will always choose her own kind over a foreigner. Only a desperate unicorn female will mate with a Pegasi-Unicorn outside her species or kin.

Now, fast forward to now. The Virgin Mary has now acquired the human being that is a Pegasus-Unicorn. And that man is Eric Robert Dunstan, whose name is 17 characters long, and when added together in Greek is 1717:

E -> Ε = 5
R -> Ρ = 100
I -> Ι = 10
C -> Κ = 20
ΕΡΙΚ = 135

R -> Ρ = 100
O -> Ο = 70
B -> Β = 2
E -> Ε = 5
R -> Ρ = 100
T -> Τ = 300
ΡΟΒΕΡΤ = 577

D -> Δ = 4
U -> Υ = 400
N -> Ν = 50
S -> Σ = 200
T -> Τ = 300
A -> Α = 1
N -> Ν = 50
ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ = 1005

Eric Robert Dunstan
ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ = 135 + 577 + 1005 = 1717.


How Mary acquired him is a mystery in itself. For this creature is a true Melchizedek, having neither ancestors nor descendants. And he is also a pure virgin of the age of 51, which is 17 x 3, while having the youthful appearance of a man in his sexual prime. He is ideal for the new Eden that is proposed for the planet Venus. To provide this planet with a suitable moon, the planet Mercury will be knocked off its orbit by carefully aimed comets to come to stably orbit Venus, triggering an electromagnetic affect within the iron core of Venus, generating a protective magnetic field that can shield the Venetian surface from the harmful rays of the sun, as it is with the earth, whose magnetic field is generated by its moon.

Venus will then travel beyond the earth to enter an outer orbit beyond Mars. And the earth will then become the closest planet to the sun. For the earth is to serve as a hell for the transgressors there. And then between the earth and Venus will exist Mars, the red planet. And as the sun heats up, life as it is known will gradually die out on the earth, while Venus will become blue, white, and green. And ocean water from comets will flood the surfaces of Venus and gather in basins to be called seas.

To populate this planet, it was chosen that the Virgin Mary would be given the first chance to be the female that forms its first celestial water molecule. She has now attained the virgin Eric as her suitable mate and the virgin Allison as the second unicorn. For the ideal water molecule to first seed the planet was proposed to be a Pegasus-Unicorn virgin male mated to two unicorn females, but that they be still virgins until they leave the earth. Now Allison is not technically a virgin, but as her virginity was robbed from her without her consent, this omission can be technically overlooked. The only consequence to this discretion is that the race descended from the lesser unicorn will be like the Drow, the dark elves, while the race descended from the purer unicorn will be like the Eladrin, the high elves.

Hence, all Elvin Kind on Venus is to descend from this first water molecule, called the Marian-Allison-Emerald heavenly water molecule. For just as water forms as H2 + O = H2O + energy, the two females that form the Hydrogen atoms of a ternary water molecule union always come together in union before they mate with the Oxygen, which is the male mate that they freely elect to share between themselves. For remember that the desperate unicorn females that approach a male Pegasus-Unicorn approach him as a pair coming from opposite directions, working as a team, in order to capture him and prevent his escape. And the Pegasus-Unicorn must also himself be a virgin, for unicorns never approach for mating specimens of strange species that are not themselves virgins. For they have a virgin detector, a sense all unicorns possess, for even if they themselves are not themselves virgins, in order to comfortably mate with a creature outside their species, that specimen must be a virgin, or they will reject him. Oracle of the Lord. Amen.

Mary, this is very interesting. Now, what about all the other water molecules that make up the rest of the 144,000 first fruits of the Kingdom of Heaven?

Eric, the Christ, the Lamb of God, my Son by conception and birth, chose only you, Eric, as His Bride. That means only you and the two females who become bonded to you eternally will be going to Venus to seed and populate the sister planet to the earth. Everyone else remains either on this new earth or in heaven.

The new earth?

Earth separates between hell and paradise. And then you have two earths orbiting the dead star, called the sun.

The sun dies?

Yes, that is the reason why the earth’s moon becomes blood red. It becomes super heated by the blackened sun. This earth becomes completely uninhabitable within 3 generations of human kind on earth. After that, only spiritual creatures will lurk about the earth, such as disembodied souls and demons and the undead damned. Amen.

What about the paradisal earth that separates from the old earth?

It goes into a parallel universe where the sun becomes eternally a golden orb that forever gives its glorious healing rays of sunshine. And in that universe, Venus exists in an orbit that is beyond Mars, and the planet Mercury orbits Venus as its essential moon, forever called the Crimson Moon, while Mars is forever a lifeless hunk of red rock orbiting the sun between the orbits of Venus and the earth. And between the orbit of earth and the sun, there will be found no real satellites fully contained within the orbits of the inner inhabitable planets. Amen.

Right now, life has been allowed to grow and evolve on both planets. And the phenomenon known as panspermia has permitted DNA and microbial species to pass between the two living planets of the same solar system. But other than that, the species that has evolved on the two planets are completely different. humankind exist on earth. Elven kind will be seeded into Venus using the the ternary human molecule of water as their progenitor, called the Marian-Allison-Emerald heavenly water molecule, composed of three human beings from the old earth, two women and one man, the only specimens of Mankind to ultimately escape.

Hence, the parallel evolution of these two species of humankind will diverge, but when contact is finally achieved in the future, some millennia to come, it will be found that the two alien races, the humans of the Earth and the elves of Venus, can in fact crossbreed and produce viable offspring. For their progenitors are both human beings from the old earth, of the species Homo sapiens. For Eric is a human whose animal is the Pegasi-Unicorn. And his two eternal mates, Mary and Allison, are also humans, but whose animal is the unicorn. Amen. But the elves of Venus will be called a two new species: Homo elven and Homo eladrinus, referring to the Drow descended from Allision and the Eladrin descended from Mary, respectively. Amen.

Now publish this work, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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