The Virgin Eric decides all he wants is loving sisters, no lovers that would rob him of virginity.

Virginity is treasured more by Eric than anything he could have from women.

Book of Virgins, Book 1: Post I:
Mary, mother of God, I would have it that we never have sex. Rather, I would have it that no woman is ever closer to me than that of a sister, a loving sister of the same family. What sayest thou, O’ Mary, Mother of God, wife of the Emerald King?

As thou wishest, I shall present thy request unto our Father. Waitest for but a moment and thy answer shalt come unto thee, dearest friend of the holy Virgin.

Eric, son of the Christ, I WHO AM have heard thy request. And I second it. It shalt be that way forever for thee. Therefore, knowest thou what thou and the holy Virgin art. Thou and the holy Virgin are two stars orbiting each other so closely that you two are called eclipsing binaries.


Eric, you and Mary will be officially married on Saturday, February 26, 2022, ten days from today. But the Lord of Hosts already regards you two as an eternal couple where the trust between you two is at 100%.

Mary, what then happens after this marriage between us, O’ Virgin Bride of the Virgin Crown Prince?

Eric, thou hast worried too much. Let it be that thou rest now. The end has occurred. Judgments are being made. Your judgement has been 100% completed. And you have been found 100% pure and sinless.

Furthermore, I am no longer the lone Queen.

I am the Queen whose husband is the Siren of the End Times. And now we know the bird that is Eric: The raven, the crow, and the magpie, which are known as the most intelligent of bird kind. Basically, it is the Corvidae family. But I, the holy Virgin, am represented by the hummingbirds, which are of the Trochilidae family.

Then Mary, dost thou also have a mammal that represents thee?

I am the female unicorn, like Allison, your girlfriend you never quite met again.

Ally-girl, yes I would love to see her again, for friendship only. For I am celibate to the core.

Allison will come to you again, for it was observed how you clicked with her. It has to do with you being so closely aligned.

Mary, if Allison comes to me in this life, what becomes of our eclipsing binary star system?

It becomes a ternary star system.

Mary, is that possible?

It is with unicorns and hummingbirds. For such are the most maneuverable creatures of Creation.

Mary, Ally-girl said she was a unicorn, but she never mentioned her bird. What is her bird, O’ Mary, Mother of God?

She is the bird of paradise, of the bird family, Paradisaeidae. These species are monogamous, meaning the males and females mate with only one partner at a time, and in some species pair for life.

Is that why she did not come to me? For she had lovers before?

No, her lovers were pimps. She was taken advantage of. But Jesus in his fury caused everything that ever entered her to die. That is why she is free of STD.

Mary, the females of Paradisaeidae are always drab and uncomely. It is the males that are showy and beautiful.

Eric, that is why the sex genes are reversed in birds compared to mammals. In mammals, you know that XX is female and XY is male. In birds that is reversed. And the reason is that female humans identify with the males of the class Aves, not with the females. So in birds, everything is different, including what the sex chromosomes are called. Male birds are ZZ and female birds are ZW.

So Mary, then it is the egg of the bird not their sperm that determines the gender of the chick born from it?

That is correct, O’ Eric, wisest of scientific minds.

Hence, female humans, XX, naturally identify with ZZ birds, which are the male birds. And male humans, XY, should naturally identify with ZW birds, which are the female birds. Hence, your unicorn girlfriend naturally identifies with the showy male birds of paradise, not with the drab, uniformly clad females.

Yes, of course, men always dress uniformly. All suits worn by men are basically drab, black or gray outfits.

And now we shall describe your reptile, Eric. For every boy also has a reptile, whereas every girl has a fish.

And what is my reptile, O’ Lord?

The Komodo Dragon, Varanus komodoensis, lord Eric.

And what are the fishes that represent you, Mary, and my girlfriend, Ally-girl?

We both have the same fish, Eric. We are the seahorse, of the family Syngnathidae.

And what about amphibians, O’ Virgin Mary, mother of God?

All three of us belong to the same exact amphibian family, Anura, which includes all frogs and toads.

Now what about the Kingdom Plantae? What plants do we represent?

You, Eric, are the King of Trees, the Giant Sequoia, Sequoiadendron giganteum, and guess what Eric? Sequoia is a name that means Giant Redwood Tree in Cherokee. And you are also represented by the sole survivor of an entire order, Ginkgoales, whose only extant species is Ginkgo biloba. You have a male of that species planted in your back yard, which you acquired during the time you worked at Monrovia Nurseries as an intern during the summer of 1996, though not from their nurseries.

And what plants do you and my unicorn girlfriend belong to, Mary? I am an hyacinth girl, represented by the hyacinths, (hyacinthus) and the bluebells (Hyacinthoides), and hence, I am of the plant family Asparagaceae.

But your girlfriend, Allison, is represented by the Lily of the Valley, Convallaria majalis, and Blue Agave, Agave tequilana, which are also of the same plant family as I am in, Asparagaceae.

Mary, what about Sandra, the one who you assigned me to take care of as a daughter? To her I gave the name, Hyacinth, before I also gave you the same name, and to me she gave the name Heavensent. Does she have any future with me, O’ Mary, Mother of God?

She is with us too, O’ Eric. But Eric, it is not possible to have a stable star system that is more than ternary. So three stars can orbit one another at close proximity. That girl we raised together as our first born between us is as a distant star to us. And she has to be that because we are as water together, you as the oxygen and we two females as your hydrogen companions, forming the molecule of water. Water is one of the most reactive and corrosive chemicals known to science. Hence, when a male and two females form water in the hereafter, it is one of the highest callings in heaven.

So then, Mary, why doesn’t everyone form into a ternary system like water in the hereafter?

There are simply not enough females to go around, Eric. And male to male simply does not work. In the ternary system that mimics water, there must be exactly two females paired to one male. Without that chemistry, celestial water cannot exist.

What then becomes of Sandra, whom I call Hyacinth? And what becomes of the various other girls who seem infatuated with me? All those who follow me? Do they pair up and unite with a male to form water?

Yes, lord Eric. Once water is formed on February 26th, or later, depending on when Allison reconnects with you, a chain reaction will occur in which all the following hydrogens combine with the trail of oxygens and a series of water molecules will form in your train. For a number of dark males follow you. By dark, I mean that they are not seen.

This is the 144,000. By 144,000 I mean the waters of heaven. And that is why the 144,000 are depicted as singing a song with the sound of rushing water (Revelation 14:2). The 144,000 are composed of virgin males, each united to two pure females.

But Mary, Allison is not a virgin.

Lord Eric, it is written only of the males that they are virgins. (Revelation 14:4) For it says these are those who were not defiled by women. Women who are pure, but who were defiled not of their own fault are not disqualified to join in the making of these molecules of water.

Lord, why insist on the males being virgins, but not the females?

It is because these are the first fruits (Revelation 14:4) given to the Lamb, lord Eric. Jesus binds with the male, not the female, as it was written His Word, Go fetch your husband and come back. (John 4:16). These men neither utter lies nor become defiled. (Revelation 14:5).

But as for their women, these need not be as clean as they are. For their women do not directly interface with God. For the female is less than the male in the sight of God. Amen.

Hence, lord Eric, it is not written the exact number of the 144,000, but only that 144,000 is the symbolic number of this group. But twice the number of men in it are the number of its females. Hence, expect for Hyacinth, the one we raised together, whose real name was Sandra, to bind with another female and become bonded to a male by which she will also become water. For every one of the females in your harem, Eric is to form, with another female, water with another male, with the exception of any genetic misfits. The gender disordered XY females and the XX males do not enter these arrangements. I WHO AM have spoken.

And you, Mary, can now say, I AM WHO AM?

Yes, but only as your wife. For you are the one ranked equal to me in heaven.

If this is so, where does unicorn rank? Where does Ally-girl rank?

Beneath us, but this does not matter. For once the molecule forms, all previous relationships prior to that cease to exist for those inside the molecule. Hence, once we form H2O, what and who we were, Mary, Allison, and Eric, before that point, cease to have any importance whatsoever. Amen.

Mary, are you sure it is Allison who forms this molecule with us? For you were wrong about Anna, the daughter of Tim.

I am assured of this by the Father. And what the Father decides to do never fails. It was I, in my foolish woman’s error, who sent you to sit with Anna. No more mistakes are being made, for the Father has taken over our relationship. For the moment you signaled to me and to God that you preferred virginity, you became sealed as one of the 144,000. Therefore, it is no longer me, but the Father, Who is in charge. And He says Allison is the other girl who joins me with you.

Eric, be content with your knowledge. Put your questions to rest. And meditate on what you have been given to know. And realize that this post has now come to its end. Publish it, my brother, my lover, for all must read it, especially those who will form water in the chain reaction that is to start with you. Amen.

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