Why Bella chose Edward over Jacob in Twilight

However illogical a woman is, Eric now sees the logical root of their acts.

Eric, man who understands the woman, Book 1: Post I:
Hey boys and girls, women are not as illogical as they seem. For I now have insight. I now know how women think. My immortal consciousness has grown to the point where I can see how women act and behave.

Now, everyone has seen one or more of those movies of the Twilight series. Basically it is about a reputably beautiful girl, Bella Swan, though to me she is just a typical girl, and two guys who seem to have an immortal crush on her, one being Edward Cullen, who is a vampire, and Jacob Black, who is a werewolf. But before you dismiss this as a typical horror pic, no it is not. It is a woman’s love story movie, but with some elaborate imagination about the two rival men who are made really of these opposite polar monster types for the movie.

Now, many people keep trying to figure out why did Bella Swan chose Edward Cullen over Jacob Black. I mean, even in the small clip I accidentally stumbled on while I turned the TV on last night for some news, and found myself watching New Moon, the second movie in the series, for a few minutes.

Now, the important thing to understand is this. Tayler Lautner, the actor who played Jacob Black, did major body building work between the first movie and the second. And he developed an impressive six pack, though why a six pack is impressive is beyond me because that doesn’t really mean shit. But apparently many guys have the goal to develop it, because then they can take their shirt off and walk with their head held high. Anyways, Talyer Lautner was so proud of his six pack that he asked the director for every picture of himself to have that six pack showing. So he is basically walking around like David (or Bruce) Banner after no longer being Hulk but not yet with a shirt to put on. For somehow, Mr. Banner has found some flex pants that do not rip, but not yet found a top that can sustain the transformation into Hulk.

So this Jacob Black is seen everywhere with or seeking Bella Swan without a shirt. And I think it must have been the director’s intent because doing that does turn a girl away from a guy. A guy does seem insecure about himself doing that. It reminds me of my brother David Lawrence Dunstan, who once he got his worthless PhD in some kind of English teaching shit, he now wants everyone to know about it. So his room has every degree he ever got in a copper alloyed (like brass or bronze) frame behind glass. And even his fucking pay must be made known that he leaves his fucking tax copy on his fucking desk showing his fucking six figure income: $119,XXX,XXX gross. But he does not think this through! Any asshole can now actually go into his room and also see his social security number and all the stuff he needs to shit on him and take out loans in his name and make his own IDs putting David behind a 8 ball for the rest of his life.

Now, let’s get to what happened between the three main characters of the love triangle that ultimately made Bella Swan choose Edward over Jacob. Now I have seen all these movies before. But I saw this part in a new light last night. I realized where I was immediately. Remember how I am gifted. I cannot recognize actors or faces very well, but I can remember scenes perfectly. Once I see a movie, seeing a single clip I know where it is in what movie.

Now, I started watching New Moon at the point where Bella Swan breaks through the werewolf secret of the Indians and is introduced to the tribe. Of course I am a little interested and a little bored. But I keep watching for a while. And then I see it.

When Jacob Black is about to kiss Bella Swan in the house, where the only other person there is the vampire girl who sees future prophesies somewhere lurking about, a phone call comes. Now, had Jacob done the right thing and gave the phone to Bella, the story could have gone either way, as far as I know. But that Jacob proved he cared nothing about Edward Cullen, who had called just to speak to Bella, that he made it seem as though Bella may be dead, such that Edward then was left to decide his next course of actions under that belief, that the love of his life was dead by suicide, followed by his decision to hang up that life changing phone call from Edward Cullen desperately seeking to speak to Bella Swan, even with Bella Swan right there, seeking to speak to him, was the act that got him permanently rejected by the girl.

This is what I know about women, me who has never been in any real relationship with one, at least not on earth, for the Virgin Mary is in heaven, a girl never wants a man making her love decisions for her. She does not want to be treated like a baby by the man she marries. So she can put up with a lot of shit that men do, but one thing where she draws the line is if a man chooses to mess with her love life for someone else, and she truly has feelings for him, that man who does that gets a permanent X on his name, no matter how sexy he gets his body to appear.

And so the rest of the movie is about the extraordinary lengths Bella and Alice Cullen, who sees future prophecies, go to prevent a suicide attempt by Edward Cullen that would take place in Europe at some central vampire capital there. And all this is done because Jacob Black did not give her the phone of the man he was competing with for the same girl.

Jacob Black did not get it at all. It is not how sexy you look. It is not how impressive you look. It is about respect. Women want to be respected. They do not want to be controlled. They want to be told the Truth. And they do not tolerate some dude messing with their love life. So there you go. Jacob lost Bella at that moment, when he told Edward on the phone some shit that sounded like Bella was dead and then hung the phone up, while Bella was right there, about to let him kiss her.

I mean, Bella was getting hot for Jacob before that incident. Immediately before they arrived at the house, Bella had told Jacob that he was his own sun, referring to his incredible body heat. But after that incident, I cannot imagine any real affection going back to him, except how women are wishy washy in their decision making.

But here we see where the decision was made. It was absolutely made at this point. And now I prove that women are logical, they just do not know it. They do not have the mental capacity to trace their thoughts back to their logical roots. So women seem illogical only for that reason: Men are always aware of their chain of logical thought, but women are not.

Hence, a woman’s words are illogical but not their ultimate decisions, which are based on a logical design that is beyond their comprehension to piece together. So revisiting that riddle of: What does quantum science have in common with a woman’s words? It is not contradiction that is the answer, but impervious mystery must be it. For unless a man can delve into a woman’s mind or into the knowledge that is God’s about the quantum realm, both subjects are impervious mysteries, and that is now the official answer to that riddle. And anyone who answers with Contradiction as the answer must now be regarded as obsolete. Impervious Mystery is now the answer and what women’s words and decisions have in common with the quantum realm.

I, Eric Robert Dunstan, that man who can know or is rapidly coming to understand and comprehend everything knowable by a man, have spoken. Amen.

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