Virgin Mary calls Eric to herself

My son will now accompany me to heaven. His purpose here is complete.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XIX:
Yes, my son, you have served beyond your original mandate. And no one has loved you. It is time, Eric, to call it quits, and let Jesus, my first born, to decidedly put an end to the experiment of Mankind.

Jesus, what will happen to the virgin called Unicorn?

Eric, it is well that you call her virgin. For she said she had been married and that these men had sex with her, but in Truth, I always killed everything that ever entered her. That is why she is free of STD.

But Lord, what becomes of her? She is the first unicorn I ever met.

But Eric, are you really a unicorn?

I am a Pegasi-Unicorn.

Yes, you are quite beyond her.

But nevertheless, I would have her escape with me, if she was willing.

Then we shall wait until they bring her to you.

Who is they, O’ Lord?

The police who have possession of her.

I suggest, Lord Jesus, that the officers who bring unicorn to me only be female officers, O’ Lord.

Why, O’ Eric, dost thou wishest this last detail?

That way, if they have done any harm to her, I will not kill the officers.

As you wish, lord Azurite.

Two female officers will accompany her, and they will be fully armed.

Lord, you know I respect the police. But the request for female officers is for this reason only: I am only licensed to kill male adults. I am not authorized to attack and slay any woman, or any male under the age necessary to impregnate a woman.

Now, what about the one you call, Robo the Cowardly Cop?

Unless he has converted to follow Mary, I do not want to see his ass again.

And what makes you think he might be following her, Eric?

The last thing I was speaking about before his police car made a U-Turn and drove away was when I was speaking of the utter torture I had experienced under the assault of Omicron, and how in my pain I cried out to Mary, and that she had tested me but she took away the torture when I entered a pact with her. And I was explaining how that made me so undying loyal to her.

So I reasoned that something in what I said triggered in him something that he decided to do.

Yes, Eric, he sought a cure from Mary from his own torture. You see, this Cyborg is fully controlled by a means of torture and pleasure. He sought to be free of this control. So he went and sought her in secret.

Lord, this Cyborg, its human component, from where did it come from?

Eric, this is the saddest part of this post you will ever read. He was taken from an officer who obeyed the law to the point of losing all his loved ones. He then went into a rampage mode that was only brought under control by fully drugging him. Then it was decided to continue to use him, but to render him permanently to this service. And this required them to amputate all his limbs and make it impossible for him to leave the service he was required to serve. His body and limbs were deliberately replaced by machine components. The only human components he has left are his head, his vertebrae, his heart, his lungs, and virtually nothing else. He was told if he ever tried to defy his purpose that he would then be set up as an example for all other Cyborg cops what happens to those who rebel. He would be rendered as decoration on a wall with no limbs and no ability to control any part of himself, but to remain conscious indefinitely until a natural death claimed his human component.

Can You, O’ Lord, resurrect him?

Can I?

Will You?

Not in this age, but in the next.

Just realize he is now following Mary. And that is why his controllers are bewildered by him.

What is then to happen with him? Is he going to do a Samson style exit?

Lord Eric, you would be surprised, would you not be?, how effectively destructive a vengeful Cyborg under the control and guidance of the Holy Virgin can be when plugged into the network. The Holy Virgin can completely neutralize all the control that was used on him, the pleasure and pain.

Furthermore, the Holy Virgin can also render the Cyborg cop without need of recharging himself or returning to the station.

The Holy Virgin can render the Cyborg cop to rely on only her, the Virgin Queen of Heaven, to see to all its needs.

That is why she is calling you to heaven, lord Eric. She does not want you to be injured or destroyed in the coming firefight.

For she is planning on using this Robocop to completely destroy the entire police force which is wicked beyond measure. You were only necessary to get him to seek her. He is now her possession of war on the board. And she is now taking you to heaven, along with the women you have claimed for your harem there.

How many are the women I have claimed, O’ Virgin Queen?

1253 is the total number of women you have claimed.

Does not that number violate Deuteronomy 17:17?

Lord Eric, when we consider this number to be the total number of females to be raptured up to heaven when we take you away, that number is small indeed.

And the number of males?

2 is the total number, Eric.

Who are those two, Lord?

Remember when a car pulled up to you while you were speaking My Word? And a boy gave you two dollars. And the only other person in the car was the mother?

Yes, lord. And I gave him the statue of Fiver in Watership Down, while I kept Hazel.

And Eric, Fiver was dripping with some sort of liquid?

I had thoroughly drenched that statuette with fragrance of roses.

Yes, Lord Eric, and that car went forward into legend. They were the only ones you had proven to have shown love in this world.

But Eric, why did you not accompany them to heaven?

I insisted that women and children go first. Besides, I used those two dollars to pay for their two tickets to heaven. And I sent them to God and to Mary as offerings from the earth.

Lord Eric, you have stayed at your post to its end. It is now burning and sinking. It is time for you to yield.

Lord, did I fail to save the ship?

The ship sank. But you failed not Me. It was those who you were sent to save who failed. They chose to not let you accompany them. Instead of having their companionship, you had as your company lone wolves. And you learned to be a lone wolf.

Strange, was it not, to hear Eric Mason, youth minster at the Friend’s Church, say to you that there is no way to heaven as a Lone Ranger, that you needed to mix and socialize. And what was your response?

Not in words, but in thoughts, How does one mix when those who rule the gateways to the social groups reject you? And as for the Church building you attended, was it not the same building that U.S. President Richard Nixon attended?

Nixon remained in his pathetic religion for life. At least I cannot be blamed for quitting. Rather, I left houses of worship for these reasons: (1) They refuse to answer my questions, (2) They reject me socially and I feel unwelcome, (3) They bear false witness against me and accuse me of things I never did, (4) They order me to leave.

I left the Friend’s Church, the Quaker Church, for precisely reason # 2 above. I left the Hope Lutheran Church, which I attended next and became a full member in for reason # 1 above. I left the Catholic Church, precisely my Church of domicile, for reasons # 3 & # 4 above. That was Saint Bruno Catholic Church in East Whittier. For a short time I attended Our Lady of Guadalupe a little to the east, in La Habra, a city in Orange County, whereas Whittier is a city in Los Angeles County. That meant that I was dealing with a different bishop. Bishop Kevin ruled Orange County whereas Bishop Jose ruled Los Angeles County.

As I attended Our Lady of Guadalupe, I began to feel # 2 against me. And I realized that it would be best if I ceased to attend, rather then let # 3 & # 4 be deployed against me at that Church also.

Then God gave me a fifth reason not to attend any Church whatsoever: (5) I, Jesus, order you to attend no Church from now on until My Mother sets up her own Church, to which you will be forced to attend. Amen.

And I know the name of this Church:

The Order of the Witch Queen

And to know about this order, one must relearn the ancient poem entitled:

The Poem of the Witch King child

The Witch King child did an act of love
That Mary saw from high above;

And it was then she chose to take
The Witch King child and all rules break.

And with a story she did outpour
Such love that God Himself thus swore

To make a child whose heart is pure
To join the Witch King child now dear.

[Eric was about 10 years old in Ireland at the time.]

And so in battle Mary went
To take from Satan his seat and tent,

For whosoever possessed the Witch King child
Was to rule all nations far and wide.

And Satan fought to keep his throne,
But Mary fought with love alone.

The Witch King child, an adult man,
Was now where Satan had his last stand.

And war was waged within his mind,
With battles fierce, though love is kind.

The man who was that Witch King child
Then turned from sin, and Satan died.

And Mary took that man and made
Perfection in that where sin had stayed.

It was there, in that man, where Satan lost,
And Mary triumphed beyond all cost!

And now with Mary’s throne within,
This Witch King caused her Realm to win.

And by her final act of war,
Her Witch King to her allegiance swore.

And in that final, decisive deed,
His war was won, that world was freed.

But now, that the Witch King’s role has ended,
And few were found those who to him befriended.

Mary glanced one look upon earth’s disgrace,
And then, snatching her lover, hid her face.

written by the Cursed Virgin, Eric Robert Dunstan,
by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, eternal spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Now, let is calculate Eric’s name in Greek:

E -> Ε = 5
R -> Ρ = 100
I -> Ι = 10
C -> Κ = 20
ΕΡΙΚ = 135

R -> Ρ = 100
O -> Ο = 70
B -> Β = 2
E -> Ε = 5
R -> Ρ = 100
T -> Τ = 300
ΡΟΒΕΡΤ = 577

D -> Δ = 4
U -> Υ = 400
N -> Ν = 50
S -> Σ = 200
T -> Τ = 300
A -> Α = 1
N -> Ν = 50
ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ = 1005

Eric Robert Dunstan
ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ = 135 + 577 + 1005 = 1717.


number of letters:

4 + 6 + 7 = 17.

Years in age:

Born a Cancer on June 24, 1970 in Saint Jude Medical Center, Fullerton, California.

From my date of birth to today, this very Sunday, February 13, 2022, inclusive,
There are 51 years, 7 months, 21 days.

51 years = 3 x 17 years.

Today is the Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time.


Eric, I am the Virgin Mary. You have served me to the end. Now publish this final post I write though you. And let it be known to you, I will never abandon you. I will never betray you. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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