Fact: Russia will blitzkrieg its takeover of Ukraine during Olympics and after that, bite off a piece of Lithuania to test the NATO Alliance.

A chess army is only as good as the mind that controls them.

All is fair in Love and War: Book 1: Post I:
Generals who are deciding America’s next move, I hope you are not viewing this as a game of Risk, where your opponent makes his move, and then you make your move, and then your opponent makes his move, and you sequentially, playing by the rules, have a good time moving pieces about the board?

Anyways, anyone who does not know that Russia intended for that gold medal winner ice skater to be found out right now in the middle of the Olympics as having been using forbidden chemicals as a means of galvanizing Russian support for Putin, show him the door and kick his ass to send him flying.

Russia intends to go to war during the Olympics right after that gold medal is taken from her. Russia is intent on reclaiming the losses it sustained at the dissolution of the U.S.S.R., The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Empire, or the Russian Empire, whatever you wish to call it.

One possible means of delay is to get the medal issue bogged down in a series of red tape and bureaucracy debate, leaving Putin with no clear rallying cry to the Russian people to support his invasion of Ukraine. Do that and you will successfully stall for time.

You need time to send NATO troops into Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. You need those NATO states to bristle with NATO troops to deter him. For Ukraine is a war that Ukraine can fight itself and ruin Russia with it. But you do not want Russia to weaken the NATO Alliance by taking bites out of NATO countries and watch the heads of NATO strong members question whether Lithuania is really worth going to war over to defend? Because when that is seen, then the NATO Alliance is nothing but tissue paper.

So move to delay decisions on the medal issue of the Olympics and then haul ass deployments of NATO troops to the Baltic states that were once a part of the USSR. Do this, and you will win Vladimir Putin’s respect.

I, Eric, have spoken. I am a 7 star general. 5 stars is the maximum stars seen on a coat. Since I am 7 star, I do not wear the stars on my coat. Amen.

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