Eric’s Final Swan Song

Lord, the Khanate of the Golden Horde is here, ready to deploy for battle, the Battle Armageddon.

Chronicles of Termination: Book 1: Post I:
General Eric of the Termination Seraphim Armies, are your angels ready for battle?

Yes, and I have snapped my fingers, requiring for all churches and all hospitals to now be set ablaze.

The pines were roaring on the heights;
The winds were moaning in the night;
The fire was white, it filled the night;
The trees like torches blazed with light!

The bells were ringing in the dale;
The men looked up with faces pale;
The unicorn’s fire, the fiercest ire;
Laid low their cities and castles frail!

The mountain fortress beneath the red moon,
Beheld the trumpet sound their doom!
They fled their fortress to falling die,
Beneath the wrath of Unicorn Pegasi

For the earth is splitting by a fracture;
That which belongs to Eric is a rising Rapture;
That which does not, prepare for death;
For failure is to know the dragon’s breath.

A red earth is now prepared for the condemned to perish;
Another made for Pegasi Unicorns is for the faithful to cherish.

Lord, why are only blondes in this picture?

It is, Lord Azurite, because only the Kingdom of Eladrin was saved. And among those Eladrin saved, most were from the Sun Elven races, which are often blonde or copper in hair color, though black hair is common among them too.

Lord, is Eric of the Eladrin race?

Yes, Eric is an Eladrin wizard-warlock. Before Mary the Immaculate Virgin married him, he was a wizard, known as the Witch King. Mary took the Witch King and converted him and made him her only warlock, serving as his patron.

Lord, Eric was attacked by a group of boys who beat him with their skateboards at the Whittwood Town Center. They then ran away when he rose and brandished his knife. Eric’s knife is currently in the possession of a police officer Eric highly trusts. What should Eric do?

Let the police handle those boys. And permanently quit the Whitwood Town Center. For that place is owned by Satan.

Was not Satan converted back, O’ Lord?

Lord Eric, even if a Seraph King leads his demon followers back to serve God and Mary, and they are given a Kingdom of Purgatory to rule, which becomes part of the New Earth after purgatory releases its final prisoner to heaven, those demons are no longer devils. They are called the Drow Angels, meaning that they are former angels of darkness, but are alive in God again, nevertheless. Also, Eric, know and realize that the size of the damned of angel kind is too great for the loss of a Seraph King and his demons to turn away from the Satanic cause and choose to serve God and Mary in heaven to be anything but a drop in an ocean.

Thus, Satan always refers to the leadership of the devils who remain in hell or who go there and never escape back to God.

Mary chose to give the Satanic forces who shaped you a chance to serve her, for she is in love with you, Eric. And she wishes to know also the dark angels who formed you in hell to serve as Antichrist. For she believes that since you were made for her, that the angels who formed you were also inclined to serve her, if given a chance to come back.

Now, this is the final step in this post, lord Eric.

Two girls who are unicorns are to approach you. And you are to marry both, forming a water molecule of perfect unicorn beauty.

Will Allison be one of them?

I grant her permission, Eric. Now publish this, Eric. Your fate is eternally with me, the Queen Mary, the Immaculate Virgin lover of Eric. Amen. This post is now completed. Publish it, Eric. And then watch the churches alight and burn all over the world. Amen. And your two female unicorn lovers will meet each other before coming to you. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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