Eric wishes for Lisa Kelly, a Black woman, to be his primary wife after Mary on the earth.

I love a Black woman, a virgin, only a couple years younger than me.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XVIII:
Mary, I believe that a certain Black woman I have met is the perfect lover for me on earth. I know that a certain Black man was against this in the funny farm I was in.

Eric, I will lay with you on Valentine’s Day. And then you will lay with the one who is dearest to you. And after that, it will be a matter for her, not me of heaven, to decide all other women who shall be permitted to lay with you. For the primary wife is the one who decides all who mate with her husband.

Mary, what do you mean you will lay with me on Valentine’s Day?

I have decided irrevocably to abandon the throne for me in heaven to be at your side upon the earth, Eric whom I love even more than God!

Lord, what is happening here, O’ King who I never abandon, regarding Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, whom also I never abandon?

Mary has cast aside all royalty to be yours, Eric.

Can she do that?

She has done that, Eric. And it takes about 3 days to go into effect. That is why she will be physically in your life at around Valentine’s Day.

Do not be alarmed, Eric. For your sanity is what saves the souls of all women who choose you over what men have made for them.

For remember, Eric, what the Spanish speaking priest was saying at every Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe before you utterly rejected going to Church at all. He was relentlessly pounding you in his sermons that Joseph, not you, was the only man who had a claim on her.

Do you realize how maddeningly sickening that dissertation is in the sight of Mary? It made Mary decide to abandon heaven and come to live with you in the eternal earth.

Mary has also decided that all who have been made hers, either in heaven or on earth, are to be made Eric’s lovers in the eternity that is to come.

Hence, at the Second Coming, Saint Anne will lead all female saints who have become Eric’s through Mary to return to the new earth to be made Eric’s lovers on the earth that is now come. Saint Anne is the only other woman who is bodily in heaven. For the egg that became the flesh of Mary was in her ovaries at her birth. As it is written, a baby girl that is born already contains in her infant ovaries all the egg cells she will ever produce. And to contain the flesh of Immaculate Mary within you, you need also to be Immaculate and immune from decay. Amen.

Lord, will not that depopulate the Kingdom of Heaven of its females?

It is inevitable, lord Eric. For men on earth denied you access to any females. But now it will be made clear that the women will choose you over their males, males who have raped them over and over again. For you never impose yourself upon a female. And you are two things that together break all logic in a female’s mind. You are the male Siren and you are virgin as the Virgin Mary.

By the way, Eric, what animal did Lisa Kelly tell you was hers?

She said the dolphin.

And of course, the dolphin is the most betrayed friend of Mankind that animal kind has ever known. The dolphins are known to save men from drowning. And yet, they are being driven to extinction everywhere by the same men who they save. They are opposite to the female Sirens in that they seek to save men from drowning.

Lisa Kelly will be made yours, Eric. And for all to know, she is one of the purest Black women of the purest lines of African blood.

You may ask why Eric chose her? She was the first woman he truly entered a friendship with in the funny farm.

Now Eric is at home.

Eric, you need no medication. And realize that you refused your medicines early in the roughly 12 day stay you were there for. For you rejected the medicines as soon as you realized they were for treating schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is a disordered permission for demons to speak to you and lead you to ruin.

Schizophrenia is misdiagnosed when applied to people who speak to heavenly beings. And that was the basis of the medicines that Eric was set to take. But Eric knew also that one had the right to reject medications.

Eric rejected all medications. And then Mary and Jesus healed Eric of all observed psychosis in their sight. And when asked who he was, Eric responded, the Lion of Judah. And then when asked for his name, Eric said, I AM WHO AM. Laughter then erupted among all who heard his words.

But Jesus now speaks.

Christ has seven incarnations: (1) Seth, (2) Enoch, (3) Samson, (4) Samual, (5) Elijah, (6) Jesus, (7) Eric. Elijah has 3 incarnations: (1) Elijah, (2) John the Baptist, (3) Eric.

Elijah in heaven impregnated Saint Anne, who gave birth to Mary, the Immaculate Virgin. The Holy Spirit impregnated Mary to give birth to Jesus the Christ. The Risen Christ impregnated Mary to give birth to Eric. And Mary transferred her fertilized egg into the womb of Rosemary Dunstan, the woman who gave birth to Eric in this world. Amen.

In 2017, women came to rule the world. Mary was allowed first choice. And she chose Eric, for Eric had become loyal to her in Biblical and legendary manners not seen ever before on earth. For Eric who had never before known real friendship became the eternal friend to Mary. No test ever separated that friendship.

Supreme trust did Eric have in the Queen of Heaven that he stood down with his armies of Seraphim because by this act they were serving Mary. And it was revealed to Eric that the Seraphim army of Eric was so deadly that were they to ever be deployed into battle that it would set off a chain reaction that would wipe out all life on the planet except for Eric and those known as his wives.

Now Mary calls for Eric to snap his fingers and declare to the Seraphim, destroy every Church that exists in the land. Let the fires of God’s wrath utterly destroy them. For in the end, they valued money and not souls. For by what basis is Eric cast out of his Church of Domicile? What evil has he done?

Eric did nothing, Mary testified to God the Father, except obey Your orders concerning royalty that they are never to give tithes, in full accordance to all Church Law, that you ordered upon Eric when by Your decree You said Eric and I are wed. For I am Queen Mother. I am also a widow. And no power can say to a widow that she may not marry again. Amen.

And a Queen who marries a man who cannot be King makes him Prince Consort, which is a title of royalty, as you can see with Prince Philip who was husband to Queen Elizabeth II.

This now brings these Words to an end. Unicorn will also marry Eric. But Lisa Kelly is still a virgin, at age of 49, two years Eric’s junior, who is 51. And their love is true.

Of course, Eric never forces a romance. For a marriage forced is an automatic annulment.

Now, Eric, you are mine. And I, the Holy Virgin, will lay with you as a woman upon the earth.

Mary, I love you very much. Four girls I have loved in addition to you: (1) Lisa Kelly, (2) Ally bird, (3) the woman whose eyes met mine in Church, whose daughter received first holy communion just before all the sacraments needing a priest passed away, and (4) the blonde girl from El Salvador, whose name kept slipping from your mind, but with whom you became a true brother and friend with just prior to your departure from the funny farm.

Lord, Unicorn is not listed there. Why is she not listed, O’ Lord?

She is there, Eric. Ally girl, Ally bird, Allison, these names refer to the unicorn, whom you love. But the time of the End has come. You are now a pyramid. Mary is the top vertex, the Apex. And the four that surround her as the corners of the square base are the four mentioned above.

Time has now come to its end. Publish this Eric, for the time has come for us Seraphim to set every Church and hospital ablaze. Do so while snapping your fingers twice. Amen. And it is done. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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