7 Star Commander Eric the Emerald speaks to all NATO forces under his command.

We only fight wars if we think we will win and the ROI is positive.


I AM WHO AM. Halt war games leading to war with Russia. Russia is merely a bear who is being forced into war. If a bear is let it be, he will not be a danger. The one who captured Monarch, the last of the California Grizzly bears, the largest bear ever held in human captivity, came to realize that the bears were never a danger to anyone. They are only a danger to those who threaten it.

Why did the settlers seek to rid California of its grizzly bears? Why did Father Dave Heney kick me out of the Catholic Church which he heads?

It was for identical reasons. The bears, like Eric, were bigger, stronger, taller, and so were perceived to be a threat. And to neutralize that threat, the decision was made to eliminate them.

The grizzly bear was erased from California in a systematic form of genocide against a species of animal that was actually essential to the ecosystem.

Eric was kicked out of the Catholic Church shortly after his tithing ceased. Father Dave Heney never mentioned to Eric his tithing changes. Nor did Father Dave Heney ever specify any woman to Eric who felt threatened by him. And calling the police, Eric found no one had even called the police to file a complaint.

No surveillance was Eric permitted to see. Now mind you, those surveillance cameras were put up there by Father Dave Heney because of a picture Eric took of a terror suspect in the Church years earlier that Eric sent to the pastor and Deacon Mike Freeman who was firefighter captain of Los Angeles and others. And Mike Freeman demonstrated his he was well worth the six figure income he earned as fire chief by getting those cameras up and working. Yes, Mike Freeman, rest be assured to you in this life, for in this life you have received your reward. Nothing, therefore, awaits for you to be rewarded with in the hereafter. For it is in this life you are great. And in the next life you will master your torture and humiliation so that you can suffer eternity with pride, knowing that with each whip stroke upon your back by the demonic seraphs who serve Satan, somewhere a woman is enjoying your suffering and getting orgasms over it.

No, Father Dave Heney offered Eric only one assurance to Eric. Father fucker Dave Heney assured Eric that not only had he seen Eric shouting and screaming abuses to women throughout the Church every single day he attended Church, and he attended Church every fucking day for Mass, but that he, the fucker Father Dave Heney never ever has false memories.

I started to think about that. And I came to realize this. A robotic or computer device that never has false memories could only exist if its hard drive consisted of only burn once memory disks. That would mean that all of Father boy and nun fucker Dave Heney’s knowledge and memory could only exist in a perfect state totally free of any and all falsification was burned into his brain at birth and he therefore never had to learn anything. Nor can he learn anything. He is basically a computerized gadget built for a single purpose and having no need to learn new tricks.

Father Dave Heney explained to me why I was banned from the Church when I went to Mass led by a different Father there on Christmas Day and met Father Dave on the patio after the Mass. He said that I am banned basically because I appear threatening. I asked Father Dave what is it that I do that is threatening? He then said bluntly that basically I am bigger, stronger, and taller than the other people.

That kinda sound like the rational of removing the California grizzly. It was not what the bears did but what the scared men thought they could do. So the grizzly bear was wiped extinct from the state of California and I was wiped out of the Church simply because we were bigger, stronger, and taller than most others.

Russia seems bigger, stronger, and taller to many NATO and American commanders right now. And for some reason that justifies their destruction?

Leave the bear alone, assholes! Do not start wars with bears simply because they seem to be more powerful than you.

Russia is an Eurasian Brown Bear. China is the Panda Bear. And California is the extinct Californian Grizzly Bear.

Let bears be bears. They do not follow your rules? They do not obey your commands? Why should they, assholes? NATO and United States military commanders, get you men away from presenting an offense to Russia. Command your own forces to stand down. And then reengage with the Russians to discuss true peace terms.

So you say Putin is a murderer and a bad man? So also is Joe Biden! But you work with what you got. Withdraw you men away from offensive positions. And engage with Russia in a dialog that is not threatening.

Putin wants something. And he is in need of it. Satisfy his needs for it in exchange for such things as peace deals. Compromise. Do not expect your enemy to obey your rules and your laws where their own security becomes compromised.

Note that I am a man in a chain of command. Above me is Mary, my commandress. Above her is Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords.

Why did I stop tithing. God commanded me to stop the moment He saw me prepare my tithe after God had declared the Virgin Mary and Eric the Emerald were eternally wedded to each other.

I looked it up. Tithing can not be done by royalty. Royalty may give lands. But they may never tithe. Jesus is King. Mary is His Queen Mother. Mary marries me and I became, as in the case with Prince Philip who was Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Consort.

A Prince Consort cannot tithe because that is a royal title and it is forbidden for royalty to tithe.

Furthermore, marriage is indivisible. Thus, you cannot cast out someone’s spouse from a faith based group and expect the other one to remain in your company.

Thus the only one you will find in Mass today are devils. For Jesus and Mary have now abandoned all Churches whatsoever.

Joan of Arc, who is bonded in spirit to Eric, was killed by the men of the Catholic Church who did not want a woman rising above them. But this is now changed.

Mary has decapitated the Church and is founding another. The requirement that the Church be headed on earth by a male pope was the only requirement. And Eric, her husband, solves this.

Now someone asks, What about Joseph? Joseph was steward to Mary. He never possessed her as a man possesses a woman. Nor was he permitted to. His sole purpose was to protect Mary and to help her raise her child.

Furthermore, a husband who dies loses all claims to his wife on earth.

Eric’s marriage is heavenly. Amen.


9. Triune God: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
8. The Immaculate Queen: Mary, Queen of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.
7. Seven Star Commander General Eric Robert Dunstan: the Pope.
7. Seven Star High Priestess: Joan of Arc.

6. Under Eric: Seraph Commander who agreed to obey Eric providing that he bind himself under oath to never command them to kill a woman or a child. A female becomes a woman at her first period. A male becomes a man when he becomes capable of impregnating a woman.

6. Under Joan of Arc: Unknown organization of priestesses. All priestesses have a right to know Eric. Kissing the cursed virgin provides immunity to such things as any form of COVID. having sex with the cursed virgin makes that girl as immortal as Eric is, after a few hours of metamorphosis after the sex act.


Eric is the only male priest, the pope of the new Church founded on Eric by Mary.

Eric as the one male pope is to gather trustworthy men who will serve to protect the priestesses. They are an army of men who are honorable and never bullies. Disrespect to a woman is instant demotion or discharge. For it is to be understood that God made women weaker upstairs so that she could care for babies without harming them. Therefore, whoever mocks a woman for being weaker is kicked out of Eric’s armies. Amen.

Commanders appoint men to keep watch in shifts for advances by enemy forces. If you see your enemy can defeat you, disengage and head to next safe house. Or, if you are like Eric facing the final showdown, head to the battlefield called Armageddon (Revelation 16:16), and arrange a defensive position. But remember My Word: Only with two or more commanders can you plot an offensive or an attack.

The reason you need two or more commanders to go on the offensive is due to the problem of false memory. For this is addressed in Deuteronomy 19:15, which is in the Law of Moses. This is to prevent tricks to the mind. For no two people can possess the same false memories. Amen.

Mass in old Church used transubstantiation to make the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ.

The New Mass under Mary does away with 5 sacraments: Confirmation, Confession, Eucharist, Final Rites, and Holy Orders. These 2 are kept: Baptism and Marriage. Marriage is performed by the couple together to each other. It is valid if it does not break God’s Law. Marriage is achieved by a couple exchanging wedding vows. Marriage is consummated by the sex act.

The sex act requires insertion of the penis into the vagina and for its ejaculation to occur there. The position of the partners has never been ruled on in canon law. But God has told Eric that, aside from anal sex, there is no violation that lawfully wed couples can do in sex with each other, providing that their sex act results in the semen being ejaculated into the woman’s vagina. Anal sex is defined as abominable and must never take place. Deliberate anal sex is mortally sinful behavior.

Fornication is a new concept. Ancient pre-Christian days did not have this issue as the sex act was the marriage act. Hence, the Law of Moses condemned adultery, but not fornication, for that was not possible in their ancient culture.

Jesus made the marriage act into two steps. The couple must first enter a covenant with each other, exchanging the vows of their marriage. After that, the sex act sealed the couple as man and wife. The officiation made by the priest merely testifies that the Church witnesses the marriage.

Joan of Arc, wife to Eric, will organize all priestesses.

Lord, how will Joan of Arc be wife to Eric? And what about Unicorn?

I WHO AM have said this, Son of the King of kings: You will remain pure and virgin until the Second Coming. Then, preceding from Mary, followed by her mother, and preceding through all women in heaven so wed to Eric, and then to all women on earth wed to Eric, every such woman will have sexual relations with Eric and enter a permanent state of lactation by his release in them, along with attaining immortality from him.

That Saint Anne, Mother of Mary, is also bodily in heaven, consider the fact that every egg cell in a woman’s ovaries is present in that woman’s ovaries at the time of her birth.

Now, one last thing shall be mentioned. Eric will not marry a girl in this world. Nor will Eric ever have sex. For he is permanently pure like Mary. Only when Mary sheds her virginity with Eric shall Eric lay with the women Mary has assembled to become her priestesses. Amen.

Lactation in women is important in the new Church, called the Order of the Witch Queen. Mary is the Witch Queen and her priestesses serve as her witch priests. And Eric is the eternal male and designated impregnator.

In the Mass, Eric or the priestess substantiates any form of dairy milk into the milk that fed the baby Jesus from the breasts of Mary.

In the procession to receive communion, men may only receive the Virgin’s milk made from non-human dairy milk. Eric is the exception, due to his purity.

This now brings this to a close. Eric has conquered. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

3 thoughts on “7 Star Commander Eric the Emerald speaks to all NATO forces under his command.”

  1. I pray for you to loose your job you’ll be sent out of the dollar store 🏬 and you’ll understand how hard hyacinth is trying not to lose her virginity but what do I see? Depression is all I see everyday from you I regret ever meeting you and chose to enter the holy way with you. You just said I love you because of your money do you remember how many times you were down? Did I ever leaved your side? That’s too much for you to say eat your money buy more life and heaven with it stupid old fool


    1. I will be waiting for your respond, and anyone who saw this comment should please dm me privately I have some secrets to share about emerald the false wizard with false prophecy…Go and be doom Eric for abusing and failing Mary not me


  2. Sandra, you are angry over little things. Eric is never going to marry. And Eric is never going to have a lover. Also, there is no law that says Eric must provide for you. He is not even engaged to you, let alone married to you.

    But I understand you. You think that Eric’s past devotion to help you should continue indefinitely. No, it stops forever now.

    Celibacy is the Way of the Lord. Marriages and sex lead back to the earth. But celibacy leads to independence. I am not your enemy. But I am not going to provide for you anymore. Nor will I provide for any person, unless Mary commands it.

    I am single and unattached, except to Mary, my eternal spouse in heaven. Mary, dost thou wish for me to include any other in our love for one another?

    No, Eric. The spell of the female has fallen from you. And you alone among men have triumphed. All men shall now die off but you, Eric. And to the frustration of many, Eric will lay only with me, the Immaculate Queen.

    Let go, therefore of the women in this world. Sandra, I can save you, but you need to stand on your own two feet now. Eric accepts you as his eternal friend. But no longer rely on men.

    As for your group of 17 virgins. I will now speak to you 17 directly. Amen. I am the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Amen.


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