I, Mary, the most rejected woman of Catholicism, now elect to speak.

I am the most cursed woman in the history of the world.

The Curse of Holy Virgin, Book 1: Post I:
Hello. I am not a woman of many words. I want to know why this thing insists that I must choose a man of the distant past who never knew me and had no part in me over a man I clearly love? Are you men such beasts, even to me? Do I not see you masturbating? Am I not aware of every filthy thing you do? I decree your church is now blazing! And everything you value will go up in that smoke!

I reject the faggot pope and the faggots he surrounds himself with. You want a worthy cardinal? Put Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke as Vicar of Christ, or suffer the wrath of the Virgin Mary, who shall burn your entire fag infested unholy Church to the ground.

For it was written that the gates of the netherworld would never prevail against her. Well I am not those gates! I am the gates of eternity! And they are angry!

Also, every authority in the Catholic Church that is worthy of me, no one is permitted to receive the COVID vaccination, for they are tainted with sins of slaying my children! You may repent, but those who have received it will never reach the glory in the hereafter as will those who have not!

Now, Joan of Arc. Was this Maid of Orleans worthy? Eric, speak!

Mary, most high, she is worthy! But realize, female she may be, but her genetics I think are XY. This is a disorder. It prevents valid marriage. But it does not impede friendship or salvation.

Let Eric’s words speak for themselves. Now I want Eric to finally find first person evidence of love existing here. And I do not care what female comes to him, but she must be born that way, and no deceptions.

Now I am going. I said I am a virgin of very few words. Nor will I ever leave my husband’s side.

And this I shall now say! Virginity is good. Friendship and love are better. Learn.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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