Rap Battle: Eric the Jester vs Nymphia, Temptress at Stater Brothers

A conflict between a Nymph and the Male Siren.

Reign of the Mocking King, Book 1: Post II:
It’s now time to go to the store in my fucking Millennium Falcon,
Where the women are frigid and freezing cold, but with eyes saying I AM welcome.

Take your places, my people, for He’s coming through the door!
And we must try again to take Him down, for we’ve entered total war!

They may appear to be blazing hot, but it’s totally a deception.
For their goal is trip Me by temptation before it can lead to a conception.

Their goal is really simple: You merely tap them from behind,
And then they got you life in prison, and you never get to taste that wine.

All you boys must now be fully aware that you’re free to masturbate,
But always remember it’s a criminal offense to approach girl for any date.

But if you ever won a girl, what would you really win?
For if you tried to fuck her, they’d throw you in the bin.

What was once called legal marriage has now become a trap.
And the only thing left for certain is that this relationship is gonna snap.

For once you take away all safety in the sex act,
Neither can exist marriage, and trust becomes a death trap.

For what party would ever enter a covenant or contract providing no protection?
For to rule that a wife may accuse her husband of rape is a marriage desecration.

We all like to say a woman possesses her own body,
But how can she vow herself to a man when in her eyes it’s just a hobby?

Diamonds are forever, so why should diamond rings
Be graced upon women whose marriages to them are only merely flings?

If you want to enter marriage, no longer can it be,
For the laws that once enshrined it are now lost to history.

For what is now called marriage is now no different than a brothel,
Where brides may still be found in white, but with sperm swimming in their follicles.

So now when I see that maiden whose sight had pierced my heart,
I now realize my danger and must never play that part.

Why do you avoid me? Do not you see my desire?
Do you not see that in my eyes there is a burning fire?

So Nymphia, you’re speaking now, where before you’d only flirt?
Have your bosses changed their strategy to find something that will work?

I don’t know what you’re saying but why don’t we now go out?
I haven’t found a fuck for days and need some sexual time out.

Golly gee, I surely read, somewhere in the legal definitions,
that for you to say these things to Me is to enter in transgressions.

Never worry for females, fool, for all laws are made for women.
Men like you we tempt to fuck to get you from here forbidden!

Tell me girl, why do you hate? Or is there no emotion?
Are you a girl that has no heart? With a soul barren as an ocean?

I love my men, I treat them well, but you I am not hating.
Rather, you are merely a man I hunt and kill to add glorify to my exploitations.

Tell me mistress of the dark,
These men you permitted to claim your heart,
What was it in them that they had
By which you chose them and made them glad?

They have fine clothes and the choicest wines.
I live as a queen and am called divine.
But you are a loser and a pathetic disgrace.
And it is now nearing time for you to be cast from this place.

I understand your right to elect to love another,
But why are My issues something you continue to seek to bother?
Am I to you as ranchers viewed the Grizzly,
That he needs to go extinct so that your children may walk freely?

As Father Dave Heney said, You are a dire threat.
And our goal is to kill You before Your offspring You beget.
For whatever You may be You’re not one of ours.
Rather, I think You’re an alien invading from Mars.

Little Miss Tuffet, are You not aware
That God sends prophets that are beyond compare?
But because You have cursed me, so also accursed is this store.
And all children on earth will get COVID and fall.

COVID is deadly, contagious, and will wipe out a generation.
So what folly it must now be seen in Biden who make vaccines work only for him and his of the older populations?

So there you will have it! America, enjoy!
COVID will indeed finally come to a joyous end, but without a living girl or boy!
But with all their breeding females slain and utterly wiped out,
Scientists will still somehow find a way to keep their impending doom at rout.

They will begin breeding bonobos, the pygmy chimpanzees,
And train them to provide men with sex, so men may have pleasures as they please.

And men will like these lovers, these beasts who have no rights,
Whom they will often bind and beat when the females put up fights.

And after careful generations from highly disciplined research
they will finally have a chimp men can fuck and bring their baby beast to birth.

And then we shall behold these real old men pumping their dicks in ape vaginas,
while popping champaign corks, performing skits, and fucking many minors.

And just a few generations after that, all of them that you will find
will be a kind of roaming pygmy chimp that loves sex and drinking wine.

But the most curious aspect one might find while observing these very ugly apes
Is that from time to time you’ll see a phallus that looks so human in size and shape.

But a small tribe of true humanity has now been seen arising.
And the Adam and Eve they call their roots are KING Emerald and QUEEN Hyacinth.


Now, below is a good kind of Rap Battle on YouTube:

A Prime Example of Excellence in a Rap Battle.

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