The Bears are Back!

Bears are expert at fucking up big time!

Reign of the Mocking King, Book 1: Post I:
Okay boys, Mark has visited me today, and is still here. But I am a man of honor. And I do not dishonor anyone who comes to honorably and defeats in a fair battle. So of course we did three contests to test physical abilities. Now, I hate suspense. And those shitheads who say they are going reveal some serious shit, but only after they fucking waste your time with an add makes angry enough to cut their power so that they time is wasted as payback. Mark beat me in three contests. There was no cheating. And everything was done honorably. And made it clear to Mark that whatever he hears coming from my mouth, no matter how insulting or threatening it is always nothing but a test. I never carry it out. I never sue. I only talk. Also I made it clear that I recognize the importance that when people do this that they do it only to their own gender. For when you cross genders you enter a deadly zone and you will destroyed.

Let us briefly enter a thought experiment. Imagine you are a guy and for some reason some woman cut your ego in half and you are pissed at women in general. This is not me. But maybe could have been me years ago when women could get under my skin. I think the real reason no woman ever got under skin was simply because I was never able to obtain a suitable mate. And if you ask why, let us just terminate that line of thought by simply stating I am loser, and now let us get back to the point of this thought experiment. So this dude is seeking for a woman to get his revenge at. So he reasons, why don’t I just humiliate a woman where there is no one who can witness it? And so he sees a woman and he goes just pushes his finger into her private parts, you pick which one, for it really does not matter at that point. And then he goes on his way, thinking, That will teach her who is boss.

Now I have done some research. That woman knows she has been dishonored. She is going to talk. And do not think you can escape. God Himself is enemy to that man. But let us just limit it to the early stages, where the woman is going through some feelings of betrayal and rage and being made to feel like shit. Who ever finds out what did to her will destroy you. It is an army you cannot defeat. The penalty against that crime is worse than if you killed a cop.

I did all I could without violating Gilbert Warner’s rights to his own liberty of choice to help him. But I was aware at the point where Gilbert had crossed the line. Now men, unless a victim calls for help, or is clearly in danger, never approach a woman to help her. If you are in any doubt, shout Are you OK? or Do you need assistance? If she wants help, help her. If not let her be. Remember also, don’t be dick. Do not base you decision on helping a woman on whether you like her or not.

Now I saw when Gilbert had crossed the line. I saw two women on two separate occasions clearly upset about Gilbert kissing them. But Gilbert is not a rapist. He is merely a fool. But I knew he was doomed. Just do not get involved at that point. Here is what I saw. There was a good looking Hispanic girl and I saw her getting visibly irritated by Gilbert kissing her. We were in a crowded Church place. She was a stranger to me. If she was in danger there was no shortage of men there to come to her aid. I was simply in a way just chatting there with Gilbert and was listening to this girl speak to me about this kissing that she was uncomfortable with. And I was doing only very light chatting and merely observing a slow motion train wreck. I was willing to listen and maybe provide some help, if asked for. But then Gilbert began speaking to me about how beautiful the girl was, who was right in from of us, hearing every word. I just turned around and left. I was willing to listen and to help as I could, but I cannot be a party to sexual harassment. Once Gilbert began harassing girls, I left him.

Now, here is the greatest disincentive to entering marriage that is imaginally possible. And it is law in California, the very state I live in. A man is not protected from accusation of rape even when fucking his own lawful wife. And here is the kicker. The woman can accuse her own husband raping her by merely having sex while feeling threatened and without even saying No.

Now understand this clearly. Father Dickhead Dave Heney says I am threatening merely by being bigger, stronger, and taller than another. So, unless you have a die wish, why enter marriage is you a man? Now about being bigger, stronger, and taller, if I ever met woman bigger, stronger, and taller than me, that is by definition, utterly unfuckable. And a man who is not bigger, strong, and taller than his woman, is likely unfit to enter a relationship with a woman. Hey do you what would be utterly pleasing to me to watch? I would fucking enjoy seeing dickhead Dave Heney getting his fucking ass kicked. And about Saint Bruno Catholic Church, because that Church was where I was domiciled, I would fucking enjoy watching that Church burn. In fact, I would be thrilled to see Churches being set on fire everywhere. And I don’t care which Church or which denomination. I just think it would be wonderful experience seeing a Church blazing. And what would be totally funny would be to observe the firefighters unable to put out any fire from on.

I mean the sight of thugs brazenly smashing windows and robbing is fucking funny. And to see these couples call the cops that are mugging people everywhere to find out that the cops can do nothing about it is hilarious as hell. I of course would come to the rescue someone being mugged. But I guess muggers never mug anyone in my sight. And least of all, they never approach me.

Anyways, Mark beat me in armwrestling first. And then we played the game where push hand against hand and whoever loses balance loses. And I fucking lost balance all by myself. Last test Mark chose. Rigid body suspended on tip toes and on elbows and forearms. I endured until collapsed, sweating like a ho g. Now Mark beat me in tests 3-0. I honor Mark because listens, he gives basic respect. And he is fair and square. Honorable men I do not destroy. So I have decided to give Mark a break.

But as for Dick Sucking Dave Heney, he is a target for mockery. Oh, and if anyone wishes to challenge me to fight, I am willing.

Go, Eric. Give the card you promised to your girlfriend. Go now while no one is watching.

Lord am on my way. And I just hope that the one you are ordering me to help truly is worthy of it.

Eric, would I ever order you serve someone unworthy of your service?

No, Lord, You are honorable. But that girl I might there, I am a little tired of being tested by all these assholes constantly seeking my destruction. But I know better to not say anything. Any advice about her I would love hear from You.

Eric, simply use the extinction method. Now go as I command you. Amen.

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