I, Jesus Christ, do hereby divorce Myself from the Catholic Church

I WHO AM deliver My Dismissal of you from My Presence.

The Second Coming is now Here. Book 1: Post VII:
So, after Mass on Christmas Day, I was out talking to faggot and pedophile priest, Father Dave Heney of Saint Bruno Catholic Church. And we were talking about the now roughly 17K+ gross he rakes in each week from the faithful whom he bullies and forces into giving to him. And I noticed how much that reduces his income. And I asked about that. And he said it is not really a concern all. When you need to cut expenses, the biggest waste, according to Father Dave Heney is the wages that he pays out to the lower income workers at his Church. For according to Father Dave Heney, you just have to tell them to tighten their belts for the greater good. And so Father Dave Heney did do drastic cuts on almost everybody’s wages. And seeing all the money he had saved in those efforts for Saint Bruno Catholic Church, Father Dave Heney just could not let that excess money go to waste. And so he gave himself the excess and managed to, by that cleverness, give to himself a justifiable raise, justified in a universe where Father Dave is at dead center. And you know that the center of the universe are where you find the most massive black holes that are mathematically possible. And then, in a moment of generosity, he donated part of his excess to a fund devoted to the protection of pedophile priests and to serve for the purpose of paying all lawyer fees for protecting pedophile priests from the just scrutiny of the law, and to permit bribing and coercing witnesses to not testify against them, and also to pay people to slander and defame other people’s names.

Now of course, Father Dave is just a faggot. And he only wants men who look the other way or who are criminals like himself in his Church. So, he could not give a shit when Mary departed from his Church after he kicked out the one she loves most of all who once worshipped there. For Mary refuses to remain present in any group, community, gathering, or church where Eric, whom she loves, is not permitted to be there.

And Jesus also departs all places where Eric, His Son, is unwelcome. And all those who reject Eric from their company will find that they are utterly rejected by Jesus if they ever try to approach Him in prayer. Jesus will not only turn those who reject Eric away from Him, but He will beat them and destroy them if they refuse to depart from Him. Whosoever disrespects Eric, Jesus will absolutely refuse to give any respect from heaven for that offender.

Now it is now understood the reason behind the flirting girls found frequently in all stores that Eric goes to obtain the things he needs. This is the fact of law:

Can a customer ask an employee out? It was determined to be sexual harassment. It is highly inappropriate for an employee to make advances on customers and for customers to ask out employees on the job.

That is the reason, boys. So by merely not speaking to any girl staff member he sees there except for business purposes only, he is basically safe from the threat of expulsion from a store by the usage of a girl to expel him. And also that includes any act of deliberate flirting. So as long as one is free of such things, one is in the clear.

Now, let us consider all the flirtatious girls we are now seeing everywhere. Now, it is vitally important for men not to think that these women flirting with them actually like them in any way. You might find a woman that likes you. But it is dangerous now to approach any girl whom you are not 100% certain she wants that approach. And flirtation does not legally indicate this. Gilbert Warner’s defense that the perceived mixed signals in a woman could defend him in court are fundamentally mistaken. Basically, unless you are definitely already friends with a woman or you are introduced to a woman through an established network of friends with whom there is trust, there is utter danger for you to approach any woman.

Now, consider the so called James Bond person who is popular with women. As long as this person truly is popular with the women he is with, he is safe to do that behavior in the eyes of modern society and modern law. But even then, a woman who turns against him can bring utter ruin to him. Hence the James Bond lifestyle is nothing more than a toy women play with and discard when their interests in them wane.

Now, men, do not feel guilt in any hurt you think you may cause in any woman who you do not know personally by ignoring their advances. Consider the hurt they actually feel to be rather more like the bruised ego in a failed attempt to kill a hunted deer.

Romantic love simply does not exist between strangers. Only lust exists. For it is impossible for two who do not know each other to love each other in the romantic sense. For romantic love is only possible where there is trust. And between strangers it is by definition impossible for trust to exist there. Strangers can become friends. But most strangers that meet are never going to be friends.

Hence to have sex with a stranger is suicidal, no matter how you look at it. You will even be severely penalized by merely permitted it, whether you are the man or the woman. Never permit a stranger to have sex with you. Sex outside of wedlock is only permissible in the sight of God where the relationship is completely established and there is no impediment between the couple to completely and freely know all that they wish of the other and the decision to marry has been mutually and unmistakably granted by each of the couple to each other.

Where this is lacking in anyway, the closest a male can really be to any female is as defined in the relationship between Thanos and Gamora. Thanos calls Gamora his daughter simply because he is unable to trust her sufficiently to enter a marriage with her. Hyacinth is to Eric as Gamora is to Thanos. In one of the movies, where Gamora has to die, it then becomes clear the love Thanos had for her. For a man who cannot trust a woman for marriage can nevertheless love that woman. For observe how wickedly Thanos treated other women but could not bear to do harm to Gamora. Thanos had Gamora for this fundamental reason. He needed love. That he could not enjoy her flesh was accepted. For a man does not need sex to live, but only love.

Notice also this. Remember when Thanos was so easily slain? That scene occurred where Gamora was no longer alive. For without Gamora, Thanos had lost the will to live. Now Hyacinth is a peculiar relationship to Eric in this fundamental fact necessary to understand why they never break apart. Mary, who is Eric’s true love, commands Eric to help Hyacinth and to remain with her. Eric in his torturous ordeal with multiple Omicron infections completely gave his life and all marital decisions in it to Mary in exchange that she merely help him, which she completely did. Hence Eric, who infinitely honors and obeys Mary as a consequence, is completely subject to Mary in any and all decisions of marriage.

And this is fundamental for any woman who may try to win Eric’s heart, either for malicious purposes or out of feelings of love for him, to understand what she is approaching. All women who approach Eric to flirt only are categorically rejected, for that is obviously a trap. Now, for a woman to be noticed she has to speak. And for Eric to actually consider this as a possibility for genuine friendship, those words must be words of friendship. And they cannot be merely a greeting. For a greeting is to be responded by merely another greeting and nothing more.

Now if Eric notices the same girl flirting with him more than once, to remove doubt, he will not approach her, but ask Mary about her. And heaven clearly answers that question rapidly. Now Tess, daughter of Tim, was just such a woman. Eric rejected all her clearly made advances because God told him to reject them. As for Anna, daughter of Tim, because she did not reciprocate Eric’s advances on her, which he did only by Mary’s command to him, Eric has zero justification to make any attempt to find her. For to seek a girl who has rejected you is called stalking.

Now if you are in a way friends with a woman, but she is married, you transgress mortally to pursue that woman. For marriage is never violable. And those who violate a marriage commit a capital offense in the sight of God.

Now this is all I will say for now. For I must rest now. And then I must get up and complete the necessary work I must do for my old boss. For I am working again for him at a finally acceptable wage. So if I were to get full time work now in this position, I would be back near what I was paid when I first entered professionally the IT industry.

I WHO AM have spoken. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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