The Nation’s Chief Law Enforcer Takes Over from Biden.

This is my new Vehicle, folks. I have Christened it, The Pastor Destroyer.

The Second Coming is now Here. Book 1: Post V:
Lazurite: Fucking Joe Biden, I have a question for you. But I demand you to listen and stop studying your ejaculations as if it holds the keys to finding a cure to Omicron.

Lucifer’s Pawn: And I suppose you know the cure to Omicron. For you must know that, for somehow you got past my security to get into a place where you could put a bullet in my head.

Lazurite: Of course I do. I know everything. I also know that putting a bullet through your head would not serve any real purpose. For to defeat the Antichrist you need something more than a mere police gun which fires a 9mm bullet to put you down.

Lucifer’s Pawn: Intriguing, son of a bitch. But I was unaware that the bullet that fires from a police gun was anything more to you than just a bullet. You dip shit soldier boy, you now impress me like fuck to find out you now know the size of that fucking bullet. Tell me, did you find that knowledge by googling it?

Lazurite: Well Lucifer boy, you know if I had googled anything like that I would put my entire career into legal jeopardy. No, bewildered boy, I do not walk into your fucking bear traps. If you want to acquire knowledge, you do not leave a digital trail of google requests that appear like you are planning a revolt or are developing a bomb. I know America is unaware of this, but these dip shits who do these things are so frequently captured and put into prison, with the realization that what they are catching are so utterly pathetic assholes who could not rob a bank if the the vault containing the cash had been blown out of the fucking building and all that cash was falling from the sky, that the CIA has given these utter assholes the blanket code name, Abbott and Costello’s.

Lucifer’s Pawn: But I bet you do not know the CIA’s codename for you. But I wish to tell it to you and rub it into your fucking proud ego. For I do not wish to send you to the grave before you know how much you are dishonored before all Mankind. You, boy wonder, are called by the CIA, the codename: Virgin Reject. How does that feel wonder boy? Do I hit a nerve? Tell me, for my dick is suddenly getting hard. And I just can’t wait to hear a mother fucker virgin loser with women say something about that?

Lazurite: Two things you say that clearly indicate that we are in completely different worlds. It seems that you have taken the concept that women and men are opposite in genders so far that you now conclude that what is a compliment to one gender has an exact opposite effect to the opposite gender. Joe Biden, he who pays for the porn he views, you are never going to put me to shame by calling me a virgin or by noting me as a loser with women. I am utterly proud that I am a virgin. And what women think of me in this world is of utter no consequence to me.

Lazurite: Biden boy, I feel I must help you out. I will now tell you exactly what you must do to put me to shame. Do this and you will make me feel very small and very low. Take my Emerald Trove and all the works I have written, utterly destroy them and burn them with fire, and then replace that entire work with a new version of that work where every mention of me is replaced by a mention of you. Got it, asshole? That is what you are going to have to do to get me so angry that I turn into Hulk and go outside flipping over cars and hurling them to attack helicopters taking them down from sky. And that is not Rambo-Terminator mode. No, we are talking nuclear war mode, where Hulk breaks into the White House and takes from you the nuclear football and then goes off to play war games on some hill where he can watch the warheads he launches hit his targets.

Lucifer’s Pawn: That is fucked up funny dumbshit. Do you think that America’s warheads can actually be retargeted to strike places in America?

Lazurite: I suppose that means that Terminator 2: Judgement Day was simply just beneath your pay grade to be worthy of you spending your time watching? Rather I can see that you were actually watching instead a movie such as a seminar entitled: Battle Plan for Denying Trump the Presidency and in Making that Motherfucker Appear to be Guilty as Fuck of the same crimes We will have covertly done against him. That is of course after attending the top secret briefing called: How to Psychologically Destroy Eric Robert Dunstan, for it is an absolute fact that everyone has an Achilles Heel. And it is only a matter of time before we uncover his weakness and nail that motherfucker to the ground. So, to prevent a total sell out of that movie on I will now do your work for you. In that movie, the Terminator T-800 is in a conversation with Sarah and John, a mother – son dynamo that tries to come as Biblically close to the Mary and Jesus mother – son dynamo by using Biblical names without getting too obvious. And the dip shit John Conner asks why Skynet launches the nuclear weapons against Russia, saying, “Aren’t they our friends now?” But you dip shits who made that movie, you did one error that rendered what should have been a classic into what could not become a classic. You made a reprobate a hero that must be saved at all costs. Dip shits, a thief who is stealing people’s money using credit cards that he steals is someone you do not want to have as your leader. In fact, when Sarah found out that her son was just a sick low life thief and bank robber that could in no way be made into a leader worth anything, she should have said to the T-1000, yes, take my son and kill him. I will just find another asshole to screw me and then I will give birth to a better John. For women were endowed with the ability to have more than one son for the reason that it is too much of a gamble to put all your investments into just one boy. For such was the reason why NASA chose two companies: Boeing and SpaceX, to build competing spacecraft for reaching the ISS. And that is why Princess Diana was used as the breeding mare to produce two geldings, not just one, in case one of them were to fail. And in the sight of the Royal Family, one of them did fail, the younger of the two. Now I am not into the politics of that family. And in my sight I like both of those geldings and the fillies they are married to. And so, both royal couples are very welcome if they ever wish to visit my house. I do not have any preference of one over the other. Their petty battles are simply the contests we all see when geldings battle other geldings to gain control of the fillies of the herd.

Lazurite: Fortunately Princess Diana did pass away, for geldings are known to mate with and impregnate their own dams. Now, the real reason why the Royal Family cast out the younger gelding was due to the fact that the filly he chose to mate with was simply not seen as an acceptable broodmare, whereas the filly chosen by the older gelding was fully approved by the breeders to be a well made choice of broodmare. And what makes a good broodmare is simply pedigree and breeding. Now for a White family that simply does not permit their race to be mingled with the flesh of darker skinned races, having the genes of a filly whose ancestors were used as draft horses enter the gene pool of their breeding lineage rather than one who is clearly a thoroughbred is simply unacceptable in the eyes of any reputable horse breeder. And the British Royal Family are excellent horse breeders. And they apply their expertise even when breeding themselves.

Lucifer’s Pawn: Okay, dip shit. You were talking about horses for so long that I would suspect that 50% of the British people reading your treatise would actually think you were lecturing about horses and not about the fucking Royal Family breeding themselves. Even Obama was not unaware that were he not the fucking President of the USA, that when that incident occurred where his Black wife touched the fucking Queen, who cannot be touched according to their traditions, which Michelle Obama must have failed to learn or be trained on, she would have been made into a trashy slut and as a slave woman who committed the vilest possible crime by merely doing an act of fucking friendship to a fucking Queen who thinks she has rights similar to your mythical wife in heaven.

Lucifer’s Pawn: Now your wondering mind without a guide to keep you on track did not complete the answer you attempted to make. Every dumb ass knows that scene in Terminator 2. Now are you telling me that in your so called Hulk mode that you would take my nuclear football and go out to some hill to play wargames with the intention of destroying American targets, but not by the more obvious and more direct means that is to simply launch the American weapons against America herself, but would consider the solution chosen by Skynet, which was that by launching a full scale nuclear attack against Russia, that the Russian counter attack would effectively wipe out all your enemies here? I assure you that the Skynet solution would only succeed if suicide were the root goal.

Lucifer’s Pawn: For God and Satan are in agreement in this one matter. Killing the earth prematurely is not in the interest of either party. For since it is the goal of both powers to gain souls for their respective kingdoms, killing the earth, because it reduces the number of souls in existence, if this is done prior the coming of completed judgment on all souls, serves neither Satan nor God. For those who want souls, the more souls that exist, the greater those hunting grounds become for us. So, boy, who is served then by going into fucking Hulk mode? Or are you fucking trying to impress some girl somewhere. Shit, whatever happened with that girl in Stater Brothers? And what about that girl Genie Musgrove, who for some reason you are too fucking embarrassed to reveal to the world to have been your first crush. Because I would really like to discuss how pathetic you really are with women instead of telling all us men that we are fucking masturbators.

Lazurite: Well I see you have taken an interest in me. I am pleased. But tell me, faggot, tell me just how many block buster movies do you know that have only one character in the story? Now of course who is my long ago crush may have some interest to die hard fans, I am not famous enough to have fans at all. And to talk about some girl at Stater Brothers where there is nothing between us but mere thoughts that exists only in my mind would fail to win ratings from a competing show that merely watches and documents how grass grows in real time.

Lazurite: If you want people to listen to your shit, you have to give them shit that they want to hear. I am interesting precisely because I am the ultimate bull shitter. And compared to weakling boys and male women like you, you are merely cows laying cow pies in comparison.

Lucifer’s Pawn: Well we have heard of the gelding – filly unions, and the bull – cow unions. But we are waiting for you reveal exactly what you are? And just what are you and Mary? If you are her unicorn, is Mary a female unicorn? Or is she still human and what you have together some form of bestiality? And whatever happened to that Anna that you said you were going to marry? Please, O’ please tell us you have some movie that demonstrates this love you find in her. I am just dying to see what you have got for entertainment, you loser who will never have any real lover on earth, but only in heaven, which we both know does not exist.

Lazurite: Below is the movie I have about Anna. What is her wish is her wish. I do not control other people’s free will choices. But you in your fear of getting Omicron seem to think that those who are fitter as I am compared to you should risk our lives to take vaccines that are known to kill and to permanently damage just so that your kind will not go extinct. Dude, take a read of Darwin and see that the survival of the fittest says I live and you die. Because in the span of one week I got Omicron 3 times and recovered 3 times by asking Mary, my wife in heaven, to cure me. And now I get Omicron no more. But pathetic weaklings that bitch because superior specimens like me do not need the three vaccines and ten booster shots that you apparently need now to inject into your dying blood every day just to delay your extinction seem to think arguing against evolution is going to save evolutionary dead ends such as you. You are such an evolutionary dead end that I would reject your offer to let me fuck your all grand daughters, both the married and the unmarried, if you paid me in Rolls Royces. For your fucking Neanderthal genes are to be utterly wiped from the earth.

Lazurite: Now, as you contemplate your obvious inferiority to me, I will now tell you what animal I and the Holy Virgin are most closely symbolized with in nature. And it is not a mythical animal like the unicorn. There is a Jew I am currently debating that is either unable to comprehend or accept that God the Father in the Trinity has nothing to do with Zeus other than a similar geographic origin of that religion. But the making of such an argument serves really to justify the similarity, not the difference, between Judaism and Christianity, for both religions are focused on the same fucking city, Jerusalem, from which they were both fucking born.

Lazurite: The resort to the claim that something that is simply too sublime for you to understand that you elect to choose to compare it to something that is obviously a myth is to make the case that everything beyond your comprehension is always an utter myth indicates that arguing with you is as useless as teaching a nigger in a slum that does not give a shit about Truth in an attempt to teach him that it was Abraham Lincoln and not Barack Obama who was the one who freed the slaves.

Lazurite: So Mary, Virgin Mother of God, what kind of animal pair do we most closely resemble in nature?

Mary, heavenly wife of Eric: We are swans, Eric. And the mating of swans is the most beautiful sight in nature where the intimacy between lovers can be observed between creatures of the earth.

Mary, heavenly wife of Eric: Anna, my wish is still for Eric to marry you on earth. Eric may have mistaken your rejection of him to have been real. But I am a woman. And I know your heart. Come back to Eric. For he is the right man for you. For what is your alternative? Your father? Come to your senses. And below is Eric’s affectionate love for you revealed in a very humorous Princess Battle where one of them has your name. Eric still loves you. He will never reject you.

Mary has spoken. Long live the Eternal Queen. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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