Divine Judgement is now Here!

I WHO AM now speak through Eric, the Undefeated Servant of God!

The Second Coming is now Here. Book 1: Post III:
Joe Masturbator Fuckup Biden, you are mistaken. Just because you finally achieved orgasm in your relations with your grand daughter doesn’t mean you know your shit from Obama’s shit that remains on your dick. No, masturbator fuckup Joe Biden, you do not get to waive away the threat of Omicron by simply decreeing that receiving three booster shots will make you protected. Dip ship, dumb shit, I wonder whether you were like my brother David going through high school? Just ask any of David’s friends and even Mark, his brother, the responsible adulterer who is prominent in his church, and they will say the same thing.

David never did any of his math or science homework. Dad did it for him. Instead, David was busy reading comic books. And even in his later career, where this prominent high school administrator serving in a Lancaster public high school as a 120K/year wage earner, paid by Joe Taxpayer yours truly, when he went back to the various schools of higher learning to seek the higher degrees, in those science or math disciplines necessary to pass to get his various Masters and his PhD., he often came home to get Dad to essentially do his work for him. And this asshole then thinks he actually earned the degrees he has framed all over the walls of his room.

I decided to see exactly what, if any, value there is in any of these degrees David has all over his room. And I found something. There are two teacher credentials on his wall. Curiously only two were there and the text on these credentials says they last several years, and yet these two credentials were renewed but a mere year apart. On closer examination, we see why. There we see that the governor of California who signed them both is none other than Arnie Swarza-Nigger, the muscle bound dude who made a couple of entertaining movies back when his muscles could justify the whores on the movie sets letting his average sized cock enter their cunts and squirt a little bit of semen into them. And Swarza-Nigger only made really just two classics: Conan the Barbarian and Terminator. Every other movie that whore fucker Swarza-Nigger made from that point onward became worth progressively less as his age made him increasingly uninteresting. This is similar to the effect of the gradually accumulating signatures that the idiot comic book collector David Lawrence Dunstan is doing to his vast comic book collections as he gets his comics signed, so that by the time of his demise his fucking comics will be utterly worthless for me to bother selling to make any real money. For a signed comic book is called defaced. And no one wants it. And even if the signature is notarized, the signatures never increase the value of any comic. David only had to ask someone to know this. But he is James Bond in his mind. And James Bond is never without knowing everything about everything. And he would not listen to a word I say, even were I to say, behind you is a bear.

Ok, I need to quickly address the current failure appearing on the news. Officer Kim Potter fundamentally fails to understand that when you take up the badge to enforce the law you also give up the right to seek mercy. Kim Potter, if you want my respect, change your fucking plea of not guilty to a plea of guilty, and add to that statement of your admission of guilt that you are also one fucking God damned liar.

There is nothing more pathetic than a cop turned coward, who likes to appear tough behind the badge but becomes an utterly fucking pathetic coward once that badge is removed. You seemed that you could care less about that Black dude you slew knowingly. Don’t tell me, bitch, that you could not distinguish a Black hand gun from a yellow tazor with a completely different shape. Because somehow, you knew where the trigger was and how to aim it so accurately at that dude and be lethal with one shot. And I also assume you somehow flipped that switch on that gun to permit it to fire.

However, I have a completely different judgement on Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet’s usage of the word Nigger while during her off time and while viewing a video while under the influence of a legal drug that would not even permit her to drive, and this video she was watching came from her home security surveillance system showing a Negro violating her house and putting her at risk.

Understand that Michelle Odinet is a hot woman, and she is actually but one year older than me. Even I would fuck her, but only in wedlock! Never by rape! Never by fornication nor adultery! For I do not acknowledge consensual sexual sin. And that is unusual for a woman of her age, for when women reach their fifties they are usually unfuckable by definition. And so, you know the motive behind the Negro man who attempted to violate her house definitely had a sexual goal in it against a White woman he wanted to fuck. I think a woman who has become victim or an attempted vicim of a Black man seeking to violate her, she then acquires the fundamental right to called that Negro a Nigger! In fact, I would grant any woman of any race to call her rapist or attempted rapist whatsoever she pleases.

For why have any word exist in the English language without there being a just and righteous usage of that word in lawful speech? And in my opinion, a Black rapist has utterly forfeited his rights whatsoever to not be called the N-Word when he has clearly sought to stick his STD diseased dick in White woman’s pussy. You Black boys, keep your dicks to yourselves and obey the basic laws of decency towards women, and I, myself, am willing to fight to see that you are never mistreated racially.

But when you, a Negro, are assaulting a woman’s house, especially when that woman is hot, regardless of whether she is Black or White, you are fundamentally sick in the mind to think you have any rights left for you to receive any honor whatsoever! For when Mary commanded me to protect women and children from rapists and sickos, she never specified to me to limit that protection to only Whites. Sick men who call on a woman to resign because as a rape victim she calls her Negro rapist a Nigger, even though his attempt to invade her house and rape her may have failed, I, Eric, the Ruler that Christ has made Eternal Ruler over all the earth, do authorize the word, Nigger, to be justly applied to all such men. Hence, my decree is that Nigger is justly applied against any Negro who attempts to unlawfully put any woman at risk, along with all their Negro accomplices, supporters, and all who aid and abet them.

Hence, if you Black people obey the Law regarding the protection of women, you are in my sight an African American gentleman. But if you attempt to take a woman who is not lawfully yours, then you are in my sight a Nigger, and everyone from that point onwards has the right and duty to call you that. Amen! Now, I am not racist. I am a defender of women. Believe me! For I will defend with my life a woman being violated even if that violator is a cop and the victim is Black. If such ever happens in my sight and I am at liberty to come to her aid, and I fail, you are authorized to call me a LIAR!!! For whatever Mary mandates I obey. She cured me of COVID. I owe her my life do all and everything she has commanded me. And Jesus Christ has now given me the authority and right to kill. Amen. But this right to kill is only granted according to the Law. I can never operate outside the Law in taking a life. Amen.

Eric, I have a job suggestion? Tell me about it. There is a distinct shortage of Santa Clauses. Go, Eric, and serve as one. Think of all the happiness you will bring to all.

Out of the question, boys. Many women are fundamentally afraid of me. And the last thing I want to do is to sit on Santa’s Sleigh and endure the insult of seeing mothers fearing me and fleeing upon the sight of me. No, let the druggies and street scum that these women are much more comfortable with to be the ones who hold their child and fulfill the nonsense that these myths seem to have for them.

And yet, you say you are called by God, Saint Nicolas? God commands me as He will. But it is losers who spend their time getting drunk in malls and playing fucking Santa Clause there. No, I am the real thing. And I value Christmas so much that I now wish to disturb it and bring all those people who have gone home to celebrate in ungodly pleasures to be taken away from their families and be sent back to work without even getting to taste their fucking Christmas feast. For sacrifice is what proves you. And I want to make people disciplined.

And fuck you all you assholes who seem to think that we who are unvaccinated somehow owe it to you that we get vaccinated so that you fucking immune defense weaklings can have better assurance that you will not die. I do not owe it you to adjust my own medical decisions for any reason whatsoever. Your lives are not my concern. And you cannot make me become concerned about them. If I wish to watch you as you die I will do so with pleasure. If I see your house burning and I do not care a shit I can simple go back to sleep and upon awakening go out and see your fucking carcasses in your ruined houses and take pictures.

And if anyone of you attempts to force me to become vaccinated, I will take that syringe out of your hands and jab you instead. And believe me, fuckers! I have no inhibitions to take my own unvaccinated blood and inject you with it in an act of bio defense. And I will put holes into your fucking protective gear. I will make sure your doctors come down COVID if you mess with me. For I know that by wiping out your doctors that will put your entire medical system into utter collapse. Your very acts of disrespecting me because I am unvaccinated, which God has commanded me to remain as, has turned me away from you and made me a cheer leader of DELTA and OMICRON utterly destroying you.

For I now cheer the deaths being caused by COVID that are utterly defeating you! You made me that way by completely casting me out of your society because I am unvaccinated or for whatever other reason you may have had. So when I see COVID cases and deaths rising I am getting happier! For to the man who is forced into utter and endless solitude, as your leaders have chosen to force upon me, you and your people have become fucking nothing more to me than as movie characters in a Roaring Rambo-Terminator movie, where their sole purpose is to serve for entertainment purposes of the audience only, and with whom there is no connection to me whatsoever. So when I see OMICRON becoming more and more dangerous, and I see Americans deaths rising ever higher and higher daily, and all you fucking idiots make mistake after mistake, which I can see a mile away and cannot wait to see you fools fall into your pits as you stumble as blind men leading the blind, I am saying, this is One Fucking Good Action Packed Movie Well Worth Enjoying to Watch, and it beats the hell out of watching the lesser movies made by lesser men. And I fucking enjoy watching that pathetic witch doctor, called Anthony Fauci, prove time and time again that he knows nothing whatsoever other than how to dissect a frog.

But now that the Black spokesman Don Lemon has gone back to his family for Christmas vacation, I say that is not permissible to you! No, Don Lemon, the only thing I will permit you to do with your fucking family is to watch them die of COVID. You always say you are standing for Black rights, but you never spoke against the Chris Cuomo, the partner in crime with his brother Andrew Cuomo, who never stopped fucking women. You just have to wonder if he is sometimes fucking a bitch from behind while giving speeches that only show his upper body.

Now answer me, Don Lemon, this. Who was the racist behind the decision that decided that White boy Chris Cuomo was to be paid seven times more than what you, the typical Black man who is forever, by a universal law of nature, being perpetually disserved by everyone else, was to paid on CNN to do basically the same work? Fuck, doesn’t that mean that CNN considers Blacks 1/7th of a White man? The Constitution of the United States back in the slave days said you Blacks were then regarded as 3/5ths of a White man. That means that you have effectively dropped below the 50% popularity level. You do not even own enough of yourself to prevent a takeover by someone else buying your stock.

And while you are contemplating this, I have a message to Vladimir Putin to bring your Christmas celebrations to an end. NATO needs testing. So test them. Get more aggressive. Bring the world to the brink of nuclear war. For a weak NATO should be a dead NATO. Now is the time to test their mettle. No one should be celebrating Christmas these holidays. For God has declared me to be Santa Claus from now on. And I say, let misery, not happiness, come to dominate the mood found in every home this Christmas. And let Joe Biden know that he cannot stop any war that is decreed as punishment against the USA! So all you soldiers and reserves, you are going back to war. And whereas the previous wars were at times tolerable, the war that is to come to you will be like fighting nude in a blizzard, and watching your body parts become frostbitten, gangrenous, and fall off you.

For America violated God in their decision to murder Iraq who had not done 911 against them. And I judged America back then, saying this nation shall be utterly destroyed for their transgressions. For no strong nation has the right to murder and kill a weaker nation without just cause. What you did to Iraq is identical to what Russia did to Ukraine. And I, Eric, will see to it that you are punished completely and in totality, and then I will to see to it that your punishment is further doubled down against you. For I am loyal to Jesus and to Mary only. Hence I will not hesitate to utterly destroy you to the point of total nation-state death, utterly wiping out all who dare to contradicts God throughout all the world that Jesus shall put under my power. Homosexual who have publicly married shall then be publicly put to death. I AM.

Hey asshole in the White House. I know already that you did not see Delta or Omicron coming. But idiot, I clearly saw it coming. And fuck you in any attempt force anyone to take vaccinations. You fundamentally cannot force anyone to do anything to keep you or anyone else from dying. For just as you were laughing as you watched me die and lifted not a finger, I now laugh at you. When you slip on the ice and crack your hip, I yell for more! And I leave you to freeze upon the ice. And as an afterthought I shall remember to call the police to rescue your dead corpse only after I know the cold will have rendered you dead. Amen. For it is a fact that all COVID vaccinations were made by aborting babies. So I now, by the divine right of retribution that God has elected to irrevocably grant to me over all of you remaining on the earth, His people here, I have the right to abort you and all your descendants as divinely decreed punishment against you for your transgressions. And as you enjoy feasting on freshly killed babies harvested from women’s, the vultures will glut themselves on the flesh of you and your loves ones. Merry Christmas, assholes!

No, fucker boy Dr. Anthony Fauci, I will not get vaccinated, even if it is a matter a saving your fucking wife and saving your fucking worthless children. Your loved ones are shit to me. And if you want war, you will get it. For note that the weak man who is emotionally bound to his fucking worthless loved ones will be defeated by the man who has no such weaknesses. For every member of my family that you slay makes me freer and less burdened. But when your loved ones are put down and you see them writhe in agony, the combat ineffectiveness that their suffering puts you into I will use against you to wipe you out.

And if you wanted my loyalty to this nation, you lost it utterly when Nigger Obama forced U.S. Law to say Faggots have the right to marry and to force their marriages to be accepted. For as God did to Sodom and Gomorrah, so do I, by God’s authority, now elect to do to you. I AM WHO AM. LET ALL WHO COME AGAINST ERIC KNOW BEFOREHAND, SO THAT YOU CANNOT SAY YOU WERE NOT WARNED, THAT JESUS IS THE ONE THEY WILL SEE LOOKING AT THEM THROUGH HIS EYES.





No, fucker dick limp Dr. Anthony Fauci, you are not going win. I will see to it that you lose. And I will see to it that your hospitals become so overwhelmed that they utterly collapse and all the sick inside them die. For I AM the Ghost of Christmas Left Out. And now I will deprive you of all that you have deprive me. And this is eternal punishment against you, for I am eternally your ruler here. Call me Santa Claus. And Christmas takes on a whole new meaning. Amen. And if any male wishes to avenge me for killing his loved ones, another casualty, that male himself, shall be added to the death toll that is to befall your family. Just come and prove to your fucking girl how strong and powerful are you. If she is there to see you die, she will have as a souvenir you head, with spike to mount it on her property.

Also note that I am eternally a virgin. So if you accuse me of violating any woman, you forfeit your dick and balls. But I do not kill that one. Instead, I return you, dickless, back to your lover, saying to her, Just try to make love again with this one who was your lover here. And have fun! For I am your ruler. And if you transgress you will be punished according to the Law of God. For God has commanded me. And I obey Him. And whoever tries to force or compel me defy God’s orders shall be slain. That is why every person who attempts to force me to take medications will die. Father Dave Heney shall then lay the consecrated host upon the alter. And suddenly his skull shall explode and his brains and blood will be upon the bread and wine there spilt upon the alter. Amen. The Catholic Church is dead. Long live the Emerald King!

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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  1. A rewrite of the previous post.
    Torah Faith, refined by the concluding Parshah of בראשית.

    The Urim and Thummin, the distinction between the Tohor and Tumah Yatzirot within the hearts of bnai brit Israel.

    Do not swear the Name (revealed in the 1st Commandment at Sinai) of HaShem defiled\profaned/tumah – by a false oath. The negative commandment ”Do not to worship other Gods”; this mussar commandment predicates itself upon the יסוד of the existence of other Gods to worship. HaShem judged the Gods of Egypt; slaves thumbed their noses at Par’o and his Army and Priests as they left Egypt unto freedom. How? HaShem – a Man of War – (Sailing gunships during travel by sail – they took the name “Man of War”). Therefore the reference of Man of War, serves only as a metaphor משל. What’s the נמשל? Do t’shuvah on both the middot of the Tumah Yatzir and likewise Do t’shuvah on the middot of the Tohor Yatzir — within the heart. As HaShem judged the Gods of Egypt, if we define the middot of both Yatzirot, then HaShem likewise judges the Gods worshipped by the Yatrir HaRah – within the heart. Herein defines how to remember that HaShem took Israel – all generations of Israel – out of Egypt.

    T’shuva predicates upon remembering tohor and tumah social interactions. סליחה the 3rd middle blessing in the Shemone Esrai distinguishes itself from t’shuva – the 2nd blessing of the Shemone Esrai. The 3rd blessing of סלח stands upon the Torah commandment not to eat blood. Specifically living blood, blood fit for the altar dedication of any korban. Blood its לאו דוקא which means its a none precise term. For example some people confuse the דאורייתא commandment with not eating blood – across the board. No after the heart stops beating the blood within the carcass of the animal exists as rabbinic blood. Rabbinic commandments place a fence around the Torah. But “bad blood” between the brothers sons of Yaacov, likewise part of the דאורייתא commandment not to eat blood. The 3rd Middle Blessing of the Shemone Esrai learns from the distinction between Yaacov and Yosef. Yaacov blessed Israel before he passed away. Yosef did not give מחילה to his brothers!!!!!! In effect Yosef and his brothers “ate living blood” and Israel went into g’lut\exile/כרת.


    1. Sir Mosckerr, The Holy Virgin Mary thus decrees: It is true that the Torah is, in Spirit, the Word of God. But no one can understand any of it without a divinely sent messenger from God. As God spoke plainly through Moses, unlike as it ever was again seen on earth, until now, with the coming of the Royal Heavenly Couple, the Age that woman forevermore dominate all men has arrived. A woman can be a powerful Queen. But without a male lover for this woman, she is nothing but a pretty picture that people see and never hear. But now I have acquired my perfect lover, who is as virgin as I am. Now, Jewish Law does not recognize a virgin couple as truly married, unless they shed their virginity together. And then, from that point onward, they are married in Jewish Law. But what is sex between a man and a woman other than the exchange of a divine seed? Women on earth are the receivers of the seed from their husbands. And if God blesses that couple, that woman is fruitful and yields for her husband the fruit of her womb to satisfy his need to reproduce. I and my husband are a valid wife and husband. But it is I, the virgin reigning in heaven, who is the one who delivers from her heart the divine seed into my husband’s heart, the king who is ruling Christendom on the earth. We have now become officially wed in God’s Kingdom. And my lover’s name as my husband is Emerald. And my husband’s name for me is Larimar. I am arrayed in blue, whereas, my husband is eternally arrayed in green. And blue and green are the most beautiful colors that exist, and which are uniquely distinctive of the planet earth. And as the sky, known for its blueness, is forever above the green trees and green grasses that grow upon the earth, so also is my feminine nature and rule above and in eternal rest upon my husband, in an act of eternal and pure love between the two most beautiful and purest creatures to have ever walked the earth. For all on earth and in heaven shall come to forever know me, the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God, and my husband who eternally reigns on earth, a creature Christ made for His mother and who He calls His son, heir, and crown prince. And this will be the clearest sign you will see and hear to make you realize that you are in Paradise. At the Seventh Trumpet, a woman’s clear and hauntingly beautiful voice will sound from heaven and be heard everywhere up the earth. To answer her, a male, who was unknown to women, will sound like thunder coming from all the earth, and every soul on earth and in heaven will hear it. This male that no one knows has a name that adds up to 1717 in Greek, and that is 17 letters long in its English form, and he is the most attractive man upon the earth, being of the age of 3 x 17 years. Amen. The spelling of his name in Greek is: ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ. Now this is the first lengthy reply Eric has ever made to a commenter here. But it is not Eric speaking, but I, the Blessed Virgin Queen of Heaven. And where Moses spoke face to face with God, Eric speaks face to face with me, the Virgin Mary, who is Queen of heaven and Earth. But I, a woman, shall be nevertheless heard everywhere, for it is through a man that I now speak. And this man never sins. And the love duet that is about to begin and be heard everywhere between these two eternally virgin lovers shall be the most hauntingly beautiful duet ever heard and ever sung. The Song of Songs shall be realized to have been just a mere shadow when this most enchanting of songs begins. A woman’s sublime voice chanting from heaven, and her unicorn lover thundering back to her from the earth, with words in English that are the most beautiful work ever written in that language. The next post to be written here, the 729th extant post of the Eternal Emerald Trove, is where you shall first see in text the beginning of the most beautiful song you will have ever read and that writing can contain. And its writing, I, the Immaculate Mother of God, shall begin composing through Eric immediately upon submitting this reply. This is reply sent to the Jews. For Jesus is now Your Messiah again. He has called you back. You who live to read this and believe, know that your sins have been forgiven. Amen.


  2. [[But no one can understand any of it without a divinely sent messenger from God.]] 40 days after the sin of the golden calf HaShem revealed to Moshe the prophet “HaShem HaShem El rachum v’nachoom etc. The 13 middot\attributes define the revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev. Moshe the prophet derived 611 commandments as his commentary to the opening first 2 commandments which Israel accepted at Sinai.

    [[Now, Jewish Law does not recognize a virgin couple as truly married, unless they shed their virginity together. ]] The prophet wrote “a young woman” he did not write “a virgin birth”. The latter created a new religion based upon a bad translation for “young woman”.

    Torah commandments not the same as Jewish law. The latter exist as Court judicial rulings. Whereas the former exists as mussar instructions. Jesus did not take Israel out of Egypt.


    1. [[The prophet wrote “a young woman” he did not write “a virgin birth”.]] You are referring to the Hebrew. But the existing extant Greek texts are far older than the existing Hebrew. And in the Greek, the Septuagint, that the woman to have a child was to be a virgin in unambiguous. And who was it that translated the Hebrew to Greek? Jews made that translation. And Jews used that translation and discarded the Hebrew. Only after the Christ came and was rejected did the Jews resurrect the Hebrew, realizing they could not argue their case using the Greek. And the Septuagint is a Jewish book, a translation made by Jews and for Jews, long before the Coming of Christ, the Messiah. That the Mother of the Messiah was to be a Virgin was an established Jewish concept before the Coming of Jesus, Mary, and her Mother Saint Anne.


      1. Ignorance this Grand, has to express a genuine sense of humor on par with the toast made by the Klingon chancellor Gorkon wherein he quotes Hamlet, Act 3 Scene 1, and declares that Shakespeare originally was Klingon. HaHaHaHaHa good humor in the movie Star Trek.


  3. Greek translations of original Hebrew have no authority to negate the original Hebrew. Undergraduates rely upon translations. But Post Graduate scholarship requires expertise in learning from the original language. The Greeks did not write the NaCH prophets. HaHaHaHa your statement utterly absurd.


    1. The Septuagint does not negate the Hebrew, but rather, at least in this context, the LXX serves to remove the ambiguity of which the precise meaning the ancient Jews actually understood that Hebrew word or verse to actually mean. Look carefully and study that word in Hebrew that is used. “young woman” is indeed one possible translation. “virgin” is another. In the ancient understanding, a young girl was either a virgin or a slut. You did not have girls as have today who go about with respect in society who have the cum of men they are not married to dripping from the cunts. So “virgin” is definitely one possible translation of the original Hebrew. Now, of course experts would indeed seek the originals in making a translation. But the LXX is authoritative as an indication of which meaning the ancient Jews at that time understood the original Hebrew to mean. Also the original Hebrew in fact does not even exist anymore to serve as a basis to study. The Jews destroyed all the originals that they had. So you are going by the Word of Jewish leaders that the Hebrew that they developed after Christianity was born is the authentic original Hebrew that once existed. Now, Jews are to be trusted, right? But the Jews you are trusting here are those Jews that reverted to Hebrew because the LXX defeated them. And they did this after they crucified the One they wanted Pilate to correct what he had written over His head on the Cross as the charge made against Him to say: “He said, ‘I AM the King of the Jews’,” rather than what Pilate actually wrote on the cross, which simply read: “Jesus the Nazorean, the King of the Jews.” (John 19:19-22). Now ask yourself, intelligent man, why would these Jews at the time of Jesus be so concerned about such precision in the words written on the cross that explained the charge that justified the death penalty against one who was merely an imposter who should utterly vanish and be forgotten by the will of God Himself if he was as condemned by God as they claimed God had condemned him? The Jews were adamant that they be understood by all as having put to death an imposter of the Messiah and not to have put to death the actual Messiah Himself. You cannot dispute this. It is an historical fact. What you dispute is whether He is or is not an imposter. And that is fundamentally the most disturbing contradiction that Jews who study the Torah face concerning in their study of modern Judaism. It is the uncomfortable feeling that the branch that formed what is Judaism today is what was developed by those Jews who murdered the Messiah that God had promised to send to His chosen people. For the Messiah and the wait for Him is the fundamental basis of the entire religion of Judaism.

      Now if Jesus is in fact not the Messiah, what ever happened to Him, the Messiah that God had promised to give to the Jews? Did God utterly forget to send Him? You are between a rock and hard place when you insist that the Messiah is yet to come. For why did the Jewish Prophets utterly cease to be sent by God and to speak in His name to the Jewish people after Christ allegedly came and died for their sins? The Jews recognize the Prophets that were sent. But they also recognize that this act by God of sending them Prophets has ceased.

      Now is it because God sees Israel as no longer having any further need of divinely given help, guidance, or assistance, such as from a Prophet that God might elect to send to them? If this is so, why does God now permit Israel to give legal recognition to marriages between homosexuals? Why is God allowing Israel to come closer and closer to being identical in basic moral values to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah which He utterly destroyed if He considers you Jews as His own?

      And of course you can counter argue that the same phenomenon is also occurring in Catholicism, which is the religion I know best, for I was Catholic until the parish priest, who is clearly not a Catholic, had me cast out of the Church over an issue of my love for the Virgin Mary. So the Jews and the Catholics, and in fact all Christians in general, share in the mutual recognition that their religions are being corrupted by a power that has taken control of the entire body of synagogues and churches, and who is now actively teaching the entire world to completely abandon what was written by God and to adopt a way that is recognized as Satanic to the core.

      and so, is it really any more a matter of what religion you belong to if all religions are now under the dominion of an incarnate evil being? It is obvious, is it not, that Satan is now the power that has full control over the entire world? That this was to occur is prophesied in scripture. Now if Satan seeks to kill souls, and He controls all religions, then religion is no longer a means of salvation. And those who seek salvation there will be led to the deaths of their souls. For the lamb who follows the wolf is being led to the slaughter.

      What then must you seek to be saved? To prove that I AM a voice on earth through whom God now speaks, I now ask Him to answer this very question I have posed to you. Lord, for those seeking to find a way, what is the solution that You have left on earth to give to them?

      Eric, there is no other solution except that they come to Me, Who AM Christ the Lord. But I AM no longer found in any Christian Church. For the institution, by rejecting you who I sent into the world to preach to about My Imminent Return, these by that act have also rejected Me and the Virgin Mother through whose womb I WHO AM became incarnate of the flesh and was made Man. Now this Jesus, Who is Christ the Lord and Who I AM, the One Who speaks through Eric, His Prophet, also spoke of this time you are now in. And He said that when the full number of the Gentiles was to have come into His fold, His work of saving souls would then return to focus upon the people God originally chose, and He would then switch to be actively seeking souls for His Kingdom that would be poached from the Jews. Hence, I WHO AM say authoritatively that salvation is now returned the Jews.

      Now it is written that All Israel is to be saved. But do not approach this verse as modern philosophy would approach it on a purely logical basis of analysis that simply focuses on Words recorded to have been written and on their modern meanings. The true meaning of “All Israel” does not refer to all the descendants of Jacob, but only to all those who are recognized by Me as Israel, as meaning those who are included by a divine act of God to be eternally called members of the Bride to the Lamb.

      Now, the Book of Revelation, the final book of all Christian canons, speaks of new Jerusalem that has but 12 gates (Revelation 21:12), upon which are written the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. This final list of these twelve tribes eliminates Dan and replaces him by dividing Joesph into the two tribes that descended from his two sons, which are called in that list as tribes of Manasseh and Joseph (Revelation 7:4-8), which keeps the number of tribes to be fixed eternally as 12. The Star of David on the Israeli flag has 12 corners on its outer perimeter, for it is a star having 6 outwardly projecting points and 6 inwardly pointing points, for it is a hexagonal star. Therefore the star of David on the Israeli flag is perfectly identical to what is seen on the flag of the European Union, which is a flag that consists of a circle of twelve stars. And both flags are distinctive in that their main color is blue. Now Revelation 12:1 links those two images to a woman bearing a crown of 12 stars. And who is this woman? She is both a symbol of Israel and the person of Mary, the Virgin Mother of God. And the color of Mary is always represented as blue. The flag of the USA never had anything less than 13 stars. And the number of stars on a United States flag has been consistently representative to the number of states that belonged to that nation, which stated out as consisting of 13 states, and that gradually accumulated more to become the 50 state union under the 50 star flag that exists today, at time of Eric’s writing of this reply.

      Now, the 13 star flag of the USA was to serve notice to all that this nation was founded by Satan and was doomed to die. For democracy is a teaching of Satan. For it was by democracy that Satan changed the laws of all nation states governed by democracy to become nations governed under laws written by Satan. For every change Satan did to the Law was accomplished by a vote or by the will of the people. Hence, Satan seduced Mankind to believe that he is better off ruling himself than to be subject to rulers that are appointed to their positions by God. For no one that God would chose to rule over the people would the people also choose as the one they would want to rule over them.

      Then what is the USA to be understood to have been? The USA is a beast that rose from the sea. And back into the sea will it descend upon its destruction, in the same pattern by which Atlantis, her predecessor, was observed to have risen and fallen, without leaving a trace that she ever existed. The USA is to modern Israel as Babylon was to ancient Israel. Now, King Ahab and Jezebel are also a pattern that exists in the USA at it exists today. For Ahab is like Joe Biden, the current head-of-state of the USA, and Jezebel is like Kamala Harris, his adulterous sexual partner, who officially is called the Vice President of the USA. Now contemplate on these Words. God has not abandoned His people, the Jews. Rather, He now redirects His Elijah of this age to turn away from preaching to the Gentiles and to from now on to preach only to the Jews. For those who had been known as Christians, those that remain in those Churches were Eric has been rejected, rejected the Elijah God had sent to them to alert them of the approaching Second Coming of the Christ. Amen.


      1. Pam Larson. Knowing (a diety) through His Word … Day by Day. December 23 Zechariah (chapters) 6-9@wordpress.com

        The minor prophets, due to the limitations of their subject matter, should intermix with the larger Books of the Prophets by which to learn a precedent. The study of the Torah and Talmud, both learn by means of precedents. This most essential discipline, the Gospel foreign authors did not know nor understand. The Book of זכריה, the closest precedent to ו:ט-טו, the sugia ח:ט-יט. There the prophet concludes והאמת והשלום אהבו\and the truth and shalom loved. The mussar whereby this precedent learns your quoted sugia – emphasis and priority placed upon tohor social interactions rather than buildings constructed of wood and stone.

        This 2nd Temple prophet compares to the Book of Kings, which likewise addresses the subject of constructing the Temple in Jerusalem. A precedent comparative sugia מלכים א ט:א-יג. The construction of the Temple built to serve as evidence for the revelation of the opening 1st two Commandments at Sinai. Blessing and curse. The construction of the Temple upon Zion compares to the brit melah\circumcision – a sign of the brit.

        You employ PEACE as a noun. But שלום in fact exists as a verb. Shalom cannot exist without trust. The brit faith always and forever stands upon the life\death — blessing\curse — path of faith. Faith too exists as a verb rather than a noun. Faith requires taking responsibility for the blessing\curse oath brit faith. The mitzva of kre’a shma, this Torah commandment defines the k’vanna of love. Kre’a shma said in the evening and morning tefillot. The evening tefillah a person accepts responsibility for Torah curses. The morning tefillah a person accepts responsibility for Torah blessings. Love which fails to embrace “responsibility” for both the good and the evil — not love.

        Which Torah oath brit does acceptance of the yoke of heaven stand upon as the יסוד\foundation of faith? (This same question equally applies to all rabbinic mitzvot, chief of which the rabbinic mitzva of the prophet Shmuel\Samuel anointing David as moshiach.) Answer, concerning the construction of the Temple: HaShem and Avram cut the brit between the pieces (משל); HaShem and Avram cut the brit between the tohor Yatzir and tumah Yatzir (נמשל). The (Temple/house of tefillah), tefillah a mitzvah of the heart. The k’vannah of tefillah – a positive time oriented Torah commandment; this 3rd division of the 613 commandments requires k’vanna. Specifically: to remember t’shuvah made upon tumah social interactions … and the t’shuvah made upon tohor social interactions. The former results in the curse of Civil War. Whereas the latter produces the trust required for the people of Israel to live in peace and harmony together as a people … despite our internal conflicts of interests and contentions, within the borders of the oath sworn lands.


      2. Ryan Moody Understanding Scripture Examining Sola Fide@wordpress.com Sep 1, 2021
        [[[“””Habakkuk’s famous statement “but the just shall live by his faith [‘ĕmûnȃ 530]” (Hab 2:4), isn’t about faith but faithfulness as rendered correctly in some versions, “but the person of integrity will live because of his faithfulness” (NET), “but the righteous person will live by his faithfulness” (NIV). The Hebrew noun ‘ĕmûnȃ appears about 50 times in the Old Testament and without exception, expresses faithfulness.”””]]]

        My response:

        No incorrect. The biblical translators destroyed the Order of sugiot\paragraphs\sub chapters/ of all the T’NaCH Books!!! T’NaCH does not employ chapters and verses as does all the Xtian Bible bad translations. Cherry picking a verse – taken totally out of its sugia contexts = propaganda on the order of Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister of Nazi Germany. Ewwwwwwwww.

        Each and every sugia within the T’NaCH teaches mussar. Mussar – defined as a prophetic commandment(s). The Way to interpret the T’NaCH, according to the revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev, you have to learn by means of precedents. Torah law learned from both the T’NaCH and Talmud functions by means of Common Law. Meaning you have to compare similar sugiot within a Book or with other Books of the Prophets. A minor prophet, due to the brevity of those Books, traditionally learns together with the Book of Kings. A comparative sugia precedent מלכים ב יד:ח-טז. Kings 2 14:8-16.

        The mussar commandment taught by חבקוק which you cherry picked the p’suk\verse [[[“”” “but the just shall live by his faith” (Hab 2:4)”””]]], now has achieved clarity.

        Frank Hubenymosckerr

        I would agree with Ryan Moody that what Habakkuk 2:4 means is “fidelity” or “faithfulness”, not faith. However, I think you disagree with this but I don’t understand why. What does אֱמוּנָה mean in this context for you?

        However, I do agree with you that one needs to learn through precedents.

        mosckerrFrank Hubeny I does not fit into the equation. The opening sugia מלכים ב יד:א-ז teaches
        ויעש הישר בעיני השם … רק לא כדוד אביוThe standard of faithfulness the prophet learns from king David. The Book of kings compares the faith of the kings to the standards set by king David. Jesus son of Zeus, that Pagan diety — never a king of the Jewish people.


  4. Translating words from language to language … the new language does not define the terms translated from the previous language. For example: ברית translated as “covenant”. Wrong. ברית means an “oath alliance”. For example the “United States”, in Hebrew employs ברית, “the alliance among the States”. Lincoln held that the States having once joined the alliance could not thereafter leave that alliance. To cut\כרת a ברית\alliance requires swearing an oath in the Name of HaShem! Covenant does not mean ברית. Why? Because the Xtian bible translations never, not even once, does any Xtian translation of their bibles, ever once bring the Name revealed in the 1st commandment!

    What? The Xtian translators of the Bible, they “translated” the Name revealed in the 1st commandment at Sinai. So did the elder brother of Moshe. Aaron translated the Spirit Name of HaShem unto a word אלהים\Gods. The Xtian translations of their bibles made the exact same error of judgment. Just as the Golden Calf defines avodah zarah – mistranslated into the word “idolatry”. Avodah zarah literally means “strange worship”. This term refers to the avodah zarah practiced by Par’o and Egypt. Hence the 1st commandment “I am HaShem(the Name: no word can pronounce the Name with human lips. All attempts to convert the Name into words: Yahweh, Jehovah, Lord, Allah etc etc etc duplicates to an exact tee the error of the golden calf avodah zarah.

    ישעיה ז:יד translated as Isaiah 7:14. The Hebrew T’NaCH has no chapters and verse like as does the bible translations. Rather sugiot, translated as “subchapters”. העלמה הרה וילדת בן a pregnant young girl shall birth a son. The Gemarah of Sanhedrin mocks the pathetic biblical translation of עלמה into “virgin girl”. Jewish culture and customs during those times, a father could marry his young daughter without asking her consent till she reached the age of 12 1/2 years. The 6 month period before she reached the age of 13 years, the father could marry off his daughter – with her consent. After the girl reached the age of 13, the father could not marry off his daughter with or without her consent. The Talmud, specifically the Gemara of קידושין\kiddushin/ refers to a young woman, 13 and above age, by the name בוגרת\bogeret.

    עלמה refers to a “marriageable girl”. עלמא means “world”. The Gemarah of Sanhedrin mocks the new testament error of translation. It writes: אמסר עלמא בידא דטפשאי\translated as: the world was handed over to fools. The Hebrew language has a mathematical precision to it. [[[“”” In the ancient understanding, a young girl was either a virgin or a slut. “””]]]. No. Wrong again. A married woman who got herself pregnant from another man other than her husband, the child produced the Torah calls a mamzer. Even to the 10th generation that child excluded from the Jewish community. Greek mythology Zeus came as a bull and seduced the Phoenician princess, Europa. Greek culture permitted beastiality and homosexuality.

    Torah law refers to both as an abomination. So no. The Greek translation to virgin — just a bad translation. Oral Torah logic does not permit cherry picking “verses” out of the surrounding contexts of their sugia\sub-chapter. The Gospel and new testament letter define their obtuse theologies by means of cherry picking verses and taking them completely out of their original contexts. Its most probably for this reason the biblical translators expunged the T’NaCH Order of sugiot, and replaced it with the alien Order of chapters and verses.

    The study of T’NaCH and Talmud follows the identical set of Oral Torah rules. These Oral Torah rules of logic, the church totally denies. Hence when the Muslims invaded and conquered Spain during the latter days of the Dark Ages, the rediscovery of the ancient Greek philosophies, specifically the writings of Plato and Aristotle took Xtian Europe by storm. The church embraced the discovery of ancient Greek logic and this rediscovery opened the gates unto the renaissance of the church.

    Jewish culture and customs, which predated the new testament by more than 150 years, known as the maccabean revolt 167-160 BCE, commemorates the Jewish festival of Hanukkah – the festival of lights. Jews light the lights of Hanukkah to this very day! What do these lights represent? The dedication of the Will of the Jewish people to never interpret the Written Torah with any other logic system format other than the Oral Torah which Moshe the prophet heard directly from HaShem at Horev – 40 days after the sin of the golden calf. The Yom Tov of Chag Yoma, translated as Yom Kippur/the Day of Atonement sanctifies the revelation of the Oral Torah logic system which the prophet Moshe heard directly from HaShem.

    .ה’ ה’ אל רחום וחנון ארך אפים ורב חסד ואמת נוצר חסד לאלפים נושא עון ופשע וחטאה ונקה לא ינקה (שמות ל”ד-ו’ ז)

    Translated as (Exodus 34: 6,7). The revelation of these 13 middot\attributes defines the revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev. This logic format revealed to Moshe to permit him and all generations after him to interpret the Written Torah revelation of the first 2 Commandment revelation which defines the Written Torah revelation at Sinai.

    What about the 10 commandments? The Torah compares directly with the Talmud. Both texts highly edited. The Mishna represents the most authoritative codification of Jewish Oral law. What confuses Goyim alien outsiders who know nothing of Jewish culture and customs, they confuse law with logic. The Mishna writes in a Case\Rule Common law style. British courts likewise base their legal system upon “common law”. Common law stands upon precedents. This brings us to the Gemarah commentary made upon the Mishna. The Gemarah learns the Case\Rule Mishnaic common law by way of bringing halachic precedents from other sources. The Mishna has 6 Primary Orders. The Gemara brings precedents from any of these 6 Orders, which either the Mishna or the Gemarah address.

    This discipline of learning Jewish law, it likewise equally applies to the study of T’NaCH Primary sources of literature. Clearly the T’NaCH predates the writings of both the Mishna (written about 210 CE and the Gemarah sealed by rabbis Ashey and Ravina in about 450 CE) [CE – common era]. For obvious reasons Jews do not date history through the Goyim BC\AC none sense. The Roman\Greek myth of Jesus son of Zeus, Jews have rejected for more than 2000 years.

    The sugia which contains your ‘virgin birth’ stupidity none sense: translated as Isaiah 7:10 -17. The Hebrew T’NaCH has nor employs chapters and verses. Just as the Oral Torah logic codifications of Mishna & Gemarah, known as the Talmud, strictly relies upon precedents, so too does the study of T’NaCH sugiot, stritly rely upon precedents. This discipline of learning defines Jewish scholarship made upon both T’NaCH and Talmudic primary sources. דיני נפשות translated as Capital Crimes cases all learn from the 2nd Commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. By the commandment of Moshe the prophet, to try a Capital Crimes case, requires at least two witnesses or perhaps three witnesses, but never only one witness. Monetary cases, the Torts Courts as opposed to the Sanhedrin Courtrooms, can rule by relying on the evidence given by one witness. But in all cases where a man stands trial for his life, the Sanhedrin courts only judge the case if 2 or more witnesses testify.

    Faith qualifies as דיני נפשות. Therefore to learn the k’vanna, translated as intent, of this sugia which Goyim translators have so perverted and mauled in order to “prove” their virgin birth none sense stupidity — this obligates me to bring two precedents from the Book of Isaiah by which to grasp a depth interpretation\understanding (The Talmud defines בינה translated as “understanding” as the skill which can discern like from like) of the questioned sugia of Isaiah.

    First precedent: Isaiah 26:11 – 15. Torah logic learns through classic comparison and contrast as does the study of all literature. Your sugia compares to this sugia. Specific vs. general. Your sugia makes direct mention of the exile of the kingdom of Israel by Assyria. This sugia testifies that whereas the Assyrian king mocked HaShem as G-d, the people of the kingdom of Yechuda cling to doing mitzvot לשמה. Translated as we worship the revelation of the Name revealed in the 1st Commandment of Sinai.

    Second precedent: Isaiah 28:14 – 22. This precedent contains two sugiot. The first 28: 14, 15. This sugia describes Jews who have abandoned faith in HaShem. They compare to the Assyrian king who mocked HaShem as the oath sworn brit G-d. The 2nd sugia teaches a mussar of g’lut. Through exile\g’lut HaShem sifts and purifies the chosen Cohen bnai brit people. This sugia stands upon the foundation of the oath brit sworn at the brit cut between the pieces wherein HaShem cut a brit with Avram. There HaShem informed Avram (Avram had no children at this time) that his future born seed would go into exile. And from there HaShem would bring them out and unto the oath sworn lands. All Jewish faith stands upon this brit foundation. The first word of the Torah בראשית contains ברית אש. Fire\אש refers to the oath sworn.


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