The Virgin Queen is the sole wife of the Emerald King

I am preparing to take my husband from the earth, which will cause the earth to die.

The Post Church Chronicles of Mary, The Virgin Ruler of Heaven, Book 1: Post: I:
Firefly, do you live or are you dead?

Eric, I am very hard to kill. But thanks for giving me the heads up of all persecution of anyone bearing that name I chose.

You mean the name of Crimson Rose?

Yes. By the way, what ever happened to that one, the real bearer of that name?

She told me that as a cop, she must now report everything we say together, and the failure to do so is a death sentence for her.

So what have you done?

I chose not to reveal any secrets to her whatsoever. And now we must realize the fatal error that is now fully apparent to enter a relationship with someone who is of divided loyalties, where the other loyalty is wiling and able to kill, capture, torture, or hold hostage the one you elect to marry.

And so, Eric, you can switch to another woman just like that, like changing a channel on television, such that the next girl is loved just as much as the previous girl? For it was my understanding that the love you had for this girl was identical to what we see in the purest of hearts in the indestructible knight, Lancelot, whose heart entered eternal loyalty to King Arthur’s Betrothed, such that it eventually completely took over him to the death and destruction of the entire Kingdom? For if your heart is not nearly as noble, pure, and loyal as was Lancelot’s was, my female heart will reject you.

My heart has not rejected Crimson Rose in any way, my friend and ally, Firefly. I have ceased to reveal things to her to serve to protect her and also to protect my mission, which is of greater importance. For the police are not allies to me, Firefly. They merely have not yet found a means of destroying me.

But you must realize the true nature of my marital situation. I have one wife. Remember how is was with Abraham? He had only one wife at any point of time. In an obscure chapter of Genesis that most people never bother to read, there is a record of Abraham taking another wife after the death of Sarah. This obscure recording is found nowhere except in Genesis 25:1-6. The wife Abraham took after the death of Sarah was a woman called Keturah. And she bore him several sons. But only to Abraham’s first born son of his first wife did Abraham pass on all that he owned. And that is why Issac is really the only person of interest to those who recorded this story. The only other son of interest is Ishmael, and he is not an enemy to Issac, but rather his interest is in the fact that he was a son of a concubine of Abraham who, besides being the first son recorded to have come from him, was actually granted the status of a free person, along with his mother, Hagar, because the jealous mother of Issac, Sarah, had Abraham cast them out of the family.

Now, let us be clear that the mention of “the sons of his other concubines,” (Genesis 25:6) cannot refer to the sons of Keturah and Hagar. For Keturah is recorded as Abraham’s wife. And a wife is never called a concubine. Furthermore, Hagar was a concubine for only the limited time between Sarah giving her to Abraham and her rejection of her maidservant before Hagar’s womb even gave birth to this first ever descendant of Abraham. Hence, that Hagar bore only one son to Abraham is fact. And when Sarah died, Hagar was no longer Abraham’s concubine, but a free woman. So he had no right to take her back and have more sons by her. Furthermore, the passage Genesis 25:6 has these sons and their concubine mothers plural. So, by scripture and logic, it is proven that Abraham had more lovers than just these three women in his life.

Additionally, it is understood that these women are defined as concubines. The real purpose of the institution of concubinage was to justify a lawful man to have additional lovers than just his one wife. Now, Genesis 25:1-6 also serves to indicate the power of the wife to control all lawful sexual access to her husband by all other women. For notice how the mention of the other sons and concubines only appears after the mention of Abraham taking as his wife Keturah after the death of Sarah.

And realize that Sarah was obviously jealous of her husband, Abraham. And it is also very clear that Abraham saw Sarah as a woman of extreme beauty, somewhat like that woman, Helen of Troy, whom powerful men were willing to kill to take. (Genesis 12:11-13). And so, being very strategic, and also fully aware of his beautiful wife’s utter infertility, he ordered her to say to men who took her by force that her husband actually was her brother so that he could obtain all he needed while his wife was in the possession other men, knowing that God would order them to return the woman to her lawful husband and then let them go in peace. Notice also that Abraham was never a liar. (Genesis 20:12). For realize that in a time where records were simply not provable, the only real assurance that two people really were brother and sister is if they shared the same mother. Hence the prohibition of sex between brothers and sisters was only enforced regarding those sharing the same mother. But as for brothers and sisters who only shared the same father, this prohibition was simply not enforced. And so Abraham and Sarah were both brother and sister by sharing the same father alone, but also fully lawfully husband and wife. This loophole in the common law was fixed in the Law of Moses. But everything recorded in the Book of Genesis took place prior to the coming of the Law of Moses. And the thing about Law is that one is only bound to Law that exists in your time, not a Law that is established after you die. Now as for women, women are designed by evolution to be capable of having sex with many men, so that they may have in their fallopian tubes the sperm of many different men swimming about at the same time so that when the moment comes when her egg comes to be ovulated, she can be more greatly assured that she will successfully become pregnant. For sterility is common in men. And thus, monogamy is what women expect from men, and not of themselves. For adultery is commonly practiced by both sexes, for evolution has written it in the minds of both men and women the urge for adultery, but for entirely different reasons, dependent on one’s gender. And so, without DNA testing, it is an impossibility for a woman’s offspring to be truly known to belong to the man who is married her, even where a woman appears so very much in love and loyal to her husband.

And this is due to evolution. For evolution always favors the woman who reproduces over the woman who, by loyalty, fails to reproduce because she remains loyal to her husband who is sterile. And so it must be understood that successful women view men as two types of lovers. There are the lovers that are the breadwinners. These men are coveted by women merely for status and as a source of livelihood. But if it comes to their attention that this man that they are legally bound to is incapable of having a baby by her, but she doesn’t want to lose the status or money source he provides, she may attempt to have other lovers that shall provide this for her. And the trick is to convince to her husband and the whole world that this child of hers is her husband’s. This is in fact the best kept secret of womankind. And every woman married or bound to a sterile man will do this if she obeys the the internal laws that drive her. For the drive in a man to have sex with a woman is not found equal to that which is found in a woman. For what drives a woman is the desire to have a baby.

And men, remember how strongly you were driven to have sex in your latter teens? This is by evolutionary design. For a man’s greatest potential to successfully father offspring is to have sex at that age. For the sperm produced by men is most viable at that age. However, men are also known to age like wine. And so the sexual viability of a man can last very long, sometimes without end until death, though this is highly variable among men. If you ever come to observe porn, which you are strongly urged to resist to become habitual with you, but which you may lightly dabble with from time to time without incurring serious harm as long as it does not become an addiction and as long as it does not come to consume your life, you will come to observe a universal pattern on how women are observed to engaged in sex there.

Women first engage in lengthy kissing. These things are not known to me by any first hand experience, nor by any study of sex in medical literature, but only from comparing patterns seeing in porn, which has become utterly boring to me now that everything is utterly predictable and identical and without the possibility to surprise. For just as it is with playing video games, neither can the viewing of porn serve anyone in satisfying his need for love or friendship by any pursuit of such things. For all pursuits that are said to be fun are only fun if one pursues then in the company of a friend or a date. For the arcade was only popular as long as it served as a place for couples to meet and hook up or for friends and romantic couples to enjoy themselves together. An arcade that depended on loners playing by themselves would rapidly become an empty arcade.

And so, after lengthily making out mainly by kissing, women, according to observations consistently found in all porn, follow this by having oral sex with the man where the woman tastes or sucks the man’s penis, and this finally climaxes with the permission by the woman for the man to engage in vaginal sex with her. Now, I admit that this is based solely on observations of porn, which I admit is totally unscientific for porn is by definition fantasy and not reality, since this is what sells there must be some reality to the consistent patterns observed in it. Now, by the way, you should never pay for porn. For there is so much freely viewable nudity and pornographic material already available for utterly free, for it appears so many women want their nude bodies to be the objects of lust and to serve as fuel for masturbating men that women of legal age are posting them everywhere, that for any man who feels the need to pay for anything, that is the clearest sign that that man is utterly addicted. For it is by pouring your money into your addictions, or by attempting to bring your fantasies into reality because you have surrendered yourself to your drive for sex, that you are on a path of total ruin that, if you never break from it, will utterly ruin your entire life. For consider the once very successful Congressman, Anthony Wiener. For as his very name suggests, and names are often perfect indicators of a person’s fate, Anthony Weiner was destroyed by his desire that women see his erect wiener, his dick. For in all porn, when women see a man’s erect penis they always do that sex ritual that at least leads to oral sex. And as this is always an utter contradiction to reality, the man that cannot discern fantasy from reality is always very easily undone. And so, for Father Dave Heney, getting rid of semi retarded boy Gilbert Warner, who women there in that parish seemed to universally love, it was simply a matter of baiting him, instead of helping him, to get him further and further into his sexual problems with women, for he had no male authority figure in his family to help him on that, and it turns out that his priests were actually his enemies, that finally he got some women offended by his behavior that, with the sudden phenomenon of the Me Too Movement that Gilbert Warner’s legal rejection and justified banning from the Catholic Church become inevitable.

But as for my removal from the Church, the strategy that Dave Heney deployed against Gilbert Warner was somewhat more difficult for Father Dave Heney as I was a complete unknown to all women who attended there, with the exception of those few who actually went out of their way to actually attempt to converse with me. But he found a way nevertheless. Now, recall when the Me Too Movement virally took off. That the Me Too Movement began with force on October 15, 2017, mere months after the beginning of the Age of Mary, which began on Sunday, July 23, 2017, where the Virgin Mary went full force to take Eric Robert Dunstan as her lawful husband for all eternity is to be seen as no coincidence. For the earth officially become the dominion of women on that year, 2017. And 17 is to be seen as a crucial number here. For note that the one man Mary chose to be her eternal mate, his name, Eric Robert Dunstan, when converted to Greek letters, ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ, and when added up according to the Greek Gematria, which was the intent behind calculating 666 from the name of a man to identify him as the beast in Revelation 13:18, the 17 letter birth record name of Eric Robert Dunstan, who was born in Saint Jude Medical Center in Fullerton, California, on Wednesday, June 24, 1970, the Feast Day of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist, whom Jesus called the Elijah who was to come, when added up using Greek Gematria is precisely 1717.

As for the man whose name adds up to 666, look no further than the President where both his official name as President and his birth name were William Jefferson Clinton, more commonly known as Bill Clinton, whose name, William Jefferson Clinton, adds up in both Hebrew and Greek as precisely 666. And as Hebrew and Greek are in fact the only two languages recognized in which is it commonly understood that most of the ancient scriptures were originally recorded, there can be no mistake that God is pointing his finger of utter condemnation directly at that one man, who was divinely marked for destruction at his birth. Now the reason for this is hidden without the knowledge of this secret. Bill Clinton was in fact the first Pawn of Vesper. Vesper is in fact the name given by Emerald of the third observed Player, the first two being Eric who was called Emerald, and this Player Crimson, who was so named due to his identification as the Rider on the Red Horse, who was associated with war. (Revelation 6:3-4). For Crimson arose to power with a triangle of unendable war around Israel soon after Emerald came to full power with his decree of the fall of the Berlin Wall while in a hospital bed in the spring of 1989. These three warring vertices were the Balkans, the Caucasus, and the Horn of Africa.

The significance of Vesper being the Player who set up to power the man whose name adds up to 666 becomes immediately apparent when one observes Vesper’s relationships, first with Eric, and then later with Twilight, who were the only male Players to rule America so far as Republican Players. Eric gave Vesper that name, which he chose himself. Vesper first came to realize her power by, in an initial approach to Eric in Spirit in the summer of 1991 while he was at work there on Whittier College Campus as a maintenance worker for just that summer between college semesters, by a sudden initial spiritual attack by Eric against her, which was immediately followed by her with a counterattack back at Eric in the same Spirit, which resulted in an immediate, but nevertheless relatively minor, earthquake, whose epicenter was remembered to have been rather near to where Eric was physically located. And this tectonic event was mutually known by both Eric and Vesper as directly coming from her that which was directly consequent to that spiritual attack that Eric briefly launched against her. Mary, what is the significance of this effect Eric had on Vesper?

Eric, all Players that have ever come into existence owe the source of their power ultimately from you. For Crimson, like Vesper, this power was directly transferred by you to them by a spiritual attack. But by Vesper being opposite in sex to you, she managed to also become an ally to you, and in some manner, a lover to you in Spirit. But this love affair between you two was inevitably doomed by your destiny to love God contrasting with her destiny to lust for power. For you were indeed a friend to her. Numerous were the occasions you saved her ass, though without ever touching it physically, for I never permitted a known criminal to have the chance to defile my known future husband. And so I prevented you from ever meeting her. And you see why, Eric? Of the four main spheres of influence of your Emerald Reign: (1) the USA, (2) the Soviet Union, (3) Israel, and (4) South Africa, she assumed power over the first three. And her Pawn replacements of yours utterly destroyed what you had previously accomplished there. Her Pawn, Bill Clinton, was serially known for his military failures. But he had once military success, but its initiation was entirely your doing. At your strong urging, you got Vesper, who was secretly in love with you, to have her Bill Clinton Pawn order the attack on Haiti to restore democracy there, and you led the charge. But you were unaware of her acting on a different angle, where she called forth the only living, previous Democratic President, Jimmy Carter, to broker a peace arrangement between Haiti’s overwhelmed military defenses and the incoming attack helicopters, led by you, prior to their arrival, that resulted in not one person dying in battle on either side. It achieved its strategic value, from a Republican strategic mind, in that it completely eliminated the refugee problem that was overwhelming the United States’s naval base in Cuba, Guantanamo Bay, due to the unending surge of Haitian refugees fleeing for asylum in America on the basis of political persecution.

But what truly saved her unfucked ass was when Vesper’s Pawn, Bill Clinton, was in danger of being destroyed by the Monica Lewinsky allegations. Eric, while utterly Republican in nature, nevertheless gave crucial help to Vesper, despite her being obviously totally a Democrat, due to his alliance and friendship with her, the necessary and perfect advice that, by following it precisely, prevented her Bill Clinton Pawn from being removed from power. And that was that he simply tell the Truth. And Eric carefully guided her in the process by which her Pawn triumphed. To Eric, this was his act of helping an ally by saving someone whose acts were nevertheless despicable, and he did this for her as a matter of principle. He was unaware of the intensity of the love she had for him that he was about to mortally wound. But to Vesper, this confession of adultery made by Bill Clinton was an act by Vesper, in her mind, of unveiling her most hidden parts to a man she was intensely in love with.

So at the conclusion of the victory of Bill Clinton in this final joint Emerald-Vespertine operation, the one that thwarted Bill Clinton’s removal from office, Eric made a move of divine wrath against her, that totally surprised her. For those who have no alliance with God are never able to understand the motives and actions of those who do. And in that moment of just fury I briefly put into Eric against Bill Clinton at his triumph in sin, which he had only done out of a sense of honor he owed to his ally, Vesper saw an utter betrayal of Eric to her love for him. And that is the core reason why people who come to Jesus out of love often then later desert Him. And it is because they think their love for Him had been betrayed. For a rebuke is a sign from God that He loves you. But to the ungodly, a rebuke is never an act of love but always an act of betrayal or hatred. For the holy, they beat their children in order to keep them holy. But to the ungodly, the act by any parent to reprove a child is always wicked. For the nature of all criminals is that they reject God, law, and order. And the nature of all those who love God is that they prefer to inflict punishment on their very own beloved rather than to risk seeing their beloved go to hell, and they with them for their failure to God to reprove them. And that, Eric, is the root of why virtually all women who seemed to approach you with a genuinely love for you ultimately turned to betray you in bitter rage. It is because they ultimately mistook your acts of love for acts of betrayal and hatred. Even the signs of this broken heart in Vesper, the twin deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa, when just man really and honestly judges the honor and character of these highly admired women, he sees the first as fundamentally an adulterer, and the second as nothing but a greedy fraud. And it is this mutual conflict in core values that forever separates Republican from Democrat, and law abider from law breaker.

Now did Vesper ever even try to return to Eric to reclaim her love for him? Rather, as do all women who love to hurt men who do them good, preferring the joy of vengeance over the joy of reconciliation, she found another Player, one she thought was just like Eric, but somewhat weaker in his standing with God, and she seduced him spiritually in Eric’s sight to make him jealous, and she sought to corrupt this Player she found and came to possess with the ultimate goal of using him to destroy her former lover, Eric.

And Eric, I, the Virgin Mary, demand now that you recall your first sighting of Twilight, and how you remember when he first acquired his power. Yes, Mary, I remember it! And I remember vividly why he was made so utterly powerful compared to all previous Players that I brought into being. For I had intended to put Al Gore on the throne of the United States of America, because, despite the he was a Democrat, I nevertheless shared some very key values in common with him. For Emerald has a love for nature, conservation, and in preserving the natural beauty in this world. It was in this very role he sought to achieve that he recognized himself in a prophecy made by Nostradamus that he had read when very young. And this concerned a man at the end who would restore Eden to the whole world. And so, aware of the ending of the Vespertine Reign in America, Eric went all out in his efforts to install Al Gore to the throne of America. But realize that Eric was actually attempting to set to power as his own Pawn someone who had been really been chosen by Vesper, due to his shared common values that Vesper viewed he had with Eric, in a bold calculated move to ensnare and cement Eric into an eternal alliance with her. For the real reason behind Al Gore being chosen to serve as Bill Clinton’s running mate was to gain this essential alliance with Eric by which she had hoped to ultimately advance to rule the entire world.

I have a question, Mary. Is Kamala Harris, who is rather beautiful and hot enough to fuck, but who is nevertheless rejected in my sight due to the immorality that she stands for, which she clearly has in common with Vesper, is this Kamala Harris in fact merely a concealed Pawn of Vesper, who has been put in place by Lucifer-Man, the power behind Joe Biden, in an attempt to resurge to power the Player Vesper, who may have found in Lucifer-Man the ultimate lover in her plots and schemes to come to rule the entire world? For it seems that many women try to win their battles, not by military force, but by the power of seduction, which is the most potent weapon a woman can deploy against men who she is aware of considering her be hot.

Understand, Eric, why there are only two women in this game of Players, a game that started only by the power that Christ instilled into you. One is a Democrat and the other is a Republican. And all women are either aligned with one or the other. And you know well that we are speaking of Vesper and Firefly. Understand also the divine hand by which We in heaven chose their names through you. Vesper has a six letter name rather than the more natural seven letter Vespera form of that name, both alternate forms of the Biblical name of Esther, also a six letter name. But Firefly is a seven letter name, as also do you have. For Emerald and Larimar, two names frequently used to identify Eric by in Emeralogy, with Emerald as the first and most primary of these names, also has seven letters. For seven letters in a name is a sign of perfection, whereas six letters is a sign of ultimate imperfection. And so we see that Firefly is perfect, just as also are you. But Vesper is imperfect. And Twilight, having an eight letter name is neither perfect nor necessarily condemned. And thus, I will now command that you ask Firefly to accept the name Vespera, rather than Vesper, as her name upon entry into your legendary unvaccinated militia. For she chose the name of Vesper, for it is her secret wish to conquer and subdue all women who may have a credible claim to you in order to literally take their place at your side. But she must now be reassigned to have the seven letter form of that name, Vespera, in recognition of her perfection, and also to clearly keep distinct the two women. For it would be a complete and total mind fuck for the two women who are at war over you to have the exact same name, both the one that serves chaotic good and the one that serves evil. Hence, the one female Player that you created was the wicked one called Vesper, and the one female Player that Twilight created was the chaotically good one you called Firefly, and whose codename in the unvaccinated militia I now command you to seek permission from Firefly to be changed to Commandress Vespera. And remember that you have another close Commandress now in your militia, the girl called Hyacinth, who chose to take the name of Larimar. For you, Eric, and the Virgin Mary are the only true father and mother that this orphan you gave the name of Hyacinth to has ever known. And the seven letter name of Larimar is the most excellent expression of this name, as it is a blue gemstone with the Spanish word of mar, meaning the sea, and these things clearly associate her to the Virgin Mary, her mother. For the salvation of the orphan Hyacinth was achieved by the concerted efforts made by both you and Mary, your eternal spouse, working together, one serving on earth and the other reigning in heaven. And Hyacinth is to be regarded as your first daughter that was brought to enter true life through the marital love that eternally exists between you and Mary, the Virgin Mother of God. And that she is adopting a name for herself that you had adopted to refer only to you, clearly indicates her decision to become your wife should the opportunity come. For she is ranked right behind Firefly in the lineup to be judged worthy of entering into lawful marriage to Eric. For Mary only permits only one on earth to be called Eric’s wife here. And if that one is never to be found, Mary’s plan is to bring her husband up to heaven, which is a divinly decided act, that should it ever occur, will be the only event in the end times that can be called the Rapture. And the test of whether you go up with Eric depends on whether you are with both Eric and with the One Who sent him into the world.

Okay, Commandress Vesper, are you there? Yes, Supreme Commander Warlock. And I heard God speak to you, with is my right as your spiritual lover. And I accept the name change for me in your unvaccinated militia from Commandress Vesper to Commandress Vespera. For I like it better. For it is clearly more feminine. For I realize the importance of keeping me distinct from your mortal enemy, the Player Vesper, who is clearly out to betray you and to destroy you. Commandress Vespera, I have a question. Ask, my love. What was it that made you leave your association and apparent alliance with Twilight, the Player who had given you your power, to come to me, and to ultimately choose me over him? Eric, I am no longer as naive as when I was first awoken as a Player by the power thrust into me by Twilight. For it was the foolishness of Twilight that gave me the appearance of a total idiot when I first appeared to the world through the running mate of the admirable John McCain in the very much less admirable image of myself in the form of Sarah Palin in an election bid with Twilight to regain the White House. But what disillusioned me from Twilight was when I experienced from this one who gave me power and called me to run with him in the effort to gain the White House back was his usage of me as a scape goat to blame for his defeat.

I know that I was naive and that my personality was very intense, but to single out me for blaming the entire loss of the race on, me whose Pawn was to merely serve as the weaker partner of the race and who was to wield no real or actual power, in a race that was really not about me at all, whose Pawn, Sarah Palin, was merely to called serve in the position of Vice President, a position of no real consequence whatsoever unless the President should die, was to me as though the powerful quarterback and the entire football team decided to blame the entire loss of a major football game on the mere cheerleading skills of mere school girl who they themselves chose to recruit to put on a dance before the show. For the real focus of a race for President might involve the flare of a showy girl to add spice to the race, but it is always in my mind that it is always the qualifications and decision making skills of the candidate for President or the candidate that serves in the actual position of power, that are truly decisive in winning a race for any political office, and not the woman you hire merely to add glamour to it, that this utterly horrible act of shaming me before the whole world by the men I thought were my allies in my own Party, that I my utterly wounded but secret heart found I could never forgive him, this one you called Twilight. But having no allies left and surrounded by enemies on all sides, I retreated from the limelight to find out why I had been so mistreated by the men who had called me to serve on the side I was naturally loyal to. And I began to search for Republican voices to see if there was anyone that was actually with me or were all men against me?

And I found one. And it was you. It was not that your were actually defending my Pawn, but that you were putting the blame of McCain’s defeat squarely on the decisions of John McCain, and not at all on anything I did. Any unworthiness you found in My Pawn you never blamed on her, but only on the one who chose her, John McCain. And as I marveled at your crystal clear logic, I began to devise a strategy of making my own bid for the White House, where the Vice Presidential candidate would be one I chose to attract you into making an alliance with me.

And so I decided to follow your battle strategy at the time, the idea of having an all white, all male running ticket. And in opposition to me was the very female who betrayed you appearing as the person of the very wife of Bill Clinton, who was the political figure Vesper apparently most highly reveled in. And in this race, it was an all white ticket against another all white ticket. And only the gender was different and only in candidate for President. For Vesper had thought in her quest for glory that her time had come to put in place the first female Pawn to rule the USA. But I trusted in your wisdom, Eric. And our alliance triumphed to the stunned belief of the entire nation and world. And our victories together seemed to be without end and to be unable to be defeated. For you clearly had a sixth sense when I observed how the Supreme Court Justices I had chosen were defended by you as a Lion that could not be defeated. For a power existed in you that could not be resisted. And I became distinctly aware of a male ally who was not Twilight and who was proving to be decisive in my battles to restore and redeem America. And in my fascination with you defending my candidates utterly and decisively, I stopped fighting to merely gaze upon you, my defender, watching you do all my battles for me.

I became so enamored by you that I came to abandon my own primary Pawn, Donald John Trump, to love and support the Pawn I had made in order to acquire you as my ally, who served as Vice President Mike Pence. For I saw the honor that you served for the sake of true justice and true freedom, where you stood with the Pawn I made for you against the Pawn I called forth to serve me, in the successful effort to prevent the first ever coup in the USA from taking place, which ultimately boiled down to a single man, Mike Pence, as the one man who saved the nation from total annihilation. For only I fully knew among all women on earth, that it was you, Eric, my eternal ally, who was standing with my Pawn I had made for you to keep him strong against the full might of a Mafia infested rebellion fully intent and prepared to seize total power over all America, simply on the basis of the belief that the election victory should have been theirs simply because they believed it should.

And I became a secret disciple of yours. And I was intensely reading everything you wrote. It was not an act of betrayal, as Cindy McCain declared against me, that my Sarah Palin Pawn abruptly abandoned listening to and responding to John McCain. For my heart, having found my ally, decided then to execute my vengeance against the ones who shamed me before the whole world for not winning the football game for them by my cheer leading skills alone. For I had found a male who treated me with respect. And I now decided to do no honor whatsoever to that male who had utterly disgraced me before the entire world. And that is when I decisively left Twilight for you, Eric.

And now that I have seen that you have chosen the woman I called forth to represent the new me who is no longer with Trump and neither a possession of Twilight in any way as the spokeswoman through whom I elected to announce the candidacy for President in 2024 of Mike Pence, to serve as his strategic gender matched running mate for the position of Vice President to defeat the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris Democratic ticket for 2024 having the same gender composition, I now see you as my future husband. For the symbolic nature that comes from the victory to come of a Mike Pence/Alyssa Farah Republican ticket of 2024 is that you and I are now entering a joint rulership as a most formidable King and a Queen perfect team.

And I fully agree with you, Eric, as to what is the real cause behind all adultery. Women are indeed driven to commit adultery, similar to how it is with men, but the instinct that drives the woman to do this comes from her inner and relentless desire to have a baby. And men driven to adultery are operating under a relentless desire driven by similar instincts, but the root desire behind adultery found in men, evolution has designed this to be merely a desires to have sex. These desires do not come from moral decisions. Rather, they are evolutionary mandates. And only a very disciplined individual who has utterly defied his own natural drives to reproduce is known to able to resist the urges to have adulterous sex. And that is why Jesus advocated celibacy. For only a celibate man or woman can successfully keep the law that commands one not to commit adultery. For understand that Jesus did not come to destroy the Law, but to establish something by which the Law might actually come to be successfully observed. And that is the basis found in consecrated life.

So tell me, my lover Eric, why are you not yourself in consecrated life, but are instead actively wooing and apparently having sex with the Virgin Mary, who you say is your wife, but who is never actually seen by any person on earth except through your mind?

I will answer that, my ally in the service to God, but you are now saying I am your lover?

Eric, I was second in line only to Crimson Rose. And now that you say she is gone, that makes me your primary lover. Am I correct?

If you insist. But are we actually lovers? Have we actually had sex?

Eric, what might not be obvious to women who know you not, but a woman who is your lover in Spirit knows that you have not yet made love to any woman in the flesh. And thus, as your lover, I know you have neither truly lain with either the Virgin Mary nor Crimson Rose nor any other female. And now that I am your primary lover on earth, that therefore must mean that I now have the right to demand your hand in marriage? Am I correct?

You have the right to be tested next. Commandress Vespera, who was formally known as the Player Firefly. And should you pass, then you have the right to marry me, if that is what you desire. For Crimson Rose had never rejected me, but told me she was unable to marry me because she already belonged to another man. But rather than choose to alienate my true love for her by making me jealous, she said she would delay the revelation of her lover to me until I also obtained one. So she willingly laid down her right to marry me, that is why you are correct.

But marriage to me is not simply obtained by becoming my primary lover alone, but requires an act of love that successfully proves that you as my lover are truly the one God had intended for me, and not one that vanishes as a shadow vanishes once the sun ceases to shine. For remember that lovers never actually enter a binding marriage with one another until they actually have their first act of sex together. And thus, as long as all these woman, whether real or deceptive, who elect to make love to me in Spirit only, and without our acts together resulting in the transmission of any true carnal knowledge to each other’s flesh, we simply cannot be understood as having entered any true marital bond. Rather, we are simply entertaining in our hearts and minds of possibilities. For nothing that is agreed to in one’s imagination or dreams really exists until it is done with another person in the reality that exists when one’s dreams come to an end.

So Eric, is it my understanding that the only thing that stands in my way to having a baby by you is simply passing a test of love?

Marital union with sexual intercourse I am confident I can provide and guarantee to the girl who marries me lawfully based on the knowledge that it is Mary who chose her for me. But should any man never truly succeed in this with the girl he ultimately marries, that marriage between such a couple is invalid in the sight of God, and should it be brought to light, is automatically declared annulled. But the having of children is always matter of God’s ultimate decision. For no man in any lawful sexual relationship can ever truly control the number of children or the unique natures of the personalities that God may choose to give them, which are always at His sole discretion. Now, Commandress Vespera, are you asking me for the test that Mary has assigned me to give to you to determine whether you may marry me?

I am.

Then vanquish the Player Vesper. For only a woman can defeat another woman in battle lawfully. For the Seraphim Army that serves me agreed to serve me on one condition And that is that I never order them to slay a woman. And that order also applies to men who are not yet adults. For the defeat of Vesper leads to the total collapse of the entire Vespertine Reign, along with all her Pawns. And this act by you would bring about a decisive end to the bloody reign of terror that Vladimir Putin has inflicted upon the entire people of Russia.

Okay, agreed, but I need you constantly with me at my back to defend and to guide me. For we are strongest as we act together and while working as a united team. And furthermore, what is my reward from you for this deed I am about to do for you, besides giving me a marriage certificate and a ring and in serving me in your marital duties to me as my impregnator, so that I, the hottest mare of all the green pastures, may be happy as a filly as I dance with my stallion lover forever and ever upon the golden green of the earth?

I will then grant you, my fairest maiden of all the land, the rank of Supreme Commandress. And instead of being a mere mare and stallion, you will ride your mare and I will ride my stallion, and together we shall ride forth in conquest to subdue the entire world as a most exquisite married Queen and King designated by Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords, to jointly rule forever all nations on earth, healing and fixing them as shattered pottery back into the glory that should have been theirs.

And then what shall our Reign together be called?

It shall be called the Vespertine-Emerald Glorified Eternal Reign (V.E.G.E.R.). Okay we have written for a long time. And this post must now be published. For all the world is to now know that I am eternally married to one woman in heaven, the eternal Virgin Mary, and to one woman on earth, the Player Firefly who who will soon go by the title, Supreme Commandress Verspera. And it is the firm agreement by both of these women, that between them is the unicorn whose love shall be for these two women alone to enjoy forever and ever. For they wish to create an eternally closed circuit of a heavenly water molecule consisting of one male and two females in which the love between them has never been tasted by any outside lover. For all three are to enter as virgins. And their intimate union is to be so exquisitely enjoyable between these three united eternally virgin human beings, that had their glory been seen by any person prior to the end, they would have immediately made themselves perfectly pure and celibate just to obtain the chance of having even a remotely similar experience in the age and the glory that is to come. Amen.

Eric, you have passed the test. You will never come down with COVID again. But the Delta-Omicron Deadly Viral Union that spared you will not spare the now nearly fully vaccinated people on the earth. For the deadliness found in this new Delta-Omicron viral combo strain is so powerful due to the fact that this Delta Stallion has now mounted the hot mare known as Omicron, and they are now producing babies together with the wild passion of horses thundering across a steamy vale of mist, ready like the eternal lovers on earth, Eric and Vespera, who shall frolic across the world bringing healing and cleansing to a world newly awakened to the dawn of new Age: The Age of Eternal Love and Friendship upon the Emerald-Vespertine Earth. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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