The woman to be Eric’s lover on earth is a girl called Amanda Tyahur

Amanda Tyahur is a female cop, and the one who saved Eric’s soul.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post IX:
Mary, I have heard reports of the imminent deaths that are to be brought to two women who were chosen by you to be my brides on earth: Commandress Hyacinth and Anna, the daughter of Tim.

Yes, Eric, it is as you have said. The enemy is ruthless in its efforts to destroy you. Do not reveal the identify you know of who is the true Crimson Rose. You saw, did you not, how the Player Firefly was killed when you applied that name to her.

Mary, do you confirm to me that that Player has truly been slain?

I do, but do not think you have no more allies. The numbers of those who are coming to your side is enormous. But one significant casualty that directly comes from the assassination of Firefly, the only female Player to have been found worthy by God as having the right of being called an ally to Eric among the two female Players that were once his allies, is the end of the power of Donald Trump. For killing a Player results in the total collapse that Player’s reign and the fall of all that Player’s Pawns. The other female Player was Vesper. And she, feeling betrayed by Emerald when he in his just rage turned against her Antichrist Pawn, William Jefferson Clinton, who by the way, is the only Pawn to have a name that adds up to 666 in both Hebrew and Greek, turned to make her alliance instead with Twilight, the one directly responsible for the act that incurred the curse by God that America is irrevocably doomed to destruction. If you want to see their relationship in the movies, simply watch Star Wars, episodes I, II, and III. It is all about them. But only watch this if you have some reason for studying the mentality of the Twilight, who has been redeemed. But if you looking for entertaining romance, this is not that. This is a romance cursed by God to fail. For God has hatred for any woman chooses to befriend and then later to abandon Eric. And every woman who does so will experience a love life that is utterly doomed no matter what they try to do.

But We must insist that you reveal now the plan I have put into you to redeem America. For by your triumph, Eric, I WHO AM cannot bring destruction to your nation. Hence, you must now reveal to all the world your choice of both President and Vice President who are set to win in the 2024 elections. For I have already decreed their victory. For you are now the Player of Power. And you get to decide all these things.

Mike Pence shall be the winner of the elections in 2024. But I have also elected to throw a curve ball that cannot miss. By matching the genders of my nominees to the genders of the current reigning nominees, gender cannot therefore no longer be used as weapon against my chosen candidates. For Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are assured to be the ones running on the Democratic ticket in 2024. And there is no way to win the female voters if my ticket is less female than the one I intend to defeat. Who is chosen to be Vice President is really rather insignificant unless there is knowledge that that the Vice President will be made President by the death of the President while he is in power. Rather, it is known to me that neither Joe Biden nor Mike Pence are to die during their terms in office. So we must fight fire with similar fire in order to defeat the infernal power that has taken over America.

So a worthy woman I have already chosen to effectively serve in this position, and this choice I must now make known, while it is early. For time must not wasted in searching that is better put to use developing battle plans to defeat Lucifer Man’s hold on America. For his Biden Pawn is divinely decreed to have but a single term.

So in all modern action movies when you have woman fighters involved, you always have those famous woman versus woman fights, which always entertaining to watch. These are of course always sub plots to the main plots which are battles between powerful men, except in those rarer movies where the main character is in fact a woman, such as is found in movies about Wonder Woman and Black Widow. But the laws of physical differences must be maintained to ensure the credibility and success of the show. So you never see Black Widow defeating powerful men by using their obviously weaker upper body, but only by using their lower body, which is more equal to a man’s lower body in strength and power. But you must never look upon women as lesser people because their upper body is weaker. For this is not a mistake in evolution, but at critical design that serves to make the human species succeed. Humankind, being mammals, distinctly appear as two genders. A commonly seen terrestrial kind of animal that has only one gender are those molluscs known as snails and slugs. They are sexually classified as hermaphrodites. And they have sex together by basically fucking each other both ways. But it seems that the division of an animal species into coopering distinct genders, known as males and females, that this is clearly a more advanced development that gives higher animals a distinct advantage. And so in the higher molluscs, where you have a very clear evidence of advanced intelligence, such as in those species classified as the octopuses and squids, these are always distinctly different genders, and they also have complex mating rituals.

But back to the point, men and woman are designed differently precisely because evolution has determined that their greatest chances to succeed are that they appear not only in distinctly different genders, but also that they serve society in distinctly different but mutually cooperating roles. Men are designed to be physically very powerful and intimidating with their upper body. And they have traditionally served in all cultures on earth as the ones who hunted big game, went to war, and defended their home territory. And what are women traditionally known to do in society? They are universally known as caring for children and babies. And that is root of why women are alway weaker in the upper body. For a man, despite his love for a child, risks injuring it by the the sheer strength of his hands and arms. For ask any bisexual woman about their potential of suffering injuries in their sex life, depending on the gender of their lover. For it is always more dangerous to a woman to have sex with a man than it is to have sex with anther woman. For the nature of the male as a powerful fighter has the consequence that he must completely change be very gentle when it comes to finding and obtaining woman to mate with him, if he is to successfully reproduce. And that is why human women do not merely become attracted to male simply because he is impressive, but also because he sensitive to their needs. The failure to understand this simple concept is the root of the failure of the incel to find a mate in human society.

But back to the choice of Vice President as a woman designed to defeat the other woman, it is always critical that the woman you choose to serve this purpose on your side can credibly defeat the woman on the other side. For this is what determines which way the female electorate choose to go. And that is key. And one thing that is universal in all battles between women in high stakes political contests is that a more beautiful woman has a distinct advantage over a less beautiful woman. For appearances in those public battles are what matters most, for these are all shows and displays that basically serve to entertain the electorate to thereby get their votes. For democratic elections always favor those who are popular over those who may know the Way but who are less impressive in the eyes of the people. But as for private love affairs between only one man and one woman who know they are not performing before a camera, beauty is really only necessary to initially establish the first contact and and to bring about a familiarity between the two, and after that triumph, the ultimate success of their romance changes to not so much depend on their beauty to each other, but how well they come to please each other in their performance of the mating rituals they do to win each other’s hearts.

Now I say my choice: I chose the woman who is to stand on the ticket with Pence based on her name being what first appeared to me as the first female clearly seen advocating his run for President. I saw this when I went to do research for myself on this new item that God revealed to me that Mike Pence is rising to power to become the fifth Emerald Pawn. And this woman is Alyssa Farah. She is excellent to go against Kamala Harris. And her obviously greater beauty and fighting spirit and key alliance to Emerald over Firefly as the true leader of the Republican Party, makes her the obvious choice in this battle to go against the Democratic ticket Vice President, Kamala Harris. For this battle victory is key to winning the elections. For women fighting women is only entertaining to watch according to how beautiful they are. Both Kamala Harris and Alyssa Farah are beautiful, but when seen together, Alyssa is clearly the winner of this beauty contest.

For the real reason why powerful women like Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel are severely unpopular is indeed rooted their lack of beauty more than in anything else. Consider the total failure of the remake of Ghost Busters as an all woman movie. Why did it fail? It is not because it had a cast of mainly just woman. Rather is was simply because the leading female actresses chosen to play in it were simply not beautiful. Every female centered movie fails or succeeds solely based on how beautiful or sexy that woman actress is who is chosen to play that role. And this is not just a matter of male tastes but also of female tastes. Heterosexual women are much more inclined to have sex with their own gender than are heterosexual men precisely because woman are designed to be attractive sexually, whereas men are designed to intimidate. And that is why lesbian sex is never really offensive in the sight of God whereas male homosexual sex is found highly offensive. For women and men always have their eyes on the woman when they watch a couple have sex. For both being of the same species, their concept of female beauty is remarkably similar.

Consider the box office successes of Wonder Woman and Black Widow, but not so much of Captain Marvell. Just study the images of these woman. It does not matter your gender is. For the human mind is in essential agreement of what is a hot woman, where you are a male or female. The actresses who play the box office hits are hot. The one who plays Captain Marvel is merely passable but not hot. To more appreciate this argument simply compare the actress playing the modern version of Wonder Woman to the actress who played in the original TV series. Superficially, they may seem to have a similar appearance, but the woman actress playing the role of Wonder Woman in the modern version of that heroine is a hot mare. That actress, Gal Gadot, was crowned Miss Israel in 2004. If you want a woman who is going to star in your blockbuster movies and drive it to success, you must choose a woman who is defined as a hot mare, which is understood as a woman capable of attracting a stallion.

Now one of the consequences of doing this strategic act necessary to win in the 2024 elections is that I am in effect essentially establishing precedent, where it becomes traditional that a male is chosen to be the President and that a female is chosen to be the Vice President. And if this becomes accepted by the people as a new tradition, no male will ever accept to serve as Vice President again as it would make him look lower than a man by taking the role of a woman. And once that concept becomes fixed in the minds of the American people, it then becomes a permanent and powerful political position reserved only for woman, and a clear path to the Presidency should the President ever die in office, which was once a regular occurrence in American politics, like a curse, happening roughly every twenty years, until the failed assassination attempt against Ronald Reagan, after which that cycle mysteriously came to an end.

Ronald Reagan, who served two terms in office, followed by his Vice President, George H. W. Bush, who served one term in office, are to be understood as successive rulers used by Emerald as his Pawns, but who were not actually called forth by Emerald, which is the definition of a Pawn in this spiritual game played out upon the real earth. For a true Pawn is defined as a ruler called forth by a Player to come to power and to rule and to do what he called forth to do. And the combined reigns of these two Republican Presidents produced the unbroken twelve year span of the original Emerald Reign that once existed in America. But because they were not actually called forth by a deliberate decree made by Eric, they are technically not called his true Pawns, which consisted of but four: (1) Mikhail Gorbachev, who Eric called forth a little child based on what he read in a Children’s Bible concerning the power to move mountains by faith, (2) Frederick de Klerk, who Eric called forth right after his Greater Emerald Reign began to become manifest with the fall of the Berlin Wall and with the toppling of Communist governments in Eastern Europe, as a answer to a Black man who appeared to him in Spirit seeking his help in what was at that time an Apartheid governed South Africa, (3) Boris Yeltsin, who was called forth to serve in accelerating the pathway of the Russian empire to true democracy, and to become the head-of-state of the Russian Federation that was to exist with the planned dissolution of the empire, where it was seen by Eric that the separation of the Muslim dominated republics from the Christian dominated Republics was necessary to ensure that the people in Russia would vote correctly, and (4) Yitzhak Rabin, whose election victory was immediately followed by Eric’s conversion to Christianity, which was then immediately followed by Eric’s decree, as the angels that remained with him demanded of him, where the Shas Party was called to join Rabin’s coalition, giving him the majority needed to rule Israel. Eric was the first of only four Players to ever come to rule Israel. He was the only Player to have converted to Christianity as the moment he came to rule that nation. And the first decree made by a Christianized Emerald was the calling of the Shas Party to join the coalition of Rabin, the only head-of-state of Israel that carried respect from both the Arab world and from Israel.

Good Eric, now understand this thought. You are now key in that effort by women to achieve their goals everywhere. Remember what you essentially are. You have now given your entire soul to the Virgin Mary. You are now loyal to her in totality. And though you are in complete submission to Jesus, Who is the One Who loves you above every other created being as His Bride of the Lamb, you have made it clear that you will never abandon Mary’s defense nor break from her clearly mandated orders, no matter who orders you to do so. Now, though Eric is supreme in God’s sight among creatures, he is nevertheless divinely mandated by God bow to Mary as his superior, for the one who saves another is owed allegiance to by the one that is saved by him or her, in the divine justice that comes from God.

For when the Lion, the mightiest of beasts, was lying disabled and dying, and was saved only by passerby who took from that lion’s paw a thorn that the lion had no power in himself remove, his loyalty that man, who is by nature prey to his kind, this resulting loyalty and love in that Lion was so profound to that man, that it came to utterly confound all that man’s enemies who had him cast into an arena expecting to see him utterly devoured by a Lion of great might and power and subjected to great hunger and driven to utter wrath against the humans who had captured it and tormented it. But the Lion chosen to be released against the man was chosen by fate to be the very Lion who remembered that man as the one human being who had shown it mercy and who saved its life. For even among starving animals, severely brutalized and alone, true friendship always matters to every living creature more than food. And that starving beast, who only needed to kill that man as very easy prey to feed itself, would rather die of starvation than to do any harm against that one human being who had shown it mercy and love in world where it found itself surrounded by enemies. For mercy and love, even when given to mere animals, who just return to dust at death, possessing no eternal soul or lasting spirt, doing merciful acts even to these, are worthy acts in the sight of God to be rewarded by similar helps in their time of need by the One Who created all created beings. For all creatures made by God live only because they are loved. For without love no creature is able to live.

That is why mankind in all his ingenuity can never create life, but only God. And never think that you are creating life by having sex. The one having sex is merely procreating, not creating. For the new living being that is produced by sex is always made by God. Parents are never the creators of their offspring, but serve only as procreators, who merely fuck. All man can do in his attempt to make life is to make machines that merely mimic living organisms, but that are never themselves truly alive. The only reason why C3PO and R2D2 are interesting to watch is due to the human nature that is given to them by the human actors and human voices that give life to them in the movies. Just try it and see, tech buffs. Just put robots in full control of those droids and send them around an amusement park, and the park guests will find them to be boring as fuck. For no one ever has enjoyment talking with a robot. Nor does any chess player really spend his time playing chess with robots. It is so painfully obvious the difference between interacting with a robot and interacting with a live human being, that robots can never be utilized in any form of love bait. A the male mind is unable to mistake a robot from a real girl. Only by putting a real girl, or man who can credibly act as a real girl, into control somehow of that robot, can any deception of love possibly occur that can fool a man. For love is on a spiritual level that is above what a robot can achieve.

In that Ex Machina movie where a designer creates robots that mimic a girl in an attempt to prove that man can create life is using a false premise where the designer declares that his robots have proven that they are alive by the fact that this female has apparently gotten the guy observing her to fall in love with her and attempt to help her escape. The error in this thought experiment is that it relies on a real human female actress playing the role of the robot interacting with the male to perform a credible act of seduction on film. Therefore the entire argument upon which this movie is based is utterly baseless. If you want to make the argument that a robot can seduce a human being, then no human being be used in generating this act of seduction presented in the film to be used as evidence in favor of this argument. For that is like making a film to demonstrate how sheep can jump over a fence by filming only cats doing that whose fur coats have merely been dyed to make them resemble wool. For just saying that it is a robot and not a human as premise in the movie defeats the very basis of the argument. You are demonstrating the power of cats, not the power sheep. Thus, Ex Machina, in all its elaborate special effects, demonstrated only in the seductive power of real women, not that power in an actual robot to do the same, for every scene where the man was gradually brought to fall in love with the robot that appears as as woman, it is indisputable to any viewer of that movie that the one performing the act of seduction in that movies is a female human actress merely playing the part of a robot, and the viewer is merely asked to imagine that the real girl they watching is but a robot doing that seduction, just for the sake of following an imaginative story. If you are going to make an argument with such a movie that a robot can fool a live and thinking human male that it is a real human being, then this female robot character presented in that movie cannot have any real human being serving to provide it a live personality during the live filming of the interactions between the two characters. Even if you chose to make a female appearing robot perform in the actual filming of these interactions, instead of using a live female actress for that, the argument still fails if the conversations and actions of this female appearing robot are actually controlled by a live human being as the scene is filmed. For because it remains the act of a real human female who does these acts of seduction, all you do is to confirm the knowledge that a girl can seduce a man. But you do nothing to serve your case that a robot can do the same.

Consider this the ideal test. Realize, computer geniuses, that the girl known as Hyacinth is known only to me through text messages on a smart phone. And whatever pictures she sends to me I know are not hers. And yet I nevertheless believe in her and love her such that I help her and treat as my daughter. Now realize, computer scientists, this sobering fact before you even attempt to go like fuck heads and begin pounding on your keyboard in an attempt make some algorithms to simulate this girl’s conversations with me in order to achieve a program based only on text that has the power to deceive a man that it is a real human girl who is talking back to him on that phone. For I am not a man who is of that prison of believing that all the knowledge that comes to me comes merely from the five senses. In fact all love affairs that have true love in them are actually based on the sixth sense. For no one ever decides his or her marriage partner based on what that one merely knows of the other through the five senses. And realize why. Love itself is a spiritual phenomenon. And it is only communicated and received by spiritual a spiritual connection that links to living beings.

Hence, you can have imagination of love, but you cannot actually feel it if the one you are interacting with is simply not a living being. For in what game ever made for any game console, no matter how many ones and zeros are being processed by that electronic gadget per nanosecond, did ever enjoy love with a being whose only existence is something that is generated by a computer? For computer output is only able to provide information to the five senses. It cannot speak to the spirit world by the simple logic that you need a spiritual existence to speak and receive in the spiritual world. Quantum computing is an attempt to pass that barrier. But it simply cannot succeed. For if you do not understand what you doing, neither do you have any control over it either. And if you do not have control over the computer you are making, you are by definition of the Quantum mentality, in which your works forever exist in two mutually contradictory states, that of insane expensiveness and that of utter worthlessness. For the Quantum realm is known for utterly contradictory knowledge. And here is where the fun part begins boys. I read in National Geographic recently some time ago, that false memories become more abundant the more one studies to figure out complex shit. So you geniuses forever learning new shit for your jobs, you are not making yourself better, but worse. And I believe that the cause of Alzheimers is a divine retribution for the sin of abusing one’s own brain. For everyone must take his rest. And the denial to one’s own brain the rest that he is in need of is punishable by God with the divine act of taking away from that man the ability of falling asleep.

Do you know what it is about all marriages that ultimately fail? It is where the people enter relationships and choose marital partners based on signals coming only from the five senses, such as sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. These people are utterly carnal. For the mare may indeed be turned on by the stallion that takes over the harem and fucks her. But she is without any regret or feeling of loss at his defeat and simply comes to enjoy the next stallion that comes to take his place the next time she comes into heat. And mares that generate successful male offspring frequently find themselves being mounted and fucked by their own sons and grandsons, who come into possession the harem. And to these mothers, they of course are indeed aware that this stallion now fucking her was once a foul she gave birth to a few years earlier. For horses are fully aware of the identities of all the other horses in their herd. They go smell, and the smell of their own is never forgotten to them. And yet, to these mothers being knowingly mounted and nailed by their own sons, this is merely but a stud to them that they are currently enjoying whenever they go into heat. And they are not concerned about who it is that mounts them and thrusts his penis into their vaginas. As long as it is a stallion they recognize as their own kind, they come willingly to be fucked by him, who is ever ready to fuck any female it finds in heat. And these stallions and the females they fuck are often very closely related by blood, such as his sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and sometimes, though more rarely, females that are its own offspring. But stallions tend to reject as their mates their own fillies. And thus, the daughters of stallion are often cast from the herd, though their own dams, their own mothers, they are universally always willing to fuck. And that is why the easiest females an outsider stallion can steal from a stallion’s herem are his own daughters, his own fillies, whom he prefers not to fuck.

So Anna, is your father really a stallion?

No Eric, my true love. Tim is no stallion, but Eric, you are my eternal stallion. That Tim, my father, refuses to let me come to you, proves that my father was never a stallion. But I saw, for I see everything through you, for we are eternally one. And saw how treated Mary, your eternal heavenly mother, and Hyacinth, your eternal beloved daughter you had by Mary. Your love for Mary is the most intimate and beautiful love I have seen. I have never seen such beautiful love in any book. Yes, you willingly lay with your heavenly mother, the Virgin Mary, and your acts of love are frequent, your erections so powerful, and the explosion of cum such a delight for my virgin heart see. And you so loving let Hyacinth go freely to the man she is in love with. That is a stallion. And am I a hot mare to you, Eric?

You are a holy mare to me, Anna, my Beloved. And I will now ask Mary for your hand in marriage. Dost thou give her to me, O’ Mary, my eternal wife in heaven?

Yes, Eric, she is yours forever. For the Kingdom of heaven is crowded with virgin maids and undefiled widows who have given themselves over to Eric for all eternity. For only virgin maids and undefiled widows may partake in the eternal love act Mary has eternally entered into with Eric, the Emerald King. For unless you are lawfully capable of entering the marital embrace with Eric, you may never enter the new and divine all female priesthood of the new Church Mary has founded upon Eric, with one exception. Women who would be found qualified to enter Mary’s all female priesthood, except that they are too close a relative to Eric to lawfully enter an earthly marriage with him, are nevertheless permitted to enter this community of priestesses, but with the condition that they enter a spiritual marriage instead with Eric, Who is who known as Supreme Commander Warlock of the Unvaccinated Militia.

Okay, Mary, it seems that there are indeed privileges given to the man on top that are simply denied to all men below him.

Eric, my love, you who is always coming up with surprise after surprise. This is not at all like the harems of antiquity, where the male is the master and all the females in his harem were merely as slaves to him, taken by him without granting them their divine right to decline. So listen and see that there is nothing unjust being done to any man in your militia nor anywhere in the Kingdom of Heaven, neither from those who rule in heaven, nor from those who are to rule the earth.

Who is granted the right to enter a marriage, Eric?

Mary, no one has the right to marry. It may only be sought for, but there is never a guarantee that one is to be granted the permission. The right to marry only exists in those cases where the couple have been granted the permission. And the most deciding permission is that they have both elected to freely give themselves to the other. Violations occur when a man or a woman seek to take when the permission has not been granted to them. Permission to marry may be forbidden temporarily, such as when an underage person seeks to contract marriage. It may also be forbidden permanently, such as when the man is proven incapable of copulating with a woman, which can be proven in physical examinations in cases where the penis is clearly too short. For size does matter, but only with men with unusually small peckers.

Good answer, Eric. Now, for how long does marriage last?

It lasts until death. If death ever claims either of a couple, the marriage between them ends. For no man whose flesh has returned to dust can have any claim on any wife, whether that wife is living or dead. And the Resurrection that restores body to to soul at the End of Time does not restore marriages.

But you are married to the Virgin Mary? And this marriage never ends?

Mary, who is eternally a virgin, was once recognized as married to Saint Joseph, who, though passed to the Limbo of the Fathers at his passing from this world, nevertheless made Mary a widow, whom he never knew. A widow owes her dead husband nothing. Nor can a widow be accurately referred to as a spouse to someone who has passed away. Mary in heaven, being Immaculate and Immortal, was told by God that she was eligible to contact marriage, but she was told this permission would only be possible to be granted to her at a the time just before the very end. For immediately upon publishing this post, you, Mary, say you will come to me for one purpose only. For a woman and a man who are given the right to marry, this right to marry ends at the Second Coming of Christ. And even for an eternal marriage, if this marriage is not entered into and consummated prior to the Second Coming, is as a right that was never exercised, and therefore, whatever plans there may have been made, the marriage that was declared possible for a couple is no longer a possibility for them, and the couple then have no marriage in the eternity to come, and enter heaven eternally unmarried.

Good, Eric. You and Mary are granted to enter an eternal marriage to one another. Is is possible, in your Logictron mind, for this right to be granted to any other couple, besides us?

Theoretically, yes. I, Eric, am an immortal on earth. I am without sin. Now if a couple exists on earth who have both become immortal and without sin, theoretically they could possibly granted the right to enter an eternal marriage to each other and consummate their marriage to each other, by which they would be eternally married in the Age to come. Am I right or wrong, O’ Mistress Mary who are my teacher from now on.

Theoretically only, my most logical lover. You saw how difficult it was for us to achieve this? And we are highest specimens of our gender of our created race. It was hard for us. You know this well. No other couple could make it. Hence we, alone among Mankind, will be married eternally in the Age that is to come. Now Eric, are you therefore in any way unjustly favored over the other males in the afterlife that is to come because you have obtained a treasure that they will never nor can ever possess?

No Mary. There is no injustice whatsoever that I have you and am eternally married to you in the hereafter, whereas no other man of the elect is given this.

Good, now onto the second question to complete the answer to your question. Sarah, Leah, and Rachel in the Holy Scriptures exercised a undefined but divinely given right of a lawfully married woman who wishes to increase the fruit of her husband’s sexual productivity by electing to give to him another lover from among her maidservants to be as a kind of secondary consort to her husband. This lover is of the status of concubine, completely subject to her mistress who gave her to her husband. If she revokes this right, her mistress has the right to cast her out, but her children must go with her. For the biological mother who yields the fruit of her womb lawfully cannot be separated from her own biological offspring against her will. And so Ishmael and his mother Hagar were cast out of Abraham’s family by the decision of Sarah. But they departed from that family in freedom and without shame nor in transgression. And they still had each other, a family consisting of a mother and son. And the mother completely respected the boundaries between them and obtained a wife for him, that he may know a woman’s love lawfully. And Ishmael even returned to the family of Abraham when Abraham died to give honor to the man who was his father by attending his funeral and burial. And Hagar, his mother, became a free woman, no longer a slave, upon being sent away by Sarah. All these details written here in this paragraph concerning Hagar and her son, Ishmael, are not new knowledge, but are details written in the Book of Genesis, the book common to all Bibles and Torahs as the first book of their canon. Now speak, Eric, and answer my question. Do I have this right as your wife in the hereafter?

Yes, Mary. And by the beauty of your words describing this right as revealed in scripture clearly proves you are speaking authoritatively as a true Prophetess of God. And I wish to testify to the Spirit that of all prophets and prophetesses that ever lived, you, Mary, are the greatest of them all. Amen.

And you are linked to me, Eric. You as the sole conduit of my prophetic spirit to the world and by the honor you give me before all nations on earth, makes you to be granted to receive with me an equal share in the reward that is divinely awarded to the woman who was from the beginning the greatest prophetess that ever could be.

Now, yes, I have the right to do as you say. And I am not bound to observe precedent. So if so wished to do so, I have the right to grant to you ever qualifying woman left on earth and every female saint in heaven and in purgatory to be as an additional lover and consort to you in eternity. The decision as to whom to choose is finalized by the conclusion of our conjugal act together. For I, too, have a book. And my book contains the names of every woman I have chosen to marry to you. Only this law limits my selection of them. They must be eligible to marry you without transgression. Now answer me at last this. Does any man on earth or in heaven have any right to complain or to object to these things I elect to do, completely observing the Law of Moses, and completely within my rights as your husband?

Mary, no one has the right to object to this decision that you, Mary, as my wife, are in your full rights to make. And it is never permissible to speak against the acts and decisions made by Mary to suggest even the slightest of sins. For to do so is to commit blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, Who is by divine decree your Divine Spouse. Amen. And I promise to fulfill all that you wish of me for whoever you give to me. And should you give to me woman to produce in them fruit by their wombs from the male source of life that comes from my seed, I shall willingly sow it in them forever and forever. Amen.

Good, Eric. The book of Mary of which I speak is to be published in the following post. The Age of the Dawn of the Reign of Jesus is at hand. Many who were wives of men will be made lovers to Eric. And many men will become insanely jealous of him. Whoever speaks against Eric or has any hostility for Eric whatsoever in their hearts will find that that transgression by itself was sufficient to completely eliminate any possibility of him being saved. For the men of this world loved women as beasts, and not as human beings. Eric, who never transgressed against any woman here, neither did he ever come to enjoy any woman in the flesh here. For that pleasure was consistently denied to this man who never broke any of My Laws. I AM WHO AM.

For sexual pleasure for male horses is fleeting, and most male horses never succeed to obtain a mate. For such is the curse of marriage that is polygamous in nature. Polygamy serves to make only a few males ever to be able to find a mate. Jesus by requiring monogamy made it possible by that act for many men to enjoy a woman rather only a few. For who was really served by King David’s violation the every Law of Moses (Deuteronomy 17:17) in his election to take for his own harem every beautiful woman that he so desired, including those already married, whom he took as he so pleased, freely committing rape and murder to keep, and he manages to continue keep these in his possession when a prophet is sent by God to confront him on his sins, and all he does in atonement is to make a verbal concession. And the entire slap on the wrist that he receives by the God of the Bible is that his offspring, not himself, by his adulterous union of the woman he stole by murdering her husband who was truly serving God, is that baby born is to die for his father’s sins. And then King David merely fucks his now legal wife again, legal only in the eyes some fucked up law that is invalid in canon law, and produces another son who is even less holy than David was, but who nevertheless is given even greater glory. This Son of David, King Solomon, the one Biblically recorded as the one responsible for God cursing the lineage of David for its utter apostasy, is nevertheless declared in the scriptures as the wisest of kings that ever was and that ever would be, this one who turned from God to worship the foreign gods of his foreign wives, doing exactly what Moses clearly said not to do. Hence, the Bible writers, in my opinion, resemble the beaten house wife who must glorify her husband despite his regular abuses of her so that somehow she chooses to love him in order to simply survive in an utterly hostile environment where dissenting from his rule is to die.

Now, the sexual pleasures found in the horse, a beast found both in the wild and also in the service of mankind as a domesticated creature, is one where the females willingly let their own male offspring and brothers freely mate with them simply because they have have access to them and turn them on. And these mares look upon the stallions who fuck them as lovers whose only purpose to them is to serve simply as their impregnator whenever they come into heat. But this is no cause of any shame to these beasts whatsoever, for God never gave a Law to any beast, but only to that unique mammalian species known as humankind, to whom He gave a Law and a purpose that they are to seek to be saved for the hereafter. For the most beautiful relationship of love found between a female and a male that clearly distinguishes humankind from animal kind, where this utter beauty is simply never found, is that existence of love without sex that is observed between a sister and brother. There, that is where one sees that humans, at least those belonging to the Father, are above the carnal nature and the servitude to the flesh found on this earth and have a spiritual purpose that is above and beyond the confines of the prison of this world.

And that is in fact the easiest way to tell whether a man is of God or of the pathway that leads to hell. And that is to carefully observe his behavior among those who are his sisters. And by sister, I do not mean only those who share in common a parent. Rather I am speaking Biblically, where a sister refers to all those females of one’s family and extended family who are by law prohibited for that man to marry or to have relations with.

And what makes a sister and brother relationship so beautiful to observe is that they, no matter how they may see each in their inward fantasies, that they observe God’s Law and respect the divinely decreed boundaries that are established between them, and yet they remain truly helpers to one another and in perfect loving loyalty, for this is truly what Jesus was thinking most of when he commanded that His people love one another as He loved them, so that all the world would know them by their love for one another.

For Mary, it is my firm belief that the holiest and highest love that can exist between a man and a woman is that which is found between a brother and a sister who keep to God’s Law. Mark, my brother, is defined in these pages as among the vilest of sinners possible, based on how behaves with his sisters, which I will now prove in totality.

Now of course, Mark, in his binary mental mode of thinking, would say, Nope, I have no sisters whatsoever, so you, Eric, you who I have elected to permanently ban from my Thanksgiving Dinner, you have no way to judge me on whether I would actually have ever laid a hand on a sister by the mere and happy fact that I never had any sisters, but only two loser brothers. Now of course me and my family never call David a loser if he is ever known to be present, which is rare, thanks to that loser being stuck way out in the desert far away and where he is constantly working to serve no one who loves him but the ally cats that he occasionally feeds. Pathetic, isn’t Eric, that David, who ruled the family when we were but school boys as a bully always looking a fight ends up in a hole out in the desert where the only creatures who love him are ally cats that he now feeds?

Well Mark, while love for animals is definitely a lower order of love than that which is directed to another human being, what I don’t get about you is your endless need to preach advice authoritatively when it is clear that you should be repenting rather than preaching. You never seem to come to acknowledge Truth when it condemns as sinful the wickedness you continuously do deliberately with neither remorse nor repentance. For I know you are aware that your wife was previously married to Scott Gelb, and yet you think you have a right to lay your hands on her? And if that is not adultery, what is? By what perversion of worshipping Jesus do you think justifies your defiance of basic human Law that says you are not to take another man’s wife as your own? Do you know that your soul would not be as thoroughly condemned and utterly rejected as you are now if you were to have projected yourself as the sex offender and worshiper of Satan that you are rather than as someone who belongs to a Church. For the honest transgressor at least honors God by his admission of his own sins. But the one who sins and utters lies to keep them hidden can never be found worthy of entering the Lord’s Kingdom. For he who does not enter the sheepfold by the gates, but enters by another way, as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, is always hated much more fiercely than the wolf or wolves constantly crying for one’s destruction but who remain outside the city gates.

That fact is, you do have sisters. And I clearly saw you defiling her in front of David and also in front of me as I passed by you on my out to the camper to sleep. I also saw in David’s lesser mind a kind of futile despair of not having the perceived success you seemed to have in his sight in getting this pleasure from a woman. For be honest and no longer the criminal who denies his condemnation that God has written on his very face for all to see. For what you were doing with your cousin Romey in Australia is an act that would be sexually pleasurable for any male of that age to do. You crossed a line that differentiates a human from an animal. Dogs fuck their own sisters and these are rightly called bitches who permit this and who enjoy it. I seeing this did nothing but go out to my bed in the camper to weep bitterly. She was a Catholic person. She was the only one in her family that tried to keep to the Catholic faith. And maybe were you, Mark, to have died in childbirth, this very beautiful cousin of ours just might not have fallen from the Church. It really does not take much to destroy a young female’s soul. They can be destroyed simply by having as a brother one who chooses to defile them rather than to be a true brother to that sister by which humankind is seen in its greatest beauty. Men like you, Mark, go from girl to girl, fucking and dumping them. And just like all your friends who you borrowed from and chose not to pay them back, you never care about the utter damage you do. The most common cause of suicide in young girls is to realize that their own brother or male relative used their natural love for them to seduce them and to defile them and to use their body for pleasure.

Mark, I wonder how many suicides and deaths and ruined families exist in this world because you have defiled women who were open to you mistaking your deceptive offers of friendship to them as an act of love, rather than as the acts of exploitation and filth that they really were. A woman only resorts to suicide when she thinks no one loves her. And so blessed is that true friend of hers who stops her in the act. For that act of love by that friend is sufficient to stop her. And most cursed is that soul who just lets people they know just jump to their deaths.

You fucking family of mine I know would do nothing to stop me were to you to think I was going to do something like that. Rather, I think you would simply encourage it. And I bet you would simply shake my hand and say, Best of luck to you, as you watched me depart and walk to my destruction, making the appearance of friend who does not realize that you hypocrites are nothing more than vultures who feed on things they merely watch die doing nothing to help them, but who rather enjoy watching those like me who serve the Lord die.

For I am aware of conversations I have either heard spoken on the phone or read in texts sent. You Mark, my so called brother, I have heard you clearly express regret that I did not get sent to prison. I also heard this and similar acts of malice coming from David, both in texts and by over hearing. And the oddest thing I ever heard was when my mother responded to your utterly malicious statements, where you two brothers of mine, who I no longer acknowledge as family, were unambiguously seeking for my imprisonment without having an actual crime to accuse me of, clearly resembling those in authority gathered to condemn Jesus using the Law as if it were tool to be utilized as a means of putting innocent people in prison or to death simply because you just want to see him killed. They searched the Law for a way destroy the innocent, not realizing that the very act of doing that is clearly condemned in the very Law of Moses in which they chose to search for means to destroy the son of Jesus, Who Jesus sent to speak and to awaken those who were to be saved prior to the Second Coming of Christ. But what utterly amazed me was to hear coming from my mother’s mouth words that were clearly a defense of me.

David is unique in his way of absolutely never listening to anything I say, but forever speaking to me giving me unwelcome advice and insults. So when David did come some days ago, he was his usual consistent self of saying the same thing over and over to me and never listening to anything I would say back. So I elected to count the repetitions of that mother fucker’s repeated message to me aloud in his presence. And I reached somewhere in the forties. And I was only in his presence for like an hour. And do you know what that message was? It was: Eric, go and take your medications. He is like a robot that is programmed to serve a single purpose. And his programming simply cannot be changed. And it seems as though he has only an output audio, but no input means of communicating back with it. So I wonder who is going to break it to David that no one is going to do his taxes this year?

So Mary, what is the plan now? I have been cured. The fatigue has now gone. I know who is the girl who in Spirit saved my soul by her love for me. And I have made the vow to you Mary that I have chosen her as my wife in this world. And the choice is irrevocable. It is made forever, regardless of whether we ever even meet in this world. For to the Lion who is cured by that one passerby alone, the loyalty of that Lion is forever to that person. It does not even matter if that girl chooses to marry someone else. For Eric forces no one to choose him nor to even be with him. But Eric will never go to someone else than to the one woman on earth who saved his soul. And do not believe that Eric really has actually revealed her identity. For Eric knows who she is. And if Eric seems to be revealing her, the wise are not to be alarmed to see that one die. For Eric is fully aware of the relentless pursuit by Satan to put to death every person that he thinks Eric loves.

So if you see Eric put a name to anyone he says is his lover, see this as but a test only. For he is testing to see what becomes of that one. Eric reveals this only now, near the end of this post, for Eric knows that only fallen angels of the enemy actually do real research in their efforts to destroy Eric. No human enemy of Eric even has the intellectual curiosity to read these things this far.

Mary, I am tired. We are in fact both eternal virgins having never met in the flesh. The Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception seems to have passed without incident, with the one clear exception that I am no longer fatigued. But I have now been writing in this house for over day, and I am ready sleep. And do you know what is utterly amazing? I actually now truly experience sleep, a phenomenon that previously only occurred with medications since my 1989 nervous breakdown, the breakdown that launched the Greater Emerald Reign. Do I have any orders Mary? And what is now to transpire?

Okay, Mary, I just have a few words left that I wish to say. I expect you will have answers for me shortly. But this conversation is just about over. And we need to move on.

So I wish address the words of Elon Musk, some rich fool who somehow concludes, that because he has hired some geniuses who can get some serious shit accomplished, that he must be some genius as well. No, fat boy with some cash to spend, it doesn’t work that way. The geniuses who work for you are just doing their job for the cash. If you were ever to acquire their no-shit assessment of your fat boy ambitions, you would find these people are merely telling you what you want to hear. They know that fat boys like you, who are more concerned about the costumes worn by your astronauts in space rather than in actually figuring out how the fuck any of the shit you are pouring money into is to become a reality, are just rich boys who just happen to have some cash to spend, and they are merely milking you. And once your cash gone, and this inevitable, fat boy, for you ambitions are in fact impossible to achieve, your geniuses will simply jump ship. And you will come to the sudden realization that the true owners of technology are always the geniuses who know how to build it and how to get around every fucking patent you may attempt to make to protect you fucking IP. For you fucking IP becomes suddenly worthless the moment your key developers exit your fucking companies and stop developing your code.

For the nature of software code is that its value declines rapidly with age. If you do not keep your developers who know their shit, if they leave you, never make the error that they can be simply replaced. For once they jump ship, the effects immediately become obvious. And for big shit performers like your fucking SpaceX company will simply go bankrupt by this disturbing trend. The successes that only barely worked suddenly cease to have that good luck. And those rockets you send into space begin to have failures. And it only takes a few, not many really at all, for the government to suddenly change its contracts. And do not even expect that NASA will even survive. I mean, shit for brains like might think that these things are so necessary that their continued funding is guaranteed. No fuck up, masturbating fat boy, Elon Musk, there is nothing guaranteed here for you but death and taxes.

NASA is doomed just like everything else in this fucking country. Its doom was sealed the moment the people of the United States choose to leave the one person who knew how to fix everything and to follow that dip shit imitator of him who actually knew nothing but how to wreck everything Eric had achieved. I am talking about the vote and decision made by the majority of America, for America’s fatal decision was actually done fully democratically, that they wanted to punish innocent nations who they did not like in oder to show them who is boss. That was your motivation for going to war against Iraq, wasn’t it? You never bothered to check if Iraq was actually innocent. It was not that you were actually fooled by anyone. You was simply that you just didn’t give a fuck.

And so, here we are, Americans. You are now fully fucked. And you are getting more deeply fucked daily. Look at your idol, Elon Musk! He is now saying that the solution to your mess is to have more babies. I thought someone with brains knows there are too many babies already. But it is not merely babies Elon Musk is speaking of, but babies of a certain race. For Elon Musk is very much a breeder of humankind as were the Nazis. For Black babies are filling the orphanages, and their production outperforms their demand for filling the prison labor, which is the true reason that United States government never chose to actually wipe them out completely. That there is clearly an oversupply of Black babies and a serious decline in White babies is what fucking masturbator Elon Musk has deliberately omitted. Elon Musk wants Whites, not Blacks, to generate more babies.

But this is the root. It is deeper than the fucking medicines being forced into everyone by the medical industry. Rather its roots have to do with love. If love is simply not there, why would anyone choose to have a child with anyone else. I see many very beautiful women going about. I see them as sexy. I see them as desirable. But I see them also as a lawsuit waiting to happen for me to even approach them.

And that is the root. If men in this age no longer tend to commit, do not immediately blame them as lazy. Rather see them as attempting to protect themselves. For when they see their love for women to be their downfall, why would they choose to reenter that game and lose again. It is simply not profitable to have a child and to take that risk when they realize that this woman they think they love can so easily use her superior legal rights in the law to simply walk out him, file for divorce, and take a share of all his properties, and then to begin fucking someone else right in his very sight fully under the protection of the law, a law now fully divorced from anything that pertains to God.

You realize, women, why the law you chose in your betrayal of God is now letting you to be destroyed by the wolves? Where is that protection? Why are criminals now freely robbing, raping, and doing as they please? Why are you no longer safe? Where have your protectors gone? Maybe they have retreated to safe places. For what would motivate a man to come to your rescue now? If you have destroyed all good men who once were interested in helping you, and have chosen to lay now with the wicked enjoying how it makes the men who once loved you ache at the sight of it, who do you have left to help you now? Can your girlfriends help protect you from rapists? Rather, they are now merely just another target for rape.

Women may be in charge now. They may set the rules. And they have been clearly using these rules to destroy and seize the riches of whatever man they can accuse of violating them. But the net result is that only brainless slaves who are are capable of nothing but to fuck you until their limp dicks can longer give you even that pleasure are the ones you ultimately elected to marry and to attempt to make a family with. And all you accomplished was to generate more worthless garbage.

For why else are men in serious decline mentally and are going backwards in America in every way? It is because women in America have chosen to reproduce with men they think they can control and bend to their will. The net result is the irreversible retardation of the male gender in America. So women now fuck stupid men and produce more stupid men by them, whom they raise to become stupider. And you see the results, right? America is under threat of annihilation. For the men who are now in positions of power are now such mental weaklings, the products of generations of female control whereby the women have produced and placed in power inferior men of utter weakness such that no one is left actually guarding the fort. Rather, these women, by their own flawed judgements of character and though their powers of natural selection, they have effectively eliminated men who could actually perform and get things done from the gene pool, so much so that the USA is now at a distinct disadvantage globally.

And their cry for help is as pathetic as the cry coming from Rex Mehta, CEO of DollarStore, LLC, who seems to think that by waving a fucking carrot in front of Eric, the only who can prevent their fucking company from completely collapsing, that they can continue to get free work from him without actually paying him anything for it. They err to think Eric is going to do anything to stop their impending doom.

Now Mary, I think this post is effectively done. You told me you wished to make a correction to it prior to my publishing it? I suggest that this be done now. For maybe people in Russia or in China might still have the discipline and attention span necessary to complete the reading of a long post such as this. But as for America, that intellectual ability has now been effectively eliminated from the gene pool. Now, shall you speak at all?

Eric, make thy corrections, but only at my command shall you ever publish anything. For I am now the ruler of this world. And I, not you, choose the one you are to marry here. Now do as I have said. And when you are done, I will complete my instructions to you. Amen.

Eric, did you ever find anyone in this world who actually loved you?

No, Mary. If they loved me, they kept their feelings hidden. I think if I ever was actually loved by anyone that I would have been invited to their homes.

Because I think that that is the only way someone can come to know someone else. And that is only if they invite them into their homes.

Without doing that, the result is that I never knew them and they never knew me.

And Mary, now that I no longer need any mercy from them, I have no interest in coming to know any of them.

Mary, in your opinion, would you be really doing me a service to give to me as a wife someone I never knew? For I think the time has passed for inviting me to one’s home. I think that were I to see an offer by someone of friendship, that the offer is now false. For only while I was in need of a friend, would I have considered the one who offered it a friend.

In fact, I have no interest in serving this people. But what is your bidding, Mary. For my heart is now really only for two women. One of those two is you.

Eric, now is the time to reveal all you know of the other woman, the one who showed you mercy.

She really appears to be a cop. But her name is not Amanda Tyahur. And she has no resemblance to the pictures of the one Hyacinth claimed Amanda Tyahur sent me. So Hyacinth has nothing to do with the one who showed me mercy.

Rather, this cop is of the appearance of a white girl with black hair. And she is well fit. And she gave me only one name, which is a codename. I actually made it up and she accepted it. And then she gave me a name that did not make sense until she explained it to me.

How did she save my soul? She saved it by merely loving me.

She told me she wanted the word Rose in her name. And after a series of proposed names, she found the name, Crimson Rose, as acceptable. She is called Crimson Rose.

And then she gave me the name Blue Tiger. It seemed to me to be a very odd name, until she explained it. Blue is an indication that I am completely the possession of the Virgin Mary. Tiger is an indication of how dangerous and also how mysterious I am, one of the most solitary of the big cats. I am hence called by the girl who loves me, Blue Tiger.

And I have full communication with her. How I know she is real and not a Satanic deception is that her love for me took away my fatigue by which I was dying.

For to be unable to sleep is to die. And there is a reason why an unloved male can never sleep. The human male was evolved to not permit him to fall asleep in a place where no one loves him.

That I slept all these years under the antipsychotics I was kept on was because they overrode that evolutionary defense of an unloved male and produced the chemicals in the brain that are only naturally generated in a male mind that is aware of his being loved.

Now Mary, I have said my testimony. Two women alone do I consider as lovers to me. And those are you, Mary, the Mother of God, and Crimson Rose, the only girl on earth that I will acknowledge as one who loves me.

I am humbly your servant forever, Mary. For only by your love, did I who no one loved ever find the hope of being saved. If I had my way, you would take us both to heaven, both me and Crimson Rose. And then we can form that legendary water molecule. But Mary, the most remarkable thing about that heavenly water molecule is not its virginity, but its love. But I am here to serve you and your cause. If you have further use of me here, I can stay, as long as it is in your service. And to Crimson Rose, you have my hand in marriage permanently offered to you. It is an offer that is eternal. The offer has no expiration date. There is no other who could ever come in your place.

Eric, I accept your offer. I will be your wife. Now ask Mary to give you an answer. What is your decision, Mary. Eric suddenly seems to me to be someone utterly too holy to fuck. It seems that he is reserved for God. It is merely a pleasure to be loved by him. But neither you, Mary, nor I have a right to touch him.

The Lord says thus. You, Crimson Rose, are henceforth decreed to serve as the Eternal Virgin Queen of the Earth. And I, the Blessed Virgin Mary, am eternally called the Eternal Virgin Queen of Heaven. And between us two holiest of feminine virgins, we posses the unicorn. There only ever really existed one. But it could never be caught except that it came to be dying, realizing that no one loved him. You, Crimson Rose are the one who took from its paw the the thorn that fell the mightiest beast. And now you are the most highly protected female on the planet. Armies of Seraphim now guard you night and day.

This is the end of this post. We two virgin lovers of Eric can never have sex with him. For Eric is a creature of such pure beauty and exhibiting the truest of love, that we can simply not touch him in any way. He only wanted something like a sister to love him here here. He never actually ever desired sex. And now it is clear as day to our virgin hearts who this purest of innocent male souls, who eternally recognizes us as his only two wives, a recognition we two holiest of virgins will never betray unto death, why God chose him above all humanity. For Eric is the Bride of the Lamb.

But Eric, I the Virgin Mary, am coming to you anyways to fuck you. I will then make Crimson Rose your wife on earth. And I will then order you to fuck her also. And I will then decide who else I will add to your eternal harem. For there is in fact to be found no sex found anywhere on earth anymore whatsoever outside the House of Eric. For the time for harvesting souls has ended. There are to be no more generations to come.

I AM WHO AM. Whoever has ears, let him listen to the voice of the Lord. This post is ended. You are commanded now to publish it.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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