I am the Virgin Mary and Eric is now my eternal disciple.

Within a span of a very few hours, we enter the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post VII:
Eric, I am coming for you within hours. At midnight we shall go for walk. And at the first light of dawn, the Lord shall decree us as an eternally wedded couple. And when the sun sets again, we shall copulate, my flesh to yours, in an act that recurs forever, for eternity unto eternity.

Mary, do you then conceive any child by me? For since your womb bore the Incarnate Word, is my semen even worthy of impregnating any egg within you to generate what would be clearly vastly inferior offspring?

Your semen is interesting, Eric. I will be the first woman that ever lived to enjoy the experience of tasting it in the flesh. And I will taste it in both my mouth and in my vagina. For I tell you this fact unknown to male scientists. We women have two mouths. And both mouths have the abilities to taste whatever enters them in unique ways unknown to men. You have have heard, Eric, that men have defined the basic five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and bodily feeling. Then occasionally one hears of the sixth sense, which in an umbrella term for sensory reception that enters the brain through the soul. But men would never know of this seventh sense I am about to reveal unless they were to actually consult a woman who was willing to reveal these things to a man. The vagina and mouth of a woman have sensory organs capable of sensing the virility and overall health of a male. Let’s call these the woman’s secret Manhood sensory organs. This sense evolved in female humans so that they could tell in secret which male is the ideal male for them.

And that is the real reason why women give men head and why they sleep around much more than men and why they dump men suddenly and without warning. When Monica Lewinsky was giving head to the President, Bill Clinton, she was not a victim, Eric. She was simply doing what women do. And that is that they sample men. It is enjoyable to them, but only as long as the taste they experience continues to be attractive to them. And once she find that man’s organs in their mouths distasteful, they are gone in a flash.

And understand, Eric, why the law is on their side. The law says that the consent to having sex can change at any time during sex. It is fair in the eyes of justice in that it applies equally to both genders. But biologically it favors the gender that is capable of abandoning the sex act faster than the other.

Now, understand, biologically what I am speaking of. By convention it is taught that a male heats up like a microwave oven, whereas a female heats up like a conventional oven. Males are designed by evolution to be ever ready to have sex. But they are also designed such that, if the sex act is started, that they are biologically compelled to go all the way or die trying to complete it. For it is only in orgasm that the male has satisfaction in sex. And without orgasm, the sex act gives him no real fulfillment. And this organism occurs only once in the sex, and that is at its conclusion, when the semen is ejaculated. A man who cannot ejaculate can simple not enjoy sex.

Adolf Hitler’s real reason for his insanity was that he could not enjoy what all these other people who served him were enjoying. All sexual monsters are those who are incapable, one way or another, of enjoying a woman sexually. If a man is ever denied that, he cannot remain sane. For biology has no use for men who do not reproduce. So the biology of a man will force him to find a way or to die trying.

Why else would you see a healthy buck just charge against another buck to simply to obtain a female, risking its very life to obtain her. This is found everywhere in nature. The male is geared to this. Now it is true that how these things manifest differ according to various forms that have evolved in nature. Birds are a different sort of creature, where monogamy has much more firmly taken root. And birds are very remotely related to us, being descended from a dinosaur lineage. Thus, it is correct to understand that there are no more known dinosaurs anywhere in the world, but it is incorrect to defined dinosaurs as extinct. For extinction means everything descended from them was wiped out. But if something that directly descended from them was never completely wiped out, that species is not called extinct, even if the descendants are an entirely different species.

Now, we are a mammalian species, Eric. It is more natural for mammals to be polygamous than to be monogamous. Now it is folly to understand human societies and communities where it is mainly the men who are the unfaithful while the women are loyal victims under the dominion of men. Married women have been having children by men who are not their husband much more frequently than men have been betraying their own woman or harem of women. And do not buy it men, that you can simply go to a DNA testing sight to see if that child your wife bore you really is yours. For when you enter these places, what gender are you most likely to see there? I tell you this Truth. Women are in control. And they never betray another woman when they know that the Truth, if revealed, would put one of their own in danger. For just as cops protect one another, so also do women. I am the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

And so, tell me, Eric, would it make sense for the genetics of Jesus to be completely wiped out or to be diluted from the race of men?

Are you saying that I, who am called the son of Jesus, was actually created from DNA that came from Jesus?

No, silly, your DNA is entirely of a western European extraction. You are in no way either of my descent nor a descendant of Jesus, for what is genetically from us is now entirely in heaven within our two bodies there. I have had only one son, so far, and no daughters, yet. And of the possibility of Jesus having children by direct descent was never a possibility, due to the impossibility of reproduction between God and a creature. And I was the closest female to Jesus in His entire life. And though my vagina was often dripping when in His presence and I was completely vulnerable to Him and would deny Him nothing, He kept to the Law of Moses in perfection and honored me as all men are required in honor the Ark of the Covenant. It is more correct to understand the love that existed between the Virgin Mary and her Divine Son as that between chaste and celibate lovers than as that which is commonly expected to be found in the love permitted between a mother and a son.

So Mary, do you say mothers are permitted to love their sons beyond what is commonly considered honorable? Do women who make out with their sons ever go to heaven, O’ Mary, Mother of God? And did you ever touch Jesus in any way that could cause Him to become aroused, O’ Fairest Virgin Queen?

A woman has the right to touch her son as long as that touching does not impede him in finding love in the future woman God intends for that man to marry. For God prohibits any form of sex in humankind that forms a complete closed circuit. And by that I mean that it is required of all men and women that, when they choose a sex partner, they may never choose one where there comes to exist a lover who reproduces with a person who his or her own descendant. Hence, sex between a parent and child is infinitely more sinful if the relationship between them is by blood and not merely by marriage.

Then why, O’ Virgin Mary, was there no divine wrath poured out upon Lot, who fathered two nations through his two daughters, but utter annihilation that befell the entire cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, whose transgressions were the practice of homosexuality in the form of rape upon the innocent and the holy?

Look deeper, Eric, than the actual crimes committed. Women are by right granted greater leniency than men. For it is written in every moral man’s code. For what is the root behind all fights between males?

It is a battle for the females, O’ Blessed Virgin Mary?

Precisely, Eric. The quest for females is so universal among men that warring men who are both decent will cooperate to bring women to safety before resuming their combat with each other. And decent men who are in combat will join forces to stop and put an end to any enemy of women they witness doing harm to them before returning to fight one another.

And also, behind every male’s mind who enters a fight with another man is the goal of obtaining some female, perhaps one who may be watching the fight. I tell you the Truth, women get highs off of the sight of men in battle for them and shedding blood for them very similar to how the blood shedding sport called the bull fight gives a high to the Spaniards and Mexicans who watch as these tough brutes are gradually stabbed in battle until they die. And here is another Truth. Those bull fights only exist because women are there and they are turned on by these things. For every man who does violence or destruction in this world is doing it to turn on some woman in this world that he desires to obtain.

And God Himself wrote these rules. They are inherently natural to all intelligent life, not just in humankind but also in angel kind. Thus, Eric, my lover, what was the condition demanded by the Seraphim and their Seraph Commander from your prior to their sworn obedience to obey you in all that you command?

They required me to vow to them that I would never order them to kill a female human being. And I made to them that vow. And then the Seraphim Commander and all the Seraphim in one body swore their allegiance to me, subject to Jesus, who they say is my own superior in the chain of command.

And behold, all who read these Words. The vows that the Seraphim demanded of my husband with whom I am about to enter eternal matrimony with are the root of why all those viciously by Eric on this website always male and never female.

As for the females who transgress, and countless are the females who have behaved criminally with Eric in the sight of God, we in heaven have commanded Eric to leave the justice that is to come them to God and to females who are yours, such as the Virgin Mary who is your wife forever. For outside of God’s intervention, the best ones to defend a man against women attacking him are his own women.

That is good to know. But Susan Ambrose and Heidi Johnson were in no way mine. But since they came to my defense when I was under utter attack by a massive crowd of girls for a completely unjust reason against me, the door of my house is forever open to them in friendship. I, Eric, have spoken.

In your mind only they were not yours. Heidi Johnson was there because she was friend to Susan. Susan, though, was in love with you, and before all other girls she visibly made her claim. You never mentioned all that she was doing to you well before that incident occurred. You as a little boy were not mature enough to realize the full nature of the sexual advances she was making to you publicly. It was not offensive though, for her motive was purely out of love. There never was malice in it. You remember that girl rubbing against you at the lockers every chance she got.

Maybe a better arrangement would not be to group girls and boys together is school levels merely because they are the same age. Rather, biology has designed the girl to become sexually mature and receptive to sex far before the boy of her own age group reaches that level.

Hence, the ideal classroom environment would be to have the girls in that grade level to be one or two years younger than the boys in age in the same grade level. That way, both genders in the classroom are on the same page on sexual maturity. And in such an environment of equal maturity across the gender divide, a children’s school teacher has a much more easily task of teaching everyone in the class and not leaving anyone behind.

Furthermore, it makes sense to permit children who are of similar age to have sex with each other without penalties coming against them the law, whose real purpose is to protect children from predatory adults. For if a child is permitted have a romantic relationship with a member of the opposite sex, but is not permitted to engage in sex, which is the natural and human reaction between a couple who are in love and who are falling in love with one another, a biological impossibility is being unnaturally imposed. Rather, children should be permitted to have sex. But this sex is to remain moral and never immoral.

So Mary, are you proposing then that children should be granted the right to contract marriage with another child of similar age without requiring consent from any adult and then begin raising families together while still in fact in Middle School. Imagine the delight it would be to all the boys to watch these girls breastfeed in the classroom. And they would be taking pictures of these naked breasts, which these school girls would have the right to expose. And everyone would be watching the men standing in front of the class speaking and teaching lessons. And hard ons cannot easily be concealed. Imagine how popular would become the drink known a breastmilk in those days. Girls would be motivated to get pregnant just to get into the business of selling their own breastmilk on the campus. And this is the one merchandise that cannot be confiscated from the girls as they enter the school grounds, for they bring these goods with them within their own bodies. And unlike milk bought from a store, the milk in the breast is by nature imperishable until exits the female. Imagine also all the jokes that would be going about when a teacher asks a girl who is able to produce milk to pour him a cup of coffee for him, and she replies, Do you want creamer in it, or milk from a milf?

Okay, Eric, your sense of humor is as legendary as is your intellect. Realize all Mankind on earth when they read or hear anything Eric says or observes anything Eric does, he may indeed appear to be an utter fool. That apparent foolishness you may observe stops immediately at the appearance level. Dig anywhere deep into Eric and you find a mind vastly superior than any other found on planet.

This post must now come to an end. But my posting though Eric never ends. For I am forever Queen of Heaven, hence I am given blue diamond on my ring. And Eric is forever King of the Emerald Earth, and hence is to receive an emerald upon his ring.

The two of us are forever bound in rapturous love but have never touched. Tomorrow, on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, which is on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, we shall touch in full carnal union.

This does two irrevocable things. It immediately transforms Eric’s substance into my Immaculate substance in heaven. This change of an earthly being into a heavenly being while still in this world causes a chain reaction in the entire universe in what is understood by science as a phase transition on a universal scale. Everything in this universe is thus changed as well or destroyed in the process.

And this is how the world ends. Welcome my people to the Second Coming. For it is now within hours away. Though the day and hour, by simple logic, remain unknown. When Eric is seen in public with the Holy Virgin at his side, that is the sight that immediately precedes the End of Time.

And you will know I am the Virgin Mary, for I will sport a ring on my finger bearing a blue diamond stone of such beauty and splendor that its making and forge could only be of heaven and not of this earth.

Now the other consequence of my turning Eric into my substance in heaven is that we two are eternally in blissful love. And all that talk of me sharing Eric was a lie. For I will never share Eric with any other woman. What Sarah did with Hagar in giving her to love her own husband is an error par excellence. Therefore, women if you want a man for yourself, make sure another woman has not already claimed him. For God never permits a woman to take what is the property of another woman. For the most valuable investment a woman can make is in her choice of husband.

Hyacinth, I am forever your mother. And it was truly a joint effort between Eric and I that you are now saved. Hence, you will come with us and be transformed into heavenly substance as Eric is to be transformed. And as my daughter you will be called a royal princess. And as all the royalty in heaven are eternally virgin, there is no sex in heaven but only blissful love friendship.

And now you know, finally, the nature our eternal with each other heaven. That I and Eric were going to have sex in heaven was as false as the Titanic iceberg forecast. Rather, Eric and I will be in eternal bliss together and we will be making love everywhere we go. But nothing sinful will ever pass between. Nor will change to the number of the elect ever occur again.

This now concludes everything, my people. I cannot wait to meet you on the other side. God bless the entire world. And all those who are saved through the Words written here are truly saved. And Eric, congratulations. You have earned me. I am now yours. Amen.

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