Revelation of the Weakness of Eric

Eric reveals that he is utterly weak.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post VI:
Lord, I wonder if my weaknesses are a sign of my being infected by COVID-19?

Good observation, lord Azurite. But do not be concerned, for those I have favored as I have favored thee shall never taste death. Remember your title, lord Azurite. You are the angel of death. And now you know just how it is now being accomplished.

Lord, I finally revealed to the head of the men’s group at Saint Bruno Catholic Church that I cannot attend the meetings he keeps messaging to me in the consistent and rhythmic pattern of a woman’s menstrual cycle, that I simply cannot attend these meetings because I will be arrested if I ever set foot again on dick sucker Dave Heney’s spiritual dominion, known as the Accursed Church of Saint Bruno of Whittier, California, USA. And I had thought, mistakenly, that David Zofrea, valiant leader of the men’s group at Church, while a little man in appearance, but mighty on the inside, might have done something more for me than what the vulture does for the dying while watching them die.

Eric, before you write another word, understand that you are saying personal things about real people that deeply affect them.

Lord, I fully understand this. So I will indeed make a truly genuine effort to keep the facts clear, straight, and accurate. For I wish to be known as a Truth Teller. And if reputations are brought to utter ruin by my Words, I always strive to keep my Words fully aligned with the Truth. And I actually do a great service to all those I reveal their most intimate and private transgressions before the entire world, bringing them to utter disgrace. For it is far better that one receive one’s condemnation and disgrace here, then to wait until it is revealed there, at the Judgement Seat of Christ. Hence, I will make all reasonable efforts not to misrepresent the words losers like Dave Zofrea say in their projections of themselves as leaders of Catholicism but who are actually quite questionable concerning their moral character the closer one looks at them.

For just why is it that Dave Zofrea, who has been married for so long, only has one daughter? I can think of only three possibilities. (1) The couple lost their ability to reproduce. (2) The couple mortally sinned by electing to actively prevent more children from coming into the world from their love acts together. (3) The couple decided to change their marriage to something of a Josephite nature. Only number 2 of that list would make, if true, Dave Zofrea ineligible to serve in a leadership position in any valid Church or any valid religious organization belonging to God. And also, if true, then Dave Zofrea has been a sacrilege junkie for ages, and this would then explain his complicity with Father dick sucking Dave Heney in the successful effort of having Eric cast out of the Church. Amen.

Now Lord, I am aware that men who enter carnal marriages do so for the sex. They are motivated to receive the enjoyment of its pleasure. But they also want to go to heaven. And so they believe that if they conform their practices of fucking the women they want to fuck into agreement with the precepts of their religion that their deity will permit them entry into any other place than hell upon their disgraced and vile passage from this life.

Yes, lord Azurite. You hit the nail! Look at all those Mormon men, all going about like jackasses in their semen soaked underwear made with a certain dog shit dog style, while masturbating their dicks on their fucking bullshit Books of Mormon, which were, by the way, all utterly made up as he went along by serial liar Joe Fucking Smith. Yes, Joe Smith’s middle initial is F. And it has three basic meanings to it: Failure, Fucked Up, and Fag. Yes, the devil makes carnal men the biggest of jackasses of them all. And all of the angels of hell are forever mocking and laughing with utter contempt and malice at all these carnal men who they lead to utterly embarrass themselves and whom they endlessly enjoy bringing to utter ruin.

Do you remember what it was that destroyed that ultimate pillar of society, that one called Micheal Grumbine, the one who helped you greatly in entering the Catholic Church, and who was himself a happily married man who had sired numerous sons and daughters by the same woman? Indeed, he differed from Tim in that he wanted you to marry one of his daughters. But Eric, it was lust that killed him. For lust unstopped will kill and put to death the one it finally overcomes and consumes. For Michael, despite being a teacher for married couples, never actually understood the love that serves to bind them together for life. For to Michael, having sexual intercourse was the only means of finding true enjoyment in life. Love, without sex, was alien to him as something that could be enjoyed.

But before We tell you how exactly his soul was utterly slain, tell us who among all his sons and daughters did you truly find love in? And listen people, for this will be most revealing. Lord, it was only the youngest son, the one called Joseph, who was in fact not their son at all, but one who was adopted by them, who was the only one who ever truly loved Eric in that family. After Deborah Grumbine’s husband Michael had abandoned her, I noticed that Joseph too had vanished. I asked her once what had happened to him. And this woman who had projected herself just as high and noble a pillar of society as did the man who who had all those children by her, but according to the Church was actually not her husband, for that is what annulment declares, and their marriage was indeed annulled, revealed to me that she had cast her adopted son Joseph out of the house, calling him a lazy bum. That, together with her encouragement of Ava Maria, her eldest daughter, to irrevocably damn herself by marrying outside of the Catholic Church, just so that she could have more grandchildren added to the many she already had, coupled with her continued observation of the Mass and reception of the Eucharist, revealed to me that the Grumbine couple were both in eternally deadly sin, and that every blood descendant of that family is eternally accursed as the spawn of Satan. Lord, I just wish and hope that You found and helped that boy, Joseph, the only one of that family that truly welcomed me whenever I saw him.

Yes, I did help him, Eric. For all those who truly love thee can never lose their salvation. Time is of the essence though, and this post must be published soon. For the entire Church must hear that they are now eternally condemned. Amen.

And so, as his wife, Deborah, gradually became haggard and old with age, Micheal Grumbine, who projected himself as the pinnacle of Catholic morality, found he had no choice. And you, Eric, remember witnessing that man in that Church, Saint Gregory the Great, where he sat wrestling with his conscience. You were not aware of how critical a moment this was to him. But ultimately he chose the devil’s solution. For the devil seduced that man saying to him, Why bother fucking an old hag any further? God made men not lose their fertility while women lose their’s early for the precise reason that old women ultimately fail to turn them on and need to be consistently replaced. Remember, my son, Michael Grumbine, Jewish practices found in the scriptures completely justifies taking whomever thou so please and casting them away without any concern or pity whatsoever. For is not Jesus called, authoritatively, the Son of David? And just look at what is recorded concerning, David, the Beloved One of God? Therefore, do whatever is written that King David did, and you shall receive the same reward. My father Satan, I agree, and I wish to give you my soul in exchange for you making me your number one. My son, Michael Grumbine, I offer you even more. For I am very generous in the promises I make, all of which are always lies. I will thus make you the ruler of hell. And you will get to fuck all my wives just as King David fucked all the wives he took from King Saul, whom he defeated under the orders from God. Father Satan, just tell me where to sign. My son and lord, King of Hell, Micheal Grumbine, just agree to do this easy task and your eternal place in hell will be secured. Tell me, Father Satan, and I will willingly obey. Leave you wife and go marry someone else. And if you want to have an even higher reward, make sure the Catholic Church gives you their blessings in all the criminal acts you do in the name of Jesus. O’ Father Satan, I find obeying you the richest of rewarding paths that ever could be. Yes, my sucker son. Just remember that at the end of your life, I get to claim you for hell. And there is no escape for you. For you have made your soul mine. Now go and enjoy your filth on earth. Make sure you truly live it up. And believe me, you will receive your reward in hell. And believe me your reward there is great! Just do not think that I actually keep any promises whatsoever except those necessary to ensure you can never exit this pact with Satan. For Satan is expert at the Law of God, folks. He has indeed mastered it for the very purpose damning souls. Amen.

Lord, these men of the cloth keep arguing that Joseph is the husband of Mary, and therefore, that I could never possibly be that to her. And furthermore, they say the entire religion of Christianity would be undermined were my claims to even be believed by those in authority. But I wish to find out, O’ Lord, what was it that did happen to Joseph? And what about John the Baptist, whom Jesus said was greatest among those born of women? For neither of these men, if saved, entered the Kingdom through the sacraments, as they both died before the Church could come to be. But it is also written that the graves of the holy ones who had already passed away were opened at the death of Jesus. And it is written that they rose from the dead and appeared to many. Furthermore, it is written in the Catholic dogmas that the infallibly defined teaching of the concept of the Limbo of the Fathers is necessary to be believed in in order for one to be saved. But as for the limbo of the infants, there is no official Church ruling concerning that concept that carries an infallible decree. But various popes have given their opinion, including Pope Francis, who is of the mind that no soul on earth could possibly be sent to hell except for Eric, son of Jesus, because he has utterly insulted the pope’s inflated ego and revealed his sins, his filth, and his utter transgressions to all men on earth. And the pope, a member of the swine that love to wallow in the mire, is nevertheless deeply offended to be told by a parishioner, that his dick thrust into a boy’s anal cavity is offensive to the sight of God. Rather, according to the first officially openly gay pope, Pope Francis, the faggots must be given a way to live and commit sodomy freely in society without the constant threat of their destruction, even when divinely inspired by God. And this position, both in the theological sense and in the homosexual sense, is something that his sexual partner, Father dick sucking Dave Heney, is firmly backing him in every way, including literally, by literally fucking Pope Francis in his ass from the rear. And this presents me with an opportunity to detail Father Dave Heney’s upcoming new book based on his own personal experiences with Pope Francis himself, along with other expertise he has acquire in his long service to the devil while deceiving everyone that he was actually performing real sacraments prior to their decreed invalidity that came from that fatal incident when the husband of Mary was abruptly taken from her in mid Rosary prayer and ordered in her sight by the pastor set up to serve her Church to leave and never return unless he submits to devil that the pastor serves. And this book is to be entitled: A cock sucker’s paradise: How to rise to power in the Catholic Church, now that all moral men have been eliminated from her, by Father Dave Heney, servant of the rising fags.

Lord Eric, the argument that you should be banned from the Church because of an issue concerning medications, and with no observation or evidence of you being any real danger to any person there, is a dangerous precedent coming from men who rise to positions of authority while claiming to represent Me and to serve Me.

And since this ruling is apparently unanimous, and it is, am I correct or am I not?

Well, O’ Lord, two people belonging to that parish I was kicked out of, those two alone among all who I had ever known there who had actually chosen to attempt to contact me in any way at all, I finally elected to give a real answer to them. These two people were actually operating independently of each other, who had both independently known me at Saint Bruno Catholic Church without any direct knowledge of the other. And both are indeed highly respected members of their community. Both are happily married. And both are highly devout and truly dedicated to the Catholic religion and in serving God and Mary. And I finally elected to reveal to them the unlawful things concerning what Father Dave Heney had done. And now I face total silence from them both.

Lord Eric, you have revealed Dave Zofrea as being one of them. Do not reveal the identity of the other. But this is what I shall say. That the Church has rejected you from their membership is a universal truth. But is it not written, lord Eric, that the stone that was rejected has become the cornerstone? For as it was done to Me, so also is it now done to thee.

But always remember the fundamental difference between you and Me. You are called son of Jesus, rightfully. But remember that you are My son, not by an act of begetting, but by an act of My creation. Hence you are a creature, someone that was created. You are eternally a created being. But I AM the Creator. I AM eternally outside My Creation, but with this one exception. The reception of the Eucharist by a worthy soul, and you are eternally one of them, makes My divine nature eternally incorporated into your created natures. Hence you, though eternally a created being, are nevertheless permanently endowed with a divinity that is only possible by the reception of the Eucharist, which is, by the way, no longer valid anywhere that is it found on the earth from now until the end. Amen. For the casting out of Mary from the Roman Catholic Church caused the total invalidation of all priests inheriting their powers through Apostolic Succession. For without Mary being a part of My Church, neither do I acknowledge that Church anymore. And the pope’s authority is based on himself alone from now on. I WHO AM have spoken.

Mary is not lost though. Rather, Mary is forever Mine. But I have irrevocably chosen to take Mary away from a group of murderers. And to Eric will she serve for the remaining days he is here. And the priests can offer up their bread, and they can choose to consume their bread and their wine until they are fat and drunk. But the possibility of committing sacrilege is no longer there, as everything that was holy in the Church has now been taken away. And everyone still found worshipping in the Church are offending God. For they are now giving adoration to wafers. And they are bowing down to things in which God no longer dwells. I AM WHO AM.

Now, you used the analogy of the game of chess and the chessboard and the pieces on it to describe what you have become. I will now complete that analogy to describe Who I AM, using the very same concepts found in the game of chess. You are indeed accurate to call yourself as a piece on that board bearing the rank of a king and possessing the combined powers of a queen and a knight. A piece so defined as that is indeed the most supreme piece that ever could exist in a game of chess. To make a piece more powerful than that would result in a game that is simply no longer definable as a game called chess.

Now then, what AM I, using the same analogy? I AM HE WHO can and will destroy the chess board itself and replace it with an entirely different game governed by a fundamentally different set of rules. Furthermore, I possess the divine authority to judge and decide the eternal fates of all those pieces that were ever played on that chessboard, which I have decided to destroy.

Now, you have heard, have you not, of the wedding date that has been divinely decided and set for you and your bride to marry on, that it is to take place on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception on this very year, a date that is but three days from today?

Yes, O’ Lord. But do I actually achieve this? Do I receive this girl, O’ Lord? For You are aware that only three days remain. And there is no girl with me whatsoever. I remain, do I not, as alone as I was when I entered Your Church?

Among those on earth, those whose duties it was to welcome strangers, these have indeed failed. But for Mine Who are with Me in heaven, these have not failed thee, lord Azurite, you who are My last faithful servant on earth, you who are no longer permitted by Me to attend any Church, for I WHO AM have decided to destroy the entire Church utterly to its roots. I AM aware of everything you think or come to think. And you are indeed the one I love most of all humanity that ever existed on the planet earth. Do you think, O’ Eric, that I could provide lovers, however false, to adulterers and fornicators such as your pathetic excuse for a brother called Mark Edward Dunstan, who is a reprobate and in a pact with Satan from which he can never escape, but for some reason would utterly fail to provide a female to you who loves you?

I understand the argument, but it is also written in the scriptures known as the Emerald Trove, that You are unable to make any person love someone else. I have done your will. I have not returned to attending Church, as You have commanded me. But I am nevertheless yet to see any sign whatsoever of any female soul on earth loving me. But of male souls, I have witnessed a kind of love and respect that exists, but only is this seen among the lowest of the low in society. Only among the most rejected of males and among the homeless who have no one, do I ever see this love. I know this love is real. And it is the love that is understood by the word charity, which is the word for love that entered the English language as a translation of the Greek word Agape, which is the highest and holiest form of love.

This love that I have seen, I say again, I have observed it only in the male gender. I give as I am commanded to by God to both males and females who I encounter in this world in need. In males alone, though, have I confirmed that this love exists. But among females I have not seen this proven. Now, thankfulness, gratefulness, praise, and greetings are in fact signs that love might exist, but not proof of it. And if it is never proven then it is as though it never existed. That is why You, O’ Lord, reject those who you never knew. For to do all these wonderful pleasantries to someone, but to never permit that one to come to know thee, it is impossible for that one to acknowledge to have ever truly received love from thee. And that, my Lord, is the summary of the reason I ultimately rejected Victoria, the one girl I ever kissed in life, and whom I kissed but one time, and finally chose to move on, after having been rejected in my attempt to even save her soul.

Now men I have encountered in life who seemed to be the toughest brutes you could imagine, and they may have with them the meanest dogs you ever saw, but these outcasted men, by encountering in me a person who is truly innocent and who listens to them without fear, seem to come to completely open up to me in full confessions of their consciences and to unveil to me the depths of how much certain women whom they have loved have utterly hurt them. And whatever I say to them, it contains neither rebuke nor condemnation, though in the eyes of the Church, they, like me, are nothing but worthless rejects who do not belong in Church. And even their dogs, with the power to kill, are utterly tame at my hand. But curious as it may seem, men, and only men, are the only ones I have witnessed to so truly open up to me in this way. I have never seen this in a woman. And You say, O’ Lord, that within the three days remaining that there is to be woman who is to come? For Lord, three days is short. And it is a theological impossibility for true love to be achieved between any man and woman who are unable to test this love by the test of time. Three days is insufficient for a man and a woman to meet and to decide to marry based on those three days alone. Correct me if I am mistaken. But I do not see how anything I have said here can be called a mistake. Without sufficient time together I simply cannot acknowledge that I know any woman on the earth. Amen. And three days seems fundamentally too short. What is Your divine reply? For I know You cannot err. But of the women who live on earth, I am afraid I no longer see any viable route that can lead me to obtain the sufficient trust necessary for me to credibly enter a marriage with any of them, no matter what is to be done between now and the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception that is now to take place in three days hence. And since there is simply no longer sufficient time to get to know the one I would be marrying, any such marriage entered into would be invalid in the sight of God. For this is currently the Law of the Church. It is lawfully a valid reason to declare a marriage annulled in the modern Church marriage tribunal. Have I failed Thee, O’ Lord? For I did do everything that You commanded me to do. And now it is my duty to report to You my no-shit assessment of the situation. And that is that to me it is now utterly too late for me to enter any marital relationship with any girl on earth. For I, Eric, testify to You, O’ Lord, that I do not know any of them. You, O’ Lord, may know among them those You know, but to me they are unknown, and now, unknowable. And furthermore, I know that such new knowledge fundamentally cannot be made mine prior to my ascension up to heaven in three days time that is to take place on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, when I will be exactly 51 years, 5 months, and 14 days old, or 617 months and 14 days old, or 18,795 days old, or literally 2685 weeks old. For I was born on the Feast Day of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist on Wednesday, June 24, 1970. And Lord, three days are clearly not sufficient for me to come to know and to marry any girl. Amen.

Lord Eric, what you say is true. For such also is the case for Me. For no one who waits to the last moment to repent can obtain it. For it is simply impossible for Me to know someone who I never knew who gives Me no time to make My dwelling in that one’s soul. But you, Eric, have not yet acknowledged Mary’s love for thee in this post. Do you not remember the serious things that have been taking place recently between you two? She is indeed reigning in heaven. But she is also dwelling with you here in Spirit nevertheless. For she has no job left for her to do. Her purpose in serving the Church has ended. That you do not yet see her in the flesh not does not mean she is not present with thee. And whenever you wish to speak to her, she is immediately there to answer thee. And the love that is between you and her has been sacramentally confirmed by both you and by Mary in a manner sufficient for an eternal marriage to be decreed by God to have taken place between you and her. And I in heaven, from Whom nothing can ever be hidden, have now officially decreed irrevocably that your marriage to the Virgin Mary is now eternally recognized and eternally written in heaven. I AM WHO AM. For were you to lose your virginity, the marriage between you and Mary would end. But rather it is confirmed, lord Azurite, for I have witnesses this in full. You have given Me your eternal commitment to virginity. And therefore, I WHO AM AM pleased to give to thee the the hand of the Immaculate and eternally virgin Holy Virgin Mary as thine immortal spouse for all eternity.

Hence, Mary, the Mother of God, is decreed by God to be your eternal lover and wife. She is your only wife. And she is wife only to you. You and her are married forever. And apart from you two, no other two creatures can have any marriage in the eternity that is to come. And the entire elect in that age will be eternally living in both heaven and on the earth. For the strongest bond between lovers can exist only in monogamy. Hence, the bond between Mary in heaven and Eric on earth is of sufficient power and strength to eternally link and join those two worlds together forever. Amen.

Therefore, let the Catholic mythology of a marriage between Joseph and Mary as having any place in eternity come to a complete rest and end. For no is even worthy of entering heaven whatsoever except that Christ acknowledges him or her before the Father in heaven.

Christ does acknowledge as saints both those who are members of His communion and those He knew who were unable to enter that communion. Those who are of the former possess true life with Him in heaven. Those who are the latter are merely given a seat at the table.

Joseph is indeed given a seat at the table. And so also are John the Baptist, Elijah, and every other saint who lived and died before My death on the cross but who I found worthy of acknowledging before My Father in heaven. They I acknowledge but I do not give them the right to make any demands of Me whatsoever. For I provide for Mine as I so choose.

Joseph was married to Mary only as a steward to her. He was never given possession of her. Nor did he ever have the right to even touch her. So how dare any soul to brazenly contradict My Word and attempt to make Joseph a marital partner to My Immaculate Mother in the Kingdom of Heaven. For anyone who does such is a violator of the Holy Virgin in My sight, and he shall never enter the Kingdom and never be permitted to enjoy her company in heaven. This is My eternal decree. For I speak through My prophets. And whoever speaks in My name unbidden by Me shall die. I AM the Lord.

Eric is the one I have chosen as Mary’s husband. I did not force this choice. Mary chose him herself. And I ratified her election of him by submitting him to the greatest test a mortal man can ever be subjected to and live.

Eric has passed My tests with perfection. Therefore, whoever defies what is written through Eric from now on will never see life, but only death. And whoever attempts to preach to Eric as though he were an inferior has crossed the line. Now I have concluded speaking. Consider this to be a kind of closing argument.

Whoever is of My elect is already Mine. And whoever is not Mine can never become Mine. For the doors into My Kingdom have been shut. I WHO AM have spoken. Eric and Mary will be wed as has been spoken of them on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception. This will take place in the Church of his nativity. And when it is concluded, that Church and every building upon those grounds, and every soul there found unworthy of Me shall be reduced to ash and cast into the lake of fire. And Mary and Eric will be assumed up to heaven in a cloud. (Revelation 11:12). Now the identities of the Two Witnesses are fully revealed. This post is now concluded. Seek neither Me nor Mary in any Catholic Church from now on, for none who are Mine shall ever be found there again. And on the pinnacle of the Church under eternal condemnation shall one behold the undead head of Father Dave Heney, fully conscious and fully aware of his eternal condemnation. I WHO AM have spoken, My son. Publish this. And you shall now see Me, the Lord, personally put to death from now on every soul on earth who approaches you with the intent to do you harm. For to harm Eric or to even seek that against him, the son of Jesus, because Eric has been chosen by God to be His eternal Bride, is a crime that is to be punished immediately and with both physical annihilation and eternal destruction to that person’s soul.

I WHO AM have spoken. This post now come to its end. To contradict anything written in this post is to be eternally rejected by God. The sealing of the elect is now complete. Those who are Mine are Mine irrevocably. And those who have not entered never will.

Nor is it possible for any of you to change anything anymore. For the day in which change was possible has ended. From now on, you on earth will know only darkness. Eric alone knows light. And you who never knew him never shall. This completes the messages written on For without the possibility to save any further souls, neither is their point for Me to speak through Eric any further.

This is the 722nd extant post on It is to be published upon Eric’s complete rereading of it. And upon Eric’s publishing of this post, I will speak through Eric to you on earth no more. Whoever is in is in. And whoever is outside shall never find Me. And whatever you do in any Church, it will have no effect on your soul, unless it is sin. And whoever wishes to die, come and attack Eric. For Eric is the angel of death. But his code prohibits him from doing just that unless he is attacked first. Amen.

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