Nothing is worthy but to serve and die for the Lord

There is no worthy pursuit in this world but to serve and die serving the Lord.

The Lord’s Word, Entry IX:
Lord, I am at Thy service. In the end I have found that there is nothing worthy of pursuit in this world but to serve Thee. Do You have any orders at all for me?

Lord Eric, what dost thou wishest to do with thy life?

Lord, there is nothing worthy but that I do Thy will with it.

This is My will, Eric. Find someone to love. You have nothing else here to do.

Find someone to love? Lord, I have learned some things in my virtual house arrest by watching some Netflix movies that I do not pay for because my brother Mark installed the account on my Blu-Ray Player. One series I continue to have interest in is this: Falsa Identidad. Just like the Spanish Masses, the Spanish movies seem to have the most interesting and worthwhile substance. I thought that when the Mayer died, that the entire movie series would collapse as something of interest because I had thought that he was the only worthy person in the movie. But somehow that movie series continues to be of interest to me. And then I realized what it was. It is basically a movie series of men who are rejected by the women they love.

We can mock my brother David all we want, but that does not make us learn from him. It is better, rather, to study him and how he fell. In David’s quest for success in life, there is one gaping hole he was never able to fill. He never obtained a wife. I do not say he never will. But he is old now. He looks his age as a 52 year old man. Whereas I, one year younger, seem to possess a kind of perpetual youth. I remain beautiful, but as a Siren, who only attracts, but never obtains knowledge of anyone who is attracted to him.

David, though, is repulsive. His personality is more repulsive than his looks. His fucking presence is so utterly repulsive that when I came home from work and saw his fucking yellow Camaro in the driveway, I decided not to immediately go inside the house after parking my 1999 Toyota Corolla in the garage.

So I snuck around to the den to see if he was there, intending to enter the house only if he was not occupying the den. And I saw through the window unobserved that there that fucker was sitting there watching fucking television like the complete zero that he is.

But I had a massive need to urinate. But I did not want to enter the house and reveal I had come home. So I entered the gates on the other side of the house and snuck up to where David’s bedroom is at the corner, where the bastard is known to take a leak rather than wait for the bathroom to become empty.

And I pulled out my dick in the darkness and let out a massive piss beneath that Maple Tree. It must stink there but what do I care? Anyways is the best place to urinate outside unobserved.

Then I snuck around to see where everyone was. And I saw my mother was not anywhere near the front bedroom. And so I returned then to the driveway at the front of the house to obtain a drink.

Faggots like Kurt Reisig, some past high school friend of David’s that he liked to call Nature Boy, seemed to find it objectionable to see us boys drink from a hose. He seemed to think that it was somehow obscene. One thing about this Kurt Reisig, he did seem to obtain some good looking girlfriend, whom he was often seen making out with in the halls in high school. But David was never successful at obtaining any girl except ugly bitches and those relationship never amounted to anything. But do not admire Kurt Reisig. That fool got a girl pregnant and it ruined him financially.

But my point is that as long as the water is good, and the hose is decently clean, it is not dangerous at all to drink from it. You have to have a fucking weak immune system to go sick by drinking water like that. But if the water is not good, then one should not drink that water without filtering it. For drinking bad water could lead to diarrhea which is a mistake if you want to survive without needing rest and recuperation. One never does that or lets his soldiers do that in war. For you cannot win a battle if your soldiers are rendered combat ineffective.

So I drank my fill at the the house there, making sure it was low so that it would not be heard. And then I decided to walk away into the night, wearing a king of good looking and warm sweatshirt or hoodie that I had acquired for free when I was held in the men’s funny farm after my arrest until my release on a high dosage of antipsychotics. It was only after that release from that funny farm and under those high dosages of medications I was put on, which I obediently took, and with the observations by myself of a total sexual decline of the sudden inability to get an erection or to ejaculate much semen when able to ejaculate, coupled with a seriously declining ability to see clearly, that God ordered me to cease at once all medications whatsoever, telling me I would not die or suffer from this order. But God also told me that if I ever returned to take any medication whatsoever, that He would reject me and that I would go to hell. And I knew that King Saul was rejected for the failure to obey what he knew was commanded of him by God.

And so I obeyed Him. I totally stopped taking all medications whatsoever, going totally against all doctors’ advice to me, trusting entirely in the Lord Who had commanded me to do this. And guess what? I never fell. I never relapsed. And the entire loss of sexuality and eyesight has been totally restored.

It suddenly dawned on me the realization of what is the cause of the decline in the sperm count in men in the entire world except for those third world nations where the poor people have no fucking access to medicines. Yes, these poor Africans come down with all these diseases and they die in the ditches by the thousands, but their sperm count remains in perfect normal health. But all these pampered men of the rich nations where everyone has fucking access to medicine but who are unable to stop this unexplainable decline in their sex life, while going about their daily routine faithfully taking the medicines their doctors are constantly pumping into them, I now know the fucking reason. These magic potions that these companies develop and call medicines are poisoning the people. The human race is going extinct because they thought they were cleverer than they really were.

Mankind thought that they could medicate themselves to have perfect health. Instead, they ended up taking poison thinking it was helping them become better. It turns out, doesn’t it, that the people of this generation are really no more intelligent than those of ancient times who used lead to make the pipes that brought drinking water to their homes and by which they poisoned themselves.

Modern medicines, my people, are the reason why men of nations where people have access to medical care are suffering from a serious decline in sperm. Not only have I returned to have a full ability to become fully erect and to maintain it for quite sufficient time to achieve ejaculation without any help or aid, and without using any porn whatsoever, my ejaculations are back to their full normal amount, about a teaspoon, which is the normal amount in a healthy male. And the eyesight loss has completely vanished. I can see in the dark like a warlock is said to see in Dungeons & Dragons. I can see a man in dark clothing crossing the street and come to stop on a dime. And my car’s breaks are now perfect. Smoke may come from the tires of my car by the suddenness of the stop, but I never crash, no matter what suddenly appears before me coming from any angle.

My car has a name, folks. It was made in the previous millennium. I bought that 1999 Toyota Corolla I drive new off the lot in November of 1998. I totaled it once. I crashed again some time later. It no longer has collision insurance on it because its blue book value makes it not worth it. But it is no salvage title. And just about everything in it has been replaced. But I know what matters in keeping it running good. I keep its oil changed on a regular basis. I have it fixed as needed. It never breaks down for me on the freeway or on any road. And no police have ever given me a ticket while driving it except for one time when a tail light was dead. It was a fixit ticket only. It cost a bitch to pay for, but never went on my record. This is called the Millennium Falcon, folks. I have driven it everywhere except when I drive my parents. And then I drive some modern tech made in 2019 that is with rear view cameras.

No girl has ever ridden there with me except for my cousin Pauline, just before she married, who visited us from Australia with her family. She kissed me on the cheek three times during that visit. And I did not notice her doing the same to Mark. But does that really count, since it is impossible to marry a relative that close?

But back to the story. I walked away from the house in just that light sweat I had obtained from another dude in that funny farm. He was a large and strong dude, but I handedly beat him in arm wrestling and thereafter no one wanted to arm wrestle me. But I got a ex marine who was there to try arm wresting just as a test while no one else was in the room, and he quickly withdrew his hand when he realized I had strength he could not beat. The dude I got the sweat from was an expert as surviving on the street and who also liked to look good in front of women. So he approached me with the offer to trade his sweatshirt in exchange for some shirt I received there at random by my request for something to wear while my clothing were being washed. somehow the shirt I received was fucking desired by them though to me was worthless. For it has some kind of rock or music band thing on it that they fucking wanted. That sweat I received is unusual. It is light and made of 100% polyester, but it is warm to wear, and it is fucking good looking to appear in it. It has a hoodie on it. And when I wear it, I appear like a ninja.

Anyways, so I walk into the night. I go as guided by God and Mary. On the walk, I turn once to see a police car there looking directly at me. Somehow they recognize me by seeing face and they drive away. I was once was told by spirits that the police have a joke about me. And it is that they can never catch me committing any crime.

I walked as far as the Christmas Tree. This is a famous landmark I have seen since my childhood. I even drew a picture of it from memory in art class. Back then, the building it was on top of was called American Savings Bank. That was where my dad opened CD accounts for us three boys back when interests rates were high. I later opened a checking account there. I never moved my accounts from that bank. Rather the bank changed hands several times. It became Washington Mutual. It finally become Chase. Somehow in the flury of acquisitions, the same banks owned two banks across the street from one another. They sold the building with the Christmas Tree on top of to a medical provider. And my bank was moved across the street. But even with that building no longer a bank, the Christmas Tree on top of it never fails to be lit there every Christmas of every year. It is just north of the Whittwood Town Center, a place where when I was young was called the Whittwood Mall. But I no longer walk there anymore. This was in fact the first time I actually ever walked near it since being cast out of Saint Bruno Catholic Church. Somehow the threat of arrest should I enter certain places there that I only entered to obtain water from, and the threat of arrest to merely visit Saint Bruno Catholic Church, because Father Dave Heney has decided I cannot return there unless I return to taking medicines, has killed any desire to walk there anymore.

Hence, I walked to see the Christmas Tree there only, there in the dead of night, where the temperature was cold. But I did not cross the street to enter the Whittwood Town Center just to the south. For it is there that I am unwelcome in three stores: Panera Bread, Wingstop, and Buffalo Wild Wings. I guess if you do not want someone to come to your shopping center, that is the way to do it.

And when I had reached that Christmas Tree, a sight that is seen from miles around, by feet began to become tired. And I knew then that I must head home. For I know by experience that I cannot walk a marathon suddenly from a state of not having walked much at all. I walked too far in that walk through the cities where I finally could not walk any further and I called home and Mark picked me up at a gas station where I sat on a grassy knoll at the intersection corner, unable to walk easily, quite near Knott’s Berry Farm. Mark came and picked me up. He was in fact surprised that I had ended up that far away, and he become further surprised to find out the path I had taken to get there, and even further surprised to find out that I had never slept once on that walk.

I had even tricked Mark to get me home from there. I told him that he could take over my business, Dunstan Software Creations. It has one asset of interest to him. And that is the special deal I have in the iPhone accounts I have, where I have unlimited everything for about $42.50/iPhone/month, where the cost decreases as iPhone accounts are added. The fool probably attempted to seize my company while I was in the funny farm. He then may have learned the simple business law that says Sole Proprietorships can never be taken away from the ones who form them. They are owned by one person only and that ownership can never be transferred. It cannot even be inherited. Should I die, everything in it ceases.

Brandon Joseph Vielkind was the name of the dude who traded his sweatshirt for this hot shirt I had received for free by random that I everyone seemed to want but me. Anyways I did a very good deed that saved his ass. Some Black motherfucker of some unexplainable insanity had it in his brain that he had to fight Brandon for some reason. I decided to prevent that. And so I stood in front of him between him him and Brandon, asking him the question, Are you from heaven or from hell? And when he tried to get around me I simply moved in that direction so that he could not pass. So he put his hands on my shoulders and physically moved me to the side. And I did not resist or throw a punch. But suddenly a woman staff member who I was unaware was watching severely reprimanded him from touching me. And I was later aware that he was no longer found there. And it felt unusual to me to see a woman come to my defense. I remember earlier demonstrating to her that I shave using cold water and no shaving cream. She decided to observe this because she had thought it was not possible. Some other staff woman there once asked me why I insisted on shaving every day, because she said I looked good as I was. And I simply asked her, Do you have a husband? And she answered, Yes. And then I said to her, How often does he shave? And she laughed and said, Everyday. And I then said to her, Then there you go.

Brandon may have had good street smarts and survival instincts, but he was not aware that you cannot defeat the system as a prisoner, but only after you have been released. And so he was often proudly showing me the medicines he thought he had fooled the staff that he took when he had not. He seemed unaware that cameras have eyes. I got him to not attempt to escape where I knew they had set a trap for him. That funny farm was indeed funny. I was talking to another guy I considered a friend about what I had found on my walking the perimeter of the grounds about where I saw a potential to escape. And I showed him a gate protected a simple lock. And he held that lock and said it could be easily broken. Shortly later I showed one the security people what I found telling them that their security had a weak spot. He told me to get away from that gate and not to go near it or I could get into trouble. Shortly later that friend vanished. I asked what happened to him. And the security person said he never heard of him. And I immediately ceased to talk about him.

Brandon also had a serious weakness for women. He freely spoke of his sexual past. He spoke proudly of having had sex with his cousin as his first act of sex. Even Mark who fucked all his female friends never fucked his own cousins. That is a fact I definitely know. I was also aware of him and some of the other guys always flirting with female staff who were conducting classes. And for some reason he and many others found it impossible to sit though a class and to stop interrupting it. I once barked at him to stop interrupting the class, and they backed down. I myself never flirted with any of these women who conducted classes. But one time I observed at the end of a class the color of the woman’s eyes. And they were purple. I asked her by what magic her eyes are purple? She made no answer except that her eyes seemed to be laughing. And the guys there were of course joking around apparently oblivious to what was being said.

Anyways I then walked home. And I had approached the Christmas Tree on Whittier Boulevard. But I walked home on Janine Drive. I saw a few guys in the night. A few cars driving by appeared to be scared shitless seeing me. One guy greeted me and asked me if I needed any help. I said I was fine. This was on the way home. My feet were tired. I never felt threatened on that walk in the night in any way. Sometimes I walked in the center of the road. I changed which lane I walked in depending on whether a car was approaching from the rear or the front. At some point it was weird. I no longer felt cold. I then took off the hoodie over my head and walked the street home with my head bare. I passed a cul-de-sac and saw a car with its headlights on facing me as I went by.

I reach where I live minutes before midnight. And I see in the driveway that David’s car is gone. I continue to walk Janine Drive until I am just in front of the den. Then I enter my own property like a thief in the night. I see that the den lights are out. I decide to enter the home from the backyard instead of going through the front door, as I wanted to enter in stealth. I walk that narrow path, but I make an error. My foot hits plastic bottles my dad throws there before putting them into the blue recycle bin that is placed at the curb for waste disposal every Monday with the trash. But though it makes noise, no one hears it. I try to enter the den door, but that is as was expected locked. I see my Alzheimer’s dad busy in the kitchen. My mom is not there, but is likely in her room sleeping. I approach the door unseen. I find it open. I enter and turn left to go to bathroom. I urinate and then go into Kitchen to get something to eat and drink.

My trick had worked. And I found that I in fact enjoyed walking in the night and in the cold, rather than to enter that house and endure the endless stream of abuse that flows from David’s mouth.

Lord, if I am to do as You say, find someone to love, and You give me no other orders, where do I look for this one? And what do you mean by love? Do I have sex? Or do I remain a virgin.

Who was the one who was your ally, Eric, the one you betrayed?

Do you say what I did for this nation was a betrayal of Firefly, the Player behind Donald Trump?

I ordered you, did I not, that you were to remain with her and defend her Pawn. You abandoned her and upheld an election result that has resulted in the ascendancy of Joe Biden. You would not be under this virtual house arrest under Trump.

You, O’ Lord, would have preferred that this nation no longer have a true democracy?

Do not be concerned, Eric. While you abandoned Trump, you had your reasons. And you have now made Pence more popular than Trump. Consider Pence the one I will now have you back. You made him a hero by having him resist the Trump Administration and stand for justice rather than tyranny.

Understand, Eric, that you are a Lawful Good person, whereas Firefly is a Chaotic Good person. But you two nevertheless make a good team. For it was by your joint effort that the courts are now stacked and ready to overturn Roe versus Wade.

Realize that she is seeking you for your protection. For she is aware that your house is impregnable, guarded by Seraphim. Let her return into an alliance with you. For it is now your time to reign again. And with Firefly by your side, you two will be undefeatable. For Pence is set to come to power. For it is known that he obeys you. Hence, consider him the fifth Emerald Pawn. For he is the one to rise by your power.

I am to return to power, O’ Lord? Did not the Emerald Reign end?

Eric, you have been rechristened to be called Blue Tiger. Emeralds can also be blue. And this will be called the Blue Emerald Reign. For as a possession of Mary, you are forever blue. And Firefly is now rechristened to be called Crimson-Rose. Understand that you and her are forever joined. For that is the inevitable fate and unbreakable reward that is to go to that couple who, by their joint effort, brought an end to the human slaughter of the innocent unborn by which this nation had been accursed. It is the pleasure of Mary to decree you as man and wife.

Also, do not be concerned about sex. For the power that endures in you and in her requires eternal virginity. Nor may you ever lose your virginity if you wish to remain in marriage to the Holy Virgin.

I choose the virgin route, O’ Lord. Then accept Crimson-Rose to enter your house and to come under your protection. For she too is a virgin. And she is being severely hunted. For only in the House of Eric, which is guarded by Seraphim, can this maid find rest.

I accept this, O’ Lord.

Then you have done as I have asked. Pence is indeed coming to power. And when Crimson-Rose enters into your protection, all the forces loyal to her shall yield to yours. For I have made her heart ready for love. And she will love thee.

Now you should publish this, Eric. For you are a Knight of Great Valor. And We do not intend for you to live and die for Us alone. Remember that honor and love are always more enduring than beauty and charm.

This post now comes to its conclusion. You are now commanded to publish it. It will serve to be the most mysterious post ever written through your hand. I AM WHO AM.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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