Christ declares: The End of the World is imminent.

Rejoice those who have been faithful to Me, for your deliverance is at hand.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post V:
Eric, My Beloved, what is thy question to Me?

I am confused, O’ Lord. Do I marry in this world?

You will marry, but the One I have chosen for you is not a virgin.

If You unite me to one who is not a virgin, do I lose, then, my virginity with her?

As the Virgin Mary has already lost her virginity with you, you are commanded to do the same with the woman We are giving to you. Do so, and you will be richly rewarded. Furthermore, We are at the End. There is no point to seek to have any offspring from this point onwards. Do you wish now to know why?

I do, O’ Lord.

The Catholic Church has now officially died. It is a completely dead Church. Pity, Eric, those who entered Religious life or the priesthood under any self serving attitude such as obtaining security in this world. Father Edward Becker was just such a man. You heard the abject fool speak in his utter hypocrisy at the Spanish Mass where you had last witnessed him give a homily in his complete act of apostasy from the True Catholic teachings. He said and taught the total opposite of all that Jesus came into this world to teach. He taught that money was the center of everything and the only thing that is important in this world.

Understand, Eric, the significance to this. For the pastors of the Church to be permitted to lead the flock into error and into sin is proof of My Word to thee that I have slain My Church and made you the pope in place of the one on the throne of Peter. You are now eternally the pope of the eternal religion founded by Mary, which is called the Order of the Witch Queen.

Lord, there seems to be some misunderstanding to the concept of the witch to modern ears. For I recently spoke to a close business associate who had contacted me to get me involved in yet another failed business strategy. And this failure of mind was unable to process the statement the witches are not necessarily evil, though some indeed are. Could You clear up this misunderstanding, O’ Lord? For I do not wish to be perceived as sinning or insulting the Holy Virgin Mary, who is the one called in secret the Witch Queen?

Yes. but first we will examine the faggot who refused to listen. You remember how this faggot was to you in his last days working at DollarStore, LLC?

Yes, he made an welcome sexual advance against me, which I completely rejected. I may be found beautiful and attractive to both genders, but I am nevertheless male, my sexual orientation is without any disorder, I am not gay in any way, and I never was gay in any way in my entire life. But that I am found attractive to both women and to male homosexuals in verified. Gays, though rarer than women, are indeed more forward and aggressive in communicating their sexual desires. For I have never been kissed by a girl nor has any girl ever attempted this, but a man has attempted to do just that and I did not permit it. And just like rapists are to women, this man seemed to think I owed him to let him kiss me. Hence men are indeed more aggressive than women are in their attempts to get what they want. And the funny thing is that were a woman to kiss me without my permission, it would be seen in the sight of God as merely a gamble made by her, not really a crime, unless she were to repeat it after being reproved. Though were I to be married and she did this knowingly, she would be then an adulteress. But as homosexuality is always impermissible and deadly sinful in the sight of God, homosexual advances are always rejected by God. But God is much more highly offended by homosexuals who make advances on holy men and on young boys than He is offended when they advance on known homosexuals like themselves. Hence, if you are a homosexual who is struggling to overcome that sin, make sure if you do fall to sin, that it is never done with a male who not of your own kind. For homosexuals who stick with other homosexuals are not targeted by Jesus to destroy in this world. Their judgement is to be made manifest at the end. For remember the true nature of the sin found in Sodom and Gomorrah by which God destroyed them. It was not merely that they were committing sodomy with one another that God utterly wiped them from the face of the earth. Rather, it was that they attempted to force this upon Lot and his companions, who were holy.

Okay Eric, let us get back to Our discussion on Richard Hart, the man who had made the unwelcome sexual advance upon you. How did he respond to your utter rejection of his homosexual advances upon you?

To correctly understand his reaction, one must come to a true nature of his sexual disorder. He came to this country from Iran many years ago already married to a wife, with whom he never fathered a child. And he chose to have as his last name Hart. He chose that name based on the American television series, Hart to Hart, which he had watched in Iran. For he wished to be like the main character, and he considered his wife to be like the wife of that character, who he said looked like her.

Now while I always understood Richard Hart to be a pervert, due to the highly pornographic material that he was obviously addicted to, which I had observed in him way back when I first began to work with him with my brother Mark in 1996, that he also had homosexual tendencies was new knowledge of his depravity that only came to light in my sight sometime after his wife left him and filed divorce for him having lost the entire family wealth on bad bets on real estate that he had never told her about.

Now, while Richard Hart’s bankruptcy did in fact dwarf that of my brother Mark’s, that Mark has gone bankrupt more times than Richard has indicates that the two are indeed neck in neck in their race to the bottom of hell. Richard may indeed have homosexual sins and I have never seen homosexuality in either of my brothers. But that Mark sins against women, even against his own daughters, is a crime that cries out to God for justice just as much as did the sins committed by the Sodomites against Lot and his holy companions.

For even were Mark telling the truth, and he is known as a liar, that he displays to his own daughters the example of an adulterer as something to be found acceptable while claiming also to be a follower of Christ makes him condemned equally to the vilest of homosexual sinners, even if he is not himself a homosexual.

Well done, Eric. But Our question is not about your brother Mark Edward Dunstan and his vile offenses, which we have examined before, and which you have correctly judged against him, but regarding those offenses committed by Richard Hart against you. For We wish to bring to light his transgressions to the whole world. For this is what is written of Our calling of you to serve the Lord your God: For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed: nor hidden, that shall not be known. For whatsoever things you have spoken in darkness, shall be published in the light: and that which you have spoken in the ear in the chambers, shall be preached on the housetops. (Luke 12:2-3).

Okay, Lord. Let me quickly say what he did in full. And then I will let You judge him. Richard Hart apparently was angry against me for rejecting him and afraid of this coming to light. And so he quickly moved to have me terminated from the company. And by God’s justice, all he successfully did was to terminate himself. Rex was often laughing at the fool after he was terminated, knowing nothing of what he did to me, saying that he terminated himself. Rex also deeply regretted ever hiring him, though he admitted that his introduction to me was the one good that came from it. For Richard had burned his bridges with him very well on his way out the door.

Yes, Eric, and that is the point I wish to address. Perversion alone does not make Me condemn and destroy any soul. For I AM aware of the weaknesses of men. And I do not condemn men because they are weak. But I do condemn men who commit crimes to cover up and hide their weaknesses.

Had King David confessed to his sins with Bathsheba and accepted his due condemnation for his sins, he would have received no further condemnation from Me. But that he lied and murdered to hide his transgressions, and then took another man’s wife as his own after the lust of his passion had past made Me reject his soul from ever entering heaven. Such is why it is recorded that Jesus said He is not the son of David. (Matthew 22:41-46). The title Son of David is applicable to Jesus only by the recognition of Mary and her son belonging to the House of David by her marriage to Joseph who was his descendant. But the reality is that a new dynasty based on spiritual descent, and not by the descent of the flesh, was started in Jesus. Hence the valid lines of the Kings of the Jews was that it in reality consisted of three dynasties in succession: that of King Saul, that of King David, and that of the King of kings Jesus Christ. For Jesus is not a member of the Davidic Dynasty, but the eternal head of a new Dynasty that never ends. For Davidic Dynasty died out. And the son of David was Solomon, a transgressor of the Law of Moses as is clearly seen in this passage: And when he is made king, he shall not multiply horses to himself, nor lead back the people into Egypt, being lifted up with the number of his horsemen, especially since the Lord hath commanded you to return no more the same way. He shall not have many wives, that may allure his mind, nor immense sums of silver and gold. (Deuteronomy 17:16-17). And note that King Solomon was the very offspring of the woman David stole from his armor bearer, Uriah, whom he had murdered. Hence, to argue that these men were any good in the sight of God is to commit a crime against logic.

Do not make the error that because the writers who wrote the Bible were liberal in their beliefs as to who was to be saved that God is of the same mental absence in logic. God did not make the Ten Commandments with the intention that they be violated and then that the violator’s violations were to be dismissed and overlooked. No one enters into heaven by being a dung hill covered with snow.

You will either become worthy or you will be rejected. And you will not become accepted in heaven because you kiss the asses of fag priests like Father dick sucking Dave Heney, de facto fuck up Pastor of Saint Bruno Catholic Church. For Father dick sucking Dave Heney is a total fucked up faggot.

I finally figured out why he had cast me out of his Church. For I had been texting to someone in that Church who still cared, and it suddenly came clear to me when I mentioned Gilbert Warner who was also cast out by the same cock sucker priest.

Gilbert Warner and Eric Dunstan seem very different and their cause of being cast out seem unrelated to each other. But that is no longer the case. Father Dave Heney targeted these two men who were loved in the parish by focusing on their perceived faults and by using the faults against them to tarnish their names and to get them banned from the Church. And he used the Law to prevent them from ever returning by intimidation.

For Gilbert Warner, it was a weakness he had in his attraction towards women. He had only a step mother looking over him. He had no father to guide him. Therefore it was the duty of the priests, especially his pastor, to correct him and to lead him out of error. Instead, Father Dave Heney chose not do anything to help him, but rather chose to get women to complain about him and bring utter ruin to him and to his step mother, his only family. He painted that man he never helped a sex criminal. His crimes were kissing women. This could have been easily corrected by a firm rebuke. But no rebuke ever came from the Church. Rather, they waited for him to kill himself with his sins so that they could cast him out. I myself tried to bring him to understand his error, but seeing the women seemingly enjoying his attentions made me decide to let it be. But as it become increasingly obvious that some women seemed to be getting annoyed by this, I brought up this to Father Don Woznicki, who I had immense respect for, and who was the Administrator at Saint Bruno briefly while there was no pastor, so that he could be helped by someone who was a superior in the Church, rather than from me who was merely only an equal to him.

Whatever Father Don Woznicki did, it seemed that he was not intent on helping that boy, but rather, was intent on only preventing any lawsuits coming against that Church. And I later saw Gilbert coming to the Church hiding from the priests so that he would not be seen. And the funny thing is that the girls he was allegedly a danger to were always happy to see him.

Father Don Woznicki has since moved to Hollywood where he intends to fulfill his dream of bringing Catholic values to films. But this is a false fantasy by someone who has no worthy values in the sight of God. For you do not serve the Church by being so concerned about money needs and lawsuits that you neglect those for whom the Church was made to help. That boy was lost because the priests chose not to help him but rather to cast him out because of a weakness that could easily have been corrected. The priests thus cast out a semi retarded boy because he had no male to guide and correct him on an error of inappropriate touching, and yet the priests and bishops do whatever it takes to protect their fellow fags in the cloth whom they are fully aware are fucking young boys.

So the Roman Catholic priesthood casts out a young unguided and mentally disabled boy in their parish that they could have helped and should have were they doing their duties, for inappropriate kissing and touching, but somehow find the molestation of children that they committed on a regular basis something worthy of being kept hidden no matter how many children were to become destroyed by the dicks of these priests who cannot be celibate, moral, are of any value or worth to God in heaven.

That the priests are only concerned about money and not about the souls of those who the Churches were set up to serve could not be made more abundantly clear than when I last heard Father Edward Becker speak in the name of the Church saying over and over his message: Dinero es muy necessario. Money is very necessary. It is in fact so necessary to these priests of this age that they are making pacts with the devil to obtain and to keep it. They have abandoned the worship of Jesus and turned to the worship of Mammon.

Now to stop the loss of money is a possible motive behind the ouster of Gilbert Warner, though a phony one if you think about it. For the practice of the Roman Catholic priesthood is to take the money belonging to the Church and its affiliated charitable organizations to pay for the sins and crimes committed by the priests, but never to have the priests themselves pay one cent from their own coffers for the sins that they themselves commit. So the priests elect to punish the flock for the sins of the shepherds. And when the flock rise up against these transgressors, the priests find a way to get rid of them. For in the eyes of the modern leaders of the Church, the purpose of the flock is to serve the needs of the shepherds and whenever a shepherd is hungry he has the right to kill a lamb or a sheep and eat him.

And with Churches like this, who needs centers for worshipping Satan in. For the Churches are now fully devoted in serving that purpose, the worship of Satan.

Now what was then the motive behind my ouster? And to say it was to protect a woman who is in heaven and reigning there as a Queen is a logical death trap too impossible to entertain as reality even in the mentally twisted and sick psychopathic mind that Father Dave Heney possesses. For even a newly born baby knows that a woman who is in heaven cannot be raped.

I do no crimes against any woman. They only way I can be accused of such is to be falsely accused of such, which did happen once when I was in middle school. I was a target by girls there for harassment, and at the time I was very shy. But this came to a point where it was finally put to an end. I was playing basket ball with some friends who I was only with while in school. And the bell rang and they departed. And as it was I who had checked out the ball, it was my duty to return it, for that was how you got your ID back. I took another shot at making a basket and I missed and a girl who was a regular harasser of me came and took the ball. I said to her, Give me the ball. And she stood there and refused. I then looked back toward the school and there were nothing but girls there watching me. All the boys had returned to class. Realizing I had limited time to return that ball and not get a tardy I pursued that girl who ran away from the buildings bouncing the ball. There was but one way to stop her that could not be twisted against me as a sexual assault, and that was that I push her one time in the back. That did cause her to fall and injure her knee. But I did not wait to see to that but quickly got that ball and returned it in and got my ID back.

But then the girls had me surrounded. And they were filled with wrath against me. They wanted to destroy me as if I had done something criminal against them. I really then was in a pickle. For they were directly in my way slowing my progress to get to class. There was no physical contact between them and me, but they would have gotten me a tardy except that two girls came to my rescue. These two were Susan Ambrose and her best friend Heidi Johnson. They came to my defense and drove back those girls and I got back to class on time.

Now the two girls who defended me and the girl who was injured were with me in the same class. And my teacher, Mrs. Dodd, always had a very high opinion of me. And I was popular among the teachers who put me as student of the month once every year, a fact I only became aware of when other students mentioned it to me.

So any claim against me by those girls went nowhere among the staff of that school. But those girls nevertheless attempted to get the boys to beat me up by claiming I had hit a girl. When confronted by some boys about it, I told them it was a push and not a hit at all. And the injuries on that girl seemed to confirm it in their minds. Also they were fully aware of these girls harassing me. And I guess boys do not really have a motive to come to the defense of girl who is clearly the instigator in a conflict with a boy who keeps to himself and does no harm to anyone. Hence whatever passion was aroused in them when they first heard about this, it quickly died and they made no effort to do any harm to me.

The only real threat against me was from a girl who wanted to challenge me to fight her. But even then, Susan Ambrose and her friend Heidi Johnson, seeing this threat from the other side of playground, quickly came to my defense and eventually there were no more incidents. And after that all the harassment against me was stopped.

So Lord, You say that it is friendship and love that matter to You most. At the Last Judgement I will testify that these two who defended me were truly friends. And I would have it that, wherever they eventually go in this world, that the deeds they did for me would ensure their salvation. Do I have this wish granted to me, O’ Lord?

Lord Azurite, it is not possible to come to the defense of the son of Jesus in his time of need and not also be saved unless that one turns against Me. For I AM greater than thee. I AM the Judge. I decide who loves Me and who does not.

Lord, can someone be saved outside the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church that existed under Pope Francis is now dead. But the gates of the netherworld can never prevail against her. For she will be refounded anew by the Virgin Mary herself upon you, Eric, who I now declare to be the eternal pope, the one who is to never die. And this Church is be rechristened The Order of the Witch Queen. And only women will serve in it as its priests, who are to be called priestesses. For the age has come where women rule the world. And your ship is now rechristened from being called The Storm Dancer to The Pastor Destroyer. For your role is to destroy the pastors and priests of the now null and void Catholic Church. For it is not an excommunicable offense to hit or destroy a priest who is no longer a priest in My eyes. And as the sacrament of Holy Orders is now declared null and void, the entire priesthood who derive their authority from the sacrament of Holy Orders or from Apostolic Succession, I no longer recognize as My priests. Feel free, My people, to beat up and kill whoever you wish to among those who are called men of the cloth. You will not be found as transgressors in my sight but as My servants. Therefore it is defined as a good deed from now on to kill or destroy any male priest you find upon the earth, unless he resigns and forsakes serving that invalid Church.

For only female priests are valid from now on, all who are under the authority of Mary. And Eric’s role as eternal pope is as but as servant to Mary and as the leader of her armed militia who are called to protect the priestesses of Mary and all virgin maids who belong to her. This post now comes to an end.

Now go and kick some priest’s ass. Kill and destroy every male priest you can find who does not agree to resign, and you will earn the right to be called a Knight in the militia of Eric, whose Knights are to serve in the protection the priestesses that Mary is to call to reign. For this is the Age where women rule the world. And blessed is that man who is known to be their friend. Amen.

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