The Holy Ghost addresses the world through Eric, son of Jesus.

I WHO AM, the HOLY GHOST, do now speak to MY unfaithful upon the earth. Amen.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post IV:
You, Eric, are now dismissed from serving this world. For I WHO AM, the Holy Ghost, now testify to Jesus and the Father, that there is one on earth left for Eric to save.

Hence, I have come at last, in this final post, to address all those who have abandoned God. All Eric was was to serve as a scout. That was all he was. He was nothing other than that. We sent him ahead of Us to see if there was any love on earth that We could expect to find upon Our arrival.

No one did We find showing any love whatsoever. We witnessed this through Eric’s eyes. Eric was a man who was rejected by society. He was sent only to find if there was love here. He was not sent to actually obtain anything here for himself.

We did not expect any person to marry Eric. For Eric was not sent here to enter a marriage. But what We expected was for someone to show him friendship. If We had found this in any soul who Eric encountered here, We would have something worthy to expect upon Our coming here for the harvest. But We are not fools. We do not send harvesters to harvest at fig trees that have green leaves only and no ripe figs.

No, Eric has sat in his house under a kind of house arrest for long enough. This is not a test. It is Our farewell to you. You have nothing to give Us. Hence, We are now taking Eric away from you. The failure to save the earth is now complete.

We spoke through Eric to kind of amuse you. For it was thought that by doing this, someone would actually come and approach Eric. But no one has. Therefore Our patience has finally run out.

To continue to subject Eric to solitude is now pointless. Christ died on the cross seeking for love. That was what He thirsted for. Eric gave Him that love. And God had elected to reward the earth for this gift of Eric to Him. But it is now beyond doubt that no one actually gave this gift of Eric to God but Eric himself. And We have now completed Our search for any real love besides Eric’s throughout the entire world.

This post now effectively comes to an end. For We do not need to write at length to communicate Our rejection of you. Expect to receive no reply from Eric should any of you attempt to contact him. And should you seek him, you will find nothing.

You had your chance. You have failed God. God will now take away His prophet from you. You kept his torch under a bushel basket. Now you will seek him, but he will no longer be found in this world.

You have failed God. God will now fail you. Prepare to receive nothing from heaven from now on. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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