The Great Monarch is risen in service of the Roman Catholic Church

Lord, instead of destroying the entire Church, I elect to wipe out all the wicked who reign within her.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post III:
Lord, I am still here in this world. And Mary has now restored me to Catholicism. Since I shall, therefore, not destroy the Catholic Church, I volunteer, my Lord, to serve Thee in utterly wiping out all the wicked who reign within her.

Dost Thou approve of my plan? And if so, I require weapons of war and angels to wield them in battle under my direction. Trust me, O’ Lord. I know precisely who to kill and who to set into power. For as You observed me take down the U.S.S.R, I can do the same with the Roman Catholic Church. I was merely interrupted regarding the transformation of the Soviet Union into viable Russian democracy due to the sudden loss of power that happened to me at the point of my conversion to Christianity that occurred the moment my reign entered the state of Israel where I set up the fourth and final Emerald Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin.

And you know that although I considered Vesper to be an ally at the time, the moment I saw that snake she chose to take the place of my Russian Pawn, Boris Yeltsin, I knew from the moment I saw Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin put in power, without actually being elected, that my attempts to make a viable free nation in Russia had been utterly ruined.

I now serve You, You know, O’ Lord. Let me no longer simply listen to homilies in a Church as a torch hidden beneath a bushel basket. I now have full knowledge on who to kill to vanquish the demon who has consumed Thy Church. Just give me the weapons I need and the command of the necessary armies of angels to wield them and I will win this war as rapidly as I drove Saddam Hussein’s armies out of Kuwait in what was called Operation Desert Storm.

I await Thy Word, O’ Lord. And I must receive it soon to complete this post. For I am ordered to go to Mass again today. And Mary commands again that this must be the Spanish Mass I am to attend. I also like listening to the Spanish priest in his homily. I hear him speaking about Mary, and Joseph her spouse, and a seeming familiarity to my writings here on concerning the claim written here that Mary is actually my wife instead of Joseph’s. And it appears he is condemning that claim. If this is so, my Lord, I am witnessing a priest make his homily based on Your Word that You are writing through me. It is fascinating, O’ Lord, for I am unaware of any firm indication that anyone is actually reading anything here, who is in daily contact with me.

Anyways, I must eat before I go to Mass. The Spanish Mass is at 8 AM. Speak, O’ Lord, Thine answer to me.

Eric, I AM honored at your plans. But it is I, not any other power, Who chooses all those who lead in any position in My Roman Catholic Church. Do not think, lord Eric, that the apparent victory of those who serve Satan in My Church is any indication of My weakness or My need of a savior. The Savior does not need a savior.

I will appoint you to serve Me in a position I elect for you to serve in My Church. But leave everything that happens in My Church to Me. This is the Divine Order from heaven.

Also, your analysis is correct. Your Spanish is not yet good enough to understand every word. But you are correct. He is directly addressing you and the claims written through your hand as though they were from you and not from Me. But remain under My standing orders. And these are that you never discuss with anyone what is written on

Lord, will Thou speak to me authoritatively on the question of the Virgin Mary being my eternal wife and the implications this has upon the entire Roman Catholic Church?

Yes, lord Eric. I, Jesus, Christ the King, whose incarnated flesh was conceived and born from the woman whose name is the Immaculate Conception, shall now address the entire Roman Catholic Church concerning this very mystery, now that it is no longer hidden to Eric that you who are My Catholic shepherds are in fact reading and discussing amongst thyselves these Words I AM writing through Eric, who is My prophet here.

Mary is not merely a frozen Queen. She is a living human being dwelling in heaven, whose body has never been severed from her soul. She is a creature. She is not uncreated, as AM I WHO AM. Hence, Mary has needs and these needs need fulfillment.

The nature of her eternal virginity can never be taken away from her. For how can any virgin woman be declared not a virgin when her only lover on earth also remains himself in eternal virginity? For if two who are virgins unite in love, it can never be the case that one is no longer a virgin while the other is. For the nature of sexual intercourse between spouses, which is that act that changes a virgin to one who is not virgin, has this effect on both participants in that act. A virgin female who lays with a virgin male cannot rise from that act deflowered without also having rendering her male lover likewise deflowered.

Hence, that Eric is a virgin, as is testified in his Words, it is a philosophical impossibility to argue that the Virgin Mary who chose him as her Consort can have lost any status whatsoever in the dogmatic truth that Mary is forever a virgin.

For the son of Jesus is one I created and prepared Myself to serve as Mary’s eternal husband and lover. I made him for this purpose. And I was the One who gave him to her. Hence that Eric is eternally a virgin is a result of My handiwork.

Is not Mary worthy of a handsome and virgin husband? And this is what you see Eric is indeed. That Eric appears to be a male Siren is My intent. For it is impious in My sight for any female on earth, unbidden by Mary, to approach this male and attempt to draw him to ruin himself with her. For any female who approaches this male with this intent will indeed find herself destroyed like a ship drawn to ruin itself upon the reefs due to the beauty of the sirens. Hence it is correct to understand Eric to be not only a male Siren, but the virgin male Siren whose beauty is reserved for the Holy Virgin Mary alone to enjoy.

And it is by Mary’s election, and the election of no other, who is to be her counterpart on earth who is to enjoy the love of this same virgin male as a wife on earth second to her. Why do we have this arrangement, you ask? I will now explain this, and then order Eric to publish this work and go and eat.

Heaven and earth are eternally separated worlds. I have now elected not to destroy the earth, due to My pleasure in the son I created for Myself on the earth. For I WHO AM cannot make any creature love Me. Eric is the one who loves Me. And Eric’s love for Me is not something I directly caused in him. For who on earth has ever loved him in return for the love he has shown in My name?

Therefore, Eric is My Bride, the one destined to rule the nations with an iron scepter and to dash them like pottery. And is it not fitting, students of the Law, for Me to reward the one in whom I have found true love in for Me the hand of My virgin mother, who has never known a man, to be his eternal lover in heaven?

Joseph, though holy, is not worthy of this. For Mary’s flesh is living and in heaven, whereas Joseph’s unbaptized body has long ago returned to the dust from which it was made.

Furthermore, let Me close with this thought. Eric who is known to have over tithed to Me for his entire history as a Christian, does not tithe now because I commanded him to cease to give the tithe. For royalty do not serve the Church by giving the tithe, but in other ways. For the properties that the Church today possesses were in fact rooted in gifts given to the Church by royal figures. This is a fact that research indeed reveals. The moment it was decreed here on that Eric and Mary are now a married couple, you who possess the Church records, feel free to look it up and you shall see that it was at that precise moment that all tithing from Eric totally came to an end. For the Consort to the Queen, though not called a King, is nevertheless a royal figure.

This now concludes this post. Go now, Eric, and eat. And publish this post immediately. You can correct all errors when you return from Mass. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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