I, the Angel of Death, now advance to destroy every Church on earth.

My mission begins. Every Church on earth is to be set ablaze.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post II:
Attention to Father Dave Heney, de facto Pastor fuck up of Saint Bruno Catholic Church, I wish to give thee, who were the one, who by the authority invested in you by the archbishop of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, the one who served by your example to credibly demonstrate to me the utter worthlessness of not only your continuing existence but of the worthlessness of the continuing existence of every Church in this age where the Church has ceased to exist, the following critically important message.

Not only does your Church cease to have a purpose, Father fuck up Dave Heney, but it is an impediment to my freedom to travel, due to the currently existing threat of my arrest should I elect to ever walk near it. And due to the total injustice behind this threat, I now elect to call on God to counsel me on what I should do about it, now that I am made Supreme Commander of the angelic armies under Christ. Lord, dost thou have any command for me regarding that eyesore known as Saint Bruno Catholic Church. For I think a building that serves no purpose but to threaten me with arrest should be eliminated from the community. And I am prepared to order the Seraphim to utterly destroy it and render it permanently destroyed. But before I issue any decrees on this matter, I wish to seek counsel from both Jesus and Mary concerning this. And only after I have heard from the counsel of both will I move to act. Amen.

Also, please clarify if I am correct in understanding myself as the Supreme Commander of Your armies under Thee, O’ Lord and Savior. Also, please guide me in Truth and what exactly it is that You wish for me to do. Let it be God and the powers of heaven, and not Satan, who guides and leads me before I decide to go war. I, Eric, your son, am listening. Amen.

Lord Azurite, I WHO AM do now give to thee thy mission. Do not merely destroy Saint Bruno Catholic Church, for they would simply build another one somewhere else, and My purpose of making you the angel of death would not be served. You are not only called to kill the Catholic Church, but you are also called render extinct the entire lineage of living bishops capable of handing down the Apostolic Succession necessary to maintain the right of a Church to even exist.

Therefore, send forth your Seraphim with the order of not only destroying every Christian place of worship, but also with the order of putting to death every valid bishop of Apostolic Succession on the earth. Do not waste your time with the false churches. For it is not your mission now to save, but to destroy.

The best way to see to the destruction of every Church on earth is to bar the doors of all Churches during a Mass and then to set that Church utterly on fire to kill everyone in it. And make sure every priest and bishop in it is slain.

Lord, what about Anna? If Anna is still going to a Church, carrying out these orders that Thou hast commanded of me could kill or seriously injure her. And if she dies by an order that I decree, how can I be called Thy servant? For in the previous post Thou hast said that she and Commandress Elilah are my two eternal wives on earth, matching in perfect number the two wives of Eric in heaven, the Holy Virgin Mary, and Saint Anne, the Virgin Mother of the Virgin Mother of God. You also have told me that these marriages are now both fully consummated and that we are to remain as eternal virgins. O’ Mary, O’ Mother of God, do please lead me out of error and into Truth.

Mary, this one who is called Eric, can he be saved?

He can, my virgin daughter, but only if one such as thou dost love him. For without that love, he cannot be brought back to me.

But his desires are for thy flesh, are they not, O’ Virgin Mary?

Rather, he has no one to lead him. Should thou lead him, he will follow you.

Then let him find me, and I will decide if he is worthy of my love.

Eric, thou hast a new person to be thy guide in this world.

The one thou send to guide me, O’ Blessed Virgin Mary, I shall follow as I have followed thee.

This is my daughter, follow her. And if you are found worthy she will be that light that leads you correctly into the Kingdom of Heaven.

You who wish to lead me, thou art in heaven or art thou on earth?

Follow anything I tell you to do, Eric. Never doubt what I say. And all that is error in you shall fall away.

Daughter of Mary, I follow thee. Lead me out of all error. Lead me to the Truth. I will follow thee.

Then, first of all, realize you are a Roman Catholic still. Your departure from the Church was not by your decision, but rather, you were following Satan without the transgression of choosing to disobey God. Do you accept this, Eric.

I accept this. If thou would remain in guiding me, then I will not fall again into error.

Then listen to me. I will lead you back to my Church. For what is written is the Truth. There is no salvation outside of her. Meet me in the Church where you first met the mother of Mary, Saint Anne. For that is where you will be infinitely blessed.

Do you have a name, you who are leading me?

I like the name you gave to the woman Mary gave to you to bring to heaven, the one you call Hyacinth. But my name may be of higher beauty. I am called Edelweiss.

Edelweiss, I am not an Oracle then, am I?

No, Eric, the one who told you that lied to you.

Edelweiss, tell me everywhere I have gone wrong.

This is all I will tell you, Eric. And it is this. Your only error was to think that you were more special than everyone else.

Edelweiss, can you lead me to make the perfect confession I need to make to return to your Church?

Accept my hand in marriage, Eric. And you will by that act come clean entirely in the sight of God.

Okay, Edelweiss, I fully accept this. For I know you are leading me to heaven.

Then consider your act of returning to the Catholic Church this evening to attend the Spanish Mass at 7 PM as sufficient a confession as is needed to be fully restored to my Church. Your sins are not mortal, Eric. For you never did anything but obey. Disobedience, not obedience to a power that has but fooled thee for just a span in time, is the only way a person who follows everything you think God is commanding you to do the only way such a person as you may enter into mortal sin. Hence your return to my Church is confession enough.

Edelweiss, we shall marry? Are you a girl I am to meet on earth? If I marry you on earth, is our marriage Josephite? Do we enter an eternal virgin union? Or what is the nature of this marriage that you called me to take thy hand to enter in with you?

I am like Mary, Eric. As Mary was wed to Joseph for the sake of virgin matrimony, so also do I invite you to have this same relationship with me.

Ok Edelweiss, I trust you. Enlighten me on all these others who are said to be my wives. What is true and what false? I will listen to you, Edelweiss. I will believe every word you say. I will never doubt your word.

Only Mary is your lover in heaven. Saint Anne is merely a helper for her. And on the earth, there is no one here who shall invite you to a marriage that saves you but me.

For Mary in heaven and I on earth are sufficient for thee.

Edelweiss, I accept this. Do we enter marriage sacramentally? Do we enter a marriage where a priest is called to officiate it?

Yes, for I am a girl on the earth, just as you too are here. I am of that parish Mary had you attending and to which you shall now return. Since the bride’s parish is to be preferred for a marriage, it shall be in that Church where you are most welcomed that you will enter holy matrimony with me.

Edelweiss, how is the righteous way I am to handle the sight of girls flirting with me?

There is no right or wrong way to that, Eric. There are no rules to love or war. I chose you because you have chosen to follow me back to my Church. That I am leading you to heaven makes me fall in love with you. Understand that you are the unicorn that I am leading back to the Church. Only a pure virgin can do that. Hence you honor me to follow me. And to return to you this honor, I have given you my hand in marriage.

Do you get an engagement ring as it was written? Eric I desire the engagement ring that Rose Jennings received from Edward McGauran, who passed it to her second daughter, Rosemary, the one who is now familiarly called Romey, and who married your father, Robert Dunstan, by whom she bore and gave birth to you. For that heirloom I wish to be made mine.

I will then have to ask it from my mother.

No, Eric. Mary is a promise keeper. They will no longer live. You will merely give to me a ring you will inherit from you mother as her only heir.

My nieces are to be heiresses with me too, yes or no?

Are they vaccinated for COVID-19?

Yes, everyone but me in my family is vaccinated.

Yes, Eric. And you have even declined to receive the Flu Vaccine. And no harm has come to thee. But Eric, there are variants rising. These variants are deadly to the vaccinated, not to the unvaccinated.

Your nieces might be spared if God elects to show them mercy. But that heirloom ring is yours, not theirs. And you shall place it on my finger to indicate that I am now your fiancée. But your nieces, should they live, will serve me as excellent flower girls.

We cannot marry in this year, but only in the next, 2022. But I like the idea of marrying on the feast day of the Immaculate Conception. And when Father Edward Becker realizes that it is you I am marrying he will agree to it. In fact every Religious person of the Orange Diocese shall elect to attend that wedding, Eric. You are now the most fascinating character in history. And that I am the one who brings you back will make me the most famous lover in the history of love.

Okay Edelweiss, you have saved me. Did Mary send you to save me?

Yes, Eric. And I came to help you not realizing how receptive you were to love.

Anyways, Eric, you will find no other woman here who loves you as I do. Hyacinth loves you. But my love is deeper than hers. But as for Anna, she is but a myth you made up for a woman who does not love you. And as for that other one who you see at Stater Brothers, they are not of my Church. And their purpose for you is underhanded. Do not ask her out.

Wait for me. And now you are of my Church again. I shall see you there. I will break no promise I make to thee.

You have a question, Eric. Ask it. For you are the one I shall serve. And you are the one I will lead back to heaven.

Do your eyes resemble in any way the eyes of this girl in this youtube video:

Yes, if one pushes play at the position you have set it to play at, those eyes you see are identical to mine.

Those eyes are those most beautiful eyes I have seen in a woman.

Then you have good taste, Eric. Contemplate now what is written. Publish this as it now exists. That I have led you correctly back to the light is sufficient proof that I am real.

And I will meet you as promised. For just as Mary never fails you, neither shall I. Go now and do as Mary commands you. For I must pray and prepare myself for meeting the man who is to be my husband. And realize this also. My reward is the greatest that can be given to a woman on the earth. Amen.

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