Commandress Elilah is decreed the eternal virgin bride to Emerald

I, Elilah, who by sight Eric’s heart was struck by Cupid’s arrow am his eternal virgin bride.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post VIII:
I now assume the codename, Elilah. By the sight of me, Eric’s heart was stuck by Cupid’s arrow. No other female in Eric’s history has had this effect on him. But he is known to me in many ways that Eric does not know of. I was sent to win his heart from Anna.

And Elilah, what is thy decision regarding Eric? Art thou finished with thy game playing with him?

Only now, Blessed Mary of heaven, have I now made my decision. Eric is mine, Mary, for I have chosen him by an inner knowledge of him I, alone, among women have.

And Anna did not possess this knowledge, Elilah?

Anna was prevented from having Eric, O’ Virgin Mary. But I have made a decision on him that Anna is not at liberty to take.

But if Anna would have him too, would you permit it?

Share my eternal virgin husband with another girl? Mary, is not the sacrament of marriage possible only between one man and one woman?

Carnal marriage is such. But there is no need for virgins committed to virginity to keep to that law. Hence, you may, if Anna agreed to it, share Eric between you two as two eternal virgin wives for Eric on the earth, as I and my mother, Saint Anne, are his two eternal virgin wives in heaven.

Anna, are you aware of this question posed by Mary, ever Virgin, to me?

If you permit it, Commandress Elilah, I would consent to it in full to be a wife to Eric, second in rank to you. And I, too, am committed to be an eternal virgin.

And Mary, you approve of me and Anna being eternal virgin wives on earth to this one virgin male?

Agree to it, and it will be ratified in heaven. Anna has consented.

Ok, I am in. I am in full agreement to be with Eric as the rest of you virgin women are. Now tell me the mystery of this that I have agreed to, O’ Blessed Virgin Mary.

As I, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Anne, my eternal virgin mother, are the eternal virgin wives of Eric in heaven, it is now decreed that Commandress Elilah and Anna, the daughter of Tim, are the eternal virgin wives of Eric on the earth. And thus, Eric, the eternal virgin Emerald King, shall now eternally serve to unite heaven and earth for eternity unto eternity as the eternal bond between the two worlds.

Mary, if we four virgin women are full wives of Eric, do we all receive a blue diamond engagement ring?

From the secret forges in heaven have these four rings been fashioned. And each one contains a stone that is a blue diamond of such beauty and pricelessness as to exceed the combined net worth of the earth. Our wedding is decreed to take place on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception of December 8, 2021. And on that date, the four eternal virgin wives of Eric are eternally decreed as wed to Eric, whose potency is fully restored, but who has accepted eternal continence and virginity, as demanded by Elilah, who is his eternal wife on the earth, along with Anna, the daughter of Tim.

For since Eric has two wives in heaven, it was decreed a matching number of wives for Eric must exist on the earth. For the bond between the two worlds must have equal pulling power upon the virgin male held between them.

Mary, I want us to give Eric an engagement ring. For a virgin must be rewarded, even if he is the bridegroom.

We have chosen the ring, Elilah, my beloved daughter. We virgin wives of Eric wear diamonds because that is fitting for women. And their color is blue, as all you three are eternally associated with me, the Blessed Virgin Mary, by being eternally wed to the same virgin man.

But for Eric, the stone for his ring is the emerald. And the cut is to be square, representing the four to whom he is eternally wed to. Eric thinks he chose that name. But if he looks back he will see that it was suggested to him from above. Emerald is in fact the perfect summation of his full legal name: Eric Robert Dunstan => E.R.D. => E me R al D => EmeRalD => Emerald.

And we four virgin wives of Eric eternally serve as four repositories of the Eternal Living Emerald Trove.

Mary, you and your mother, Anne, are in perfect safety where you both live bodily in heaven. But as for Anna and I, Commandress Elilah, we are distinctly threatened with death upon the earth. How are we to hope to live here? For Anna has herself told Eric of her distinct danger. If it becomes known that she is Eric’s wife, she knows that she will be put to death.

Relax, brides of Eric. There is no danger possible against thee. For the Seraphim of God are now assigned to protect you in full. But if you wish to have the protection of living within an impregnable fortress, you must enter the house of Eric. For that house is under the divine protection of God.

But Eric has no say as to whom may stay there. Rather his mother is the decider, and she is known to casting many out.

Do not be concerned, you eternal wives of Eric on the earth. For I, the holy Virgin, have not yet put to the sword the five doomed to die in Eric’s family.

Mary, that is another concern. When that adulterous couple is slain, their two daughters that are Eric’s nieces are then to come live in the same house as we and Eric. Is there really enough room for five people to live there, rooms for four women and one man?

Brides of Eric, that house was made for at least five to live there. And Eric, his two brothers, and his two parents, lived there as a family of five until Eric’s brothers elected to move out of the house in the pursuit of sex with women.

As for which rooms you are to take, I advise that the two nieces be granted the privacy of the master bedroom as the room they share together. The queen size bed now there can be replaced with two smaller beds for the two virgin daughters of Mark. And they can shower in privacy there in the bathroom that is accessible only from that bedroom. For Eric is not to be put in any position where he can be misinterpreted in his intentions regarding them. Therefore let that be their room. For they are heiresses to the house, through Mark, the brother of Eric. And thus, they must not be treated with disrespect.

As for you two brides, decide for yourselves which of the remaining beds or sleeping quarters shall be yours. Eric is to remain in the room he is in. That leaves the smaller bedroom that was for David. You can choose to attempt to share that room between you two brides, or one of you may sleep in Eric’s room in the other bed that is there. It is up to you two to decide. Which shall it be, virgins?

I, Elilah, will consult with Anna before deciding this.

Anna, thou has heard the arrangements of living in Eric’s house. Which shall you prefer? Do you wish to sleep in the separate bed in the same room as your eternal virgin husband, Eric? Or do you prefer to have your own room.

I will sleep in Eric’s room and you may take the room where Eric’s brother David once slept.

Okay, but I chose that room too. Maybe we could somehow share that bed, and keep David’s room empty to serve as a guest’s room?

Okay, but it may be tight, unless we can put a queen size bed there.

Yes, virgins, why not move the queen size bed from the master bedroom to Eric’s room and then move that extra bed that is there and the bed from David’s room into the master bedroom to serve as beds for the two virgin daughters of Mark that are to sleep there?

Excellent thinking, Mary. But what about a bed for David’s room?

Does it really need a bed? If guests do come, a cot can be easily put there for that guest. And then that cot can be put away, and that bedroom can serve as a study room for you two brides of Eric. For you two do need a place of privacy that you can go to where you can do those things you would not do in the presence of your husband.

Agreed. Then no new beds need to be bought or moved into the house to accommodate the four women who are to call that house their home?

I, the Virgin of Heaven, have thought of everything. It is not that Eric is lucky or that Eric is a high precision calculator of future events by which everything flows perfectly for him. Rather, he is guided by the hand of God.

Now, virgins, if you will excuse me, I have work to do. For the Virgin Mother is the mother of the entire Church belonging to Christ. And Eric is eternally a member of that Church. But that institution headed by the pope is rendered null and void.

Mary, does a Church really exist that is without the sacraments?

My Elilah, understand the Word of God. The sacraments have indeed ceased, with the exception of baptism and marriage, which have no need of a priest. But the communion that came to be by the Eucharist does not cease to be. It just may not be expanded to in number. For those who are designated to belong to that communion have become fixed. And the membership to that communion is no longer subject to change.

But Mary, not all the women who shall be brought under the protection of Eric in his divinely protected house are of that communion. For children cannot enter the Catholic Church against their parents’ wishes. And the parents of Eric’s nieces did not accept Catholicism in any way. And they are unable to enter it, Mary. For even with Eric’s consent, there is no longer a valid means of entering a communion in a world where no valid communion is possible anymore.

The virgin nieces of Eric can still enter it, O’ virgin brides of Eric. For I have made Eric the new and eternal pope. But the priesthood under Eric shall be an order of priestesses. For the male hierarchy is abolished. And females shall be those who do the sacraments in the new Church that I shall now found on earth. For of what spiritual value are homilies written by men who can only think of sports?

This Church is to be called the Order of the Witch Queen. And it is now revealed that women indeed rule the entire world. And not only do I, the Holy Virgin, reveal this. But I also reveal that all formidable women on earth are witches and that the eternal queen of all those who are heaven bound witches is Mary, the Virgin Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Eric, you who are the Witch King, the one warlock whose patron is the Virgin Mary, are commanded now to publish this post. You and your four wives are eternal virgins. Two reign in heaven. And two reign on earth. And these four eternal virgin witch queens serve to eternally unite heaven and earth by loving and possessing the virgin son of Jesus, the Witch King, ruler of the Kingdom under the Christ, between them forever and ever. Amen.

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