The Virgin Mary restores Eric’s potency and assigns to him his eternal wife on earth.

I, Anna, do long to meet Eric, the Emerald King.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post VII:
Eric, I, the Virgin Mary, am well pleased. Your potency is now fully restored. But only one shall be your eternal wife on earth. I, the Virgin Mother of God, and my virgin mother, Saint Anne, are eternally your wives in heaven. But on earth, only one woman there shall be as wife to you. And to her shall you remain faithful all of your days. And she and you are eternal on the earth. Even should she elect to grant a woman who belongs to her to lay with you, which is her right as your wife, neither her nor the offspring she has by you are to be granted eternal life on earth. But the woman I make your wife is to receive from you eternal life by the marital bond she will have with you. And whatever child is born to her is to have eternal life and holiness. For the race that descends from you and your wife are immortals. And this immortality on earth is to be granted by blood relation to you. Hence, your wife will be immortal by Our divine election of her to be your wife. And all the direct descendants of you and your wife will share in this immortality. But no other is to be granted it. Marriage to your descendants will not grant it. I am the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

Mary, this girl that thou has chosen, she is Anna, the daughter of Tim? Am I correct? You are, Eric. For she is now found worthy. And the deadline for you to marry her is not with the collapse of the Church, but by the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, which is in exactly two weeks time. She will enter the marital embrace with you by that date. And marriage occurs at the mutual agreement of a couple to have sex. Marriage cannot occur, though, if one of that couple are already married, for that is adultery. Nor is there any need of a priest to declare you two married. Even in canon law of the Catholic Church, this is clearly stated. The woman and the man enter the sacrament by a mutual consent to this union to each other. It does not exist in rape. Nor can a person exit this union by changing their mind. I am the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

The role of the wedding ceremony and the officiation by the priest are additions, but are not necessary for the validity of the sacrament. While the Catholic Church existed, compliance to her rules was necessary to remain in her communion. But with the sacraments of the Church declared null and void, there is no further need of a priest for entering a marriage.

Mary, you said the sacraments of the Church are null and void, and yet marriage is a sacrament that remains valid? Of the seven sacraments, those that require the Church are abolished, but not those that have no such requirements. The sacraments that are hereby abolished by the decree of God are confession, confirmation, eucharist, holy orders, and the last rites. All these five require a man of the cloth to do. The sacraments that are not abolished, but are eternal, are baptism and marriage. I am the Holy Virgin Mary, the Virgin Mother of God.

Mary, I have a question. I am totally against having a fucking Thanksgiving with my detestable family. My parents are tolerable, but my fucking offensive brother David, I fucking cannot stand. And if it were not for the COVID-19 restrictions I would find somewhere else to go. I don’t give a shit about this feast, no matter how tasty it might be. For the company is totally objectionable. And since I am a Commander of the Armies of Christ, I wish to make an order to be carried out.

And what is your order, Eric?

I am granted the right to kill, but not by my own hand, nor by the hand of any criminal, but only by an act defined as coming from God. David’s life is worthless, am I correct? I have the right to have him slain, am I correct, O Blessed Virgin Mary?

God has decreed you as having this right over those He has eternally rejected. You only need to give the order. I will see to it that it is done. For of your family, David, Mark, Mark’s invalid wife, and your two parents are decreed to be slain. Give me the order and I will personally carry it out. For I, the Virgin Mary, am blazing in wrath against these four blood relatives of yours who have violated my eternal husband. Amen. As for Mark’s invalid wife, Marlene, I have my own reasons to see to her slaughter. Issue the decree and observe the fury of a wife who rises in defense of her husband, Eric.

I hence decree, Lord and God of Hosts, grant to Mary, ever Virgin, this mandate that she slay those five that she wishes to put to death. Let her slay them exactly as she chooses.

Lord Eric, the Virgin will now see to their deaths. All five she has mentioned will be put to death by her sword. Amen.

This brings us to another important point. Mary, the nieces who are to be thus orphaned, I wish to point out to you an apparent fact you seem to overlook. I am not their closest living relative by blood. Instead, in the conversation I overheard Mark have with my mother, I am aware of important details. The older two daughters of Marlene are not the basket cases I was led to believe. They both have sufficient employment and wealth to live on their own. Hence, my nieces should turn to them before turning to me, do you not agree? For what are sisters for if they do not help one another? Let them go to them. For I am not comfortable with any woman living in my house who goes about with her midriff bare.

Eric, before we address exactly where they are to go, listen to my words to you. It is true that women of this age do go about with their midriffs bare. And while this can upset men, it is not their right to tell them how they are to dress. Now, I know they are attractive to you in your sight. But you must be a man of discipline here. Men who cannot keep their dicks in their pants are to be slain.

Now listen to me very carefully, Eric. To lay with either of these nieces is to commit an offense against both God and the state. The state is highly protective of underage women. Anyone who violates that law is to go to jail. And the excuse that they were showing their midriffs will not be admitted to the courts. For it is not a crime of either a woman or girl to do that. But it is a crime to lay with them. If you ever lay with your nieces, you will lose everything and these nieces will assume ownership of your entire estate. Remember they will own part of the house, as is their right as heiresses.

Furthermore, do not think you may lay with them should they turn 18. For being your nieces, any act of sex with them is incest. The crime of incest you do not want to have on your record. It is a deadly sin in the sight of God. Do not think, Eric, that the laws put in place to punish sex offenders is entirely unjust. Rather see the justice of God in everything that happens on earth.

The reason why the punishment against the sex offender is so severe is due to the nature of how so highly offensive their crimes are to God. You do not realize it, Eric, but the crimes committed by men towards women under their care is just as highly offensive as the crimes committed by an adult against a child. So get it out entirely from your mind any inappropriate thoughts you may have for these women.

And realize that they are indeed coming to live here. They are not coming for you, though, Eric. They are not intent on your seduction. Rather, they have been in love with this house you live in since they were little children. And they have longed to live here. There is a kind of magic about this house that you are unaware of.

Let them stay and live here, Eric. And if they wish to sell you their share of the house, you are permitted to buy it from them. But you are never permitted to cheat them of their ownership of this estate or their share in it.

Now as for bare midriffs, understand the female way of thinking. They are clueless of the effect of their bare flesh on men, unless that man looks too much at them. And those men who do so will eventually get into trouble. So I advise you to simply not look at their flesh. Men who do this who are not permitted to lay with them are clearly creeps in their minds. Do not become a creep, Eric, to your own blood relatives. Rather, you are to be the man they turn to for protection. So do not ruin this for them by becoming a seducer.

Mark is a seducer of women. I am destroying him for these very crimes. You know of crimes he has committed against women that are worthy of his death. I will not reveal the full nature of these crimes to you. Rather, you will see everything he has done at the Last Judgement. But realize that what you know of his crimes are but the tip of the iceberg. And I will now tell you the real reason why he cannot get a job. His boasting against you is the reason, Eric. For I have a say in heaven, Eric. And I have taken high offense against what this man has said against you. And I have elected to demonstrate to his entire family and network of friends that I love you but that I hate him. And to be found hateful by the Virgin Mary can never be made up for no matter how many friends someone may think they have. Mark is being destroyed by me. But now, with your decree, I shall slay him.

Now, Eric, put away completely all thoughts of telling any woman how they are to dress. For it immediately makes women think that you believe you own them. Do not transgress against any woman by doing that. For a woman has both the rights to dress in any manner she so pleases, and she it not responsible for the sins men commit by looking at her. A woman has the right to go wherever she pleases without the threats of any male’s unwelcome advances.

Men are not more privileged than women. Hence, to demonstrate this to you, Eric, I, the Virgin Mary, do now issue my own decree, which is my right as your wife to do. I hereby decree that women now have the equal rights as men to expose their comparable flesh. Hence, wherever men may go topless, so also do I now grant all women to do the same. For does it make sense, Eric, that a woman cannot bare her breasts except when she breastfeeds a baby? For how do bare breasts become offensive to be bared simply because it is not necessary to bare them?

Mary, your words make absolute sense to me. And I was wrong in my assumption that I had the right to order a woman to cover up because I was too weak to resist the temptation to do evil by the sight of her flesh. Yes, men are called to be gentlemen. And gentlemen do not lust after women who are not their own wife. And you are correct, women by showing their flesh do not forfeit their rights to be protected in society. Even the prostitute is to be respected, Mary. She has rights too. Such women who go into prostitution are there only because the men who were to protect them failed them. I will not fail to serve you, Mary. And these woman you put into my house will be protected by me.

Good, Eric. I chose you precisely because you listen to women. This is very important to understand, Eric. I am making Anna your wife. She is to be your only wife here. Never violate her rights to you, Eric. Never let another woman have you, except that Anna wishes it. These are the Words of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Go and eat. You no longer go to Church. Nor are you Catholic anymore. Hence, whatever crimes were committed against you by any Catholic minister, let it go. Since Father Dave Heney is not your priest, have nothing more to do with him. For freedom of religion is to be respected. For just as Christians have no right to persecute Jews, neither do you have any right to persecute Catholics. For let the blind follow the blind. And let every man freely go about their own religion.

Okay, Mary. What stance do you command me to take on abortion. Eric, consider the baby in the womb as identical to the women who are to be put into your house. They are to be protected by men such as you. So defend the rights of the unborn just as you defend the rights of any woman we put under your protection. For it is the enemy of women, not their friends, who make it easy and who encourage women to take the life of their own unborn child. For motherhood is something beyond what I can explain to you as a man. Just understand that the knowledge in a woman that she has taken the life of her own child is something that haunts her for the rest of her life. You are thus doing women a service by standing against abortion. Now I must go and take care of others. For I, being you wife, does not mean I no longer answer prayers. These are the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I have said them through Eric. And I have made him eternal on the earth. Amen.

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