Eric, no longer Catholic, reveals All.

I am Eric, servant of Jesus and Mary, though no longer of any Church.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post I:
Jesus, I wish to ask Thee something.

Ask, My son.

Thou hast commanded me to leave the Church. But as there is no disciple given to teach, dost Thou wish me to remain in silence, and no longer write?

Write, lord Azurite. I no longer choose that fate for you. Rather, you have a different fate.

Explain this to me, O’ Lord?

You have remained faithful to Me. I will remain faithful to thee. You, Eric, asked me for love, thinking you needed it in order that thou may sleep. No, it is not the love of women that saves you, but the love of God.

And do you wish for Me to reveal thy new sexuality to all the world, Eric?

Lord, I have nothing to hide. I have no secrets whatsoever that I would not reveal to whomever that asked me of them, except for the PIN number to my safety deposit box in the bank, because it contains some very valuable rubies.

These rubies, Eric, just where did you acquire them?

Lord, they are simply some trinkets that may resemble rubies from a distance to an untrained eye that I found in my house and decided to play a practical joke with. But it serves its purpose if it demonstrates no one can in fact break into that vault and steal them. For even practical jokes have a purpose. Now go and reveal whatever secrets about me that Thou wish to reveal, Lord and Master. I have neither pride nor ego. I am only here to serve Thee and for no other reason.

If you have been following the story of Eric, you will have come to an awareness that the Virgin Mary took from Eric his potency from the moment that she claimed him as her eternal husband. But before that event, Eric, who I had commanded to achieve continence, was in continuous failure to achieve it. Every priest Eric knew prior to Mary taking him in 2017, knows about his confessions to them. For Eric would approach them prior to Mass to confess his impurity just so that he could lawfully receive communion.

Mary taking Eric in 2017, and assuming the position as his wife, commanded that he make love to her. And so, Eric’s potency continued, but strictly under her control. She and she alone commanded from that point onward whether Eric could become aroused and she alone could make him ejaculate.

And Mary also correctly commanded Eric never to confess these things at all. For no one can sin by obeying the Virgin Mary. Nor did the Holy Spirit ever convict Eric of any mortal sin from that point onward, though He had frequently convicted him of mortal sin prior to Mary taking him in 2017. For impurity, if done to the point of ejaculation, and done with full knowledge and deliberate consent is a mortal sin. But as for a lawfully married couple, there is no law as to what they may do together, except that they may not have anal intercourse. For whoever has anal intercourse is cast from My Kingdom and may never enter there. Hence, whatever Mary did command Eric to do with her, it could never be called a sin, as My Father recognized them as eternally married.

With the final post of the Church Age published on November 20, 2021, three days ago, Eric’s potency is now completely ended. He is now in a perfect state of continence. It may be possible to have sex with Eric still, but it is impossible to achieve ejaculation in him. And Eric, art thou in full awareness of the implications of this?

I have some awareness, but You speak, O’ Lord. For Your Words are better than mine.

A man who is incapable of completing the conjugal act cannot lawfully enter marriage. This is part of canon law. It is the divine law written by God. For no man may ever legally claim any woman as his marital partner if he fails to complete the conjugal act necessary to seal them as man and wife.

This is even true for those marriages known as the Josephite marriage, where the couple have chosen to never have sex. A couple may indeed elect to enter marriage to each other as Joseph and Mary entered, where they agree ahead of time never to have sex. However, if there is any knowledge that the man is incapable of successful intercourse, they are not permitted to marry. And any attempt to do so is a violation of My Law. And a man may never enter a marriage, even one without sex, who knows of or is aware of an inability in himself to have sex. For the Josephite marriage is sacramentally identical to a normal marriage. And should a couple who are of a Josephite marriage elect to change it into sexual marriage, they may lawfully do so without any needed consent from the Church.

However, for a sexual marriage to have validity, it must be consummated. Failure to consummate a marriage results in an immediate annulment of it, should either of the couple decide to leave that marriage. For there are no marital rights in any marriage that is annulled.

Now, Eric was considering marriage to a girl called Anna. Whether this was to be a Josephite marriage or a sexual marriage, Eric was not sure as to which was to be his fate. All Eric was aware of was that he was commanded to marry her.

Marriage in My sight takes place when couple have intercourse, regardless of whether a priest ever was present when they said their vows to each other. For the sacrament of marriage has no need of a priest. It is performed between the woman and the man alone.

Such is why it is written that Adam and Eve were a married couple. They were not fornicating. Fornication is not a possibility in My Book. Only adultery is ever possible. For any boyfriend and girlfriend are only boyfriend and girlfriend to each other while their relationship is without sex.

But once a boyfriend and girlfriend enter with each other the union of sex, they have become one flesh. They cease to be boyfriend and girlfriend from that point onward and are called married in My Book. They are married provided that they are lawfully permitted to marry one another. A son and a mother having sex do not enter marriage. Nor does a father and a daughter enter marriage by having sex.

Lord, a couple such as that, a son to his mother, or a father to his daughter, what, if any, punishment is theirs for this act which You say is not a marriage?

They are eternally banished from My Kingdom, Eric. Your marriage to Mary is not such a union. For Mary is not your mother by this definition to which this law applies. The definition of a mother that a man is not permitted to marry is that she is either his biological mother or the wife of his biological father. Your biological father is Robert Dunstan, who is currently married to your biological mother, Rosemary (Romey) Dunstan. They were married before you were even conceived and they have never been divorced. You are a legitimate son. You are worthy of the inheritance.

But as for your marriage to Mary, she consummated this with you. Not only with her, but also with her mother were these conjugal acts attained. For Mary, realizing that Anna was not going to come, gave you to her own mother, who is also bodily in heaven, due to having had, throughout her whole life, the flesh that was to become the Immaculate Conception within her. She is eternally in heaven by that reason. The flesh of Saint Anne, the Mother of Mary, thus could never see corruption. Thus she dwelt in the same heaven as did Elijah, who was taken up there, until Christ’s death opened the door for her to enter the true heaven and to receive the Beatific Vision, which is granted only to those who are of the communion of Christ. She is of this communion, not by sacrament, but by the flesh. For every woman who gives birth, the egg cell that was fertilized to form that human being existed in her baby ovaries from the time of her birth. Hence, Saint Anne’s body always contained the flesh of the Virgin Mary, and thus, was never permitted to see corruption.

Lord, Saint Anne was given to me as a second wife because Anna did not appear?

Lord Eric, it was necessary that you have two lovers. It was the divine intent behind this decree that one of these would be in heaven and the other on earth, serving to link the two worlds together for eternity. This is why Anna was chosen by Mary. In fact, her conception and birth into this world were to serve for this very purpose. I can make people have a positive or negative predisposition to someone, but I can never make that person love someone. Anna chose a different fate.

It was also known to Mary the exact date that the Church Age would come to an end. And once it ended, no longer would you, Eric, have the right to enter a marriage. For your potency was to be irrevocably taken from you on that date. Failure to enter a marriage by that date would serve to make you permanently unmarried and unmarriageable. Do not be concerned as to the reasons behind Anna’s decisions. For the possibility of you marrying her is gone. She is now nobody to you. And no girl on earth is anyone to you. For though you are still in this world, you are not a part of it, nor is there any binding of you to it nor to anyone in it.

Saint Anne was chosen to be your wife, second to Mary, so that this divine decree would be fulfilled. That is why you were saved only by going to that Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe, for only there, while you rested beneath her feet, did you come to know this one who Mary gave to you to as your second wife.

But Lord, Saint Anne and the Virgin Mary are a mother and daughter, and yet You say we are married lawfully? I am married to both a mother and her daughter lawfully in your eyes, where both marriages have been consummated?

Understand, lord Eric, why there is no transgression here, though there would definitely be transgression were these two women to marry you on this earth. You and these two women were once virgins. None of you three are recognized as virgins any longer. The Virgin Mary was herself also born from a virgin, for Saint Anne never had sex in her life, but was made to conceive Mary by means known only to God.

The Levitical Laws on marriage are applicable only to marriages that are of the earth and that pass away. Every marriage among humankind is by God’s eternal decree to pass away at the death and passing of a spouse. By Mary and Saint Anne marrying you, an immortal man, while they are both bodily in heaven, this is a marriage that is without end. Consider this then to be the highest and holiest version of virgin heavenly water.

Virgin Heavenly Water exists only by three virgins, one male and two females, entering a love bond without end. For water is a substance composed of molecules of the chemical formula: H2O. The two hydrogens represent the two females, and the one oxygen represents the one male. It was the divine decree that this water molecule was to be formed. And when it was realized that Anna would never enter it with Eric, or at least not elect to enter it while there was still time, Saint Anne was called to take her place.

For no one may ever frustrate the Divine Will. And let everyone know that no one who is of Creation is unable to be replaced should they fail the Lord, their God.

Now I have spoken in full. I will now tell you, Eric, your new fate. You who were meant to permanently link heaven to this world are no longer able to comply with this mandate, though no fault is found in thee in this failure. For you have entered the marriages as you have been commanded to. But as for the fact that these two eternal wives who are yours are both in heaven, while you are still on the earth, there is going to be a kind of wrecking ball exit as you are taken from this world by their love for you.

You will indeed leave the earth, but not without wrecking and destroying everything in your path as you are taken from it. Nor is it possible for a disciple to be given to you. For the window where that was possible has closed. I now make you the angel of death. And whoever defies you dies. And you are to destroy every wicked being you encounter on your pathway to Me. And this is the final thing I will say here in this post. As no girl can be given to you anymore, there is no possibility for My Word through you on to cease until I take you up to heaven. I WHO AM have spoken. Go now and prepare for My calling. For I shall call you to destroy the earth. Amen.

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