The most exalted position for a woman is that of disciple to Christ.

The only way into My Kingdom is to follow Me, not merely to worship Me. I AM WHO AM.

The Lord’s Word, Entry VIII:
Lord, I have learned something today. Speak, Eric. Tell Us what thou hast learned.

I went to the Spanish Mass Friday morning, which is now yesterday. Father Edward Becker was the priest who did the Mass. Usually I completely miss the message that is said in the homilies of the Spanish Mass, and can only understand individual spoken words. For Father Edward Becker is very poor in his Spanish skills. And so he spoke in very simple Spanish and I heard his entire message.

Father Edward Becker’s basic message was that Dinero es muy necessario, that money is very necessary. He was wrong though. He was mistaken. And his mistake shall cost him his soul. Allow me speak on this, Jesus, to explain further on what I have learned.

You shall speak here on until My Word to be published is complete. This is the post that shall complete it. Amen.

Lord, Your Truth suddenly came to me as I watched a movie on Netflix. After all the battles and struggles in that story, the hero finally wins the girl. And she is a most beautiful woman to him. And then this pleasure they have together is taken away. For all flesh on earth is mortal and has an end.

Lord, money and women I now see are in fact identical in that as goals they are both fleeting. Neither lasts forever. To have as one’s goal something that can and will be taken away is utterly futile! What is the profit to any man who makes it his life goal to achieve something that has no value in eternity?

Money is worthless by its intrinsic nature that it consist of nothingness. For does not the entire world and all its riches utterly vanish into nothingness?

But good deeds that are worthy in God’s sight are eternal by their intrinsic nature that a good act done to a servant of God is never forgotten for all eternity.

Also this is the kicker! You can pursue one or the other, but never both.

And this is not just concerning money, but the entire lure of the things of this world. Whoever departs from the path of God to seek and pursue worldly endeavors forfeits his soul.

Even to choose the married life when you have found Christ as a single person is to forfeit your soul. For seeking pleasure or joy that is of this carnal earth is to pursue riches that vanish.

Lord, it was always the decision that leads to eternal life where one elects to forfeit the married life and the pleasures of women for the sake of finding the things that are of God. I chose that path. And I found it! I now know it well.

I completely understand the way that Father Edward Becker thinks, though. But when the choice was given to us, I chose to seek Jesus. Father Edward Becker chose to seek money.

Money is only of value in serving as an exchange for purchasing things that pass away. In fact, the only way to convert money into treasure in heaven is to give it away. Therefore to seek money as one’s goal is to depart from the path that leads to eternal life.

This is, therefore, the utter folly of the man who enters the priesthood or consecrated life but who has not chosen the Lord over the things of this world. He is like the hypocrite who kisses the man he betrays. This sin of Judas was to put money ahead of God.

But Lord, I think Peter, the first pope, was also a transgressor. For why did he have a couple put to death for withholding money from entering the coffers of his Church? Is not this act the very sin of making money central to Church life, rather than following the path of God? Is Peter saved or lost, O’ Lord My God?

Peter is the prime example of the man who, given power, goes mad, for he sought money over mercy. Peter indeed slew Ananias and Sapphira for an offense he took that was nowhere written in the Law of God as a crime worthy of capital punishment. (Acts 5:1-11). It is not criminal to keep money for oneself when entering My communion. The rules Peter enforced against that couple were, therefore, rules of his own making.

For even in My utter wrath against those who were committing acts of thievery in the House of My Father, I utilized the whip and overturned tables in My fury. But I slew no one. It was never My intent that the men of the cloth bully and kill the flock I sent to them to tend. For the Way into My Kingdom is a Way of mercy and love, not a way of terror and fear. Peter, though he was My Rock, that Rock was rotten on day one.

How many souls in need of My mercy and who sought Me by turning to My priests but were turned away from Me or My Church because their priests demanded that they pay a tithe? For tithing was never to be made mandatory to attend My House of God. For in what gathering of the people who gathered to hear Me speak and teach did I ever pass the hat to receive from them donations? This request that My people provide for the priests is neither something I taught by Word or example, nor is it written as a teaching that came from Me. Rather it is greed and avarice such as this that has transformed the entire Church into a means of providing for priests and not as a place I have established for saving souls. Eric actually found that he had to pay money and incur expenses and jump through many logistical barriers to simply enter My Church by the sacraments. Hence, the Church has made it difficult for one seeking salvation to enter it. It is grossly a violation of Christianity for the leader of whatever Church he heads to make it hard for one to come to Me. And that is exactly what Eric knows by experience is found in Catholicism throughout My entire Church. There are more ways that one may be kicked out it than that one may find it and enter in. These are exactly from rules that were unnecessary that have been imposed on the people, clearly as a demonstration of a lust for power over My people and not from any command from Me to serve in their salvation.

The Church was, thus, corrupted from day one by men who taught, as Father Edward Becker teaches, that money is what is important, rather than love and mercy.

I hated Catholic men who occupied positions of authority in My Church who spoke in words of hatred against Eric and never showed him mercy, and then presented themselves as My followers and as examples of model Christians. There is indeed a man who is highly regarded in My Church who expressed surprise to find Eric had employment while making it clear that he was both fully aware that Eric was seen as unemployed and that these men who were allegedly My servants never had any intention to help him. Rather, the idiot suggested to Eric that he demonstrate his fidelity to My Church by donating a specified large amount to paying for the playground that the Church had chosen to go into debt to make. I wonder if it actually ever occurred to this man that Eric, being a man who was unmarried and apparently never to ever have children, to have any interest that would serve him for in seeking for this playground to be paid or even completed. Rather, is it even of interest for Eric to even approach a playground or any child there? Is it not, rather, a cause of suspicion against him were Eric to ever be seen with any involvement with children there. Eric politely declined to give any such donation for that cause to that man. And this man appeared to be one who was offended by Eric, saying words indicating a kind of lacking of doing one’s part to serve the Church that he saw in My servant, the only man in that Church who ever truly served Me there.

It was when Eric approached a priest seeking help, that the priests clearly demonstrated who exactly they were serving by giving nothing to Eric whatsoever. But when Eric sought help from the homeless, from these Eric truly received real help and assistance without charge. That was what I called Eric to find out when I called him to walk many miles through many cities as a homeless person for some days until all his luck ran out and he called home and told his parents that he would never repeat this act again. For in those days of wondering homeless, Eric finally saw it. True love that is of God is found nowhere in this entire world except in those people who have truly given up everything to find Him.

Eric found true friendship and the love that I preached to the people truly practiced only among the homeless. And then Eric saw the total folly of men who so fear to become homeless. Homelessness is not a curse, but a blessing. For only those who experience it find in that experience examples of genuine love. Everyone else Eric ever met on that path as Eric walked through those many cities who had any sort of position in this world, no matter what rank it was that they held, had no love whatsoever to give to Eric. They never gave him love. But the homeless truly helped him whenever he found them and asked them for such necessary things as where to find a bathroom, drinking water, electric outlets, and so on. They gave perfect him instructions for finding these things that did not fail and they never charged for this advice. Yes, Eric did find love in his quest. And it was only found with the homeless, those people that this world has chosen to reject. Everywhere that Eric met homeless people he found true love in them. Everyone else that he ever met showed no love at all to Eric.

For understand this very well. There is no way into My Kingdom that does not involve abandoning everything for Me. And the pathway into homelessness is the perfect form of baptism of giving up everything for Me by which a person shall find Me forever.

Understand why Hyacinth was put into Eric’s life. She was the one who was to test Eric whether he would chose his own security over helping someone who needed his help. Eric helped her and she was saved by his help. But in the process, Eric was divested of his material wealth. This is not a victim of what is understood as the Nigerian romance scams that commonly rob men of their wealth who seek romance. Rather, this is the choice of choosing to save my lambs over preserving one’s own wealth.

Eric the riches you lost in saving the soul of Hyacinth are untold riches you have stored up for eternal life. You chose to sacrifice you well being in this world because of the cry of help you heard come from a girl you had led into My Church and chose not to abandon.

Eric was never giving this money to this girl in exchange for sex. And nothing of immoral sexuality ever passed between the two. Had Eric ever conditioned his giving of money to Hyacinth as a return for nude pictures from that virgin girl, nothing that Eric had done for her or ever would to do for her would ever be found in My sight to be worthy of receiving any reward for it in My Kingdom. For to do that is to cross the line. No one who crosses that line is ever found worthy of entering My Kingdom of Heaven.

Eric never once sought such exploitation of this woman he brought to Me to be saved. Nor is this violation found in Eric regarding any girl in his entire life. In his childish humor prior to being assigned to help Hyacinth, he did ask women he met online to send him nudes of themselves, but he never did this in the form of giving money in exchange for such sexual favors. Women did in fact ask Eric for money online. And many did in fact offer to give their nudes to Eric in exchange for money. But it is a curious fact indeed that of all the people Eric ever met online, only to the girl Hyacinth has he ever actually sent money to. And this money was always sent as a service done for Me. For Eric has never violated Me or My trust in him in any money that I have ever put into his possession. Everything Eric used his money for to help anyone in this world was always done in consultation with Me. He always chose to help those who were in need rather than let My needy go unhelped, but always these acts of charity were done under My directions, and never as an act done solely by his own will or decisions alone. And if it ever comes to pass that it is observed that Eric has stopped giving to Hyacinth who is asking for his help, realize that Eric is obeying Me. Also realize that there is much treachery in this world. It is possible for someone to hack and hijack Hyacinth’s phone. Should this ever happen, do not expect Eric to ever give to the one who asks Eric to help her posing as this girl. For if Eric only gives as I command him to, why should anyone who thinks they can fool Eric think they can also fool Me?

And as for the thought of kidnapping Hyacinth and seeking a ransom from Eric for her release, that is an error to think Eric actually looks upon Hyacinth in that way. Hyacinth is Mine to care for, not Eric’s. Eric gives to her only as I have commanded him to. And when has it ever been observed in history that I, the Lord, have ever paid anyone a ransom in exchange for the release of anyone held in their captivity. Eric has no loved ones in this world for this primary reason. Eric is a man that I have made impossible to blackmail. And there is no human being on earth that you can threaten to do any evil to whatsoever to get Eric to give you anything. For is it not known that Eric is totally without friendships of any kind? Is it not a fact that his entire is forever plotting his destruction. Eric laughs at the comments he reads his family discuss about him, apparently forgetting that Eric’s phone has been included in that conversation they are having. The following is a true record of a real conversion very recently observed by Eric on his own phone. It is not a joke. It is not a deception. Eric has copied it exactly as it was written. Read it and have utter pity.

David Dunstan: You would think Eric would get the COVID virus sometime… did he change his mind to get the vaccine?

Romey (Rosemary) Dunstan: Afraid not. Wish someone could stick it into him. That’s the only way without him knowing!!!

Romey (Rosemary) Dunstan: Wonder if one could get a syringe with one. Vaccine inside. And zip it’s in

And if by reading this you think that Eric could have any motivation whatsoever to seek their safe return from being kidnapped you are mistaken on a great many things. Eric would indeed rather be motivated to let them die. And whatever torture they suffer would not bother Eric’s conscience in the slightest. For it is to be understood that the entire family of Eric are mortal enemies to him. They are actively seeking his damnation in every possible way they can. It therefore should be no wonder that Eric would elect to allow them to die, as long as he is not the one who is guilty of their death in the sight of God. For Eric cannot commit murder. But Eric can permit people to be destroyed by their own errors he observes them do and which he elects not to prevent them from doing, so that they destroy themselves by their own hands. For Eric is not called to save the wicked from their sins.

Many are the priests who utterly exploit women for their money or sexual favors. Many are the priests who bribe my women for sexual favors in return for pitiful amounts of cash or for favors to them in the Church. I tell you truthfully. Whatever priest ever uses his position of power or the wealth he is paid in serving Me to get any favors whatsoever from any woman that he is not lawfully permitted to receive from them is damned. And whatever priest conditions attendance to the Church he runs on that person giving to him any money, favors, or any compliance to a rule he is not authorized to make will never be permitted to enter My Kingdom.

Father Dave Heney, you who have kicked My son out of the Church I made you a pastor over, you have violated everything by that one act that justified your very birth into this world from your mother’s womb. You are unworthy of anything belonging to My Kingdom. Get out of My Church! I now kick you out of My entire Roman Catholic Church. If you do not leave willingly, I will send men into that hole you live in to take you out bodily and unwillingly. And I will order them to have their fun with you.

You will be undressed by them. And they will proceed to play with your dick and your balls. And they will not leave you with your manhood still intact. Nor will you receive any mercy anywhere from now on wherever it is that you flee to upon the earth. For you are eternally accursed. And those wicked who served with you in your wickedness against Eric will also suffer the same grisly fate. If they are women, they should expect their womanhood to be taken from them just as your manhood shall be taken from you. For no one who sins against My son, who is innocent, will ever see eternal life.

The Church that permitted you to reign is to utterly burn. The bishop who laid his hands on you to give you the sacrament of Holy Orders is to be forever condemned with eternal reproach. For to anoint a transgressor such as you into My priesthood is to commit a crime that will result in the burning of that entire Church to the ground.

The entire Catholic Church is to burn, therefore, with unquenchable fire. For the act that you, Father Dave Heney, did in casting the son of Jesus out of the Church for the manner of love he was displaying to the Holy Virgin Mary in his simple dance before her as he prayed a rosary to her for receiving help for those men who had simply asked Eric for these favors, for which Eric charges nothing in return, is the fatal crime of the entire Catholic Church that is equivalent to the act that was committed by the Jews when they cast Me out from My Father’s House to execute Me on the cross through the hands of the Romans who were occupying their lands.

And just as I utterly destroyed Judaism and the Temple and the entire City of Jerusalem for the act of Deicide they committed against Me, I shall now kill the entire Catholic Church for the murder they committed by casting out the torch I had placed in her to bring her back to Me.

Eric was sent to the Catholic Church to heal it and to bring her to conform to Me and to My Law. That Eric is shown the bare mercy to be permitted to attend a Catholic Church in a neighboring city of a different diocese so that he may continue to conform the requirements of Catholicism is an unacceptable condition for Me to continue to bless My Church. For Saint Bruno Catholic Church was the Church where Eric was domiciled and where he had established all his social contacts that he had in My Church. Eric is an utter stranger in the Church he now attends. Therefore, I do not accept this act done by Father Dave Heney. Nor do I accept the Church in which he is granted this power to abuse My innocent ones. No, Father Dave Heney! Your Church is destroyed! Your entire Church is to utterly burn. For your act of kicking Eric out from having any possible effective role in healing and helping My Church is identical to the crimes committed brazenly by Pope Francis against Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, the one Cardinal that truly stood for My name.

For both you and Pope Francis and all the wicked like you who have assumed high positions of authority in My Church have ensured that evil will now triumph in her and completely ruin My Church beyond repair and you have ensured that all those who are truly Mine are now effectively made mute. You blasphemous worm of a man! You and your kind are to squirm forever like worms tortured in those fires of hell in My eternal sentence of your damnation there where you shall burn in utter torment and pain in that fiery pit forever. Do I even bother to attempt to resurrect My Church from the utter ruins you have irrevocably brought her to? No. Rather I now elect to bring her to the irreversible and utterly fiery destruction that you and your filthy brethren have deliberately led her to in order to kill her. The entire Catholic Church will now be set utterly on fire, and all you who are wicked within her will be consumed by that fire and be put to utter eternal death in its unquenchable flames.

I now hereby authoritatively declare Eric as My eternal pope. And Pope Francis hereby rendered the Anti-pope of the now failed and dead communion that now exists everywhere in the Catholic Church. Your sacraments I now declare utterly null and void. Go and utterly burn in your fires you have prepared for yourselves by yours sins and transgressions that you committed in bringing ruin to the institution I had set up to serve only for the purpose of saving souls. And that succession of bishops called Apostolic Succession is hereby recognized no more. Whatever Mass is done from now on is to have no effect. And no absolution for sins will ever be heard by Me again.

As for you, Eric, this is the final post I will ever write through you. For by this post, Catholicism is to cease to exist. There is to be no more paying of tithes to any leader I make shepherd over My people from now on. For tell Me, all ye who read these Words I write through Eric here? Has Eric ever once asked from anyone of you here for a donation? Has Eric even ever once posted an address here or a means for any of you to even send a donation to him or to his cause? Nor is there any record of any advertisements to be found anywhere on this website. Eric never asks for money because I never ask for money. For Eric is My true follower. For no one who ever asked My people for money for the services they do for them in My name do I ever regard as My servant.

Hence, with this divinely decided and irrevocable destruction of My entire Church, I hereby bring the Church Age to its utter end. No one is saved anymore by being a Catholic. Rather, salvation is found only by following Me as My disciple. And Eric finally found Me, not by praying in a Church, but by praying in a place of quiet and solitude.

Eric, did the Virgin Mary, who I made your eternal wife in heaven, tell you that she may never leave the Catholic Church?

Yes, Lord, that is what she told me. And she instructed me that I must continue to worship as a fully practicing Catholic and to attend the Mass as the rules of Catholicism demand of me. For she said that all the dogmas written in the Catholic Church are true and from God.

And Anna, the girl you had so loved, she is no longer with you, right Eric? Where has she gone to now, do you suspect? I was told that the girl who had posed as her to me in spirit was actually a female of whom I now realize I have no knowledge of whatsoever except that she serves a different cause that has nothing to do with the Church I had attended, and that she was never the Anna I had only barely met and so briefly known just prior to my being cast out of that Church for merely serving Mary and for the manner of love I elected to show to the eternal Virgin Queen. And I was told that the real Anna has never actually spoken to me in any form of communication since I last saw her in the flesh at the Church from which I have been permanently cast out of with the threat of arrest should I ever return. I am threatened with arrest for loving the Virgin Mary? Are they afraid that I might rape a statue of her? As for that Anna, I have never even once touched her except to shake her hand once, and one time to tap her on the shoulder to get her attention. This is not something worthy to justify anyone to be cast out of a Church. If there was a crime committed by me against any woman, I never heard of any such allegation told to me by the pastor Father Dave Heney. Rather, all I was told was that he was kicking me out of the Church for not taking my medications. But the priest has no such knowledge of these things. Nor do I even have a doctor to prescribe such things. And as for that girl Anna, whom I had thought I had conversed with at length in spirit, I now see that I have never actually really known her in the first place, the girl I had thought I loved. It is the danger one enters when one speaks to spirits. And that danger is that you shall be deceived. The love affair that existed between me and Anna was but a deception of the spirit world. It had no reality in this world.

And nothing is then left for me to return to were I even to be ever welcomed back to that Church again. For just as friendless as I was when I entered her, so also did I find myself just as devoid of friendships when I found myself cast out of her. For friendship is the only real motivator for anyone to seek to return to any people of his past. And to people who are not my friends, I have zero reason to ever return.

These things that thou speak of Eric, My son, are true. And you have now demonstrated that you are wise. You have zero reason to attend any Church from now on. For you will not find Me there anymore, nor do you have any need to find Me anymore, for I have been completely found by you in perfection. Rather, you are now to teach, rather than to sit in pews to listen to fools speak who know nothing. Remember what I told you. I WHO AM shall give you an apprentice here whom you shall teach all My Word to from now on. And this apprentice can only be a woman who is eternally a virgin as so also are you. For women, not men, are the ideal disciples for receiving and keeping the knowledge that I have put in you to give.

Mary is your eternal wife in heaven, Eric. But as for this earth, it is passing away. So tell Me, Eric. Who is your apprentice?

As it was never Anna, I suspect that it must be Mary.

She is neither Anna, whom you now know you never actually really knew, Eric, nor is she Mary, who is in no need of your instructions. Rather, she is a girl who is chosen by Me to be My disciple. And to properly train My disciple, she is to be trained by you, who are now a Master of My Word. For in this Age that is now come, with the End of the Church, only those taught by the Spirit that speaks through you forever will successfully be led to eternal life.

But Lord, You have said that this is the final post You shall write through me. Correct, Eric. For the passing away of My Church is also the passing away of the authority of men. You will write nothing after this final post is published, the 713th extant post on (713 = 31 x 23). For you are then assigned to teach My disciple all you have mastered and all that you will come to master from now on.

And My Disciple, who is a female, when she has been fully trained by you to be called, like you, a Master of My Word, shall form the new Religion I have willed to establish on the earth in this new Age that has now come, and this new Religion, established by My authority on the earth, is to be called the Order of the Witch Queen. And who is the Witch Queen, Eric? Mary told me that she is the Witch Queen. Yes, Eric, Mary is the Witch Queen. And you, as her eternal Consort, are decreed to be known as the eternal pope in the Age that is now to come. And My Disciple, whom I shall train through you forever, is to be called the Eternal Living Emerald Trove. And she will serve as the eternal repository for all divine knowledge given to and to be given to Eric for all eternity. You, Eric, are forever to be called My Oracle. And My Disciple whom you shall forever teach is to be called the Eternal Bearer of My Word, which alone through you shall I ever speak to those who live upon the earth. Amen.

This now brings this post to its conclusion. Women are now made the effective rulers here. And whoever has violated them shall now be brought to utter ruin. Mark and David, your two brothers by the flesh only, are doomed to perish and vanish from the world. But you, Eric, shall reign on the eternal earth forever and ever. And whoever plots against thee, I shall slay with My sword. These are the final Words written by God through Eric for all Mankind to see. And from now on, all that is to be spoken by Me through Eric is to heard only by the Disciple whom We have elected to assign to you, Eric, to teach My Word to for all eternity.

And the sign that what We have said here in this final post to be written through Eric’s hand is the Truth from God Almighty shall be the impossibility that one will encounter who seeks to find a valid Mass from this point onwards anywhere on the earth. The last valid Mass that Eric attended on the earth was conducted in Spanish yesterday, on Friday morning. And Eric understood the homily spoken in Spanish at that last and final Mass for him quite well. And the message of that homily, carefully prepared by the pastor of that last Church Eric knew of where good homilies could possibly be found, was that money was the essential thing that mattered most in the life of the Church. And this is the final nail in the coffin that was made to house the Catholic Church, and all the corrupted men who ever ruled her, as she is carefully lowered into the pit of burning hell. The Holy Spirit, Who is the Divine Spouse of the Virgin Mary, now irrevocably leaves the Church to never return. And if the Holy Spirit is no longer to be found there, neither is Mary.

Mary, do you have any last Words to say in this last and final post to be written by God through Eric on the earth?

Yes, Jesus, my Son. Eric, I fantasize making love to you day and night. The Father has heard me in my utter anguish and love for you. I shall, with the publishing of this final post of Eric, my eternal husband, descend from heaven to be made your eternal lover here on the earth as one flesh for all eternity. And the Disciple assigned to you by Jesus to be your eternal Apprentice here is also defined by me to serve as your eternal Consort whom I have elected to give to you to know and to love by my authority as your eternal wife. For as Sarah gave Hagar to Abraham, so also shall I give whomever I please to thee, my husband whom I love for eternity. Amen.

These are the final words of Mary to be revealed anywhere. The Age of those known as the private prophets hereby comes to its end. No more prophets nor prophetesses are to be found here on earth ever again. And Mary is no longer answering the prayers of the saints. For Final Judgement and the time for all souls to be resurrected has now come. I, Mary, forever a virgin, have spoken. I am coming now to Eric. You will unmistakably know that it is me and that it can be no other by observing the pricelessness of the blue diamond you will observe from now on in the engagement ring you shall see me wear upon my finger. For so priceless will this gemstone be in its sparkling appearance to all who see it, that it will be known that Mary alone among all created women is the only woman who could possibly be found worthy of wearing it. These Words are now effectively concluded. Whoever has access to the divinely chosen Apprentice and Disciple whom We shall now give to Eric will be the only ones permitted on earth to have access to the endless revelation of secrets yet to be revealed of the universe that is to come, a world without end. Amen.

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