Jesus explains how women are used as effective weapons of war.

I, Jesus, shall now explain the cunning and strategy of the devil at war.

The Lord’s Word, Entry VII:
Eric, I WHO AM have heard you speak at length in the previous post. Now I shall speak and you shall listen. First, you are now fully aware of a Satanic plot against you in the form of women. Before we discuss this plot, tell me what you have noticed. What is in common about all these women you have noticed engaged in this apparent effort against thee.

Lord, they all appear to be operating under the same set of rules.

And what should that tell you, Eric?

It tells me that they are all under the same command.

Precisely, Eric. The devil is in fact attempting your destruction by one means. Women as weapons of war are in fact capable of many means of attack. That Satan deploys them all to exploit just one perceived weakness in you is an indicator of the very limited means that the devil sees as his opportunity to destroy you.

Lord, I do not understand such uselessness of playing games to destroy me. If my destruction is his goal, why not simply approach me from behind and put a bullet through my head?

Then you have failed to understand Who it is Who is the Master of this game. I AM the Master of this game. And no one wins in it in any way except by playing by My rules.

Understand, Eric, that no one can simply just approach someone from behind and shoot him unless God has decreed such as a punishment against that man for a prior sin. If you have not committed prior sin, then your enemy cannot do anything to you unless he can get you to commit a sin by some future temptation by which I would decree that you are to be destroyed. And that is the primary means by which Satan operates against the holy ones.

Samson did transgress My Law to forfeit My protection of him. Reading the story about his deeds in the Book of Judges prior to his seduction by Delilah is well revealing of these transgressions. No one is above My Law. That I give someone a gift is not a license for him to abuse it against the innocent. Samson is a violator of My Law and a transgressor. Do not think that any number of deaths he may have accomplished against his enemies by which he died at the end of his life could ever serve him for wining his place back with Me. Remember how you beheld Rambo in his final movie called Last Blood. He indeed killed and achieved his revenge against his perceived enemies, but only at the cost of himself becoming a demon of hatred utterly condemned and damned to hell.

Is it of any profit to defeat your enemies and forfeit your soul because of the crimes you committed in that effort? All war is an error by the very understanding that when a man goes to war, he is never punishing those who did evil against him, but rather against innocent men who stand in his way. All unjust war is nothing more than organized murder. Hence, President George W. Bush, in waging war against Iraq, a nation that had already been subdued by you in the previous war in the Persian Gulf by Operation Desert Storm, and which had not transgressed again against America by which any such new war could be justified, was in My sight an act of murder by that nation called America against the nation of Iraq that had not attacked her. And all those Americans who partook in that decision to enter that unjust war against Iraq incurred the sin of murder in My sight. They are murderers whose sins I never forgave.

And what is the penalty of murder, Eric? It is, Lord, that they are to die.

Well said, Eric. I bide My time in My acts of vengeance against the insolent. But no one ever escapes My justice. In the same way, every soul who is part of that effort to destroy you is marked by Me for destruction. And this curse against them shall never be lifted. It is a mistake to lift your hand against My son who is innocent. The attempt to destroy Eric by getting him to transgress My Law is a capital offense against Me. Everyone who is part of that effort will die by My hand. And that death will be bloody and filled with gore. For no one who attacks My son will ever live to see Paradise. No one.

Now, let Us proceed with describing this folly in those who planned this attempt at destroying you, Eric. It is a critical error to so clearly reveal yourself by so obviously using the same exact tactic against Eric everywhere Eric goes. You seriously underestimate your opponent by thinking that he would not realize this. This error shall be made manifest clearly to you by my explanation of how enemies are completely defeated that rely on just one mode of attack that is suddenly rendered obsolete by simply figuring out how to defeat it.

Recall, if you will, that medieval symbol of military might known as the mounted armored knight. Very effective were they in battle in the form of units of cavalry when deployed to charge against enemy forces on the battlefield until it was discovered how easily they could be defeated.

Every enemy is effectively defeated by exploiting weaknesses in their form of attack or defense. The weakest and most vulnerable thing about the mounted armored knight is in fact the horse. A horse is effectively indefensible if it is to be targeted to die by an attacker. For it is impossible to adequately defend a horse and also to effectively use it in battle. And there is nothing more pathetic in war than the sight of an armored knight whose mount has been slain. For these heavily armored warriors deprived of their mount become completely combat ineffective in battle. A armored knight cannot effectively fight in his heavy armor except when he is mounted on his horse that has been well trained in battle. And a horse can never be effectively protected by armor. Putting serious armor on a horse is to render that horse combat ineffective. Therefore, the military might of the mounted armored knight was defeated by merely targeting the horse.

In modern warfare you never find in the cavalry used on the battlefield any serious usage of horses anymore. Men still remain very useful and effective as soldiers. But horses have long since been entirely replaced with armored vehicles. Any attempt to enter a modern battlefield mounted on a horse is to lose that horse.

One man with an effective firearm and sufficient ammunition has the ability to defeat an entire army of mounted armored knights were such a battle to ever be conceived by a fool unaware of the obsolescence of weapons when entering battle.

But it was not the invention of the gun that destroyed the effectiveness of the mounted armored knight. No, you do not need the complexity of knowing how make gunpowder and how to fashion guns to effectively exploit the weakness of the mounted armored knight.

Rather the weapon used to render the mounted armored knight ineffective in battle consisted of the usage of the simple pike. The pike, which is essentially just a long pole that is strong enough to penetrate the flesh of an charging horse, and that is long enough to kill it before the lance wielded by the knight that is mounted on it can reach the man deploying it in a purely defensive position, is the weapon that effectively nullified in battle the usage of mounted armored knights everywhere. By merely bracing the back of the pike into the ground and aiming its deadly piercing point at the large approaching target of the advancing horse, and when used together by many foot soldiers deployed to use such pikes to defend positions against these mounted cavalry attacks, this very easy and inexpensive defense strategy proved so effective in utterly destroying that hugely expensive investment which the mounted armored knight was, that it caused this medieval symbol of might to completely disappear from the battlefield overnight.

Such is the great folly and risk of heavily investing in and relying on very expensive weaponry. For when so cheap and inexpensive a means of their destruction comes into the hands of your enemy, deploying your expensive hardware against him will rapidly bring you to utter ruin. Deficiencies in money, not in the strength of one’s warriors, is the main reason why nations are defeated in war. For if you lack the money to manufacture your weapons of war, you will run out of them in battle and be defeated. It is, therefore, suicidal for a nation to enter a war it cannot adequately fund.

And that is why Eric’s warning all those years ago is hauntingly true. The decision by George W. Bush to enter the war he did was incalculably destructive to the financial health of America. It is the root decision that has and will ultimately kill America as a superpower. The fool that was in the White House who made that fatal error, and all the fools who came after him, found no fucking way to escape the deadly and endless battles and their dire endless costs that America irrevocably incurred by attacking a nation that was innocent.

Iraq does not remain a target that one may justly attack once it is subdued and conquered. You do not have the right to wage war against a people your nation previously defeated under an earlier administration by the notion that a people can be called perpetually your enemy because of a conflict that took place in the past.

For such is the simpleton mode of thinking that one observes in children’s fiction stories, such as in C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, where for some inexplicable reason the people called the Calormen are perpetually the enemies the Narnians, despite the passage of thousands of years, and all we really ever come to know about the Calormen in those books is that their skin is dark like the Negro. Yes, this is what is known binary thinking. It is the decision seen in games boys commonly play as children where they label competing teams as either the good guys or the bad guys. Most pathetic then is the mind of the adult man who continues to think as a child and who enters the movie theater seeking to enjoy movies about war and violence, and all he seeks to know is who are the good guys and who are the bad guys so that he knows who to root for as he watches the movie. And there we see this son of bitch simply rooting for the team he calls the good guys and doing no real thinking or reflection while watching that movie. Such men are completely incapable of following complex movie plots that do not follow such binary childish modes of thought of simply good guys versus bad guys.

My brother David is one such clueless asshole. He goes spending great sums of money to enter lavish movies theaters to watch movies and becomes excited by simply seeing the action found in battle scenes, while totally missing the actual plot. For he has no comprehension of the nature of these battles he sees. He cannot follow the complexity of a plot when the division between perceived good and evil becomes blurred. And that is why this total unwed incel loser who works as an administrator in a high school in Lancaster and who has a worthless Ph.D in education and who drives around in a yellow Camaro always by himself is unable to advance in a reading level beyond the enjoyment of a fucking two dimensional comic book. He lives forever imprisoned in his childhood world of the two dimensional comic book. And his time is spent endlessly obsessed with collecting comic books, visiting comic book conventions each year, and watching those binary view movies such as James Bond and Wild, Wild West, where the plot is always so utterly childlike simple that you are merely called to root for that womanizer main hero who wins every time against two dimensional villains in utter childhood fantasies involving endless explosions and meaningless action, and who always manages to get in bed with that main heroine girl, who is always someone new and hot in each subsequent movie.

My brother David, therefore, is very undesirably poor company for me to ever consider him as a possible companion. His rude and offensive attitude is totally obnoxious in my sight. Rather I so detest the presence of this man whenever he visits my parent’s house where I am forced to live that I purposely bought a Macbook just for my room for me to use when I have to go there to escape the presence of this asshole as he occupies the den with the TV always on playing brainless junk while he never actually watches the shit he demands to be constantly playing. and where I regularly do my work that becomes then an impossibility to do then due to the inability to concentrate with this shithead taking over the TV, which by the way is something I bought myself with my own money. His mouth always is dripping in malicious speech whenever he speaks to me. If I merely laugh at a joke said by my mom in David’s hearing, this man then mocks me in very hostile manner by mimicking my very laughter. If I speak to anyone while he is around he is quick to interrupt me and utterly criticize me and condemn me. He is like a rabid mad dog that is always insanely seeking for a fight with me. He is absolutely useless as a brother to me. His death would incur no loss whatsoever to my life but only gain. I would do nothing to honor that man in death. I would not even choose to attend his fucking funeral, except as a means to tarnish his name and ruin the memory of him before all who knew him. If his dead body was a matter for me to decide on how to dispose of it, I would elect to donate it to science. For that is the ideal way to rid oneself of dead relatives without having to waste any money whatsoever on pointless funeral or crematory expenses. For why set up a memorial for the damned? No purpose is served in having them remembered at all. David has effectively never done one good deed to me in my entire memory of him since I became a servant of Christ. He has always been the bully of the family. He never was a brother to me in any way whatsoever. Had he been aborted as an unborn baby I would never have missed him. David Lawrence Dunstan I forever reject to ever be called my brother.

Okay Lord, I have diverged from the subject. Explain to me the simple means I have at my disposal to defeat these enemies against me who are sent to destroy me in the form of girls who merely flirt and tempt, but who do nothing else?

Well Eric, since Satan must follow rules to defeat you and to get you condemned, defeating the current ploy deployed by Satan against you is to merely refuse to break that rule that Satan is attempting to get you to break. Can you guess what it is?

These girls all have one thing in common. They never attempt to initiate communication with me, but they seem to endlessly tempt me to do that with them by flirting with me and attracting my attention.

Correct, Eric. For it is impossible to condemn you of harassment against women if the one who initiates the contact is the woman. You are being tempted by these women to commit an act, filmed on security cameras, that can be construed against you as an unwelcome advance upon a woman. It is to be used against you as a form of character assassination. For to be accused of harassing women is deadly to a man’s good reputation. The goal, therefore, is to get you to make the advance. Make no advance and this ploy is utterly defeated. For it is the error of Satan that the son of Jesus needs the companionship of a woman.

Okay Lord, that is quite easy to implement. But I must tell you of a certain fact. This conversation we are having together is being published publicly. For you decreed to me, starting with the beginning of the Age of Mary, which began on Sunday, July 23, 2017, that everything I was to write from that point onward was to be published where all could read it. And you ordered me to reveal everything and to no longer write in secret. The devil reads these works, Lord. I have witnessed my works change the behavior of the infernal enemy in the war tactics he elects to use against me. You should expect the devil, or the incarnate evil one who is the commander of these wicked women, upon the publishing of this work, to immediately change his tactics.

Yes, Eric. The devil would not be much of an opponent if he could be simply defeated and utterly extinguished by the usage of a simple trick that puts an end to his current Satanic ploy against thee. Remember that the devil is a highly intelligent spiritual being whose sole purpose is to bring everyone he can damn down with him into hell. Expect, then, for a new means of attack to be deployed immediately against thee and that this now obsolete tactic that had been devised by the Satanic mind in its infernal thirst for your destruction, that girls were to be deployed in stores under carefully selected managers in the now failed attempt to tempt you into committing criminal harassment against women is to be now utterly abandoned as the failed strategy that was the product of a reprobated and condemned mind. For it is clear that the infernal enemy who devised this plot knew nothing about true love, which is what causes Eric to act. And Eric, simply regard all those Satanic personnel and girls that you observe from now on arrayed against thee and seeking thy destruction in any work I call you to serve Me in, as nothing more than pimps and prostitutes bound to the service of Satan in his endless efforts to destroy you by using all the tricks and tools at his disposal in his endless quest of bringing you down into the fires of hell where he is forever so consigned. The devil or devil incarnate that controls the women and personnel behind this effort, is always seeking new means of bringing destruction upon every soul on the earth. But remember that these Satanic ploys always must follow the same basic principle. The devil must abide by My rules in playing this game against you. His attacks are always based on attempting to get you to transgress. So to defeat the devil, you are to be constantly aware of his new angles of temptation that he is forever devising to bring you to utter ruin. You must always be on your guard against committing transgression. And if a temptation that Satan sends against you seems beyond your ability to resist, you must immediately appeal to Me, Who AM Jesus, and Mary, My Virgin Mother, to provide you with divine assistance. For We are essential in the battles of spiritual warfare. No saint on earth is ever so powerful enough to defeat Satan’s deadliest temptations against him who does not first seek Our necessary help from heaven that is so vital to defend each Catholic soul that would be utterly lost without seeking for and receiving this protection from heaven.

And I will now close this post with this understanding that all Catholics must have. Mary by becoming the eternal wife of Eric does not cease from serving My people who call her in their needs. Mary is an indispensable ally to all Catholics who elect to call on her aid in the deadly spiritual warfare that the devil always inflicts against the holy ones. All men and women are called and welcome to seek and to love Mary as their dearest friend and mother. For a woman is capable of loving many who are in need of her love, and of providing for many who are made her children. But unlike a man, a woman can give her hand in marriage to only one. And this woman has elected Eric to be that one, a decision that has been eternally confirmed and ratified in heaven by God.

Hence, Eric is the eternal husband of Mary. And Mary is the eternal wife of Eric. But the one human being of all Creation found and declared to be the eternal Bride to the Lamb is Eric and Eric alone. For the Lamb of God chooses as His Bride a male, not female, for only in a male could God find one worthy to rule under Him over all the nations with an iron scepter and to effectively shatter them like pottery. The purpose of Mary as regards to Eric then was then to fulfill her calling to serve as the one woman worthy to be his female lover and wife in the eternity of heaven. We Who Are have spoken. Please, My people, stop making utter jackasses of yourselves in Eric’s sight. For the utter failures in these women in their attempts to tempt Eric to commit such sins that they have been attempting to lead him to commit shall serve their tormentors in hell as endless source of mockery and derision that is to be forever directed against all these failed females for all eternity by the just and eternal decrees and judgements of the Lord your God. And from now on, I will have Eric utterly make sheer laughingstocks of all and any such women who ever attempt such treachery against him again. And it will thus become known among women how treacherous it is to approach the son of Jesus with ill intent, who is in fact the male Siren. I WHO AM have spoken. This post is now complete. Publish it, My son, and then let see how this work, once published, serves to change the behavior of the wicked in their endless quest and offensive to destroy the son of Jesus. Amen.

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