Jesus talks to Eric about sex.

An examination of the sexual nature of women and their danger by Jesus the Lord.

The Lord’s Word, Entry VI:
Ok, Jesus, I am at your service. You know that I have nothing to do with women for a reason? And the basic reason is clearly because I know that any involvement with a woman could result in a pregnancy. And while the concept of having a child is not opposed by me, there is no path of success for me if I go that route with my current state in society, which is, as you know, that of an unemployed outcast. Furthermore, there is danger involved in any approach to any woman. It is deadly to play that game, O’ Lord. Any girl you see, that you have no real knowledge of, you should never approach. For that is like playing Russian Roulette, Lord. A girl, though she may be weaker than a man, can slay him very effectively if he gives to her his trust.

Consider Samson and how he fell. For what was the point of his super mighty strength from God, if his life renown is to forever be remembered as the one who fell for a girl who betrayed him to his utter doom? Lord, men who fail to remain disciplined in the presence of women are disgusting to me. And I lose utter interest in watching movies where the hero of the story fails his calling and abandons his mission to pursue some sexy girl. For that is failure, Lord. And I do not wish to waste time observing men fail. Father Dave Heney is an utter failure of a priest that I was forced to listen speak his utterly failed homilies while I attended that utterly failed Church, known as Saint Bruno Catholic Church in Whittier, California, where I fucking still live with my fucking demented parents. I serve absolutely no purpose living there now, Lord. For I have been stationed as a torch in room where the people who live there are blind and damned. They would indeed not survive without me there. but they are already doomed. I have asked God if there is any possible way I can do any truly meaningful help for them, and the answer is unequivocally no. Assholes then tell me at that Church that I must pray for my parents that God tells me are already irrevocably rejected. I did not know how to tell these fucking ignoramuses who go about preaching with no fucking clue what they are preaching that they are utterly in error. I really do not really know what to do about these sheep who are walking to hell. Yes, the blind indeed follow the blind.

Thus, the Church I had attended for two decades kicked out the only dude who really could have righted that ship if he were only given a leadership position in it. But I am utterly rejected by the entire people, Lord. Not one is even interested in anything I can give to them but perhaps the money I might possess from time to time, alone. Money is the only thing these people on earth seem to have ever truly sought from me. Nothing else from me seems to have ever been of any real interest whatsoever to this entire pathetic population of humanity. obsessing only in sex and money, on this entire fucking dead planet called the earth, Lord.

It is this you should see clearly, O’ Lord. Those who were my employers were only ever interested in me as a potential for them to make money. I always saw the sheer and utter hypocrisy in those seemingly friendly and fake fatherly employers, like Rex Mehta of DollarStore, LLC, and John Parsa of Vodality, LLC, who endlessly loved to tell me that I was like a son to them. And yet their miserable pay they chose to pay revealed their true opinions of me. if it were just that, I would not have cause to suspect, except that I was always aware that their true sons and daughters that these men who paid me shit to work for them, always seemed to have highly paid positions and plenty of money. Even when Rex’s son came to work for the company, I was no fool to think Rex paid him the shit he was paying me. So, when I was called to work again, I put it to the test and asked for double my current pay. He did the denial of an ability to do so that I expected of him. But the proof that this man is an utter liar even to me was when he ridiculously claimed to have no fucking knowledge as to what those fucking Indians they were trying to get to replace me were being paid. All this Glee horseshit they are involved with does not fool me. They elect to screw me and they lie through their teeth as they do it. It was thus, inevitable, that I would reveal all their secret crimes that I would come to find out. What better way to utterly destroy their businesses than to fucking abandon them, knowing that they would utterly fucking fail as a company in their attempt find any way to replace the essential services I did for them. Like when John Parsa threatened to sue me if I did not hand over to him the source code of the work I did for him that he refused to pay me for. I chose not to waste myself fighting against him in court. Instead, I gave the fuckers the exact source code they demanded of me, but with no fucking instructions on how to actually compile it, making it fucking worthless to them, and making them into utter jackasses before any potential buyers they attempted to sell it to. And then I just watched their mother fucking company utterly crash and burn, having no one left in them to utterly tell them how to make these systems I built for them to work.

When John Parsa finally died, his daughter brazenly invited me to attend the funeral. Fortunately fate gave me an opportune excuse not to attend. But I did pass on that invitation to another employee of his who was fucking totally unaware of it, but who was his fucking right hand man who did his fucking dirty work. He was paid less than I was, this we came to an awareness of shortly prior to my decision to exit that deceitful company. He was an undocumented Mexican who was highly positioned in his company, but who was also aware that John fucking Parsa was fucking utterly screwing him as well. So, this man served as eyes and ears to me to that fucking funeral I was invited to attend by that daughter of his, Sophia Parsa. And I was fucking glad I never attended it. For I would have been walking into a fucking trap. That daughter of his, good looking enough to be a temptress, which was all she ever had any skill of in while working at that company, I have the goods on her to fucking reveal to screw her as well. She did attempt to fucking tempt me. But I have no fucking attraction to bitches who lie. Anyways, listen closely litigators to what I now reveal to you. John Parsa had a previous company known as Digital Spectrum Solutions Inc., known also known as DSI. I developed technology for him there before he moved me and several other key workers to a new company he formed called Vodality, LLC. Then DSI was folded and everyone left there was laid off, knowing nothing about the move he made of us few he kept and moved. Here is where the kicker comes. The CEO of this company he formed was his daughter Sophia Parsa, whereas John Parsa was the CEO of DSI whose IT and essential assets and people he transferred from one company to the other in stealth and utter secrecy.

But John Parsa was the one who ran Vodality, LLC. I saw nothing of this daughter of his until some years later, as the company began cascading into failure. The decision of his to put this daughter in charge of Vodality into reality, when I had become fully aware that she was utterly willing to lie and deceive me and utterly cheat me far worse than her father did, was the kicker that motivated my planned exit from that company. I did turn to my brother Mark for help on making this exit. He helped me quite well on exiting that company. But he failed on his promise to get me a job at his company. But these things are to be expected from false friends. Yes, Mark is now a success in a different way. He continues to have no job whatsoever. But his wife now has fully good employment that makes it so that he can survive. I was eavesdropping on this conversation waiting for his predicted request for my mom to send him more money. I was perfectly silent standing there behind my mom listening to all his fucking life story secrets, patiently waiting to see him ask for the money.

Of course this was ruined when my mother revealed to him that I was right there. The proof that this so called successful brother of mine was in fact only talking at length on the phone to my mother to prepare her for a successful sales pitch to get her to give him more money was how rapidly this endlessly seeming conversation came to an abrupt end when he came to fucking realize I was standing there right behind my mom listening to everything he was saying to her.

It was intriguing, though, the things I did learn. His wife is indeed to be the one now who does the work and gets paid the money to keep them afloat. But it goes deeper. Listen all you litigators who seek to sue my brother, Mark Edward Dunstan, for the money he clearly admitted on that phone call to owing you. His wife, Marlene Dunstan, whose maiden name is Montour, but whose daughters have entirely different maiden names, Gelb for the first two, and Dunstan for the second two, I have a golden scoop on her. Mark is actively seeking to prevent his creditors who bought his debt from coming to the realization that his wife, legally his wife in the eyes of the state, though not in the eyes of the Catholic Church where Mark was baptized as a baby, has a fucking highly paying job now. He clearly revealed this to his mother as I secretly listened to her, apparently seeking to show to her just how clever a boy he really is.

So he owes his creditors big time. And he has gotten them off his back by saying he essentially has no job to pay them back with. But he clearly admitted to my mother that he intentionally seeks to prevent them from finding out about this new money he has now coming to him from his wife now being highly paid. He even spoke of that reality to her that his creditors would garnish his wages if he had them, and his wife’s wages if they knew of them. So there you go, litigators. Feel free to utterly ruin that man’s endless quests to screw everyone outside his own nuclear family of wife and kids. For this man is motivated by avarice and lust and nothing else. He well deserves the ruin he receives from my hands.

You who employ people should never screw with the genius who writes your code and operates your systems and expect to then survive as a company. I knew well that the developers who the founders of DollarStore, LLC, hired in their attempt to replace me would utterly fail in their attempts to deliver for them despite the money they poured into that effort. You would have to pay me a pretty penny for me to reveal my trade secrets necessary for any person to be made even remotely qualified to replace me. And I, being paid shit, intentionally permitted these assholes to make utter monkeys out of themselves. I permitted DollarStore, LLC, to fail, for they were simply not paying me anywhere near enough to motivate me to ensure their success.

Morgatech failed because the dumb ass owners decided that I was simply not worthy of respectable pay while it was I and no other who was the one they essentially depended on to make their systems work. You cannot cheat me and expect me to give you success. I am the mastermind of technologies. I know how to make these things effectively work. But for those who are enemies to me, I will elect to be a spectator to their fall and do nothing for them as I watch them utterly fail and collapse.

My dumb ass brother Mark’s attempt to make an embedded device that could potentially make him millions, because he elected to pay me shit for my role and contributions he completely needed from me to make this project work, rather than permit me to have any meaning share in those profits, even though I was the essential IT developer he needed to get the work done, I deliberately stalled in performing the work to the point that the window of opportunity was irrevocably passed. For I am not a servant for making anyone rich who chooses to treat me like a cheap developer who is easily replaced.

For the failure or success of any company is the developers, the engineers who are the masterminds of their companies. Failure to adequately compensate me is the recipe of utter failure for the entire company who hires me and makes me central to their operations. For I know how to make things work. And I know how to let them fail and in ways that are irrecoverable to anyone who might come after me.

You know, Lord, that I had the knowledge of how to make America a success story that had a truly happily ever after ending. I masterminded many things that led to success and peace throughout the world. It is funny, now that I think of it, that I was actually highly esteemed by the people during the Emerald Reign when I was a fucking stupid pagan like them. But the moment of my entrance into Christianity, followed ten years later by my entrance into the Catholic Church, I vanished from sight. I vanished not because I was unwilling to help, but because the people began to refuse my help.

I utterly tried to save this nation with my utmost effort. But I was not listened to. It was because I had truly become a follower of Christ that the people of this world chose to utterly reject me everywhere. Even in the Church they reject me because they are false there too. It was there at that battle in Congress after 9-11, where the people elected to go against me and walk with Twilight, the power behind George W. Bush, into irrecoverable folly of unjust war against Iraq, that I could no longer stand with this nation. I said back then everywhere I could that the decision to go to war against Iraq was so ill-conceived that it would ultimately cost the United States of America of its status as a superpower. Idiots refuse to listen to me now everywhere. So what is left for me but to watch men fail?

God had dick sucking priest faggot Dave Heney cast me out of his worthless Church so that I would go to Our Lady of Guadalupe from that point onwards. That Church has priests who deliver homilies worthy of my attention. I regret that worthy homilies have now completely disappeared in all the Churches I once attended in Los Angeles County. Those churches, which once indeed had true life in them when I was a new Catholic, starting in 2002, have now completely died. Los Angeles is now the City of the Dead. I mean, when you make it a rule that you need to drink the devil’s poison of COVID-19 vaccinations to have any viable success in an entire city county, you are essentially making that fucking place utterly devoid of God and a playground of Satan’s utter dominion. Soon I believe I will have absolutely no options left but to do all my shopping in Orange County. For God commands me to receive no COVID vaccinations and to submit to no COVID tests whatsoever.

My dumb ass brother Mark asked me on the phone after he realized I was listening to his entire sales pitch to my mother, which he then abruptly abandoned, what is the difference now between my going off my medicines now and the last time I went off my medications and needed his rescue of me from some place in Buena Park where I could no longer walk for my feet were then badly in need of care and I had run out of all other options. And my answer could be no more simple. All the previous times I had gone off my medications it was always as an experiment and something I chose to do on my own. This time, God has commanded me to go off all my medications whatsoever, and disobedience to this order God has made clear to me would cost me my soul. Dumb ass Christians who reject this as possibly coming from God demonstrate they they have never read anything in the Bible. King Saul was completely rejected by God for an act of disobedience that very few in America would have the worthiness to pass were that test to have been given to them.

And do you know what these utter dumb shits who make themselves authorities on Christianity before me, but who cannot understand these simple concepts when they read them in the scriptures do? They do as total dumb fuck Father dick in a boy’s ass Dave Heney does, which is to say that the scriptures are not from God. Father nun’s cunt licking Dave Heney stands there in his semen soaked priestly robes saying authoritatively that the Bible is not the Word of God, but rather, that it is sow fucker Dave Heney’s semen filled mouth, filled with cum from sucking the choir boys’ dicks, that allegedly speaks God’s Word instead.

Yeah, Father limp dick masturbating Dave Heney is, in his mind, the one who knows how to shit Truth. He is endlessly shitting out papers to demonstrate his total depravity. This is the asshole who denies any possibility of religious exemption for a faithful Catholic who does not wish to partake in the abortion developed COVID-19 vaccinations. Hey you Catholic men I fellowshipped with, but who did not give a shit about me and my disappearance from your fucking men’s fellowship, I bet you that Father Dave Heney is busy screwing your wives and daughters while you speak in your fucking boring meetings about so called men’s issues. I went to those men’s fellowships and brought some life to an otherwise dead meeting of dead men who have nothing to talk about but dead sports. And you were truly impressed and said I did wonders there to bring meaning to those meetings, but apparently you in reality had zero interest in any contribution I actually did to your otherwise utterly boring meetings. For since I was kicked out from that Church I have received absolutely no text or any message from any of you at all asking about me anything. And do you know what women? There are actually no secrets of any interest whatsoever that are spoken in those meetings. Unless you are into sports, you will find those meetings more boring than watching your grass die from the lack of water your front lawns are now all clearly suffering from.

I received only one text from any soul whatsoever who knew me in that Church asking me what had happened to me since I was banished from that Church. And this was from a married woman who had often sought my prayers to help her and her husband, who was a cripple. But I, wishing not to reveal things that are clearly hidden to her, said only that I had changed Churches and now chose only to go to Our Lady of Guadalupe. For if these sheep do not know what has happened, I do not want to be the one to tell them. For I am not their shepherd and I am not their leader. And I will not assume any leadership role in the Catholic Church that is not granted to me from above.

So Jesus, what sayest Thou? Eric, forget any possibility of finding any true romance, friendship, or love here in this world. I now recognize Mary as eternally your only wife, and her mother, Saint Anne, as your only additional consort, and apart from them, you will never know true love from any other woman here.

Also, you will now effectively serve Me in my purposes here. For I can make you an indestructible nightmare. And I choose to make you a deliverer of My retribution, now that the people have rejected My love. You will destroy this people and their loved ones. And I look forward to watching them attempt to destroy yours. So, Eric, prepare to have fun. For I am making you a destroyer of the entire world. Amen.


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