Mary, I am ready for war.

I have regained my ability to fight and to destroy. I am ready to serve thee in thy will, Mary, Mother of God.

Chronicles of the Servant of Mary, Book 1: Post III:
Mary, my Commandress in heaven, I have regained my ability to fight and to destroy. Dost thou now seek to deploy me? For if I am sent here to destroy the wicked, I am now ready to carry out this mission in full.

Eric, I know you think you are capable of taking on an entire army in a Rambo-Terminator mode. But that is not how I call you to serve me in my interests here. Rather, I seek to use you in this fight by the pen you write only. Others will be called to do the actual damage I wish to inflict upon the wicked throughout the entire world. Your role is entirely fulfilled by serving me as an Oracle. Your purpose is to write what you are commanded to write. You are in fact made a fully capable Rambo-Termintor warrior, not to fight in actual battle, but to make it clear that any attempt to kill you will fail utterly and those who attempt to do this will be destroyed utterly, and not only them, but their families and children as well.

Let us briefly explain why a perfect Catholic such as thee are fully willing to destroy the families of your enemies, including their women and children. For God is never a contradiction. Any who reads the Old Testament is fully aware of God commanding the Jews to wipe out whole nations, including their women, children, and beasts without pity. This is the Literal Word of God. It is undeniable except by denying the Holy Spirit’s divine authorship of the entire Catholic Holy Bible. Therefore for any dumbass who questions Eric’s morality when he, by God’s command, kills women and children in the service of God’s justice simply demonstrates his absolute ignorance what is written in the Bible and his utter failure to be a Christian.

So let us now examine that failure of a Catholic priest knows Father dick sucking boy fucking Dave Heney. Eric, you wish to set an example of what God does to those who displease him. You have, up until now, only attacked Father Dave Heney himself. Much more effective would you make it clear what God does to those who displease him if you included in the threat of death every family member that belongs to Father Dave Heney as well. For there is no better way to silence opposition than to slaughter the loved ones of those you are determined to teach lessons to. Issue the order Eric, and I, the Virgin Mary, shall reward you in abundance. Do so now.

As thou wishest, Mary, the only woman who commands my utter loyality to serve. Hear me all those worthy men who wish to be of service to the Emerald King and be immediately promoted to the status in my army as my Knights. Dave Heney, who is no longer, by my decree, to be recognized a priest of the Roman Catholic Church, he must have loved ones and family that mean something dear to him. Find out for yourself all such people and consider them as targets for revenge. This is my instruction to you who seek to serve in my interests in exacting divine vengeance in my name against Dave Heney, who will never again be addressed anywhere here with the title, Father. I not only hereby strip Dave Heney of his status a priest, but I also effectively remove any threat of automatic excommunication that is incurred in canon law against a Catholic who hits a priest. Hence, feel free to hit and beat up utterly that failed priest known as Dave Heney and then go worthily to receive communion at your next Mass without making any confession whatsoever as to what thou hast done. And you will be rewarded in heaven. If you do elect to do damage to that man, make sure the damage is permanent and painful.

Now as for Dave Heney’s loved ones, I have no knowledge of who these are. But whoever you find, first, before making any attack to destroy them, determine if this target is a true Catholic or a false Catholic. A true Catholic is not to be harmed. But feel free to destroy all other loved ones of any person who is targeted to be made an example of. Hence, feel free to rape any woman or girl who is determined not to be a true Catholic and who has been identified as someone who is dearly beloved by the enemies of heaven such as Dave Heney. But as for the males, never do any rape against them. For that is abomination. And no one who commits an abomination will stand with me or receive anything from God as a reward in serving me. Feel free to beat up males who are determined not to be true Catholics and who are identified to be loved ones of those who are enemies of heaven such as Dave Heney. But the license to kill is not granted except in the clear case of self defense. I, the Emerald King, have spoken.

What sayest thou, my Commandress Mary? Do I have thy approval? Yes, you are found worthy of commanding my armies beneath me, Eric. Let it be known this. Cock suckers like Dave Heney make it clear that they are indeed false Catholics when they do not accept as God the One Who in the scriptures makes divine orders of acts like genocide against nations that God has elected to wipe out. For who gave a motherfucker such as dick sucking Dave Heney the right to contradict the Holy Bible as the breathed Word of God. And this dick sucking priest preaches this act of his own apostasy as Church approved teachings in his fucking God forsaken cause called his fucking University Series, whose only purpose is to rob the faithful of their money. For this thief who has assumed the position of Pastor of Saint Bruno Catholic Church is fucking charging the flock to enter the House of God to listen to the utter faggot Dave Heney speak utter heresies.

So whoever wishes to serve the Emerald King, know that you will be recognized as having served me if you utterly bring ruin to Dave Heney’s University Series. Furthermore, let this fag priest also feel acute financial pain. Cut off all his sources of wealth and income. Rob his Church of its tithe and distribute this among the men who serve you, all you who wish to be called Knights who serve in Eric’s army. For the worker is worth his wages. Hence, you shall get paid by robbing any Church that is run by Catholics who do not faithfully serve God. That is how I now authorize you who serve me to lawfully acquire, in God’s sight, any money you have a need for. Furthermore, feel free to enter any Church during a Mass where the pastor is unfaithful to God and to seize the entire collection basket of its wealth in front of the very flock. Of the collection basket that you choose to rob from the Church, take all the cash and money from it that you know you can use, but burn in the sight of the priests and the Church every check you find in it that you know is impossible for you to cash. Then teach a lesson to the priest before the people by utterly beating him up before all the people. And remember, I, the Emerald King, have suspended the effect of that canon law that automatically excommunicates anyone who hits a priest in all those cases where the priest is clearly wicked. It is by the authority invested in me by Jesus Christ Himself to rule all nations with and iron scepter and to smash them like pottery, that I have this right and elect to exercise the right to suspend canon law to serve in this cause of justice.

Should any male come to the priest’s defense, understand that this one is insolent against the authority of Eric and feel free to beat him up, even to put the point of putting him into a coma, but do not kill anyone except in the clear case of self defense. Should any woman dare to defy you in this act of serving me, she forfeits any right to be respected. Therefore, let any man among you who desires her to take her for rape and then to later release her after having had their pleasures with her in full. But if none of your men wish to touch that insolent woman, you who are serving as a Knight in Eric’s army, are commanded to punch her in the stomach and then slap her in face and let her lie there on the ground in her pain, and then quickly depart from that Church with your well earned loot. For the Emerald King has the authority to strike a woman who insolently defies him in his rendering of justice to the wicked. He will never rape any woman himself, but his men, who are recognized as weaker than him, are granted to have these pleasures with such insolent women. But the men are commanded to not do any permanent or serious damage to them, and they are commanded to release them with their clothing back on when they have served the pleasure these men wished to have with them. But these seized women are never permitted to be made into permanent slaves for sex. Nor may they be traded or sold into any sex trafficking trade. And once the pleasures of the men are sated, their release is then mandated. Furthermore, the rape of these women may never be done anally, nor may the penetration of their vaginas be done with anything other than a human dick. Violations of women that constitute an act of abomination are to be dealt with by an immediate execution of that man in her sight and then she must be immediately released with her clothing back on. For even a woman held prisoner is still sacred to God. And to violate this sacredness and not to punish the man who did this as so instructed here is to incur that wrath of God against that Knight and his company of men he is leading to serve me. A Knight who violates this sacredness of women and who claims to serve Emerald is to be destroyed. And any man who does not desert him is to be slain with him. For Emerald gives weak men who serve him the right to rape the insolent women who are in defiance of Eric. But there is a clear limit as to what these men may do with them and as to how long they may keep them. Eric holds his men to a standard. And to serve in Eric’s army, one must keep to this standard. Tarnishing Eric’s name by violating this standard is to be punished as it is herein written. For even women who are enslaved are to be understood as to having rights. And no one is permitted to do an evil to anyone that goes beyond the justice that is decreed by God through Eric.

The time is now at the point that I must publish this, lest I be late to Church. For Mary has now commanded me to return to daily Mass attendance. One last thing I must mention, and it is this. Anyone who wishes to have any leadership position in my army, never be found to have done any injustice to a subordinate. For that is recognized as compromising the effectiveness of my army’s combat readiness. Any uncorrectable violation found here is to be punished by executing that officer found having abused the subordinate. For the abuse of subordinates is never tolerated in the armies of Eric. I, the Emerald King, have spoken.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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