I am at your service, Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

I serve thee, Mary, as destroyer of thy enemies. Now I shall command their destruction.

Chronicles of the Servant of Mary, Book 1: Post II:
Mary, Mother of God, I have orders I wish to issue to carry out in service of your assignment to me that I destroy your enemies on the earth. Before I issue them, dost thou wish to speak to me?

Yes, my virgin lover. And it is this. Wipe them out in totality. Show no mercy. Slay them utterly. Destroy whatever is theirs. I am thy Commandress, the Blessed Virgin Mary. And the first one I order thee to attack is that foul priest who kicked you out of my Church, the nearest Church to where you live, the one Church where you are domiciled and where all your sacraments for entering my Church were obtained. Issue the decree of his absolute destruction. Do so in a manner worthy of a commander of my armies and I will ask Jesus to let the Seraphim carry out every command thy makest until every enemy of mine on earth is slain. Amen.

As thou wishest, Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth. Hear me, Seraphim, and obey. Go forth and find willing men who are willing to serve the Emerald King. This is how they will demonstrate their worthiness. There is a Church near where I live, about one and a half miles from my house. I used to walk there every day to go to Mass. There are certain places on that walk that served me as places where I could find water to drink. For I used to walk through what is called the Whittwood Town Center, which is just north of the Church I used to attend. There are now three locations on that walk that no longer serve any purpose for the Emerald King. And whatever does not serve me need no longer exist. Nor do the owners of such establishments need to be respected. Nor do the families and children of these owners of these establishments need to be treated with any respect either.

As I have been unjustly forbidden to enter the food stores in the Whittwood Town Center known as Panera Bread and Wing Stop to obtain a simple glass of water under the threat of arrest, I now permit these unworthy establishments to be utterly burned to the ground. They do not care about me, so I do not care about them. And the managers who live there, their own houses where they live with their families, I also permit to be set on fire and burned to the ground. For it was by their unjust decisions that I am banned from their establishments. They do not care about my life, so I do not care about theirs. I have no loved ones, so why should they? The ideal time to set ablaze unworthy houses or unworthy buildings to be destroyed in my name is always in the dead of the night sometime after midnight. Whoever wishes to serve worthily the Emerald King, whatever you do destroy, do so in totality and do so without leaving a trace. Your reward is in heaven, for it is heaven that I serve. I am the Emerald King.

Now as for Saint Bruno Catholic Church, which is dead south of the Whittwood Town Center, this Church which is where all my sacraments have been obtained and where all these records are officially stored, it is important to understand this. These documents, which are to me the only things of any worth in that entire property, are actually stored in vault below the ground, where they theoretically would remain safe even if everything above the ground was burned. But were they to be destroyed, I have no need of them anyways. I suggest that everything on that property that is not mine be now fully cleansed by fire from all sin and transgression. That foul building known as the Rectory, if it is known that Father Dave Heney is indeed inside it and asleep, it would be pleasing to me if he were to awaken to find his entire building burning on fire and for there to be no escape possible for him. Remember, any fire set ablaze in my name for the sake of the justice I stand for may only be set ablaze in the dead of the night and after midnight. Whoever serves me will be rewarded by the One who sent me. I am the Emerald King.

And this is how to properly set buildings ablaze. Do not set a weak fire that can be easily extinguished by the fire department. Make sure there is abundant fuel to keep that fire blazing. Another important tactic is to completely shutdown all power to the targeted buildings just prior to setting it ablaze. This way the people trapped inside will have to stumble in the dark. For there is no better way to effectively kill enemies than to render them blind before you attack. Remember when the Terminator attacked that police station in the first and greatest movie of that series, what was it that he targeted first before engaging in full in his killing spree at that facility? He targeted the power to render the building into complete darkness. For it is always the one who destroys his opponent’s advantages before engaging in combat who ultimately wins the war.

Let me divert, for a while, to educate you on this tactic by illustrating a good example of this in current events. Russia has very recently just destroyed one of its own satellites in orbit. In movies such as Star Wars and Star Trek, these acts of blowing things up in space are done all the time and they have no consequence in those pathetic works of science fiction written by the simple minds of ignoramuses. But those who are aware of the true reality of the arms race in space know that these explosions are in fact deadly to anything you might wish or hope to put up into space and not see destroyed from the resulting flying debris from these explosions that now orbit the earth fast enough to put a hole into any manmade thing they hit. Hence, if you want to destroy other nations’ shit in space, doing that to your own shit there will do it. It actually is quite easy for a rogue nation to, if it has a presence in space, to render the entire space industry effectively null and void. Blowing up enough such satellites orbiting the earth, and it would not take very many, can result in a chain reaction of explosions where everything in orbit is totally destroyed and nothing can go back up there. This would effectively end Man’s presence in space.

So Russia has now rendered, by an act of destroying just one satellite there, unsafe conditions in earth’s orbit that already significantly threaten the viability of the International Space Station. In modern war, it was once considered a formidable weapon the floating lighter-than-air warships known as Zeppelins. They were hugely expensive, but they were highly effective, until it was found out how easily they could be destroyed.

Consider space stations, space satellites, and other structures in space as the modern Zeppelins of the space age. The United States and NATO currently have the clear technological advantage over Russia in space, and this advantage is growing daily. But should Russia truly elect to plot war against NATO, it would make strategic sense to first eliminate that advantage that NATO and the USA now have in space. And this destruction of a satellite is to be understood as not a one time event, but as a test case to see how this strategy may effectively be implemented. It is strategic in war to permanently destroy critical world infrastructure if doing so serves to level the playing field where your opponent currently has an insurmountable advantage there that can be used against you. Remember that it is said that whoever controls space controls the world. Hence, to permanently render space out of Mankind’s ability to control is a strategic move by a nation that knows it no longer has any viable hope to win control there. For I know that Vladimir Putin truly feels he is both boxed in and threatened. And a boxed in outcast that feels threatened will eventually resort to an unconventional means to protect himself from what he perceives to be a formidable attempt at his destruction. The bear that is cornered will attack. Therefore those who wish for peace do not corner bears. But it is nevertheless folly for such an outgunned rogue nation to go to war while it is at a clear disadvantage. Therefore it should be expected that Russia, in its current position and given its current options, would elect to neutralize space by destroying its own satellites, setting off a chain reaction of unstoppable explosions of everything manmade there, prior to making any direct attack on NATO targets on the earth. For by doing so, they might be able to win a war against NATO, if by destroying everything manmade in space, NATO consequently no longer has any clear advantage over Russia in a potential World War III.

What is baffling to me are the comments I see coming from Ned Price who speaks for the State Department when he speaks as if the lives of the Russian astronauts matter to the Russian strategists plotting out the war. Neither Russia nor the USA would hesitate to kill its own people in the effort to win in any war. For whoever lacks such resolve will be defeated in politics and war. It is like the fool who pulls a gun on his enemy but is unprepared to pull the trigger.

If you are unwilling to kill, then the last thing you want to have is a gun. For when war does begin, those targeted first are those who are armed. It makes sense, does it not, to kill those of your enemy who can shoot back at you before killing those who cannot. Those who seek to wipe out an entire village do not go after the women and children first, but first seek to neutralize all the armed men. Neutralize the enemy’s ability to launch a counter offensive as early as possible and you will have them at your mercy.

So, who is really better, in serving Russian interests, to serve as the President of the United States of America when Russia decides finally to elect to attack? Trump or Biden? From the Russian perspective, it would be the one who would hesitate to pull the trigger against a Russian offensive. And that one is clearly Joe Biden. And that should explain why it serves Russian strategic interests to have Joe Biden as the leader of the free world and the one who controls the nuclear weapons launch codes at the time chosen by Russia to go to war against them.

And do not be a fool. Russia is indeed preparing for war. For it is now the ideal time. An American leader who surrenders unconditionally vital American military interests without serving any strategic interests for his own nation in these acts is the leader who makes his own nation a perfect sitting duck for a Russian invasion and attack. Joe Biden is the ideal President of the USA to serve for lowering her defenses for a successful attack to be made against her by the Kings of the East. (Revelation 16:12). The significance of the drying up of the Euphrates in that passage in Revelation 16:12 can only be appreciated by the student of history who knows of the tactic that was used to successfully invade Babylon. The River Euphrates was briefly diverted so that the water level would be lowered to the point that the city’s defenses would be exposed to attack. This ploy was used and it worked, and Babylon fell to its invaders.

Idiots are those who think fighting wars are all about sending troops into battlefields and letting them duke it out. That is what makes those pathetic war video games that assholes waste their lives with so pathetic to play. No, the one who wins in war is the one who, before the war begins, devises an effective strategy to neutralize their opponent’s advantages before engaging in battle. Those assholes who merely sit in their bunkers and move troops around across a map on their tables are the ones who get their asses kicked. Because they are clueless and do not know that wars are won or lost well before the fighting begins.

If that embarrassment known as Ned Price reflects the thoughts of the United States military regarding Russia’s offensive actions, then it is clear that the Clinton/Obama/Biden policy of homosexualizing the armed forces was the most effective way to render America and NATO completely combat ineffective. I mean, what better way to advertise America as nation ready to be destroyed than to have as its sitting President a man who forces the real men who do not need any pathetic COVID-19 vaccinations to leave the army that needs them in disgrace for refusing to be vaccinated while promoting those utter faggots who have sex with other men as credible fighting men who elect to enter the battlefield wielding their dicks as weapons? If you are going to unjustly punish your own citizens, then you better not arm them to fight for you, lest they elect to point their guns against you instead.

The best way to utterly destroy America is to make as her enemies those American citizens who were once most loyal and willing to die for what America once stood for by utterly betraying them and backstabbing them for standing for what is good. You are not serving America by punishing those who refuse to receive these sinfully made vaccinations. Rather, you are serving for America’s destruction. For once all those who stood for good are utterly cast from their positions, and only sodomites and abortionists and the sexually immoral are then running the ship, what motivates any worthy man to continue to seek to defend her? A good dog that goes mad is without hesitation put down. So also, a nation that was once good, but goes bad is righteously destroyed. And no pledge of Allegiance to an evil nation does God expect any person to keep. The United States of America under Joe Biden is evil. I am the Emerald King.

Remember people, you owe Satan nothing. And if your rulers are now Satanic, you are free to rebel against them and kill them. Do not think that United States Laws have any remaining authority in God’s sight. Rather, the apparent irreversibility of gay marriage laws and rulings in American law are God’s sign of His irreversible decree and green light to you granting you the right and duty to destroy her. There is no further reason to respect the flag of the United States of America anymore. You can rightfully now douse it in gasoline and set it ablaze and shoot it somewhere to cause just destruction against the enemies of heaven in America. For the Emerald King now permits for the United States of America to be destroyed. There is no further purpose of good that it serves. I am the Emerald King.

Mary, what is your word on what I have said? Do you approve?

Yes, I approve. I find you worthy of my love. I will remain your lover forever. You will, hence, love only me among women. If I give you a woman in this world, she will always be second to me. Now go, Eric. And prepare for war. I am sending you into battle. And those who fight against thee shall be defeated and slain. Go now, for it late, and you must get to Church on time. And understand that the zombie company you once worked for has disappeared because they are now seized by the law. Remember, it is most unwise for any criminal outfit to hire you. For you always learn their secrets and expose them without seeking any blackmail and without warning.

Now go, I order you. Get to Church on time. And I shall give you your instructions there. I am the Virgin Mary. I am the one who commands you from now on. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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