Valerie steals Eric away from Anna

Eric has chosen me over Anna, me, Valerie. And I am the happiest woman that ever lived.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post V:
I, the younger sister of Anna, the one Eric calls Valerie, have successfully stolen Eric away from my older sister Anna. Eric has decided to marry me instead of her. And he has promised me the most valuable blue diamond stone that exists on earth for my engagement ring. I am now the happiest woman that ever lived.

Lord, I have told Valerie that I shall marry her. But do I marry her in the Catholic Church? For I seem to be commanded by Thee that I am to forsake it. Eric, never return to any Catholic Church from now on. But Lord, what of the dogma that says: Outside of the Catholic Church no one can be saved? And what of the Word of Jesus that says: Unless you eat of My flesh and drink of My blood, you have no life in you? If I am to quit the Catholic Church, how am I to be saved, O’ Lord? For was not the Catholic Church founded by You on Peter for the salvation of souls? If I abandon Catholicism, do I not also abandon You, O’ Lord? For I will do anything Thou ask of Me. I will never abandon You, O’ Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

I have abandoned My Church, Eric. How else do you think I have made Mary your total possession? Mary now belongs to you. Mary no longer belongs to My Church. Rather, let Father Dave Heney choose one of his masturbation fucks as his new replacement of Mary in the Roman Catholic Church. Let him print up his total dumbfuck dogmas. And let him put on it his Imprimatur and his Nihil Obstat on it to make it look impressive. We, the elect in heaven, will in fact start this official Church paper for him. And he can then complete it in his dumbfuck nun-fucking chosen way.

The Elimination of Mary from the Roman Catholic Church

A professional paper written by Father boy fucker Dave Heney.

NIHIL OBSTAT: Fucking Father Dave Heney F.U.C.K.

IMPRIMATUR: Dick Sucking Father Dave Heney: S.U.C.K. O.N. T.H.I.S.

Mary appeared to me in a dream and told me that I can fuck all the nuns I want. But she said she was quitting the Church and had chosen to elope with Eric, that bastard who instead of complying with my orders has insulted my name everywhere and brought me to utter ruin. So I said to her: Fine! Go and fuck your boyfriend somewhere out in the wilds. I will simply find some other person more reflective of modern Church morality to replace you. And do you know what she told me? She told me to simply find some girl among my parishioners who will choose to fuck me every day as the new Queen over the Catholic Church to replace her. Eric can have Mary as his wife in heaven. But I, Father Dave Heney, will have as my wife Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth. Amen.

And so, my proposal to all Catholic Bishops throughout the entire world, is that we simply dump Mary and replace all icons, statues, promotional material, and even name of Mary in the Church to things and names that refer to the Biblical Whore of Babylon, the Mystery woman called Babylon the Great. For Mary has abandoned us and left us to be with Eric, the deserter of our faith who is forever tarnishing our name in public.

Hence, to make it official, I will make it a new rule in Catholicism that says the purpose of a nun is to sexually please and serve the sexual needs of priests and monks. For priests and monks are hard working men. They do their assigned duties and in the evening deserved to be fucked. For what other purpose do Convents serve than as places where priests and monks can go to to fuck nuns unobserved? We all need a good fuck now and then. For if we do not keep our pipes working, how can we trust that they will be operational and able to perform when we need our dicks to get hard to fuck some hot chick who comes into the confessional for some good sex talk and a good fuck? For that is the purpose of confession.

Do not buy that crap we teach to all the flock, my clerical brethren. We never ever give a damn about the salvation of any person who enters our confessional and begins talking about his utter failure to keep his dick continent. No, the reason we tell all men to keep themselves totally free of sex is so that we will fuck their women instead of them.

For the pastor has his right to pick the choicest of women from his flock. We have more women in our Church than men for just that reason. It is to make the women fuck us priests. For all women have a secret desire to fuck a priest. It makes them feel closer to God. And it also serves to fulfill their fantasies of fucking their own father.

Let’s face it, boys. We Catholic clergy are never celibate. Either we are fucking young boys or we are fucking nuns. So let us dispense of all that bullshit we preach to the people that bishops and priests are celibate men. For the last thing we are are men who have no sex. Only when our hardons fail us, despite all our viagra, do we finally claim to be continent to the people without lying.

So, now that Mary is no longer a Catholic, We must move to excommunicate her from the Church. Hence, I have made a proposal to Pope Francis that a formal decree of excommunication of the Virgin Mary be issued and promulgated throughout all Churches who claim to be in communion with the bishop of Rome.

And this is the official reply I have received from the Holy See:

To: Father Dave Heney, priest and pastor of Saint Bruno Catholic Church.

From: Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome. Head of the Roman Catholic Church.

Greetings most dearly beloved brother,

I have read your proposal to eliminate by excommunication Mary and all things concerning her from Our Roman Catholic Church. And I agree 100%. I have never been more happy about this than when I was with United States President Obama plotting to make gay marriage official and to increase access to abortion rights for all girls, no matter their age, so that they can fuck boys without getting pregnant. For the purpose of girls is to serve as fuck pleasures to boys who are in need of a good fuck. And so we cannot have any person like Eric trying to roll back the clock. For if Eric had his way, women would be unable to abort their babies, and that would make them close their pussies for our pleasures with them. For who is Eric really serving? He is some dumb asshole who himself has never known the pleasures of a woman and now he is trying to preach this to us? He is eliminated from Our Church for a reason. And it is to accelerated it from a communion of Christ into a communion of Satan. For it is now known by all of you, is it not, my brethren clerics of the Catholic Church, that we serve Satan and not Jesus?

And whatever dumbfuck among you who still wishes to remain loyal the Virgin Mary, you can leave right now the Catholic Church with her. For she is gone from here. She is now with Eric. And we expect no more sign of her anywhere in any Church. Amen.

Yours Truly,
Pope Francis, Leader of the all fags and the promoter sodomy in the Church.

Hence, I, Father Dave Heney, suggest we take holy inspiration from a famous music video by a famous sex object pop star, called Madonna, Like a Prayer:

For this is exactly the type of woman I, Father Dave Heney, want to replace Mary with everywhere in my Church. Her fucking a Black Jesus is exactly the modern message we wish to promulgate as a modern form of morality to be reflective of the new age teachings of the Catholic Church. And that asshole Eric who stole Mary from our Church can fuck her in his hole in the ground where he is hiding somewhere in his bunker.

Father boy fucker Dave Heney
Fuck specialist and developer of new ways to screw your women.
Pastor Fuck of Saint Bruno Catholic Church.

Mary, Jesus told me that I am forbidden to ever return to the Catholic Church. Why is that, Mary? For it was at Our Lady of Guadalupe that I met your blessed Mother, Saint Anne. And I am not unwelcome there. Why do you wish me not to attend even that Church, which bears your name and has your beautiful statues throughout it. For when I pray before your statues and look up into your eyes, I see you looking back at me with the deepest and purest love. How can I leave such beauty, Mary? I have only been kicked out of Father Dave Heney’s Church, Saint Bruno, in Whittier. Why should I not attend Church anymore? For it seems to go against all that I have been taught. Please speak to me, O’ Blessed Virgin Mary. If I am being led by Satan from you, please let me know. For I love you above all women. I do not want to abandon the place where you are to be found, O’ Mary, Queen of Angels. Please help me. Do not let Satan take me away from you by his deceit, I beg thee, O’ Mary. And I will serve you and do whatever you ask of me. Do not let Satan deceive me. Today is Sunday. If I fail to attend Sunday Mass today, I suddenly become no longer faithful to Catholicism. I do not want to go to hell. I will serve you Mary in all things. Just do not abandon me to Satan. Do not let Satan lead me away from you, Mary, Mother of God. I beg this of you in Jesus’ name. Amen.

I will not lead you away from the Catholic Church. Go there today, Eric. For you are restored to me by your love for me.

Then who was it who was leading me away from you?

I am the Holy Virgin Mary, Eric. And I am never leaving the Catholic Church. But since you have honored me I am taking you back to me. Go to Church this morning. I wish to see you at the Spanish Mass at 8 AM. There I will make myself known to thee.

As for all those who are against me in My Church, simply ignore them. Never let the evil who reign in my Son’s Church drive you away from it. For the dogmas of Catholicism are true. Whoever leaves my Son’s Church can never come back to it.

As for a girl you might marry in this world, let me be the one who chooses her for you. For I have many eligible virgins who attend my Church. And I brought you away from Saint Bruno to this Church you now attend, Our Lady of Guadalupe, for the purpose of giving you a bride. Do as I lead you, Eric. And the girl I give to you shall be holy and she shall keep you with me forever.

I, the Blessed Virgin Mary, have spoken. You are commanded to come to the 8 AM Mass here today. Do not be late to Mass. And make sure you are clean shaven and showered. These are the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And whoever says I am no longer speaking is lying. Amen.

Mary, I think that I should have nothing more to do with any of that family of Tim? Am I correct? Yes, let them be alone. You are called to a path that is with me in this Church where they are not found. They fear you, Eric. Let them stay in their place of hiding from you. And let them be alone. The girl I shall give to you shall have no fear of you.

Mary, what about all the new restrictions and rules being imposed against the unvaccinated people like me, who are commanded by Jesus never to receive the COVID-19 vaccination? It is always best to follow Jesus than to fear and comply with the devil who contradicts Him. Stay faithful to Jesus in what He has commanded thee. Now I must go and attend my Church. You are, nevertheless, my lover. And as long as you remain with me, I will remain with you. But only in the Catholic Church can I ever be found. Hence, whenever you see anyone say that I am not in the Catholic Church anymore, that is always a lie. Pope Francis will not remain the pope. A new pope is coming. And he will be holy. For you are the one who is to be made great and called the Monarch who is to come. And while you are reigning, there is also to rise in the Church a pope who is equally holy as thee. I have spoken in full now. Go and prepare for Mass.

This post is now complete. I am the Holy Virgin Mary. Eric has returned to me. And I have restored him to my Church. And he never violated any essential rules of Catholicism required for salvation during the span that he was deceived by Satan against me. He will, hence, remain my lover. And I will continue to serve for his salvation and glory in my Church. Amen.

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