Eric knows who he is commanded to marry.

I, the Holy Virgin, have revealed to Eric who is to be his wife.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post VI:
Mary, Holy Virgin, I have a question. May I ask it of thee?

Ask, Eric, my true love. What is on your mind?

Art thou, as thou hast said unto me, my eternal lover and wife in heaven?

We are eternally a couple, Eric. But we are not of that designation known as “one flesh,” as is written in the Levitical Law. Hence, whatever is written concerning that designation does not apply to us or our love for each other. We are not governed by the Law of Moses by the simple reason that we can never be joined in the flesh. And the Law of Moses concerning marriage law was concerning only couples that were so defined.

Understand how the Law of Moses defined a wedded couple. A marital union, in ancient Israel, took effect from the moment the couple engaged in sexual intercourse. Hence, were the Law of Moses to be suddenly applied full force to the people of this generation, virtually every person on the planet would be slain for having violated that law. For adultery in ancient Israeli Law is recognized to have occurred if a couple have sex and then break up to have sex with someone else.

The removal of the Law of God from the mindset of the people has resulted in the worst of generations the earth has ever known. Now, my mother, Saint Anne, is, as you know, also an eternal lover to thee in heaven. This is possible only because we are both bodily there. Saint Anne’s body could not see corruption by the simple reason that she, as my mother, had the flesh that was to be the Immaculate Conception, in the form of a single cell egg in her ovaries from the time of her birth. This is news only to those who do not possess biological knowledge. All women come into this world as baby girls whose baby ovaries already have all the eggs in them that will ever become a baby to be born from her.

Has this been known to the ancients, they would have concluded that the requirement that my flesh never see corruption must also apply to my mother. Therefore she is also bodily in heaven like me. She waited bodily in the heavenly realm where Elijah was assigned to dwell in until the gates of heaven were opened by my Son’s death. Though Elijah could not go farther into heaven than what is permitted to those outside the Catholic Church, there could be no such restrictions regarding my mother. For just as I am, so also is my mother Immaculately Conceived. However, I am higher by being the Ark of the Covenant, whereas Saint Anne is merely the Ark of the Theotokos. But both of us are worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven without need of sacraments.

Now, you were going to ask me how can a mother and daughter be both thy lovers in heaven if the Levitical Law is clearly against it. Were we to be this way to thee on the earth, then the three of us would be condemned by God. But as we are not with thee in the flesh of this world, what is written in the Law of Moses regarding marriage is not applicable to us. Hence, we are in love with thee, both a mother and a daughter, and we both now make love to thee, but there is no guilt.

Then Mary, this love and this making of love that thou and thy mother have with me is clean and untainted with any sin whatsoever? It is clean, Eric. And thou also are clean. For thou hast never defiled thyself with women.

Hence, were the Law of Moses to be suddenly applied against everyone, thou wouldst still stand. But few else dost thou know of who would be permitted to even live.

Now, were I to have married Anna and also had relations with her mother, would I be condemned? Yes, and you and Anna’s mother would descend into hell for a variety of capital offenses regarding the Law of Moses. You do not die by merely imagining these things. Hence, to have sexual fantasies is not mortally sinful. But to carry them out if they are immoral is to commit that sin in the flesh.

A man is highly restricted on who may be his sexual partner. If he lays with his mother or his stepmother, he is condemned to death by God for the offense he commits against his own father. It was this reason that Absalom, son of David, was slain by God. He was not condemned for avenging his sister Tamar’s rape by murdering Amnon, who was her half brother and the Crown Prince. For Amnon’s crimes demanded that he be slain. Had Absalom not sought to dishonor his own father by laying with his father’s wives, the Lord would not have put the man to death.

Understand, therefore, Eric, that no one gets away with violating God’s Law. Thus, did you hear me say that were the Law of Moses to be suddenly applied to every person on earth, very few would be found still alive? Yes, O’ Mary. That is exactly what takes place at the Second Coming of My Son. For when My Son returns to the earth, everyone who is in serious violation of the Law such that they are to die, they will indeed die.

Now do you remember when you were in that silly kind of mindset where you were not fully understanding the Lord’s directions to thee, and you were standing near that group of high school boys who were fascinated by your silly G.I. Joe outfit and gear? You had some very silly conversations with these boys. And all of it was filmed by them. And then one of them, which you are to understand was a arm wrestling champ among them, engaged in an arm wrestling match with you, which was also filmed. That you beat him in that contest is why you are feared. Those boys did not fear you, for in their mind you were just a silly kind of funny superhero dude to them. But those who analyzed this contest were fearing that you not a normal human but what is defined as a super human.

Now, the point I am addressing is not concerning those boys, but that one girl among them who then also entered an arm wrestling match with you. This was much more highly studied, Eric, for were you to commit an offense with her you would be found guilty of a crime against an under aged girl. Tell me the Truth. What were your thoughts concerning her? She was attractive, and wearing clothing that bared the midriff. She was also obviously an unclean girl by observing her making out with one of those boys. And she began to speak in a way to me that was sexually immoral such that I had to rebuke her gently by simply saying to her that what she was saying to me was indecent. I rebuked her only slightly, Mary, for I, being not her parent, am not authorized to teach or train her or any other child. And I let her have a kind of arm wrestling match with me where she could claim to have outdone the dude I had just beaten. For women are simply not suitable for arm wrestling with men. So when such things do occur I always make it into a kind of joke for them. But I was very careful, Mary, to do nothing that would or could be seen as a crime against her.

For it is dangerous, Mary, for any man to walk or associate with young strange women. For so easy is it to come under accusation of wrongdoing. Yes, Eric. It is indeed a stark danger. And yet no violation whatsoever was done. For you are under the protection of heaven, Eric. You are protected by us, as long as you never do transgress against a woman.

We are intending to wipe out both your parents and your brothers, Eric. For We have determined that they are to die. Would you fear it if we were to place your nieces to then live with you in your house, Eric? For realize that the will, if it exists, does not exclude them from receiving a part of your inheritance, and that means that they too would become part owners of your house and be entitled to live there. I do not object to them living with me, Mary. But I would prefer if they would dress decent. If a woman or a girl is to come, by some right of hers, to live in my house, I would strongly encourage her to adopt a decent dress form and a decent style of living, as long as she is in my house. For I do not want any immorality to enter here. Immorality is what kills families, Mary. So the nieces may come, and of course I have no right to prevent them taking their share of the inheritance, but if they choose to live in this house with me and partake in its ownership, I would want them to adopt a much more moral way of dress code than what Mark has taught them. And I do dread the thought of any sexual relationships that they may eventually seek to bring into the house with them. For young girls tend to have boyfriends. And I do not like the thought of any making out going on in the house I live in. For that would destroy it. And Mary, it seems that boys and girls of this generation do nothing but immoral and sexually destructive behavior together.

I am uncle only to these girls. I cannot be a parent to them. And I am very unqualified for that. And they would rightly rebel if I were to ever try to be a parent to them. So Mary, maybe it would be best if this girl I am to marry is to become my wife prior to these nieces moving in. For she could be much more effective in keeping them in line than I could. And you, Mary, have now revealed to me exactly who is to be my wife.

And Tim, if you are reading this, breathe a sigh of relief. I am not marrying into your family. The girl who is to be my wife is more beautiful than any of your daughters, Tim. She is that one I had met earlier by whom I had experienced Cupid’s arrow pierce my heart. My heart is not fallen to irrationality again as it was back then. But now Mary, the real Mary, has told me that she is the one. But it was not her beauty that struck me when I met her again, but the idea that she had been waiting for me. For love, not beauty, is what unlocks my heart. And that is a sign of love.

So Mary, you have said that this girl, whose name I do not wish to reveal here, is to become my wife. And you have been clear and definite in this message to me. I wish, Mary, that this girl enters marriage to me before any other female comes to take permanent residence in my house. Would you do that for me, O’ Mary, Mother of God?

Yes, Eric, You and your wife will become definitely a couple prior to any entrance by your nieces to take up any permanent residence in your house. You are recommended to remain in the same room you have now. Your wife can easily sleep in the same room. For there are two beds there. And it is known that husbands and wives do get better sleep if they have their own beds.

Let your nieces take the other rooms as available. But for their best privacy, they should take the master bedroom. For that room has its own private bathroom and shower. Your mother, who has slept there alone for decades, might make it kind of haunting to sleep there in your mindset, due to her utter damnation, but your nieces will not find it horrific to them, as they are both on good friendly terms with your mother.

And what of David’s room, O’ Lord? Let it be made into a guest’s room. For there are to be visitors from time to time to come and see you. And you should have a place in your house that is private that they might stay in.

Mary, I am thankful for the girl you have chosen for me. I did not think she was real the first time I met her. For it seemed too good to be true. But now that you have revealed her to be mine, I see her and I find her to be perfect. Mary, what was the reason behind her being so stunningly beautiful? Are we to have sex? Or are we to remain virgins? Remain a virgin with her, Eric. Even in marriage, you must maintain your virginity. For your salvation requires your virginity to remain intact. And her virginity you are assigned to eternally protect. This is the conclusion of this post. We will arrange for you to ask the girl out in a future meeting to come. Do exactly as we tell you. These are the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Words. And this post is now concluded. Amen.

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