Welcome, Eric, to Our Kingdom

I, Mary, greet thee, Eric. Welcome to thy destiny. We are the only married couple in heaven.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post IV:
The Lord of Hosts is Coming soon. Before He comes to collect His elect, there is to be a wedding in heaven. This shall be between Eric, who is found worthy of rulership, and Mary, his eternal wife by the decree of God in heaven. Whoever is invited to this wedding, let it be known that he is most blessed among humans of the earth. This is the final Word of God. After this Word is published, no more shall I prophesy here until Christ returns and is seated on His Seat of Judgement, judging the Twelve Tribes of Israel and all Mankind who ever lived on earth. Amen.

I WHO AM have judged the earth. Mary has been found worthy of My Kingdom. She has been tested. And in My testing of her, I have judged her worthy of eternal marriage to Eric, My chosen One who is decided by My decree to rule all the nations with an iron scepter and to smash them like pottery. Eric will be forever seated on My throne in heaven. He is found unblemished among the entire race of men on the earth. He is ultra-pure. His virginity is perfect. It is by his eternal and holy union to My Immaculate Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, that this unstained soul has been brought into eternal perfection. Eric and Mary are in the deepest love for each other that has ever existed between a created man and a woman. Mary is the one called to write through Eric this final post. And when it is written and published, Eric will be taken from the earth, together with Anna, who is eternally his friend and apprentice in heaven and to whom he is commanded to teach forever everything he is to ever know. Amen.

Mary, write exactly as thou wishest to say to this one whom you love. This is your final word of love to him that is to be known to men on earth before the Second Coming. I AM rapidly coming soon. Whoever wishes to be saved, repent. And whoever is guilty, find a priest to hear your confession. For the Second Coming is approaching rapidly. And when the last trumpet sounds, no more will it be possible for men to find forgiveness of sins.

Whoever is found then without a wedding garment will be no longer permitted to remain in My presence. These are the Words of Jesus. And I AM most pleased with Mary, whom I have always loved as My eternal Virgin Mother, and with Eric, who is My son. Mary, you are granted now to speak. Speak now to your lover. And know that when your message of love is completed, Eric through whom your words of love will have been written, will go to you, his lover in heaven, to receive his eternal reward. Eric will be rewarded with you, the Blessed Virgin Mother, as his eternal and Immaculate wife, and with rulership of My Kingdom under Me. No other man is worthy of such a vast and rich reward, nor will there ever come again one to rival him. I WHO AM have spoken. Amen.

Eric, I am the Blessed Virgin Mary, your eternal lover in heaven. You have two eternal lovers on the earth: Hyacinth and Anna. These two will be taken with you when we take you up to heaven. And all four of us are eternally virgin. Consider me, then, as your eternal wife in heaven. As for these two women who shall come with you to heaven, they are to be regarded as eternal sisters to you. I, the Blessed Virgin, have spoken.

Mary, Hyacinth has requested something. And I told her to wait until this post has been published. Will you then command me to fulfill her request, O’ Fairest woman of the Eternal Kingdom? No, Eric. For it will be simply not possible. You and these two virgin maids who belong to you here are rapidly coming to heaven the moment this final post is published. Consider their sanctification to be complete. They are worthy of eternal association with you as your sisters in heaven.

Mary, shall you ever come to conceive and bear a child by me in heaven? Yes, Eric, We have children together for all eternity. For in heaven we are the only couple to be married there. And the earth that was is to be no more. You and I shall populate all the planets and Kingdoms that are to be created in the Kingdom that is to come. All such humankind shall come from my womb by your love to me. And whosoever is born from my womb shall never die.

We are virgins here only, Eric. In the hereafter, we shall have sex and relations that involve intimacy as is like no other ever found in the couples of the earth. You have said that a witch like the younger sister of Anna is most enjoyable in bed, by a spiritual experience you had with her only. I also am a witch, Eric. I am the Witch Queen. And you will find me in bed to be most enjoyable, far beyond what you ever gained in these spiritual acts of love you engaged in with all the women of Anna’s family. They also, every one of them, will make out with you in the Kingdom of Heaven. For it is my right as your wife to grant to any woman I so desire the right to lay with you in the Kingdom of Heaven. For remember, I am the only one who is a married woman there. And all the elect who are saved will be bodily in heaven. And all the marriages that once existed on earth, perish with the earth and with every passing of one of a married couple to the next world.

Mary, I am to have sex with any of these female elect you so choose to have lay with me in heaven? And if so, do any of these also conceive and bear any child? And what becomes of the men, those males who are also of the elect and who are bodily in heaven? Only I among womankind can conceive and bear in the age to come. And I may do it only with you. But any woman of the elect that is mine I may elect to grant the right to know you. And this is my right by my whim alone. No power may dictate to me who to let lay with you. For such is the unique privilege of the lawfully wedding wife, as was seen in the cases of Sarah giving her maidservant Hagar to her husband Abraham as his consort, Rachel giving her maidservant Bilhah to her husband Jacob as his consort, and Leah giving her maidservant Zilpah to her husband Jacob as his consort. These are the rights a married woman has only with her husband. You alone among men are to be my husband in heaven. Hence, the other men who are there I have no right to grant them anything. Hence, the other men are to know celibacy in heaven, whereas you are to know the love of women there. I am the Virgin Mary, the one who is married to Eric and to only Eric as his eternal wife.

As for Joseph, the man I was wedded to in celibate marriage while I was on earth and pregnant with the baby Jesus by the Holy Spirit, though he is admitted to the Kingdom of Heaven, he is not permitted to be my husband in eternity, for no man whose flesh sees decay is worthy of joining me with my assumed body in heaven. Nor is it ever permissible for an unbaptized man to enter a marital union that is sacramental with a baptized woman. Joseph, by passing away prior to coming of the Church, is forever outside it. He is in heaven, but not in the Church, nor in the communion Christ established in His Church, which is only open to those who enter it through the sacraments.

Hence, of the elect in heaven I am permitted to join with thee, Eric, only Catholic women are eligible for this pleasure in eternity. It is possible to be saved and not be Catholic. But these do not belong to me. And as you see in the scriptures, the wives who give their husbands these consorts only select these from among their own maidservants.

Mary, what about where it is written that Pharaoh gave to his servant Joseph, son of Jacob, the virgin Asenath, the daughter of Potiphera, priest of Heliopolis, to be his wife as part of his reward for his services? (Genesis 41:45). Yes, Eric, and who was this Joseph to Pharaoh? Was he not the one man who Pharaoh elected to be made second to Himself in all the land of Egypt? This Joseph, son of Jacob, was to Pharaoh, as you, Eric, are to Jesus. And that is why Jesus has elected to grant you me as your eternal wife in heaven. But to no other male in His Kingdom does He elect to grant a similar reward.

And that is why you are the only male of Creation to be granted a wife and a sex life in the Kingdom of Heaven. Every other created human being who is to be granted such pleasure in heaven can only be females, and these may consist only of the wife chosen for you in eternity and whatever woman that belongs to her that she wishes to grant such pleasures to. As I am this chosen Bride to you, I am permitted to choose among Catholic women who are saved this pleasure. But as I am made Queen only over the Church, not over the entire world, only from among the women of the Church do I have this right to choose from to grant to you as consorts in eternity. And that is why only Catholic women of my choosing will ever be permitted to know thee in the flesh in the eternity to come. Not all Catholic women shall I choose, though. For it is my right and by my whim alone that I make these choices. I alone have this right, for only I am your wife in the eternity that is to come. And no woman, though she may be both Catholic and virgin, has the right to demand this from me. I am the Holy Virgin Mary. Amen.

What about your mother, Saint Anne, O’ Blessed Virgin Mary? Does she have any such pleasure with me in the eternity to come? For Saint Anne is not recorded to have been seen with the adult Christ, and thus is thought to have passed away during his youth, making her not a member of the Catholic Church. What sayest thou, O’ fairest of Virgins of all history? Two women exist in history who, by their flesh, are eligible to enter heaven and her Church without the need of sacraments. I am one of them, though I received baptism and the sacraments according to the established rules of the early Church. But I would have entered anyways without the sacraments. For the Immaculate nature of my flesh does not permit me to be barred from entering the Kingdom of Heaven. For God, at my conception in my mother’s womb, made me eternally perfect. And thus my flesh could never be permitted to see corruption. But my flesh did not just suddenly appear in my mother at the time of my conception in the womb of Saint Anne. For every egg a woman has that is to ovulate is contained in her ovaries and is present there at the time of her birth as a baby girl. And thus, even when Saint Anne was herself but a baby girl born from her mother’s womb, she already contained the egg in her baby ovaries that was to become the Immaculate Conception. And thus, by the presence of this sacred flesh in her body throughout her entire life, the sacred flesh that was to bear Jesus, the Son of the Living God, it was not even permitted for Saint Anne’s body to ever know corruption or decay.

Hence, Saint Anne is in heaven with me also with her body. Though not a part of Catholic dogma, for not all Truths have been developed or explored yet, Saint Anne was brought bodily up to heaven as Elijah was, and then was admitted to heaven at the death of Christ and made a member of the Church by virtue of her sacred flesh, and without the need of any sacrament. I am the Holy Virgin Mary.

Hence, Saint Anne is eternally in love with you, Eric. And she is a lover to you by my right to grant it to her. The rest of the women in heaven who love thee I must wait until the Resurrection to grant the right to make love to you. For a disembodied soul is incapable of the love act. Only a soul that has a body and flesh is capable of having this love. I have now spoken sufficiently, Eric, of the secrets of heaven. No more secrets shall I permit thee to reveal to this world.

Nor do I permit thee to leave the house. Tell Hyacinth that this is the order of Mary. She is better off this way, Eric. Tell her to read this post I have written through thee. Tell her that she will have sexual relations with you in heaven. And many other women shall have this also. But all these women have this in common. They are Catholic and mine. These are the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I shall now cease to speak to the world. And this post now comes to its end. You are commanded to immediately publish this post. And you may correct any errors, as you remain on the earth. But you are now just about to be taken away. This post now comes to its end. And Emeralogy.com, the work known as the Emerald Trove, is now sealed. Amen.

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