Anna enters marriage to the Emerald King

I have found my worthy one. Eric may enter me and enjoy me forever. I am Anna, the wife of Eric.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post III:
Mary, is Eric faithful to thee? Does Eric cheat on thee and go and seek other women to enjoy? As art thee and also me, Eric is eternally a virgin, Anna. If thou wish to test him let us test him. And if he passes, dost thou accept this virgin as thine, Anna? Yes, Mary, if Eric shall pass this last test, I shall wed him in eternal virgin matrimony. Amen.

Eric, the virgin Anna wishes to test thee. Art thou willing to undergo the test? Yes, I shall undergo the test. Let Anna fully put me to the test.

Eric, I will ask thee a series of questions. Tell me the Truth in totality, and thou shall pass. Fail in any of these questions in telling me the Truth, then consider this my rejection and go and seek that other woman you say God will give you. Do you agree to this test, Eric? I agree to your test, Anna. Ask me whatsoever thou pleasest. I will utter everything in answer to thee as God guides me and commands me. Amen.

Have you ever lain with my mother in any form of spiritual connection you may have ever had with her? Answer me, Eric. Do not hide a thing from me.

Yes, I have spiritually connected with and lain with her, Anna. And it was most pleasurable.

Which of us sisters is the most pleasurable to you in this spiritual marriage bed you have with each of them, Eric?

It is your younger sister, Anna. Not the twins, but the sister just younger than you, the third sister of your family, that is the most pleasurable in bed. I call her Valerie. She is quite fierce and powerful in bed, Anna. She is truly a witch. And I am attracted to women that are witches. Amen.

And yet you refuse to leave me for her? Why?

I am married to you, Anna. A husband cannot leave his wife for another woman. Greater perceived beauty or pleasure is a temptation, not a justification, for the man who leaves his wife to commit adultery against her.

Do you ever desire to suck a cock?

Anna, for a long time I wondered what motivates women to suck on men’s cocks. And in my naivety, I assumed that it was entirely motivated by the psychological pleasure that women receive from the awareness of the pleasure they are giving to the man they seek to please. For the sight of the genitalia does not turn me on. It is neither arousing to me in the female nor in the male in my sight. The only thing that arouses me regarding an erect penis is the reaction of women to it.

Later, I realized that I was thinking in terms of visual beauty alone. And I came to understand the different ways brains are wired, particularly concerning the different genders.

Anna, I now know why those who are in love or who fall in love do things that are contrary to logic. The manner and pursuit of sex in men and women is all about the wiring in their brains. Women who suck cocks do so because some wiring in their brain drives them to do so.

It may seem rather illogical for a woman to suck a cock, from a purely reproductive perspective. For ejaculation in the mouth fails to serve in the effort of impregnation. However, if one considers cock sucking in women as part of their mating ritual that leads to intercourse, then it can make sense. For things such as these may serve to strengthen the love bonds between lovers where this form of foreplay is found pleasurable.

But as for me, I am heterosexual. And speaking for myself as a man, I would never suck on a man’s cock. However, as a child, young boys are curious about everything. If a young boy does this, it is to be considered exploratory only, and not a sign of homosexuality. As a young boy, I often wondered what a cock tastes like, but the fact is that I have never sucked or tasted a cock in my life. And as a sexually mature man, the wiring of my brain goes completely against this. And all the times I masturbated and then looked at the cum I captured in my hand, the wiring in my brain completely rejected the thought of ever putting this to my mouth. Hence, I have never tasted cum, not even my own. For the thought is repulsive to me and I can never do that. Amen.

Have you ever inserted your penis into anything that could simulate the pleasures of a vagina besides your hands? There is nothing at my house or anywhere I know of where I have done these acts that could adequately serve in that purpose. I have rubbed it. I have pressed it against things. But the only thing I ever inserted my penis into to attempt this simulation was to experiment with a condom. My brother Mark had condoms all over the place, so I took an unopened one and put it on my dick to see if it could be used to increase the pleasure in masturbation. It was totally useless for this. In fact it made me wonder to the effectiveness of the usage of condoms in sex as it seemed very easy to come off. This attempt with the condom was never repeated.

Tell me all the experiences you have had in your closest physical contact with a girl or a woman as a sexually mature man, which you know begins with puberty. The only time as a sexually mature male that I touched a female’s mature breast in the flesh was when I was at recreational water slide place, I think it was Raging Waters. I was sitting on an inner tube with my brothers in a party type outdoor atmosphere in a place with many young people like ourselves playing in the water. I must have been a young teenager. I saw a girl right near the inner tube I was sitting on, and I calculated that If I caused the tube to spin suddenly, the smooth top of my foot could come into contact with her breast. She was wearing a bikini, and she was with her friends. I did it and the plan worked. I felt her grab my foot with her hand, but I pretended to be totally oblivious to anything that was happening. She let go and I never saw her again. What this experience did for me was to give me the realization of the softness of a woman’s breasts. It was an experiment only. It was never repeated nor attempted again.

Immediately after my conversion to Christianity, which took place in July of 1992, while I was a college student, enrolled in Whittier College and entering my senior year, I began to experience hugs from girls, whereas before this, I never knew this. These hugs of course were not sexual. But they were nevertheless unprecedented close contact with women in my life.

There was an unseen incident that occurred in the summer school class I was taking at Fullerton State University, the second part of General Chemistry, which I attended by myself, for my brother Mark had only needed the first part of that two semester course packed into a single summer, and so he was not with me then. This occurred in the same summer I converted to Christianity, in 1992, just a month or so later. We were all called to stand up in the front of the class for a group picture. I stood there and a girl stood in front of me and she pressed her buttocks against my pelvic region where I knew she could feel my erection. I had no romantic relationship with this girl, but there had been many flirty jokes that had passed between us in the class. She may have had some sort of attraction to me, but I was seeking a different objective and did not reciprocate to this advance by her. I enjoyed the feeling of this contact as it occurred, but chose not to seek that pleasure any further than that, for I knew it led to ruin. Anyways, it was an invisible incident, though were the picture that was taken to be found, the girl would be easily identified. Chemistry was always hard for me to achieve good grades in. I got a C in that class, whereas in the previous session where my brother was with me I got a B. And I ultimately chose not to include it into my Whittier College transcript as it was unnecessary for me to graduate and would have pulled down my GPA, which ended at exactly 3.2 (B+), at my graduation in May of 1993.

When I was in the California Conservation Corps, I was river rafting with a woman some years older than me. She was in her thirties. I was in my mid twenties. We had a difficult time not falling off the raft due to the rapids. At one point, some dudes in charge going by gave advice as to how we could get back onto the raft. And the solution involved her moving herself back against me. It was a brief feel of her buttocks on my pelvic region, and what was most memorable about it was how warm it felt, for the water was rather cold. It was all considered just fun and jokes. No further close contact came between us. But there was no hostility, and no offenses taken in anything in this encounter.

I did mention it to the other guys later. And a girl called Sasha heard me speak of it. She later came and sat in my lap some weeks later when she heard I had at one time had a crush for her. This was while I was sitting in my car with the door open doing some maintenance. I very politely rejected the girl, with the words: Aren’t you carrying this joke a little too far? For I did not want to hurt her feelings, but she was not the one for me.

Other than that, there were a few accidents where my hands touched a woman’s exposed side. These were always accidents and never on intent. And that is basically all I can remember, Anna. As I grew older, there were less of these incidents. For older people are much more better and keeping their hands and feet to themselves.

I am sorry, Anna, if I could not, with my history be more entertaining to you. But the fact is that I was never called to a sex life. I am called to eternal virginity. And I am called to be your protector, if you accept this, to protect I assume to be your virginity as well for all eternity.

Who told you I am a virgin?

God and the Virgin Mary who led me to you told me this. Also, it is obvious to me. I can tell a girl is a virgin by looking into her eyes. And you remember our close eye contact while we conversed in Church in those few conversations we had?

Tell me, is Tess a virgin? Aside from what you have told me yourself, I do not have enough information to know this about her myself, Anna. For I have only conversed with you among the women of your family.

How long can you sustain an erection, Eric? It all depends, Anna, on the youth and sexual attractiveness of the girl to me, and how much time has passed since the previous ejaculation. I am now 51 years old, Anna. Up until Mary took over my life, in 2017, my erections were powerful and somewhat uncontrollable. Mary suddenly subdued me. She is the one who now is in full control of my sexuality, Anna. Nothing comes out of me except at her directions.

Eric, can I have sex with you?

Anna, I will simply present your question to God. For God is the One, not me, Who decides this.

Lord, what is Your answer to Anna’s question?

Anna, you may, but only at My direction of you in this. I have given you Eric. Do you have any further question in this test for him?

Yes, and it is this. How much semen comes out of you when you ejaculate, Eric? Not knowing the precise measurements, it is a normal amount, like a teaspoon. A curious thing occurred, though, Anna, in the new medicines I was put on that made it go way down. But with the removal of all these medicines, as God commanded me, my ejaculations have returned to their normal amount.

Eric, I have one final question. If you were not married to me, as you say you are, and you were given the choice to have as your sexual partner for life, any one of us girls or my mother, whom would you elect to be your wife. And remember, I require honesty for you to pass this test. Flattery without honesty will make me reject you. Now answer me. Whom would you choose?

Anna, you are a funny girl. I do not choose a woman because of how beautiful or attractive she is. I go by how she is as a person. And so, tell me, you are intelligent enough to figure this one out. You say to choose one of you women, but which of you women do I actually have any knowledge of concerning your personality? Have I talked with any of you but yourself? I can rate you women on a scale of visual attractiveness to me, as seen from a distance. But you are the only one of them that I really know in life.

I have found you acceptable for me to marry, Anna. But of all the other women in your family, I simply do not know them. And who I do not know I would never accept as my bride. For marriage is the one thing you never gamble on, Anna. You have to know the one you are marrying. You cannot marry an unknown.

Idiots are the men who decide who to marry because of a woman’s face or form alone. You are a pretty girl, Anna. But you keep how you look well hidden in your convent like clothing. Though your looks are a part of it, it is really by Mary’s election of you to be my wife that truly attracts me to you. And that is something that none of the rest of the women in your family can ever have.

One last question I have to decide this case. Are you currently in love with another woman besides me? My emotions of love are not bound to just one woman. It is impossible for a couple to have these feelings and emotions only for just each other. But as for my decision of marriage, it can only be to one woman. It is for you, Anna. I cannot go to any other woman unless you were to outright reject me. I, Eric, have spoken. Do I pass or fail, Anna?

You pass, Eric. I accept your love. I will be your wife. And I will exercise my right over you to have children, in accordance to God’s will. These are the words of the virgin Anna. I have chosen my mate. I will now choose no other. Amen.

Anna and Eric, prepare to be raptured from this earth. While you have planned with each other a marriage, We prefer for you to be with Us in heaven. You will come to Us as virgins. Mary shall be waiting to see you both. And for both of you, the reward is great.

This is the 705th extant post on (705 = 47 x 5 x 3). No further posts are to follow this. The end is at hand. Eric and Anna have triumphed together. This now brings all things to an end. I WHO AM have spoken.

Go now, Eric, and publish this post. It is to be your last. Amen.

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