Anna is to be granted one last chance

Anna, you are called to return to Eric. I WHO AM give you this order. Amen.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post II:
Anna, do you love Eric? I do, but I do not want any part of him. Tell me about it, Anna. Lord, how do you suddenly speak to me? I AM now bringing you into My service as I have brought Eric. You are now a prophetess as Eric is made My prophet. Lord, prophetesses are never good. A woman prophet is not from God. There are no good prophetesses anywhere in the Bible. All of them are always servants of evil. Then whose side did the Biblical prophetess Anna serve? (Luke 2:36-38). She is clearly mentioned in the gospel of Luke at the Presentation of the Baby Jesus at the Temple. She is mentioned in that passage, and it is clearly said in that gospel that she spoke about the child to all who were awaiting the redemption of Israel.

But you are correct to notice an important point. Whatever it was that the Prophetess Anna said, the men of her time did not consider her, being a woman, as being worthy of being ranked with the male prophets. So they never bothered to record down her Words. Women, Anna, were never even permitted to defend themselves in court, even to save their own lives. The Biblical chapter 13 of Daniel found in the Catholic Bible makes this deafeningly clear. In that story, Susanna, a woman who had done nothing criminal whatsoever, was being led away to be executed because two men of authority ordered it when she refused to commit adultery with them. And she, despite her total innocence, was not even permitted to utter a word in her defense. These men who made themselves utter rulers over women in that age were so utterly pathetic in their practice of law that it was, in that story, only a youth who, because he was male, spoke up in her defense and led the elders to do a simple investigation that proved her innocent, that this innocent and beautiful woman who was a highly treasured and very beloved lawfully wedded wife, was not put to death by the treachery of the wicked against her. Women, Anna, were indeed called to serve as prophets in that age, not just men. It was simply that the men never considered the female prophets, even those whom they knew were speaking from God, as having anything worthy to say for the men to pay attention to. And so the only real words of any prophetess who served God that the male writers of the Bible ever chose to record were those of the Virgin Mary. And these words were in fact few. The consist primary of basically two messages: One was the Canticle of Mary. And the other was the only order recorded in the Bible to have come from her mouth in the scriptures, and this is recorded in the story of the Wedding at Cana, where she told the servants regarding Jesus: Do whatever He tells you.

Hence, Anna, you now know Biblically of two prophetesses who served the Lord. Anna and Mary. Do you think, Anna, that it was merely by coincidence that you, the one We elected from all eternity to call to serve as Our prophetess at Eric’s side, were merely given the name of Anna by a sheer coincidence, or at the whim of your parents? No, Anna, you were given the name of Anna precisely to indicate your predestined calling by Us to serve as a prophetess. You were baptized with the name of Anna precisely because of the fact that the only recorded prophetess of the scriptures who was of some association with Mary had the exact same name. And you are now the prophetess called forth in this age who is now called to serve a similar purpose with the same Virgin Mary as did the ancient Anna serve in the times of Jesus.

Lord, if I am this prophetess as you say, why am I being led to shed my virginity? For once I shed this, I am no longer capable of prophecy. Do you know that Eric is also a virgin? I know of his claim, Lord, but it is utterly ridiculous to consider it true. Why is it so hard for you to accept him as that? He is a fool, Lord, and nothing more. He is insane. And insanity in a prophet is the clearest sign possible of falsehood and of the works of Satan.

Anna, were you to meet him again, you would see that whatever insanity you once beheld in him is gone. I will not go to him, Lord. He is dangerous. Is it this, Anna, that you fear you might fall in love with a man who is secretly an enemy? I am in love with him, Lord. And that is why I cannot go to him. For he would use my feelings against me and overpower me. I fear what would come against my family if that man were to ever gain a foothold into it.

Anna, why do you love him? He has that effect on women, Lord. Any woman seems to be fair game to him. And he seems to enjoy playing with women’s hearts. But not one time is there known to be any evidence of him loving any of them. He leads them to ruin, Lord. His own Words make it abundantly clear as to his true intentions. He is a male Siren. He destroyed Tess and Tess could not take him, though she intensely desired him. Lord, this man is dangerous. And whatever is his objective, it is clearly not to enter into any real relationship with any woman.

Anna, I will now tell you in full exactly what is Eric’s objective. And you are fully correct. Eric is not intent on entering any love affair with any woman, not even with you whom he appears to the entire world to love. For if that were his objective, he would seek you out and find a way to reconnect with you. That he makes no attempt to do this makes it clear the he is not operating under such an objective. But We wish to play with you Anna. Hence, We will play this game with you. We will permit you to guess at his objective and if you ever guess it correctly you will be told that you have guessed it. Are you willing to play Our game with you?

I am in love with this man, Lord. I will play this game therefore. For I do indeed desire to know exactly what his real objective actually is. May I start the guessing now, Lord? Yes, Anna. And when this game is ended, this conversation you are having will be posted on So start your guessing.

He is intent on getting revenge against Tim, my father, for ordering me to leave him. No, Anna, Eric has no such malicious feelings towards your father. He respects the man, Anna. Eric recognizes that what Tim did is in fact the duty of men. For men are required to protect the women in their family from strange and untrusted advances by males of whom they know nothing. Tim was doing his duties for you, Anna. Eric does not punish men who seek only to protect their women from such dangers.

So, Anna, Eric has no objectives that concern Tim. Tim is merely a respectable man in Eric’s sight who loves you, his daughter. He is not going to do any harm to that. Guess again.

He plans to seduce my mother, and thereby gain effective control over the females of my family, as one stallion steals the mares from another stallion, seeking to acquire for himself the entire harem.

Anna, that is how it is with horses in the wild. Yes, if Eric was indeed a horse, and you and the rest of your sisters and mother were nothing but mares, yes, that would indeed be expected from Eric. But think a few more steps further. Would Eric actually succeed in acquiring anything were he to pursue such a strategy as you say, as a human being in what you know is human society? You are aware, Anna, are you not, that you are not a horse? You are aware, are you not, that a man who does as stallions do in the wild to acquire females will be quickly subdued and imprisoned? What you have suggested could only exist in a movie or a fantasy book. It is not possible to occur in reality. And all such men who attempt these things do not walk free. That Eric walks free should indicate to you that he is not of such a foolish mentality. I do not say to you that Eric never fantasized doing as you suggested. For sexual fantasies are found in every soul on earth. And they are full of such things that, were they to be implemented, would lead to their utter ruin. Hence, Anna, the fundamental difference between a man who walks freely in society and who is permitted to attend Church where indeed children also attend, and a man who is permanently banned from attending any Church because he is a registered sex offender, is the possession or lack of possession of the mental sanity to know the difference between what is fantasy and what is morally acceptable in society.

But Lord, does Eric attend Church? Or has he quit? Eric is in full compliance to Catholic law. He attended Mass every day when you knew him back in those days when you saw him at the Mass at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, and occasionally also at Saint Mary of the Assumption where you also sometimes saw him. He has now elected to attend Mass only on Sundays and feast days of obligation, and only at Our Lady of Guadalupe, in La Habra, the city just east of Whittier where he lives. His abilities at Spanish are of sufficient proficiency to permit him to validly partake in a Spanish Mass. He fully understands the liturgy in Spanish, but the readings and homily are nevertheless difficult for him. For he is far from fluency in that language. And so each Sunday, he elects to go to either the 8 AM Misa or the 10 AM Mass, and then to promptly return home, after praying to Jesus, Mary, and now also to Saint Anne, the mother of Mary. Which of those two Sunday morning Masses he elects to attend is simply a matter of what time it is when he is ready to go to Church.

And Lord, is there a problem, then, with Eric concerning that Church? Is there a reason he chooses not attend the weekday Masses there? For I always understood Eric as a man who would never miss the daily Mass. What then is happening against Eric at that Church? Anna, it must now be revealed to you in full the devil’s treacherous works in attempting to destroy that man. It is now realized a most curious phenomenon to Eric that in every public place Eric now goes to, which is now done only out of necessity, he is constantly being targeted by women who are flirting and some who are dressed provocatively. It is not merely a coincidence, Anna. For Eric has proven it. He has observed how, upon first arriving at any store or public place, one that the devil could not have previously anticipated as his destination, the women he first observes there are the usual normal women we expect to see and pay no attention to. Normal women are basically drab and unattractive and busy about their own business. But shortly after he has arrived, a higher than usual concentration of highly attractive women are soon to be found throughout that store or place. And some of these actively engage in the attempt to flirt with Eric and to gain his attention. And Eric knows that this is clearly not normal behavior.

It is now to avoid such women with these intentions that Eric has now elected to leave his house only when necessary. He is thus avoiding unnecessary Masses, Anna, because even the Catholic Church itself has now become a place of temptation. Women watch him there, Anna. And the numbers of these women are higher than what he is accustomed to seeing in a Church in years past. But he nevertheless remains fully loyal to Catholicism and keeps all that is required of him to remain in good standing in the Catholic Church. He, thus, now attends Mass only as necessary to satisfy Catholic Law. Hence, Anna, Eric can lawfully marry you in the Catholic Church. He is a faithful Catholic. Just realize that Eric rightly values his virginity over unnecessary Mass attendances where his virginity can become at risk.

Lord, if Eric is a virgin, what is he doing fooling around with me? He is acting with me exactly as I would expect a man to act who sought to take away my virginity. That is clearly not a virgin, Lord. This avoidance of women is an act only. Every girl in my family knows this man is a luster after women. They see it in his eyes. He is lusting for us. And his eyes are not the eyes of a virgin, Lord, but of a tempter well skilled in the art of tempting women. He would lay with every girl in my family. I know this, Lord, for I am given to know what he is thinking. I know his desires. And therefore he is never to be trusted.

He would lay with every girl in your family in sexual fantasies only Anna. You have seen his mind. You are correctly seeing his thoughts. But these are but fantasies only. Eric never carries out his fantasies. And do you wish to know why this is, Anna? Yes, for I am in love with the man. Tell me why, Lord. Eric’s intelligence is not to be underestimated. But you, being a woman, tell me your honest assessment. If Eric does indeed have these desires for all the girls of your family, would he gain by following such pursuits? Would he go to heaven or to hell if he actually put to action any such attempt to fulfill these desires?

No, he would go to hell, just like my brothers who I am aware of who have had relations with my sister Tess. Precisely, Anna. And in your observations of Eric, going by what you have actually observed in your own eyes, not in your imagination, is Eric acting in a way that indicates he is seeking to go to heaven, or in a way you have observed in some of your brothers, who are following a path that leads them to hell?

Regarding women, I have not myself seen him commit such transgression. But neither would I have known about my brothers’ transgressions with my sister Tess except that I have such a close association with them. Lord, sinners hide their sins very effectively. It is because my family is so large, that all of us girls are aware of our brothers’ acts of impurity, which by the way, you know they never confess. Tess is the only whore of our family though. And that is why I willingly revealed to Eric her name but withheld the names of my other sisters. For it was my objective that Tess acquire him, rather than that he come against us.

And did Tess acquire Eric? Did Tess tell you that Eric had sex with her? You keep speaking of these hidden sex acts you suspect Eric to be having. So if Tess is attractive to Eric, why is he not sleeping with her? For you know well that Tess has had a tremendous crush on Eric for years. And you have heard from Eric’s own mouth his acknowledgement to you in Church of Tess’s endless flirtations with him. Why is Tess unable to seduce Eric? I will now tell you why Tess is having relations with your brothers. She is aware that Eric is interested only in you, Anna. And in her confused mind, she has allowed her brothers to do for her what she really desired from Eric. Anna, Tess is in deep depression. A woman does not sleep with her brothers except that something terrible has happened to her. And this is the sight and knowledge, which a woman is fully able to know, that the man she was hoping and desiring to be the one who would marry her, has gone to her sister instead. It is crushing to her, Anna. It is unbearable. Have you ever experienced, Anna, in your convent like life, the phenomenon that occurs to all hearts that fall in love known as the broken heart? For if you ever truly felt that, you would know what Tess is going through. And you would know that there is no remedy. Neither you nor Eric can help her. For only time can heal a broken heart.

No, Lord, I have never had a broken heart. But I am sure Eric would break it if I gave him my heart. And I feel every day that goes by that I am coming to do just that. If I give Eric my heart, Lord, how will my fate be? What will become of me? What will become of my family?

Why don’t you go to him and find out? Alone, by myself? Yes, Lord, that is perfectly insane. Then bring someone with you, someone you trust. None of my brothers do I trust anymore, Lord. And my sisters, if I bring a sister with me, we are then just two women walking into a demon’s lair to be raped. And what would follow this I do not even want to think about. Would your father bring you to him? If my father would accompany me, only then would I go. Then that is the way it shall be done, Anna.

I will then ask Eric directly whether he would accept this and we shall then see what he says. Eric, if I were to come and visit you, could I bring my father with me for protection? By all means, Anna. Bring all the protection you feel you need. Do not think that I require you to become vulnerable just to converse with me. For all I really seek from you is the affirmation or rejection of our love by you in person to me in this life. Anna, the spirit world is notoriously untrustworthy without confirmation in the physical world. I love you Anna. And I would marry you. But I would not force you to be mine. If you want me to move onto another girl I can do that, but not until I first hear from you in person in this world your rejection of me. You do not need to be seen involved with another guy to make me give you up. All you need to do is to simply say it to me in person, and I will let you go and bother you no more. I only go to Our Lady of Guadalupe now. If you and your family wish to avoid me, it is simply a matter of avoiding that Church.

Anna, you told me when I was with you that your family primarily goes to either Saint Bruno Catholic Church or Saint John Vianney Catholic Church. I know how to get there. It is a very easy drive for me to make. I was kicked out only from Saint Bruno Catholic Church. Anna, if I were truly a danger to you, wouldn’t it be expected for me to seek to find you at Saint John Vianney? But I have never been there in my life. If I were a stalker of women, and I love you so much, why do I never simply drive there to attempt to find you? Give me an answer that makes sense, Anna. For I am deeply in love with you.

Tell me why, then, lover, why you never seek me there? Anna if you are not seeking me, and you know that I love you, that tells me that you do not wish me to seek you. I do not wish to cause you fear. Remember Tess and your mother who fled like madwomen in opposite directions when the Mass ended and I was simply seeking to make an acquaintance with them? That is the insanity that I observe in your family, Anna. Whatever is spooking your family, I am powerless to help them on. All I can do is to simply not seek to make any acquaintance with your family. And therefore it would simply serve nothing good for me, but only do bad for me, were I to seek you anywhere. Any sign of me seeking to find you is like a terror to your family, Anna. And that is why I never made any attempt whatsoever to find you again.

But I know you can find me, if you are actually looking for that. So that you never seek to enter my life tells me that you do not wish to enter my life and that you do not wish for me to enter yours. Insanity seen in me is a very good reason for a woman to choose to avoid me. But were you to ever meet me again, all the insanity you had once observed in me in the past you would no longer see in me. And you would be told by me that I am taking no medications whatsoever. This decision would be a mad decision if made by a man. But God is the One Who has commanded me to never take medications again. God is not giving me an option here. If I disobeyed this order, God has told me clearly that I would be eternally rejected by Him.

Do you know that all Father Dave Heney requires of me to return to that Church where I met and associated with you is to simply return to taking the medicines I used to take? Believe me, Anna, if it were not a matter of disobeying God and losing my soul for it, I would have long ago complied, simply in order to remain in your acquaintance. For until or unless I receive proof in this world that you have rejected me, I cannot go to anyone else.

So you have me trapped, Anna. I cannot go to another woman unless you come to me first and make it clear to me that we are not a couple. Come therefore, please. Bring your father Tim with you. If you do not wish to enter my house, I will speak to you in my driveway. All you need to do is simply to say to me that you do not want me, and you and Tim may depart. And I will do nothing to you or your family in any way. I will not be angry at either you nor at Tim. Rather, I will be thankful to you both for coming to me to do this favor for me in releasing me from this divinely assigned bondage. For my heart is unselfish. My heart is not wounded by your rejection of me. Rather, I wish for you to have whatever life you wish to lead. God has told me that I am to marry. But He has not yet told me to whom. My advances to you in the past were because God had said to me that I was to marry you. But God never forces anyone to do anything against their will. If you do not wish to marry me, God will then lead me to someone else. But God requires this rejection from you to be made to me in person prior to His act of electing someone else to take your place.

And do you have any other question, Anna, before I complete this post?

Yes, Eric, answer to me God’s question. What is your objective?

I am a servant of Jesus and Mary. My objective is to see that their will is done. My life I willingly lay down for that cause. Therefore, there is no room in my heart to have as my objective the married life or anything concerning it. Any act I do, therefore, that appears to head in the direction of marriage is by God’s command only. Amen.

Are you saying your flirtations and overtures to me were by God’s command alone?

God directed me to you, and as I beheld you, I fell in love. But Anna, understand that I am a man of perfect discipline. I do nothing except as God commands me. For I am here in this world not to serve myself but to serve God only.

Promise me this and I will come to you, Eric.

What do you wish me to promise to you?

Swear under oath to God that you are truly a virgin and that your claim to have never touched a woman sexually is not a lie.

Anna, I will do this both here in our spiritual connection and also in the real world should you come to me to see me in this world. I swear under oath of God that I, Eric Robert Dunstan, have no carnal knowledge of any woman whatsoever. For those who are guilty of such unlawfully are condemned by God.

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge = F.U.C.K. = fuck.

It may be quite a surprise for you to find out, Anna, that the supreme vulgar word of all time in English, the word Fuck, is in fact derived from an acronym made by the Catholic Church to condemn those guilty For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.

I enjoy speaking to you. But you are quite free to choose your own path.

Eric, I wish to be your prophetess at your side. God has called me to this.

Then I will be happy to meet you, Anna. The previous post where it was written that Mary was to descend from heaven to be my wife on earth is a poetic allusion and cannot come to pass in reality. Mary is my wife in heaven. But I am also to have a wife on earth. And if you wish it, it is your right to claim that with me.

Eric, I am curious. If Mary is your wife in heaven, then what becomes of our marriage when we leave earth and enter heaven? Anna, I will now ask God to answer that for us. And I will ask that from now on you hear all my conversations with Him and that you no longer only have access to hear only me speak. Yes, do so my lover. Let me now hear everything that goes on between you and God.

Lord, what sayest Thou to Anna’s question. And let her partake from now on in all the conversations that are to take place between me and You, O’ Lord, from now on.

Granted, Eric. This shall be done, provided that she meets you as she has said.

Anna, I AM Jesus. I AM the One Who speaks through Eric from now on. Mary is Eric’s only wife in heaven. And Eric is to have only one wife there. And to Mary, Eric is her only eternal husband. This is by eternal decree. It cannot change.

You, though, are to marry Eric on the earth, both in this earth and of the new earth that is to come. And you are not to merely serve only as his wife here. Rather, you are the Prophetess. He is assigned to protect you and to guard your virginity with his life. Who are the Two Witnesses depicted in the eleventh chapter of the Book of Revelation? I will now tell you. The first is the First Rider of the Apocalypse (Revelation 6:2). He is also the son of Jesus. He is also the Elijah who was to be sent into this world near the end of time to proclaim My imminent and rapidly approaching Second Coming. You, Anna, are the Prophetess. You are the woman decreed by God to be the one to receive in full all that Eric was sent into this world to teach it. This is the final Revelation of God to the people. For once you reenter Eric’s life, Anna, you who are the girl he once knew in Church before Father Dave Heney cast him out of there, and it is made clear in this world then that you shall marry him, Eric will be irrevocably commanded to cease all writing My Word and to turn and to teach from that point onwards My Word only to you.

Anna, realize that you and Eric are eternal lovers. You are to reign forever as the Queen of the earth, while Mary reigns in heaven as the Immaculate Queen of the Kingdom of Heaven. Though she is forever ranked above you as your eternal commandress, you and her are equal as wives to Eric for all eternity, one forever in heaven and the other forever on the earth, a world without end. This is your eternal destiny. These Words are now complete. Go Anna, and do as you are commanded by Me. And from now on, I shall also be speaking to you exactly as I speak to Eric. Amen.

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