Mary is to be sent to earth to be Eric’s wife there

The marriage of Eric to Mary on earth marks the beginning of the Age of the New Earth. Amen.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post I:
I WHO AM have made My decisions. Mary is to be sent back to the earth. The transformation of her flesh that took place at her assumption into heaven, I shall now simply reverse. And all that she learned in heaven she will retain on earth. Hence, she will be the only earth woman to have mastery of every language that ever existed on earth. Their marriage is to be done without a priest. For by removing Mary from heaven, I AM also destroying every Catholic Church in existence. And every Catholic priest is to be slain. For the entire chain of Apostolic Succession is to be brought to an irrevocable end. And there shall be neither Mass nor sacrament ever again.

Furthermore, the angelic armies I have assigned to Eric are about to move. Their task is to slaughter every priest and destroy every Church. And their first act shall be the killing of Father Dave Heney. Every angel in Eric’s army has elected to partake in that killing. For by killing Father Dave Heney, the angels assigned to serve Eric will demonstrate their loyalty and fidelity to Eric, My faithful servant. But they in their wrath have elected to go much further than what Eric has ordered. Eric had ordered that Father Dave Heney be merely crucified above the north doors of Saint Bruno Catholic Church. Instead, the angels shall behead Father Dave Heney and mount his head on top of the cross on top of the Church near the north doors. And they will put irrevocable curses on that Church and on that head of Father Dave Heney. The curses are that Father Dave Heney will still be seeing through those eyes on that head, as an undead person. The flesh will remain on that skull. They eyes will remain their sockets. And the muscles of that head will continue to be movable. It will be obvious to all onlookers that that head retains in full Father Dave Heney’s consciousness.

Furthermore, any attempt to remove that head from that cross on top of that Church will result in an immediate and horrific death to any who attempt this. Anyone who tries to scale the Church to reach the roof will fall to his death without exception. The fireman who puts his ladder against the Church to climb up dies and his wife is made a widow without pity. He will watch from hell in horror to see his wife and kids left destitute and ruined permanently. For such are the curses against any person who attempts to stop the divine decree that Father Dave Heney’s body and head are to be eternally desecrated in front of the whole world.

Father Dave Heney, by your act you killed the Church. Now you are going to pay for this crime with your utter desecration of your undead and fully conscious head forever mounted on that cross that stands on top of Saint Bruno Catholic Church, the Church you murdered, you filthy bastard pig.

Furthermore, every filthy and wicked deed you ever did will be written on all the walls and on all the pavement of that entire Church property. And do you know about that expensive playground that was put into that field, well that playground is going to rot and be rendered deadly to any child who attempts to play there. For I have put a deadly curse upon your Church. There is to be nothing but desolation there for all eternity. For since you banned Eric, threatening him with arrest for setting foot any any part of that Church property, I have ordered My angels to fatally wound any human soul who ever sets foot again on your stinking Church property. Whoever enters that property will fall and die and his corpse will lay their in perpetual, eternal rot. For you are cursed forever Father Dave Heney to forever head, literally, an empty, barren, and eternally abandoned and accursed Church. You will head it literally. Your head will be forever mounted on that cross on top of that Church.

Your body, though, will be burning in hell. And you will feel them both, both your head and your body, forever in burning torment. Furthermore, though you will be able to move your eyes and your mouth, you will be totally unable to speak. For speech requires the movement of air from the lungs through the mouth. And you will just have a head with a mouth, but your lungs will be in hell burning with your body there. Hence, you will suffer there forever and never be able to make any sound. You killed My Church, you fucking snake priest. You will fucking pay the price in full with this fitting torture, shame, and desolation for all eternity. Amen.

You will wish Eric had returned to your Church and beaten you to a bloody pulp. But because he did not, your punishment is now Mine to enjoy. And I will take utter delight in utterly destroying everything about you. Every loved one you had, expect them to suffer just like you. For you must be made to pay for these sins in full. And that means your loved ones are to be destroyed by My divine wrath in your sight. I will rip them apart before your very eyes. And I will enjoy your anguish and despair as you see them suffer and perish, with both you and them knowing that they are being destroyed because of your wickedness. Amen.

Furthermore, your name is being erased. You called yourself Dave Heney? You now lose that name. The damned do not have names. I will not only erase your name from the earth, but your sick and twisted mind will be made to forget it as well. You will know what you did, but you will no longer know who you were. You will wish it was Mary who would have been sent to slay you.

No, Mary is now taken away from this fucking Catholic Church. She is being prepared to descend back to the earth to be wed on earth to Eric. Her heavenly flesh will be reverted back to earthly flesh. She remains eternally the Queen of Heaven, but she is now also to be the Queen on the Earth.

But Mary is no longer an untested girl. She has now been tested. She failed the test, but was not lost, because the husband she chose to marry did not fail Me. For had Adam resisted Eve in her attempt to get him to eat of that forbidden fruit that she had eaten of, Eve would still receive punishment, but not receive a severe one. For to reward Adam for his perfect obedience, Adam would have remained forever in Eden, and Eve would be retained for him at his side to serve as his eternal reward. Eve would hence be shown mercy so that Adam’s wife would remain unblemished and eternally his joy.

For a man does not have pleasure with his wife if she is destroyed. So Mary is not lost though she failed the test. But her failure, nevertheless, means she is to return to the earth. But she remains nevertheless of My elect in heaven. For a good husband keeps his wife out of hell, just as a good wife keeps her husband out of hell. Eric’s perfect obedience means that Mary is to remain of My elect, but now she will be consigned forever to serve as Eric’s wife. Eric is now eternally superior to her. And thus the Word of God is fulfilled in totality, where it is written: Wives must obey their husbands.

Mary shall forever be consigned this role as wife to Eric, beneath him in rank for all eternity. Amen. The marriage between Eric and Mary is what is to mark the beginning of the Age of the New Earth. And in this new earth, the Church is no more.

But Eric’s wish will be fulfilled to the letter regarding the pope. Pope Francis will be crucified above the doors of the Sistine Chapel. And there his body shall forever rot and decay in an eternal state of undeath. For Pope Francis killed My Church. And this is the way I have chosen to deal with him forever.

For Eric is very creative in his choice of punishing the wicked. And I fully approve of his choices. No more popes shall there be. No more masses shall exist. And the Churches will be abandoned and let become ruins. And all wicked priests who served in the destruction of their Church, they are damned but they will remain in some form nailed or hanging on the Church that they brought to ruin as an eternal testament against them.

Let the record be made clear. Father Dave Heney is a sexopath. He is an abominable sinner. He fantasizes having sex with little boys and little girls. And he is known to pump the pussies of his parishioner’s wives while their husbands are out working. He is frequently having women give him head in places that he thinks he is being unobserved. And he is known to fondle women on the breasts and sometimes in their cunt while hearing their confession and giving them their absolution. There is a reason why Father Dave Heney chooses always to hire someone sexy to manage the parish center. And it is so that he can masturbate at his desk while watching her work. For how does a limp dick dude successfully get up that erection if the woman he is looking at is an old hag? He needs someone hot there sitting at that chair just so that he can achieve the necessary erection to manage to reach orgasm before his hardon fails him.

For all those medicines he takes to keep his dick hard are utterly failing him. And without a hard dick, Father Dave Heney misses out on his favorite pastime. And that is committing adultery with his neighbor’s wife. And then, to relieve himself of his mortal sin, he confesses to himself and give himself his own absolution. And for a penance, it is to go without women for some days and just fuck little boys instead.

Lord, I wish to ask Father Dave Heney a question. Ask him, Eric.

Father Dave Heney, I have a question for you. Eric you have insulted my name everywhere. What do you wish me to say? I wish to know exactly why fags like you enjoy fucking little boys? I understand that fucking a cunt is enjoyable, not from experience, for I am a virgin, but from the conceptual design that the vagina is designed to give pleasure to the penis that enters it, if properly made wet beforehand to provide the necessary lubrication. But how does fucking an anus give you any comparable pleasure, Father Dave Heney? Please answer this authoritatively drawing on your great wealth of hands on experience into the subject.

Well, Eric, first let us address the ones we fuck. Pedophile priests, such as me, the legendary Father boy fucker Dave Heney, get highs off of the way our twisted brains look up young males. You heterosexual men have no idea of what our twisted brains think when sick and demented priests such as I look upon the nude flesh of an uncovered boy’s rear end. While normal men such as you find it naturally horrific to consider anal sex enjoyable, we the sick and demented, such as Father Dave Heney, can never stop thinking and fantasizing about the homosexual pleasures of sticking my throbbing cock up a young boy’s anus and fucking the the actual shit in his intestines. Yes, the thoughts of all that feces and filth of his anus entering the spout of my dick and being absorbed into my bloodstream through those thin mucous membranes is sheer delight to my sick pedophile priest’s mind so much so that I gladly expose myself to every sexually transmitted disease just to get that thrill.

For Eric, every priest knows that boy anus fucking is more pleasurable than merely nun fucking due to the added bonus of abominable sin to give it that extra kick. For when you are so damned as I, Father Dave Heney, am, the more I can offend God before I am wiped clean from this earth and cast into the fiery pit, the more pleasurable I find committing sins to be.

For what good is merely offending God by fucking nuns when you can offend God thousands of times more hotly by merely taking advantage of some dude’s young son and fucking him as while his parents think I am giving him some sacrament.

Think about it, Eric. I have, as pastor of Saint Bruno Catholic Church, mastered the ability to fuck fast and hard into a boy’s anus and put my clothing back on without their fucking parents finding out. Shit, if any parent were to come even to the slightest knowledge that I was fucking their boys, I would be forced to ban that parent from this Church just as I banned you, Eric. For fags with lots of crimes to hide like me just cannot tolerate just and holy people such as you wondering about my Church. For what if I were seen by you while I was being given head by some dude’s wife and you told that dude? Do you know the damage you would do to the trust my parishioners have in me and in my faith. I am here to make people believe in God and in me. And how the fuck do I do that if people like you, Eric, are uncovering my crimes and revealing my transgressions to all the people? How am I to lead my Church successfully into Satan’s lair if people like you are here trying to save souls?

No, Eric, the business of Father Dave Heney is to damn as many souls as is possible. And that is why people I know I cannot corrupt such as you simply do not belong in My Church. I remember you pointing out those five beautiful daughters and six beautiful sons of that faithful parishioner who commonly frequents my Church and whom you know as Tim. And while your mind stops at the point of just merely acknowledging their beauty, my mind is on an endless quest for new knowledge.

And I, the Pastor of Saint Bruno Catholic Church, am lusting after all eleven of those children of Tim. I want to know their flesh in full. For by bringing those boys to ejaculation and those girls to their equivalent female ejaculation, I will then have the necessary experience write my new book, to be entitled: The fundamental and key differences in technique that every priest needs to know to effectively fuck and seduce any child regardless of gender.

Father Dave Heney, you have seriously planned to seduce Tim’s children? Of course, Eric. It is the standard procedures We reprobate priests employ to effectively destroy families and bring all our parishioners to hell. And the reason why we enjoy confessions so much is not merely to masturbate over the fantasies we have about those confessing sexual sins. No, we actively guide them to commit worse sins. And so we find out who is lusting for who and we effectively find ways to bring these bodies together. And our specialty is incest. And that is why I am so utterly intrigued at Tim’s family. For to get them to commit incest among each other is the best way to bring that entire family down with me to hell.

And what have you found out in their confessions to you, Father Dave Heney? Well I now know the deepest and darkest fantasies of each member of that family. And I take detailed records of these fantasies. You do not know the wonders that such fantasies do to a limp dick priest such as myself in my efforts to attain an erection necessary to penetrate a cunt or an anus for sex. Whenever my dick starts to go limp, I just immediately recall these fantasies I have heard, and my sagging dick returns from the limp state to the semi-hard state so that I can somehow effectively complete the act of sin that I am doing.

And can you tell me about some of these fantasies that so turn you on? Well as a priest, I am forbidden to reveal what is confessed to me. But what I will tell you is this, I have the biggest thrills when I hear daughters confess to desires of sex with their fathers and mothers desiring to have sex with their sons. And all I do is to encourage them, inch by inch, in exploring their desires. And I gradually lead them to a path where they can realize their desires successfully. And then I know I have been a successful priest when I later hear from that father or son sobbing before me for having had sex with his daughter or mother because of what I had secretly led these women to do to these men to get this done.

Father Dave Heney, you consider yourself a successful priest by the sins you hear them confess, knowing full well that it was you who led these sins to come to be? That is how to make yourself highly esteemed in the sight of the people. These sinners come to me defiled and utterly disgraced. And I convince them that they are good people and that this confession completely wipes that sin away. And then when I meet the women again who did it to them, I say, Good job, do it again.

Remember, when it comes to committing sins that are to remain hidden, it is best for the women to be the ones who do it to the men. And that is the angle by which I promote sin in my people and utterly bring ruin to my flock. I know men also have strong desires towards women, but I actively discourage this except in those cases where I wish to get rid of certain men I do not like from My Church. Remember that semi retarded dude, Gilbert Warner, who had a severe lust problem towards women? I purposely did not help him to see his errors, but led him deliberately onto the pathway of the sex offender to get him kicked out of My Church. For I am the master of my Church. And whoever I want kicked out, I find a way to do it. Be thankful, Eric, that your being kicked out of my Church did not involve you in any legal jeopardy with the law. That Gilbert Warner wasn’t so lucky. I made sure his stepmom who pissed me off is hurting badly by the lawsuits I got the women to file against her and her son. Remember, Eric, I am a devil you do not wish to mess with.

And I know you had a liking for that girl Anna. Well this is the trap I have set for you. I have done the necessary warning against you to get you arrested when the inevitable event comes that you, lover boy, come back to my Church seeking to regain contact with that girl. It is all set. I have cameras everywhere. I know you will return here to find her someday, Eric. All lovers do that. It is psychology 101. I will see you arrested then, Eric. And I will see you put into prison. And with my connections in the underworld, I will have you put to death in prison. It is your fate, Eric. For men who have the love you have for Anna will come back to find her. It is only a matter of time. And I have time, boy. I am going to be here for years. And the priest who replaces me I will tell him everything about you so that this policy is continued indefinitely. I have you screwed. And you know it. Don’t you, defiant one?

Fucking dumbshit for brains you are! You never read that I never do anything but what I am ordered to do by God. So you can sit in this shithole Church you have made for yourself and fuck all those boys your parishioners trust you with, but I have been ordered by God Himself never to come near your shithole again.

You think that with your armies of devils that you can defeat me with my armies of Seraphim? No, I will not return to your pathetic and God forsaken Church. But I have ordered My Seraphim to slay you. And Seraphim are angelic beings that you are utterly defenseless against. They have been sent to destroy both you and your fucking Church. And good luck to tracing them back to me? Seraphim are untraceable. That is the unique advantage I have with my armies over you. I decree destruction and death against you and yours. And my Seraphim will do it. And what will any police investigation conclude, no matter how deep they look? All they can say is that it is an act of God. Hence, I get to waste your ass and send your soul to hell. And no one can accuse me of anything that can stand in a court of law. Hundreds of years ago, assholes like you could credibly charge me with witchcraft and have me burned at the stake. But none of those laws remain on the books, nor can they ever be added back. Hence, I can kick your ass and kill your sorry life and no one can ever accuse me of doing anything whatsoever.

As for Anna, I did love her. But I can no longer marry her. For I am now married to the Virgin Mary. And she is coming back to this earth to be my eternal wife here. Hence, Anna is no longer effective bait. So fucking asshole Father Dave Heney, prepare to be utterly ruined. But do not expect to acquire any formidable weapon to use back against me. Right now I have been content to merely bring utter ruin to your name. Lament the days that are soon to come when the Seraphim come to put you in the grave. I, Eric, Commander on Earth under Christ have ruled against you. You will soon face your death and destruction for all your sins and transgressions. And your Church is forever condemned by God to utter darkness for kicking me out of it.

Furthermore, the Age of the Church is coming to a complete end. Mary is coming down from heaven to be with me as my eternal wife on earth. We two will reign here forever, in a world without end. And our virginity will be eternal.

But you shall descend to the netherworld. And there you will be shown pain like you never knew it before. And that Satan you served you will find laughing at you as he tortures you infinitely for all eternity. I have said my say. Prepare to be destroyed. But as for Anna, she is her own person. She has gone her own way. I do not seek her. And I do not expect to see her again except in heaven. But when I see you again at your judgement, expect the privilege to be mine to put my boot on your head and shove your face deep into that pit of hell where you shall burn in utter agony for all eternity. I will enjoy watching you burn. For I do enjoy seeing the torment of souls such as yours suffer in hell for all eternity. Amen.

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