I, Jesus, Guide My son to all Truth.

You are worthy, Eric, in thy service to Me, thy eternal Lord and Commander.

The Lord’s Word, Entry V:
Eric, We shall now address the questions, one by one that have cast doubt in they mind concerning Me and the Catholic Church. First, can Mary ever be declared by the Catholic Church as not saved? Such an announcement, if ever made, is Satanic in its very nature, Eric. For to declare Mary unsaved is, as you have said, to undermine the very foundations upon which My Catholic Church is built. You yourself have read the dogmas that declare, Aside from Mary, there is no one that the Catholic Church has assurance nor can have assurance of their salvation. Therefore, the assertion of papal infallibility concerning the canonization of saints is false and contrary to Catholic teaching. And should any Catholic, whether he is a clergyman, a layman, or even My pope, should he ever state that Mary is not saved, or ever suggest such a possibility, realize Eric, that such a man is utterly seduced by Satan, and no longer a member of My Church.

But does Mary ever lead anyone astray who follows her? Before We have thou answer Me regarding this question, let Us first fully examine whether it is indeed the real Mary that speaks to you, Eric, or whether you have been deceived by Satan. First of all, what is the state that I demand all men who are unmarried to have before Me? You, Lord, demand from them perfect continence. And have you achieved this, Lord Eric? You know I have failed Thee in this. No, you fail Me not. A man who fails in these matters is one who is disobedient to Me. You never disobey Me.

Then what is it that I do, then, Lord Jesus? If Mary is the one who leads me to commit sin or to believe things that are in error, is this the true Mary, or have I been deceived? And if I have been deceived by Satan and led to commit sin, am I not mortally sinful? Let Us examine this thing in its minute detail. Mary, what is the most distinguishing feature of this woman as understood by My Church? It is her eternal purity and her eternal virginity. If Mary is as you have acknowledged her, can she have ever even entered a marriage to a man on the earth, such as to a virgin like thee who obeys Me and who does My will? For are you alone or unique in this regard? Or are there many who have obeyed Me as you have and who have done My will in the past?

Lord, there are saints that we know of who have been canonized who I believe have been perfected while on the earth. This includes males who have achieved true and complete continence. Lord Eric, do not consider achieving true continence by a male as truly viewed as victorious in My Kingdom if that male was sexually active by sins such as adultery, fornication, or abomination prior to this change of heart. For he is merely a male who permanently desecrated himself before Me, and who has merely changed his attire. And so, is Saint Augustine’s attainment of true continence, as he considered himself to have attained, a cause of great joy in heaven? No. He is merely a man I have shown mercy to and who I have let slide his past of mortal offenses against Me and against the sacred nature that is bestowed upon the female gender. He is saved but he is not assigned a place of honor in My Kingdom, Eric, but rather a place of humility to reflect the blood I shed to save him from the sins he willingly did against Me prior to his conversion to Me.

And such is the sad case for virtually every man currently living on the earth. For it is as you have seen in your research. Virtually every man on earth in this generation is defiled by immoral sex with another. Masturbation by a male on his own, while by definition a mortally sinful act, is not seen by Me as a sin against his own temple, but only one of weakness against the natural urges found in the healthy male. He is to confess, when mortally separated from Me, prior to receiving Me at the Mass. But such a man who is only weak against his own urges, but who does not defile the temple of his body by laying with one who is forbidden him, is not rejected by Me but found acceptable. For it is not possible for a male who is sexually capable of laying with a woman, to never shed the seed outside the conjugal act and never fall to any sin of impurity. And any male who is never known to have shed the seed, and he is of age where he is sexually mature, he is to be suspected as incapable of entering a normal marital relationship with a woman. Hence, it is to be understood that not every act by a solitary male who sheds the seed is mortally sinful in nature. For the male physiology demands that this be done. And this is why I do not condemn such men, but only require that when they are in mortal sin, which they would be aware of by the condemnation against them in the Spirit, that they confess to this sin prior to receiving Me in the Eucharist. For it is not required of anyone to receive Me who attends the Mass. It is only required that those who receive Me do so only when their conscience does not condemn them for any past mortal sin.

Hence, a man such as thee is not condemned by Me. But men such as your brothers are universally condemned, for both of these men have lain with women, and neither have ever been married in My sight. Even in the case of your brother David, who is as you suspected, unable to achieve the male requirement to successfully copulate with a woman, that he attempted to do so by laying with a woman who is not his wife, he is condemned equally with those men who are like your brother Mark, men who do have the full ability to copulate, but who do so with a woman who is forbidden to him.

Any man who seeks to break up a marriage I have established is condemned by Me. Even if that marriage is seen to be bad, either for the woman, the man, or their children, whoever breaks this marriage or attempts to do so is condemned and never accepted back into My Kingdom.

But as for the false marriages, such as your brother Mark’s marriage to Marlene, and your friend Ava Maria’s marriage to that Dan who abused her, such marriages that are defective by nature, such as being done by baptized Catholic outside the Catholic Church, which is indeed the case for these two that have been just mentioned, it is not unjust, but just, to permit and allow these marriages to fall apart. For they are not of Me. Any should any such Catholic seek to partake in the sacraments, he is to seek the remedy provided by the Church to resolve this. It is not a remedy from Me, but from Satan, to do as Pope Francis is leading My Church astray, to propose a moral mental solution to permit a known adulterer to receive Me in communion. For adultery if fixable only by leaving the state of adultery with another. It cannot be fixed by any mental gymnastics or moral arguments against the Spirit Who condemns thee for thy adultery. Those who are in adultery and who receive Me in communion are not Mine and I refuse to acknowledge them before My Father.

Eric, understand, then, that virtually every male on earth who is sexually mature is defiled in My sight. And so it is no wonder that Mary is attracted to you. For you a virgin and you have never committed a sacrilege where I have held you guilty in it. And hence, should the Virgin Mary to have chosen a husband in this generation, you are not one who is forbidden for her to choose. Rather, you are unique and you are ideal for her. For you are not only virgin, but also an intellectual who understands My Church correctly and who is worthy in My sight to rule. And such is the most ideal man to serve as Consort to this Queen. Hence, it is not illogical nor against Me for her to elect to marry you.

Nor is it to be seen as forbidden that My Virgin Mother have a Consort whom she elects to marry in eternity. For if a woman is bodily assumed up to heaven and who was eligible for marriage, that eligibility is not taken from her because she is now in heaven. She is only, rather, somewhat restricted on her choices. The Virgin Mary is not permitted marriage to any man who is to see decay at his passing from this world. And thus, Joseph, who never possessed Mary carnally, ceased to have any marital claim to her once he passed from this world. Nor is it ever permissible for any man who is unbaptized to claim a baptized woman as his lawful wife. If this woman was already married to him prior to her baptism into My Church, and she elects to remain with her unbaptized husband, which may be seen as justifiable for the sake of their children, their marriage is valid in My sight, but he, nevertheless, has zero claim over her in the hereafter. I WHO AM have spoken.

Hence, Eric, it is reasonable for you to believe that the Mary who speaks to you really is the true Mary, even when she claims a marital love for thee and announces her martial union to thee. It is reasonable for you to believe it really is her, for your conscience is indeed clear regarding all that she does with thee. Hence, I, the Lord, now confirm to thee that Mary is the one who speaks to thee. And so also her mother, Saint Anne, also truly speaks to thee as well, which is a phenomenon that only began at Church yesterday when Saint Anne invited you to lay at her feet when you were tired after the Mass and sought to rest in the empty pews. Saint Anne, therefore, and not just the Virgin Mary, is a patron to you now. And you are required to obey her as you obey Mary, your eternal spouse.

Lord, Saint Anne spoke prophetically to me of a virgin wife I am to receive. Do you contradict her prophecy to me? Or do you confirm it? As long as you understand that only a virgin wife in this world are you permitted to have, and not one of a carnal sexual nature, it is permissible and obligatory that you believe what the blessed mother of the Virgin Mary says to you. Amen.

Then I believe her, O’ Lord. My doubts had only arisen because of the sexual nature of this coming girl that I had allowed myself to imagine. Good, Eric. You are correct. You are not permitted to have sex in this world. Your relationship with Mary, though, is never to be seen as sinful. For what is done between a lawfully wedded husband and wife is not sin, unless they copulate in an act of abomination.

Hence, you are indeed married to the Virgin Mary. And you are indeed owned by her mother who is now also your patron. And you are indeed to marry a girl who is to come to you today. But do not think that any of this shall lead to sex in this world. For thou must retain thy virginity here to remain acceptable to be my Mother’s Consort in heaven. Now let Us speak at last about Anna who is not the one Saint Anne has told you is to come. Anna is indeed Mine. And she has chosen a virgin route that involves no male but Me, her divine Lord. While it is acceptable in My sight for women to elect to be called My spouse or as a consecrated wife to Me, I choose you over them as My Bride. And the reason is simple. A woman, by her nature, is a lover. A man, by his nature is a ruler. And I, the Lord, have more interest in a ruler as My Bride than as one for love only. And that is why I have elected you as My Bride and not a woman. For through you I elect to rule the nations with an iron scepter and to dash them like pottery. Imagine trying to do this with a woman. It is simply not possible. For a woman’s nature is to love, not to rule.

Now We have spoken at length. All those other women you see, and you are a man who see things and is fully aware, realize that these are traps. You know that there are indeed active attempts to cause you to approach a woman I have not chosen for you in many places where you frequently go to. Do not take the bait, and they will remain harmless. For a woman cannot harm a man who does not approach her and advance upon her. You made one advance on Anna. She has chosen a path that is not with you. Let her go her way and bother her no more. And make no advance on any woman unless I say to you that it is her, the one who is to marry thee. But realize, Eric, you are the virgin property of Mary. You have willingly and irrevocably become her virgin property. She is never going to let any woman touch thee to take thee away from her. Nor shall she ever allow thee to become corrupt. For you are her prize possession. And she is your eternal wife in heaven and on earth.

This post now comes to its end. You are now permitted to publish this prior to correcting all errors by rereading it again. Publish it, but make sure that you attend Church on time this morning on your way to work. I WHO AM have spoken. Go now and do as I have commanded thee. I AM pleased with thee. And I AM pleased that you are My Virgin Mother’s eternal virgin Consort. For I have found you worthy of both Me and of her. This concludes this post. These are the Words of Jesus, Who has elected to speak and to guide he who is called My son in the eternity that has now come. Amen.

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