The Holy Virgin speaks unto Eric

It was never beauty, but love and love alone, that unlocked the heart of Eric.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XVII:
Eric, thou who God hast made my equal in heaven for all eternity, tell me and all those who read these words that documents our conversation, what is it that truly attracts you to any woman, whoever she may be? It is, O’ Holy Virgin Mary, the thought that a woman truly loves me. And by what means does this woman have to show thee that she does indeed truly love thee? It is done, O’ fairest of Virgins, by the simple act of being a friend to me. Whoever is truly a friend to me demonstrates by their acts of true friendship that he or she truly loves me, and by that means I know that my love for them is truly reciprocated. But if a person observes me only, and never does any act of love or mercy towards me, that one is no different to me than the vultures who are constantly watching the dying waiting for them to die.

Now I, the Blessed Virgin Mary, shall assume control of the writing of this post, the final post of Book 1 of the Chronicles of Love. Eric’s heart is not a mysterious black box. Rather, it is merely and purely human in nature, and is unlocked by merely approaching him in pure friendship. For it is love and love alone, and nothing else, that was ever necessary to win his heart by any woman on the earth who would have sought his love here.

Like a unicorn, only a Virgin could ever win him, women of this world. For like a unicorn, this one is drawn only to virgins and to no others. So if your virginity is lacking in purity, because thou hast permitted a man of this world to defile thee, then give up, do not approach this one, for he will not even look thy way.

But Madonna, Mother of God, you who govern the women of this world, we have looked upon Eric and we have seen in his eyes a mystery. He appears attracted to us, but he does not dance the dance we dance before him. Women who attempt by the dance to snare this one, you have approached one who is in total ignorance of this dance that thou doest. For Eric knows thee not. And Eric knows nothing about this dance that thou attempt upon him.

How does Eric not know the dance of women, O’ fairest one of all? Eric has never walked with thee, women of this world. The tree that is clipped where it attempts to grow learns to seek the light in another direction. The one thou hast clipped has found the light in a way devoid of the knowledge of women. And that is why none of you shall ever win him. For thy beauty is unable to lure him to thee. Nor can it make him dance with thee. For all he sees when he looks upon thee, no matter the measure of thy beauty, is something he is never permitted to know or to acquire in knowledge. He will never make the attempt. Nor will he ever take the bait.

Then why is this one in this world, O’ Virgin of virgins? For he is a vexing man. We are unable to deal with men we cannot control. He is to remain here until he is one of thee. Until thou permit him entry into thy domain, he shall be as thy destroyer. For dost not his beauty lure many who are female to their deaths? The Sirens spoken of in Greek mythology have indeed been put to shame in the presence of this male who is more beautiful than they ever were.

What does Eric truly want from the women? Sex? Power over them? Does he wish to bend them to his will? Does he wish to make us his worshipers? For we will never give worship to a man, but only to God. He seeks only to see if any of you have any real love for him. He demands nothing. And that is why he will never dance with thee. For the one who dances with thee is seeking something from thee. And Eric is seeking nothing from thee.

And thus, such is the reason why female beauty will never conquer this man. He seeks only to know if there is love on this earth and whether thou love him. But he does not seek for thou to love him.

But why, O’ Mary, does this one not seek to acquire our love for him? The benefits of thy love are unneeded by him. He only wishes to know whether you have love. Understand, women of this world, the men that thou do knowest here are but men who have been bent by thy love for them. You have molded them into the shape that pleases thee. But Eric is not in thy circle and is not under thy power.

Then, O’ Virgin Queen, this man who seeks no woman, is he then to die unloved by any woman on the earth? It has now become impossible that this man is ever to die. Nor shall he be taken to heaven until it is found that true love is possible to be found here on the earth.

Do not the many men and women who enter relationships with one another here on the earth already demonstrate in full that true love is not only found here but that it truly exists and thrives here in all its glory among the many lovers who have found their true love here throughout all the earth? But women, thou hast loved sin. And all these men that thou lovest here are but sinners.

Mary, why would sinlessness be even necessary for true love to exist between lovers? Where sin exists, neither can there ever be true love there.

But Eric will never allow us to approach him. How could we even have that with Eric, who you say is without sin?

It is not by having sex nor by making out with this man that thou art to demonstrate that love as God intended it can exist here.

Then how, O’ Mary, are we to unlock the heart of a man who will never permit his heart to be taken by any woman?

If it is thy goal to take him, thou shall fail, O’ women of this world. For I have taken him. And he can be taken by no other. No, seek not thyself or thou shall never enter his love. Seek rather the glory of God and to serve Him alone, and then she who is worthy shall be led to approach this man in the purity necessary to have him look at her and love her as a woman.

For only the purest maid on earth will ever enter his love.

Mary, it is written that this man is to have a son. Is this so?

For this, only the Divine Mind of God may answer thee. And so I now yield to God, for the Divine Mind shall speak. And it shall be Him and Him alone Who shall conclude this post, the Final Post of the First Book of the Chronicles of Love.

I AM HE WHO IS. You, who are the purest of the maidens of this world, do not fear this man. For he is gentle and kind. He is to be given one of you, one who is to be selected from the purest virgins the earth has ever known.

And so, the question is, do I really plan for Eric to have a son? Do I need this from him? No, I do not need for Eric to have a son. For Eric will serve Me in all that I was planning to obtain from him were he to have had a son. John, son of Eric, and the Sarah he was to marry, are but a literary work of fiction, and nothing more.

Thus, Eric will have no son, O’ purest of women upon the earth.

Then, O’ Lord, what of this story that Eric is to have four wives in heaven?

O’ fools who are in love! Thou think as thou live in this world in terms of marriage and of entering one with another. No one needs to marry to truly know love. And no one is married to another in heaven.

Then why is it written in that the Virgin Mary is eternally wed to Eric, who You say is as Your son, the son of Jesus?

Those two are married, O’ humanity of this earth. It is a marriage that is deeper than the foundations upon which this universe was built. A bond was formed between the two that is unbreakable, as the sword called Excalibur was said to be.

All humanity in heaven will be as unmarried as the angels in heaven are. But this one who is called the son of Jesus is found worthy of eternal divine matrimony to the one known as the Immaculate Conception. A creature, a created being, had to be obtained to enter this marriage to the Immaculate Virgin. For the Divine Being was not to marry her but to marry a male who was to be found worthy of her. For she is untested. She could not be tested, for to test this divinely elected girl would have prevented her from being found worthy of having a womb pure enough for My Divine Entry and Incarnation into the world as the Divine Savior sent to save humanity from their sins. But that male who was to be created through Me and who was to be found worthy for her would be one who would be tested in total completion. It is only because he has been brought to perfection and has been tested in full by Me in every way and been found worthy of My love that I love him and have called him My Bride. It is only fitting, is it not, that I reward the one who passed every test I could put him though upon the earth the hand in marriage to the untested but purest Virgin maid who ever lived upon the earth? And that is why I put the ever Virgin Queen of Heaven into his life to form this unbreakable bond that was to form in eternity by the decree of God between the two.

So unbreakable is the bond that exists between these two eternal virgin lovers that while Eric is on the earth, the earth can never fall into hell. Nor can the earth ever be destroyed while Eric is here in this world, for the bond that divinely exists between Eric and Mary prevents God from ever abandoning earth while Eric lives here on the planet.

And that is why I now offer to the earth an eternal existence, should they accept it.

And what is required from us on earth, O’ God, for the earth to never lose that Bride of the Lamb whose divinely brought about bond to the Virgin Mary does not permit Thou to ever destroy us while he lives here in this world?

To keep Eric in this world, thou, O’ earth, must provide to this purest virgin male saint the earth has ever known, a virgin maid of equal purity found somewhere upon this earth who shall willingly and freely enter with Eric a similar bond as Mary has to keep him eternally here with her on the earth as it enters into its eternity.

But Lord, this is impossible, for Eric seeks the love of none on earth.

She who would and can do this must do this as Mary did it.

And how did Mary do it, O’ Lord?

Mary fought to obtain him from the powers of the infernal one by the usage of love alone, and by the usage of no other weapon. Remember that Eric is the Witch King child who was taken from Satan’s throne by Mary whose love for him won him to her and to enter an eternal allegiance to her in totality.

Therefore, a woman whose purity is perfect, will find the means to obtain this one only by battling the forces on the earth who are in opposition against her. And the only weapons she is permitted to use in this divine battle are love, and love alone.

For only as Mary won him from heaven can any virgin maid win him on the earth.

And then, O’ Lord, what is this virgin maid’s fate in eternity?

If she enters in with him that union in the Catholic Church known as the Josephite marriage, and the purity required in this marriage is never violated, she will receive from Eric a share in his perfection and immortality. And the two shall be made eternal virgin lovers whose reign is forever upon the earth that is to come.

And Mary shall then reign with Eric in heaven while on the earth, a virgin queen who marries him there shall reign with him upon this earth of eternity. And by this bi-polar divine order, the two eternal virgin queens of equal divine love for this one man, one reigning in heaven and one reigning on earth, shall eternally possess between these two women a divine love of God for this one perfect virgin male saint whom God has eternally elected to be called the Bride of the Lamb. And by this means, the earth shall forever be bonded to heaven.

Lord, is Anna this girl, this virgin maid who was meant to be this purest of women to obtain this purest male saint upon the earth? Or do we look for another?

If it is to be Anna, she is now called to act. For if she acts not, the torch shall be handed to another.

How is Eric to recognize her if even he is not yet sure of who she shall be?

Lord Eric, thou shall recognize her by the unmistakable awareness of true love that is found only in selfless acts of friendship whose motivation is purely done by one who is divinely inspired to love and to serve only God. Amen. This now concludes this post. Read it carefully before posting it, Eric, for it is not to contain errors. Amen. And then you shall be told what to do. Today is now Sunday, and the clock is to go back by one hour, representing the mercy God now gives to all humanity by allowing humanity to have a second chance to love and to know Eric, and thereby to keep the earth from being destroyed by his loss from it. Amen.

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