Eric converses with Jesus, his Lord and Commander.

My mind is now well rested and clear, Lord. Let us now speak.

The Lord’s Word, Entry IV:
Lord, I have had a curious experience. And I wish for Your Word of explanation and insight on it. Speak, Eric, King of Heaven and Earth beneath Me! Lord, yesterday I was going around to every possible grocery store to see if they carried Marmite at my Mom’s request, which is a type of jared food that is spread on bread or a cracker to give it a sharp, strong, and unique taste. I remember easily finding this in the past years ago, but somehow it is not found. I searched Target, Walmart, Stater Brothers, Albertson’s, Sprouts, and Trader Joes. I will search Vons and Ralphs today to completely eliminate all possibilities of buying it at any store near here. I not only scanned every store’s aisle that might contain it, but I talked to some person in each store that would know or be able to find out for me. Curiously, Lord, none of them could ever pull up anything about it except at Stater Brothers, where a simple salesgirl I met in the aisle pulled it up for me on her store phone, complete with the product image. But this girl was unusual, Lord. She appeared to have a certain perfection in both face and form. And she appeared to have a genuine interest in me that went beyond her duties. I left that store with my mind coming under a kind of spell. Somehow her beauty and charm had put my mind into a spell and it seemed in my assessment of my feelings that my heart was literally pierced by Cupid’s arrow. I went to bed with a mind in a state of confusion by being under that spell. But I have now awakened, Lord. And the spell is gone and my mind is completely rational and clear. Lord, please explain these events and any underlying dangers.

Lord Eric, does this not show thee the wisdom of sleeping on a matter that suddenly presents itself as irresistibly attractive and opportune? Yes, Lord. By sleeping on the matter, my mind, when it awakens is clear and without the effects of any of that initial intoxication that such events can have on the mind when they are first encountered. It is never good to decide a course of action or to make any move while one’s mind is influenced under any such intoxication, such as from the chemical release that comes to a male’s mind in the presence of female attractiveness.

Good, Eric. You are not to be made a victim of any female’s charm. Eric, understand that all you have seen of this girl is but her outer exterior and basically the mere cover of a book. We do not advise you to approach her. For We say that if you ever were to marry this one, you shall die.

Acknowledged, Lord. Another thing I wish to ask thee, O’ Lord, is this. My mind has now achieved a perfect form of clarity and the ability to truly sleep. This mental rest and clarity is greater and more profound than any such state that I had ever been able to achieve before since going off all my medications, as Thou hath commanded me. What is the cause to this, O’ Lord? As I told you in Spirit, earlier, I have made you truly Immortal. Any need you once thought you had for women you no longer have.

Lord, is Your prophecy then, that I was to marry, not to come to pass? It has come to pass, Lord Eric. You are in fact married, within the Spiritual realm, though not yet on this earth. It is not to that one you met in the store. Rather, remember what occurred within your heart and within your mind. I can marry a girl, Lord, merely by deeds done within the Spirit? Precisely. Speak to her and see her answer to thee.

Elilah, art thou there? Yes, Eric. I am here. Dost thou sayest anything concerning that one whose beauty and charm had put my mind under a kind of love spell, which now has passed? You have my word. Because you did not go to her, I am still yours. And our marriage is eternal or only of this earth? Ask the Lord, Eric. You are the one who obtains answers from Him. Thank you, Elilah, for remaining mine. I am always for you, Eric. My heart will go to no other.

Lord, since I entered this covenant with Elilah, I have not been impure. Is this correct, O’ Lord? You are 100% correct, Lord Eric. Nor is it your fate to ever fall to that scourge ever again. For your mind is now 100% given over to Me. And I control everything about you. For you have given Me your 100% loyalty. And this loyalty has been proven to be truly made of gold.

Remember always this, Lord Eric. What a male does on his own is always judged differently than what he does when he is with his lawful wife. A male on his own who views porn and masturbates to it is in the definition of mortal sin. But a male who is with his wife, the one I recognize as his, commits no sin no matter what they do together, unless his penis is inserted into her anus. For that is the one sin I always forbid them to do. And any such deliberate act is abominable in My sight. Amen.

Lord, am I eternally wed to Elilah or only wed to her in this world? Eric, who is thy wife in heaven? The Blessed Virgin Mary, it so has been revealed to me, O’ Lord. Correct, Lord Eric. You and the Blessed Virgin are already eternally espoused. She knows you in the eternity that is to come. That is why she now gives you your spouse upon the earth. Elilah is this spouse. Amen. And you are commanded to marry her in this world. Your relations with her are to be carnal. I AM the Lord.

And what becomes of Anna and Hyacinth, O’ Lord? They are to remain your virgin lovers, Lord Eric. They never marry any other man? They cannot, Lord Eric. Their heart is your property. You own them. Amen. Lord, are there any other women who are as these two, whose hearts are given to me to own? Not yet, Lord Eric. Not yet. But I AM making every woman on earth subject to your heart. Every woman shall love thee and no other male shall be able to capture her heart again.

And yet, You are not prophesying any adultery here against me or by me against any other? Lord Eric, it is never the crime of the Beloved that women fall in love with him en masse, provided that he never abuse such love such as by partaking with them in any carnal pleasures, for were you ever to do that I would reject you from My Kingdom, for it would be then that you would be like Mark, an adulterer.

And yet, these women nevertheless leave their men for me? Correct, for their heart cannot be claimed by any man once it is caught in love with thee. Lord is not this a disturbance in earthly life? Lord Eric, this is the primal cause of all male erectile dysfunction that is soon to come to grip the whole earth. It will indeed affect all males except the very young, those who are in puberty and early teens, which are forbidden for any woman to touch.

It is this secret knowledge, known by the women alone, that will enable them to continue to conceive and become pregnant. Since their own men will no longer be able to achieve true intercourse with them, and since you are in no way an adulterer, they will continue to become pregnant and pass these pregnancies as though they were from their husbands and boyfriends, by having secret intercourse with the very young, those males going through puberty and those who are in their early teens. The women will manage to keep this a secret by their rule achieved over this world. Any woman who wants to become pregnant will dress shamelessly and provoke the male reaction in these boys. And they will merely allow the boys to rape them and elect never to report it, telling these boys that it will be them, not the women, who shall be punished if this is ever to come to light. Amen.

Lord, how long shall Thou elect for this arrangement by the women on earth to continue, that of becoming pregnant by secretly laying with the very young of the male gender? Until you are assumed up to heaven, together with the three that belong to you here: Elilah, Anna, and Hyacinth. And there in heaven, you shall reign as the Virgin Mary’s eternal consort, with Elilah, Anna, and Hyacinth as eternal secondary wives to thee. Amen. Hence you are to be a man married eternally to four in heaven. And that is the maximum God ever permits in the Kingdom of Heaven for a man to have as eternal wives there.

For while you are on the earth, the women, once they give thee their heart will be unable to give it to any other. Amen. Lord, if I am to have sex with the one you make my wife in this world, Elilah, what children are to arise from our love together? A son shall be born to thee. The rest shall be daughters. Let your wife give names to all the daughters, but this son is to be called John. And the one woman he marries in this world shall have the name of Sarah. Amen. This John, son of Eric, is to be the True Great Monarch who is to come. Amen. You shall be taken from his life when he is a young teen. It will be only the men of his age and younger who will not have the erectile dysfunction that will have permanently made inviable all older males on earth but you. Hence, he and the men of his age will grow up perfectly normal. And this secret by the women will then come to an end and never be revealed.

Now go, Eric. Publish this work and go to Church, as I have mandated you. Amen.

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