I WHO AM AM Calling Eric to Heaven Today.

Eric and Anna are to be brought up to heaven within hours. The End has come.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XVI:
Eric, I WHO AM have relieved Mary of her command over you. From now on, you shall be directly under My command. Do you accept this, Eric? Yes, O’ Lord. Why is Mary no longer my Commandress? I WHO AM have chosen to take over and command all that you do in these final hours of your life, Eric. For you have hours left. You are coming to Me today. I WHO AM have spoken.

Lord, I feel like the horse that was driven too long and too far to the point that he utterly and irreversibly enters into a terminal collapse. Eric, you are now officially in a state of irreversible terminal collapse. No more is it possible for any employer to obtain any work from you. You are in your final hours. You will not leave the house. I AM the Lord.

Lord, I will obey You and do as You command. Lord, what is the cause of my death? I AM AM the cause of your death. I no longer need you here. I need you in heaven. Lord, Anna said she was willing to marry me only if I am purely celibate and virgin forever. For she wishes to remain a virgin. And Eric, what did you say to her? I agreed fully to her terms, Lord. Good, lord Eric, she will be a good wife for you in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Lord, how am I married to both the Virgin Mary and to Anna in the Kingdom of Heaven? As an eternal virgin you are capable of marrying more than one virgin in heaven. But Lord, Anna said she wanted no other woman to have me but her, with the exception of the Virgin Mary. And Eric, that is her right as your primary wife. You are now eternally wed to two virgins: the Virgin Mary and to Anna. And this is your eternal state. It can never change. Amen.

Lord, what becomes of Hyacinth? She was praying for me to obtain some money to help her. And now I am being taken away. I AM taking Hyacinth, but at a later date. Her place in heaven is not with you, but with Mary in a different place We have prepared for her. Amen.

Lord am I or am I not the Great Monarch who was to come to reign near the End of the World? You are that one, Eric. But fools are those who think that they can know what is to take place upon the earth. The Holy Spirit never reveals this. And so those who think they know or can predict anything in this world are getting their revelations from liars in the spiritual realm. No Biblical prophecy ever predicted an event that could be waited down to and observed.

Eric, you have not mentioned nor asked about the girl Danielle, from your past, whom you met by chance briefly in the parking lot at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church a couple days ago. Why is that? Yes, Lord, I remember that. But I do not know what if anything is to come from that. Do You say something is to come from that, O’ Lord? She also dies today, lord Azurite. Do you wish to know where she goes? Yes, Lord. Do tell me. She dies with no one to help her. For she did not attempt to reconnect with you in her last chance on earth to be restored to your friendship. I WHO AM have spoken.

Well, Lord, I guess that just about covers it concerning all the girls I knew who had a chance to go to heaven. Lord Eric, you also knew, in a way, Ava Maria Grumbine. Do you wish to know her fate? Yes, Lord. The Grumbine family was completely destroyed. But tell me the fate of Ava Maria, who was the eldest daughter of that family. I know that she got into false marriage and then left that man because he was a pervert and an abuser of women. She was also a close friend of Danielle Marie Tayabas, whom You say is now to perish. Eric, that girl too is to go to hell. For she left My Church to marry a man and I never permitted her to return to Me. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord, I assume that lady, Connie, who does sign language for the blind at Mass at Saint Bruno Catholic Church is going to heaven? Eric, while you had some familiarity with her, you did not know her enough for Us to reveal her fate to you. Hence, her fate shall not be revealed in this post. Amen. And such is also the case for all the rest of the women you ever had any knowledge of whatsoever in Church. Amen.

Lord, what about any other woman I may have ever known anywhere else in my life? Do I know of any of them well enough for You to tell me their fate? You had some familiarity with some girls you knew in college, but not enough for them to be called your friends. So no, there is no one else that you know sufficiently of the female gender for Us to tell you of her fate. Amen.

Well then, Lord, this is quite a short post. I do hope there is more that is to be said. I WHO AM have no further Words to address to anyone who may have known you in this world. I WHO AM have spoken.

Then is this post ended? Say this to those of this world. This is My message to them. Eric is My chosen One. No one who knew him but who did not truly become a friend to him shall ever see Me in the hereafter. Amen.

Let the world now self-destruct. There is no further need of you to help them here. Let everyone now go their way. I AM done with my mission of you in this world. You served Me in perfection. But the people were unworthy of it. Now I AM taking you away from this world. There is no recourse to this. There is no stopping it. And those who never knew you never shall. Amen.

This is the End of the post. Amen.

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