I, the Holy Virgin, give to Anna Eric’s hand in marriage.

Anna shall be wed to my husband on the earth. I am the Virgin Mary.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XV:
Mary, I have seen in a vision Anna in love with me. It is as you see, Eric. She is yearning for thee. And she desires thee intensely. If this is so, it would be best that she not let herself be ruined by her desire. If she does intend to marry me, I will not let her lose her virginity with me until the wedding night. In that case, the Lord shall celebrate your wedding Eric. Where do you propose to have this wedding? Mary, since I am domiciled at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, it would have to be at the Bride’s church, for I am no longer welcome at Saint Bruno. Eric, leave all such decisions to me. All the records of all my sacraments are stored in the vault there in Saint Bruno Catholic Church, even my baptism, which was performed on February 21, 1971. My reprobated mother was truly reluctant to have me baptized, which is why my pious grandmother said that I would be old enough to walk to my baptism. Her name was Rose and she deeply disapproved of my mother’s gradual fall away from Catholicism. Whenever my mother now speaks to me about her mother Rose, she speaks with words of hatred for her. She hated her mother for forcing her to pray the rosary as a child, together with the rest of the family. Rose, whose maiden name was Jennings, was indeed holy and she had three daughters and four sons. Though she married an Irish man and raised her family in Ireland, she herself was born in England. She herself was an only child. I indeed have a childhood memory of her in heaven sometime after she had died.

Yes, Eric, Rose Jennings is with me in heaven. When she married, her name was changed to Rose McGauran, which is your mother’s maiden name. Your mother was the only daughter of her family named after her own mother. Her name was Rose Mary McGauran. But it was changed to Rosemary. And later she was given the nickname Romey. Your cousin by your mother’s brother Gerry was named after your mother, for she was his favorite sister. Her name growing up was therefore Romey McGuaran, which caused some confusion in keeping track of who was who. Your cousin Romey, who grew up in Australia with a younger sister and brother who were twins, was the only religious minded person in her family.

You and your family visited Australia while you were in Middle School. You liked Romey and found her to be a very attractive girl. And so you weeped bitterly when you saw your brother Mark wrestling with her in what seemed to be a very sexually inappropriate way. Somehow the girl become corrupted by the society she lived in. And she later entirely fell away from Catholicism and entered Protestantism and become a member of a cult.

Mary, was Mark’s lustful and inappropriate groping of her, his own cousin, a contributor to her moral downfall? Yes, Eric, precisely. For Mark has been known to defile and ruin every girl he comes in contact with. He is a sexual monster and predator. All his own friends that were girls he has seduced and discarded. See how from the moment he took over Scott Gelb’s daughters as their stepfather, immediately you saw the little girls going about in clothing that revealed the midriff. Your brother Mark, whose middle name is Edward, was named after his grandfather, Edward McGauran, the Irish man who married your grandmother Rose Jennings. Edward McGauran was irreligious and he drank away the family’s wealth. He had a son called Jimmy who was left a great inheritance by a relative for his college tuition. And Edward McGauran drank away all that money as well. He was an alcoholic and had no faith in Catholicism. Eric, your reprobated mother, Romey, always speaks highly of her father whenever she speaks of him. And she thinks Jimmy had no business being bitter over his father taking away his college money because she says he never earned it but that it was merely given to him.

Strange then isn’t it, Eric, that your mother intensely hates those in her family who took advantage of her and who robbed her of her money? When your mother came to America, she began to sleep around, and she was no longer a virgin when she met your father Robert.

Mary, it is true that my mother hated her own mother and her sister and her sister’s husband for taking money from her. But she herself gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars to her son Mark in his quest to prop up his failed business ventures and to attempt to help him and wife to avoid bankruptcies which they failed to avoid anyways. The two Edwards of the family are like each other, Mary. Both had the ability to utterly ruin their own family’s finances. And yet, does my mother still think highly of Mark? For when Mark installed the new screen door at his parent’s house, where I still live, his wife texted Mark not to directly ask for payment for that work so that they can borrow a larger sum of money from my parents a few months down the road. My mother, who has a deep hatred for her daughter-in-law, Marlene, was intensely disappointed in Mark when she found out about that intended treachery. And she has resolved that Mark and his family are seeing no more of their money. That decision become final when she saw Mark’s wife in a fancy new dress, and she realized that that was from the money Mark has been borrowing from his two parents whose finances have been left in ruins in their attempts to keep Mark propped up.

I once advised Mark that he should somehow try to limit his subscription payments for all these unnecessary luxurious services that they enjoy. For a family about to lose their house should probably not be subscribed to Netflix. But I know that they are still subscribed because Mark installed his Netflix account on my Blueray Player. And so I watch some free movies every so often on that Netflix for which I pay nothing. Mark clearly instructed me to only view his account and not his wife’s or that of his children. But in anger at the idea that Mark was behind my car’s theft of the necessary documents to drive it, for it was always locked in the driveway and so it seemed that Mark could be behind it, I chose to disobey Mark’s directions. And I first checked the children’s account to see if my suspicions were correct that they were viewing sinful content under Mark’s direction. But all I saw were children’s movies. The older girls’ accounts I viewed also, but soon got bored. But Audrey, the younger of Scott Gelb’s daughters, had some interesting search criteria that indicated she was searching for movies about villainous characters that may fit my profile. I then looked into Marlene’s account and discovered the funniest movie I ever watched on Netflix. It was called Our Idiot Brother, and it matched me to a ‘T’. It was then that I realized that I was having a direct affect on some of the entertainment that Mark’s family was choosing to watch.

I really try to avoid being around young women because the more you are around them the more you risk getting into trouble of becoming a victim of possible false accusations. But when Mark and his two natural daughters came to pick up the old computers I was giving to them, I realized that Aislyn was remaining in the car and I went out to invite her in to see the family. It was a good thing I did for her and my mother, who had a previous negative opinion about her changed her mind about her and saw her in a new light by meeting her again. For she has grown up a lot and is very different to how my mother had remembered her in years past. But one thing I noticed clearly was that both of these daughters of Mark were with very bare midriffs. And I used the excuse of COVID-19 to avoid all physical contact with any of them. Mark seems to have such a fascination with the female body so much so that he teaches his own daughters to go around with their midriffs bare so that he can lust after them. For why else would you teach your own daughters to dress like sluts except that you had the secret desire to lay with them?

Yes, Eric, your brother Mark is a sexophile. He was perverse from the day he was born. Mary, Mark once told me about his early sex life that began in his college years. For while he was in high school, he was kept studious. For my mother did not tolerate slacking off with women back then. And so all of us boys graduated on time and went onto college. My high school graduation was merely delayed by a couple months due to the breakdown I had in the spring semester of my senior year, where I completed the necessary coursework in summer school. But my admission to Whittier College was not delayed and I entered college that fall of 1989 and graduated in the spring of 1993 with a B.A. in biology. I completed my college in exactly four years, whereas my brothers took more time to graduate. And I know exactly the reason why. Mark and David went to colleges further from home and lived on the campuses, where they both got involved with women and fornication, which is the ruin of many men. I, on the hand, never lived on campus and did not really get involved with any of the campus life. Instead, I commuted to college all of those four years. And I studied at home where I found it quiet and easy to concentrate.

Mark’s house, whenever I visited him, was a place where concentration was simply not possible. And that clearly explains the academic failure of all of the children Mark has been raising and home schooling with his wife. The girls Mark has raised are unqualified for any position other than housewife. But their immodest attire will most likely lead to very rocky marriages, just like that of their parents. And I know well about some of these heated conversations that have been going on between that couple. For in one of Mark’s many failed business ventures, he had an embedded device project that never got off the ground, but he left a device at our house in which his account of some sort was left logged on where he conversed with his wife in what he thought was a private text conversation with her, but was really being seen in text to both me and my mom who were following it. And the arguments were vicious. Marlene was viciously attacking Mark. And it made me double think about ever getting married. It seemed exactly according Sam Kinison’s comedy rant against his own marriage which he said was identical to experiencing hell. Sam Kinison said that he would be offered the position of tour guide in hell when he goes there because he was married for some years, though are fewer than Mark’s years. It was so entertaining to my mother that when that Android device stopped working, which is never a surprise for Android devices, my mother asked me to get Mark to fix it. But I said to her, What am I going to say to him? Hey Mark, can you fix this device so that we can continue watching your embarrassing love life fall apart?

I can only imagine how much worse it must be for them now that their house is on the verge of being lost. For they had used the equity in their house like an ATM. Everytime they had moved in the past to a new house they had gotten Dad and Mom to help finance their move. But now they are in deep shit. And Mark cannot turn to his own friends for a loan because they already loaned him money to keep his failed business ventures going and he stiffed them by going bankrupt and refusing to even pay back his own friends. I loaned money to Mark in the distant past when I was of much more wealth, but I was always careful that he had the ability to pay me back. Not so is the case anymore. Mark now can pay no one back.

Mary, it seems that Mark is being consumed by the debt monster. Yes, Mark is decreed to be consumed alive by his own debts because of his sins and transgressions of fornication, lust, adultery, avarice, and greed. He is like the man who Jesus warned about whose head has a millstone around it and he is cast into the sea. For such is indeed the punishment for those who teach little children to sin. And what better way is there to teach a child to sin than by entering an adulterous relationship with their mother that later leads to an invalid marriage and by getting their mother pregnant while sleeping and living with her as her boyfriend? Such is the deadly vice that Mark taught to the little women who lived with him with the sinful example of his lifestyle. For Mark is a monster par excellence.

Eric, Mark and his wife are partners in crime. Their sin is done together against their own children. And that is why both shall perish soon. It is only in your Catholic world view that the natural daughters of Mark should go to the custody of Scott Gelb. But as the state laws recognize Mark and Marlene as legally married, the two girls may be entitled to a part of the inheritance from your parents, depending on the existence of a will, of which you have no knowledge. Mary, the two older daughters, being Scott Gelb’s natural daughters, are Scott Gelb’s concern. But what becomes of the two younger daughters, at the untimely death of their parents, for these are minors who cannot yet live on their own? And they are blood relatives to me, though illegitimate ones in the eyes of the Church? They may be placed with you as you are their living uncle, but this move would not be considered if they consider you as mentally unfit or a danger to them. And besides, Mary, there is no room here for them anyways. Yes, Eric, but your living family is about to be wiped out. And then there will indeed be room for them. And Mary, what cause is there that wipes out my family but leaves these two nieces still alive? COVID-19 vaccinations as a cause of death should wipe out every single member of my family in their entirety. For Mark has finally gotten even his twelve year old vaccinated. And she is his youngest. So they are now finally all fully set for the COVID-19 vaccination total wipeout. As I understand it, the COVID-19 vaccination total wipeout shall render every person who has been vaccinated into a kind of fatal death reaction by which I am then rendered, as the only unvaccinated person of my entire family, to become the sole survivor of my entire family and to the sole inheritor of the entire combined estates. It is a masterpiece of a plan that could only be executed by a master genius, but I was not the one who executed it, for I am not the power that called forth COVID-19.

Yes, Eric, COVID-19 is not the work of your hands. Whose work is it, Lord? Is it the work of a Player, one of those who came after me? Perhaps it could be in fact the work of the very same Player who has been pushing the hardest for the full vaccination of the entire world? And that is in fact the Player who is now in full power, the one behind the asshole Joe Biden. Joe Biden is the fool who destroyed the existing stability that once existed in the military stalemate that was in place while the NATO military occupied Afghanistan and Iraq. But Lord, I now see my folly. I mistook Joe Biden’s blunder as evidence of his incompetence. Rather, it was done by intent by the power that rules through him. This power, which I called by two names, Contradiction and Lucifer-Man, was in fact intent on the works it is doing through Joe Biden. It is not acts of incompetence. It is deliberately doing these fatal deeds.

Lord, it is therefore the intent of Lucifer-Man to not only see the entire world vaccinated for COVID=19, but to also totally destabilize the terrorist strongholds of the Middle East, where exist the most ardent sworn enemies of the United States.

Eric, you have mislooked. The entire world is not being vaccinated. Rather, it is merely the entire western civilized world that is being vaccinated. Hence, Lucifer-Man’s intent is the total wipe out of western civilization. He is largely leaving the darkened dictatorship ruled nations of the third world intact. For he knows that the means of destroying the Catholic Church is to totally wipe out that entire people who served as the bedrock of the civilization from which the Catholic Church arose. Yes, Lucifer-Man is being even more strategic in his goals than you were in your goals when you broke apart the USSR in the attempt to achieve a successful Russian democracy. He is actively pursuing a strategy that will effectively put the entire world into utter darkness.

And Lord, it is now effectively too late for me to even act to stop his ambitions. For he has rendered me a prisoner in my own country by the extreme limitations now being imposed on those who are unvaccinated. I cannot even travel far due to the limitations now directly imposed upon me as an unvaccinated man. Furthermore, there is a power at work against my own parents. For both of them are now effectively stripped of all valid means of photo identification. My mother is without a driver’s license. She tried to get me to help her to figure out how she could take the test to get her license renewed online. And I, with my genius level understanding, was unable to get her through the DMV online website to take the test. And my Alzheimer’s father is not only unsafe to drive, but he has apparently misplaced his wallet. He has no fucking way to even identify himself to his bank where his accounts are. When I was out shopping for my family while my father stayed behind to help my mother figure out how to get her medicines, there came a need for then to drive to the pharmacy and they drove there and came back some hours later. Had they been stopped by the police, I am not sure what outcome would occur. The car they were driving has again all the necessary papers to keep it legal to drive. But they themselves have no legal license to drive a car anymore. Furthermore, it is clear that my mother, who was doing all the driving is a high risk driver, as she told me of the blind peripheral vision she has in her left eye. She nearly crashed several times because she could not see to the left. But she was determined to get to this pharmacy to get this prescription because without it, her eyes would go blind from lack of treatment for she has glaucoma. She successfully got it. But it was a lucky stroke that cannot be relied on. For you do not role double sixes every time you throw the dice.

Mary, I wonder what power is behind this total disempowerment of my parents. They are now like walking zombies that are about to utterly collapse. It is like the system is on a kind of autopilot at my house. I am aware of a tax filing problem dead ahead where neither of my parents are capable of filing their taxes. And I am unaware of what my fathers’s income taxes were about. For I only filed my own income taxes. The last income taxes filed by my father in April of this year, which he has always done jointly with is wife, was completed in a state of a collapsing mind. He said to me that he made a mistake in his tax filing that he was unable to correct. And now with his mind in utter free fall, his tax filing abilities have totally fled from him. I am unsure of what I would even bring to a tax filing expert to do his taxes.

So Lord, my family is in a state of utter collapse. And my brothers are unable to assist. I attempted to ask my brother David if he could do something. I though he might be interested in doing a good deed for his dad if not for me. But the babbling idiot could only speak to me about me not taking my medicines. He is a walking idiot who does not know how to do his own shit. Even he needs help to do his own fucking taxes, which up until now his father was the one doing and he was merely signing it. He fucking does not even understand computers enough to initiate the TurboTax app to fucking start his own tax return. And one person he never listens to is me. So how the fuck does he now do his taxes this coming April with his own mental deficiencies? The asshole is incapable of doing his own taxes. And were I to attempt to try I would be in serious legal jeopardy for any errors. Hence, my father’s collapse into a mentally disabled person is having serious consequences to this family. And as of now, only I, Eric, am fully aware of the impending danger that is dead ahead, of which I have no solution yet. David and Mom are blissfully unaware of their impending serious complications. For they cannot see ahead. They are like laboratory creatures that have no fucking clue of their doom.

My fucking brother David is sitting on a shitload of money and the asshole is totally unable of how to figure out what to do with it. He is an utter dumb ass who is constantly considering buying a house without doing the basic research to figure it out for himself. Like a total dumb shit, he goes around endlessly talking about making such an investment and you can tell he knows nothing because he is apparently unable to research and figure out these things for himself. And so his fucking money just remains sitting in his accounts uninvested in any way and all he does is endlessly complain about the income taxes taking his money from him. The only strategy this fuck shit for brains called my brother David is capable of figuring out is that if he never turns on the heat or air conditioner in his apartment in Lancaster where he lives and works way out in the desert, that this can result in savings for his electrical bill. And so this total retard is like the ultimate Scrooge that is subjecting himself to freezing and a super hot conditions in his apartment just to save a few bucks.

And this ultimate asshole is unable to know a good investment from a money hole. He buys his fucking yellow Camaro for some James Bond/Batman thrill ride in his childish comic book mentality. And he is so paranoid that he spends a fortune attempting to ensure that no one ever steals it. If the fucking retard bought that car to acquire a girl, well it has failed. For every time he has some claim of some girl or some glory to his name he puts the pictures of it everywhere for everyone to see. And I have never once seen a single picture of any other person than himself in that car driving around to see all these fucking sites he is endlessly going to alone.

Lord, I must publish this and go eat or else I will be late to Church again. And Mary commanded me not to be late again. What do I do? Eric, do not be concerned about the problems that await your family. For their doom is My concern. I have appointed their upcoming doom. They are to die in their own destruction by their own faults which you have foreseen and are aware of your inability to help them. Let them perish. You will not perish. For you are made immortal. If I put Anna with you, shall you keep her holy and undefiled? Yes, Lord, I shall never let her defile herself with me if she is to come to me. But if we are to marry I assume I am to then allow her to lay with me and have children when the marriage makes it lawful in Your sight. Do as You intend. But do not think you shall remain here much longer. I Am bringing you to heaven soon. If Anna has married you, she will be brought with you, for your immortality will infect her too. Now go and eat, Eric. And yes publish this post. And We shall from today forwards ensure that you arrive to Mass on time from now on. I, Jesus the Christ, have spoken. And through Eric, the immortal one who serves Me on earth, do I elect to speak through. Amen.

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