Eric considers his romantic options

Such a beautiful blonde crowned with flowers appears attractive in the eyes of Eric.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XIV:
Lord, so what is my continuing purpose served on earth? Eric, why don’t you seek a wife in this world and have children? Seek a wife, Lord? The women in this world are hard to trust. So much deception is to be found when one enters the romantic endeavors. Lord, just tell me what indeed is the profit in finding and gaining a beautiful wife only to find her screwing your neighbor? Would that endeavor serve to have any sort of positive return on its investment? I think not. The pleasures of fucking a beautiful girl do not make men into better people. For just look at all those trash men who go around seeking and fucking all the sexy cunts they can get their dicks into. And what becomes of them? They simply become perverse sex monsters.

Lord, I bought the movie Rambo: Last Blood, and I watched it just to see what kind of movie it was and whether it had any of the good things that previous Rambo movies had. And this is my review. I do not say to anyone to not go see it. But I do say that you will be disappointed if you were seeking a real Rambo movie by watching it.

If you are going to make a war movie or an armed struggle or some sort of battle, you got to put more point in all that gore and bloodshed than merely the pleasure of revenge. Rambo in this movie is out for revenge and that is all that he serves. He serves no one else. He helps no one else. It would have given the plot a sense of purpose if Rambo, after that battle scene at his farm, goes back and rescues some of the women there that are suffering from that sex slavery he tried to save his niece from. What the fuck is the point of rescuing his niece who dies and then go on a killing spree and then sit back in your chair in your blood soaked shirt looking over your war zone farmland front yard and have the fucking movie end, end of story? Who is served by cutting the heart out of some criminal who is just like the rest of them, doing evil because that is all they do? Fuck! If you want to be some fucking hero, then fucking help someone who fucking needs your help. Why bother to kill all those dudes and then do nothing else? You fucking only killed a few ants that are quickly replaced by more ants. If you are going to wipe out the armed forces of some sex trafficker operation, the least that you can do is to at least liberate some of the other sex prisoners there than just your niece who dies anyways. You serve your niece and she dies and you bury her and that is all the good you do for any soul in that movie? What a fucking waste of your fucking life, Rambo! If you have the balls to take down their armed forces, why not muster the courage and do some sort of rescue for the other victims there? Just because that girl is your only relative there does not mean she is the only victim whose life matters.

I am fucking tired of these macho super heroes who focus only on one God damned girl and don’t give a fucking care about any other innocent person who could use their help. So you wiped out their armed forces? Do you want a reward for that? There is no reward asshole for just killing people for revenge. You got to do some good to someone that will matter to them. Serving yourself only is unworthy for entering any place of honor in any of the beliefs of the afterlife. You always have to do something for someone other than yourself or you simply go nowhere but hell.

I mean, Fuck! Had Rambo just got off his fucking ass and went down to that place of sex trafficking and just simply freed some of those other living prisoners who were suffering just as his niece was suffering, that would have changed that bomb of a failed Rambo movie into something worth watching more than one time.

I mean, shit! What is the fucking point of killing bad dudes if nothing good results in it other than your God damned self centered satisfaction for revenge? You fucking movies studios wasted a good name that could have made a fortune for you by having some dip shit script writer who does not know his shit from his face make a story for this final Rambo movie that does not serve one God damned purpose of good.

Lord, I find that I really do not seem to have any serious purpose to my life here. That dip shit company I worked for, the one called DollarStore, where I set up all their commercial websites, appears to have completely sunk beneath the waters. I was actually expecting this to hit at anytime. I mean I exposed their entire criminal behavior of neglecting to pay for the intellectual property that they were incorporating into their websites and technologies. I guess that those companies poised to sue were probably kind of waiting to see if this zombie company would ever get off the ground. And it probably began to become apparently obvious that the owners, Butch Chelliah and Rex Mehta, did not have shit for knowledge in selecting developers to develop these shit projects they tried that did not involve me. They spent tons of money on shit developers in India chosen by shit for brains Sam Stebbins who has no developer knowledge. And they fucking don’t produce a thing. The only products that they sold that worked were the hundreds of commercial websites I built for them. But these were nightmares in themselves in that each one of them was a ticking time bomb waiting for the owner of their Magento theme they did not pay for to come and sue them for every cent they could attempt to hide away in whatever money pit they could hide it in. Magentech, Mageplaza, and Envato Pty Ltd., were the violated companies poised to make the greatest killing in suing DollarStore, LLC, due to the deliberate infringement of intellectual property rights on the unpaid usages of their SM Market Theme, Ultimo Theme, and Porto Theme, IP over the years I made websites for that company, of which I have the complete records. And I have records of all the many plugins from the many Magento venders that were bought one time and used many times in total violation of clear license agreements. I personally read and brought to the attention the need to properly address these licensing violations that were being committed by Butch Chelliah, Rex Mehta, and Samuel Stebbins, all of whom told me clearly that they were choosing to not pay them in the belief that their violations would never be found out. I have a clear memory of their testimonies and irrefutable proofs of their violations.

But what of it? They are gone from the radar now. They only hired me to do work on a 1099 basis, through my company, Dunstan Software Creations. I have not heard from them for over a week. I was in charge of their IT department. But I have left their systems on autopilot due to their failure to pay me any meaningful wages for the work I did for them. Shit! They sold the websites I made for them in a kind of ponzi scheme where virtually all the money they sold them for went into commissions to pay their salespeople and their ponzi affiliate network scheme. God has in fact commanded me not to even check if their systems are still functioning.

And you wouldn’t believe the shit that will be theirs when all their websites collapse. For every robotic system without periodic human management eventually fails. Consider it the Law of the Intrinsic Fatal Deficiency of Artificial Life. An artificial life form is incapable of achieving perpetual life independent of human management due to the finite nature of the mortal minds of the human creators who created them. And once all those websites go into permanent shutdown, there will be hundreds of store owners demanding their money back due to failures by DollarStore to honor the agreements they agreed to, which includes a functioning store for them that lasts forever. This was always known to me to be an impossible thing to fulfill where they had no subscription payments required in their agreements. Yes, they were actively fooling the customers that they would have a store forever when I could see there was no way they could sustain their business model.

There were two basic assets in each store sold: The website I built for them, and the subdomain the customers choose for the domain name, which itself is the only asset of DollarStore that can actually be sold for real money. The last offer I heard for that domain name was for a million dollars. But I bet a real company could make some real serious money with it that would make it sell for much more. These subdomains were sold as assets to the customers. But they vanish if the domain name is moved to another registrar, which would be the case if some company suing DollarStore, LLC, acquires that domain name as part of a settlement. And they have no obligation whatsoever to recreate those subdomains. And that means even more lawsuits filed against DollarStore, LLC, and founders Rex Mehta and Butch Chelliah.

So they are screwed. For it is never a good idea for someone who serves the devil to hire me into their company. For I am an acquirer and recorder of secrets. And I do not blackmail anyone in exchange for keeping quiet. I simply reveal them.

But anyways, Lord, that shit hole company that barely paid me is sunk now. And I need some new means of generating money. You said that I would be somehow given money to keep that girl in Nigeria afloat, that one called Hyacinth that Mary has me continue to help. But I am shit out of money unless I sell my NVDA stocks. And You have told me not to sell them. I assume that this is in anticipation of the huge rise in price that is to happen to NVDA when their purchase of ARM is approved. I am glad I got out of that investment in AAPL a long time ago. Those fanboys who keep buying AAPL stocks like it is some sort of perpetual money making machine are mother fucking idiots. I like some Apple products, but not every shit produce they make. Even that false idol Steve Jobs did not have a fucking clue what people really wanted. All that really matters to people who want a computer is some basic hardware where all the parts are easily replaceable and some decent operating system and software system that is intuitive, stable, and usable for what computers are typically bought for: software development, efficiently running programs and tools and systems for doing work, and potential licensing for doing things as embedded systems development. But shit for brains Apple CEO Tim Cook is essentially obsessed with getting that iMac so thin it can slide under a doorway.

I don’t give a flying fuck how thin this iMac is that I am using right now to write this post on. I like the M1 chip, it runs good. This iMac never seems to need to run the fans. Intel iMacs always seem to need to cool after working on them for some time. But the M1 chip makes me interested in ARM more than in AAPL as an investment. M1 chips are ARM based systems on a chip, representing Apple’s strategic move away from Intel. ARM is in the middle of being bought by NVDA from some Chinese company that bought ARM some years earlier.

Intel is somewhat pathetic in that they simply cannot remove their head from their anus and put together something capable of competing. Maybe they should reset their board of directors, fire every unnecessary employee, and then reset themselves to a course that rejuvenates their planned future product line to something that will both work and sell and remain cutting edge. Fucking shit! The old farts who must be running the show there must be assholes nearing retirement who are merely winding down the clock following some sort of software development procedures that produce nothing but shit.

And what has Microsoft become? The last time I developed for their operating systems, they were making Windows 10 as a subscription milking machine. You had to pay them a subscription for everything, even to play Tetris. And I believe that is their business model for making money on their operating system. Shit! If Apple were to do the same, I would find someway to move to Linux as a viable desktop. I use Gimp on the Mac for doing any sort of Photoshop work without having to pay for the Photoshop applications. Gimp is free and is easy to use for the one who learns how to use it. Why pay for expensive software made by sloppy developers who fill their propriety software with bugs when you can get opensource and free software maintained by many independent companies and developers that does the same job?

It is the same with Microsoft Office. These companies pay mints for licenses to use this shit software when the free and open source alternatives called OpenOffice and NeoOffice are sufficient free or cheap replacements that do the same thing. Apple computers are excessively expensive, but are worth it if that is all you pay to use them. I never buy their shit software that they sell with them. Windows computers are good for building your own systems, but the operating system you are forced to use is a piece of shit. You spend more time trying to keep your Windows computer able to work than to do actual work with them. And that is due to the dumb ass design of their pathetic operating system. I mean, Microsoft devolved in designing their Windows operating system from something that actually worked and was usable into an increasingly unusable and pointless software system. The devs at Microsoft were such mental retards in their release of Windows 8 that some people thought it should be renamed Window 8, as it allowed only one window to be opened at any time on the screen. The assholes who made decisions at Microsoft must have been idiots brought in from India who did not know the difference between shit and mud. Some idiotic conception exists that somehow developers from India have their shit together. But all they seem to accomplish is to make shit.

That is a fool’s conception that the people from India will eventually rule the world. Rather, just look at the fool in charge of the nation standing by their stupid statement that they plan to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2070. The dumb ass is too mentally retarded to realize that the earth will be in irreversible climate destruction by then. Their half measures are like an idiot using a bucket to remove water from the sinking Titanic, thinking that they are doing their fucking part to save the world. And all their women go about with their bellies showing and getting fucked by all their male relatives and producing babies that run about the streets like rats. And that is called a civilization of the future? Rather, it will collapse with their fucked up religion called Hinduism that is a relic of the stone age when cavemen believed in multiple gods and in the reincarnation of souls.

The woolly rhinoceros went extinct 14,000 years ago due to climate change. My dumb ass brother David sent me this article thinking it was news. That shows he is too busy looking for some pass time to occupy his life because he is now an old bachelor who was unable to obtain the status symbol of a wife that he coveted to complete his Pirates Game objective of obtaining the highest score to win the game of life. That the woolly rhino went extinct due to climate change was explored and found likely in articles I was reading years ago in the library back when you could actually go in there and sit down and read them. People who bring up old news as if it is something new look dumb as shit. As for David and his Pirates Game, David never left his childhood. He still reads and collects comic books. And he never misses those comic book conventions. But his brain is worth shit. His doctorate degree is garbage. It is garbage and pointless to obtain a PhD in Education and the only thing you teach is English as a second language and that is the only language you know. And then to put those shit diplomas on your bedroom wall, for every degree you obtained, no matter how worthless and insignificant, and actually think you are impressing anyone? It is similar to those many uniformed military officers who have all these medals on their shirts. But does anyone actually know or care about what they got them for? Why would they? They all look the same. None of them stand out. Rather it looks like a group of children proud to have some shiny thing hanging on their chest that they think makes them look good or as a man of accomplishment.

It is no different to those who play these pathetic video games seeking to rack up some score that supposedly makes them good at moving a joystick. Are you really combat effective because you have spent your entire youth mastering video game playing techniques to win in these video combat games? No, all you know how to do is to win according to the rules and algorithms some dip shit programmer used in making some false reality world that merely looks real or impressive to those who are shallow and easily entertained by shit. In the real world, none of that video game playing has any real value for you.

And I really like those idiot beliefs that obtaining a wife in any of these video games is any real achievement at all. That dumb ass brother of mine called David is still in his Pirates Game mentality thinking that obtaining a wife is just a matter of racking up more points and manipulating his joystick. He is still thinking about Defender of the Crown where you save some Saxon lady and gain her as your wife by merely moving a joystick to fight in a video game sword fight. And the pathetic thing is that that game is obsolete and disappeared with the vanish of the Commodore Amiga computer. And yet David is still in his childhood seeking to play games that do nothing but waste time. You are not getting a fucking wife by playing a dumb game that existed back in the 20th century.

But neither do you find love by playing any fucking game. For love is incapable of being programming into any code. Software code, which is nothing but computer instructions to tell a computer what to do, simply cannot contain or create love. There is no possible way to make any game or virtual world where true love can ever come to exist. True love can only exist between two that are truly known to each other. This is not possible in virtual reality because those in virtual reality are walking about in avatar bodies which are nothing but deceptions. Love does not arise from deception. Therefore, the entire gaming industry is fundamentally deficient in providing people what they truly need. Those who play games as the core of their lives are truly empty souls who have nothing going for them. All they do is waste their time.

Time is valuable folks. It is not to be wasted. Wasted time is lost forever. But that does not mean you should spend your time looking for that elusive lover you wish to find. Many guys get obsessed with some girl who is indifferent to them. And the pathetic part of it is that if they actually obtained her that she would likely cheat on them or leave them for another guy some ways down the road. The ideal of the loyal housewife is an elusive fairy tale. In actuality, women, just like men, are forever being tempted to cheat on their lovers. And just as men are always cheating on their girl, so also is their girl always cheating on them. Do not be a fool, assholes. You think you are loyal to your wife? Then why are you looking at that other woman’s sexy but? No, just as you are having sex with other women, at least in your mind, so also is your wife also having sex with other men, at least in their minds.

Do you really think you have possession of your wife? You might possess her while your dick gets hard fast and while your hardons last long. But when these fail you, where do you think your wife will then turn to? No, fool! Your wife will find someone else to fuck her. And there are plenty of young studs willing to do that job.

And if you are already divorced and remarried, the Catholic Church defines you as an adulterer. All these couples going in and out of marriages in modern society is the clearest evidence yet that entering the sex life is a fatal mistake. No, the virgin route is the better route. I do not mean merely keeping yourself virgin until marriage. I mean keeping yourself in virginity for life. All you sex addicts think sex is the answer to your lack of happiness? Rather sex is what accelerates your rate of decay. You return to dust because you are nothing but an animal driven by sexual urges. Do you not know that the wages of sin is death?

These dumb ass Christians fuck their girlfriends and then go to confession to get it forgiven. But it cannot forgiven. Because that dude who fucks his girlfriend is not going to regret it. And because there is no regret, neither is there a possibility of forgiveness. Rather, what these brain destroyed Christians do instead is to justify themselves in their own fornication and adultery.

And that is why the modern Catholic Church is so fucked up. They are now admitting adulterers to communion knowingly, under the justification that somehow the adultery they are committing is somehow okay for them. The Church, hence, from the pope down is knowingly and willingly committing sacrilege in the Mass. Mary, what is the judgement to this Church? What is to become of them?

Eric, the Church is utterly destroyed except for you. That is why I am with you and not with my Church. Rather, I seek to refound my Church anew in you.

But Mary, I lack Apostolic Succession. I have no authority to serve as a priest that leads the Mass.

Eric I am taking you from this world soon. For you are correct, you are rapidly running out of a purpose for being here. And in the world I am taking you to, I am making you the leader of my Church there. And there you shall reign with me, the Virgin Queen, as my eternal virgin consort forever.

Mary, I do not enter a relationship with any girl here, am I correct?

Well, Eric, do you want a girlfriend here?

Well my feelings towards such a prospect would greatly be affected if I knew to whom I would be joined to and what exactly were her true feelings for me.

Well, Eric, Anna was a choice I made for you. Do you wish to know why I rejected her, Eric?

Yes, Mary, please do tell.

Anna could never really be yours, Eric. She is not a part of your life. And you will never see her again. If you wish to have a girlfriend, you need to look at someone other than her. Do not waste your time with those who never reciprocate your love, Eric. There are many girls who find you attractive, but only she who is given by God is guaranteed not to lead to your ruin.

Mary, is there to be such a one given by God?

Only if this is the path you choose to take in life, Eric. You have two possible paths that lead to me in heaven. One is to continue as you are, a virgin who loves only me as your wife. And you shall then enter into heaven to be with me.

The other path is to choose the married path. Eric, though the girl to be given to you in this path is indeed from God, she is still a sinner. Living with her shall be hard. Raising children by her will cause you to age and grow old faster. You will wear out faster and serve the children you raise who will turn out to be as evil as your brothers are. In the end, you will find that you accomplished nothing.

Fucking shit! I should have known better, Mary.

Eric, you have merely explored these possibilities mentally. But you have never reached out and unlawfully touched any girl.

I did tap Anna on the shoulder once to get her attention and she jumped like some forbidden thing had touched the Ark of the Covenant.

Yes, that was indeed a fact. But you are not in guilt. Eric, what is your choice? Marriage or eternal virginity with me as my eternal consort?

Mary, I choose to remain eternally a virgin. And I accept your hand in marriage to be your eternal consort.

Then continue on the path I have set you on. There is no error to it. There is no mistake in it. That which you are called to do, you shall do. That which you are called to serve in my name, you shall serve. As my virgin consort, all nations shall recognize you as holy.

As for Anna, whom I had chosen for you, she is still welcome to enter your life. But she is to be a friend to you only. She may be your friend, both here and hereafter, but not your lover, Eric. I, the Holy Virgin, have spoken. Go now and eat. After this I shall have you watch a movie I have chosen for you. And tomorrow you shall go to Mass again. But tomorrow, you will arrive on time, and no longer shall you be late. Amen.

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